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texTex Interviews Cristal Hedrick of Generation Rescue

When Candace McDonald, Executive Director of Generation Rescue, approached me at Autism One and said, “You have to meet Cristal Hedrick.  She has the most amazing story”. I had no idea what Candace was referring to.   There are many incredible stories in the autism community.  I assumed Cristal was another mother or a practitioner perhaps.  I had no idea what an incredible human being I was about to encounter.

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I tried to interview Cristal at Autism One.  She got sick.  I actually *did* interview her in June (TWICE)  for TOL.  For various reasons, it never aired.  Here it is 3 months later and I am FINALLY able to air an interview with this incredible warrior.

Cristal has been voted a top 10 finalist for the title of Most Beautiful Woman by 417 magazine.   It is with tremendous joy and great pride that I finally get to introduce the TMR followers to this incredible human being.   She personifies “autism ACTION”.  And guess what? …. she does NOT have a relative on the spectrum.   She humbles me.

Rock the Spectrum is a music festival happening this weekend in Branson Missouri to benefit Generation Rescue.  I hope anyone who can attend will!!!!

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~ Tex

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