This Is Autism

This is the testimony submitted by Sugah to the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform for the public record.  This is what members of Congress need to see.  Our children are sick and suffering. 


Dear Members of the Congressional Oversight and Government Reform Committee:

I respectfully request that the attached 3 minute video, “This is Autism” be admitted as public comment in the record of the hearing on autism held November 29, 2012.

I realize that the rules are text and photos only, but I ask you to make an exception. Please send a return email confirming my submission has been accepted and entered into the record.

Many children with autism cannot speak or write. They cannot think coherently. They cannot dress themselves, form a coherent statement of thought, and submit it as testimony.

You cannot ‘read’ autism.

It must be watched.

I respectfully ask that you take less than 3 minutes of your time to watch the attached video, “This is Autism”.


[email protected]
Thinking Moms’ Revolution

If you are unable to view the video, please click here. Alternatively copy and paste this url  to your internet browser

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28 Responses to This Is Autism

  1. Lesley says:

    Wow, what a hard-hitting video, and it is true that many people have no idea of the reality of autism. This video made me cry. However, this week, Dr Bradstreet in the USA has now published a peer reviewed paper that indicates a high viral load in autism. By treating this with First Immune GcMAF, he has seen improvements in 85% of the cases. His peer-reviewed paper can be read here (the pdf download gives the full report) – . Further info can be found at or by googling Dr Bradstreet and First Immune GcMAF.

  2. Veronica says:

    Thank you so much for posting this — What better testimony and documentation is there than video of our children suffering with autism? If this doesn’t make politicians and researchers act faster in the best interests of the children, I don’t know what will.

  3. Jeff says:

    I am so very mad, and so very sad at the same time.
    Wake up people! Our children are being poisoned and no living creature deserves to live like this.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you…I will be putting this on my blog (with credit to you, or course!). I have gotten into it with the “neurodiversity” folks who think their quirks and genius are what we are trying to cure. Our kids are suffering from a very real medical condition and mainstream doctors don’t understand it or give a damn.

    Mahalo Nui Loa…

  5. KFuller says:

    Sobbing. God please let them watch it. Every last evil person with the FDA, CDC etc should be locked in a room and made to watch this over and over and over and over.

  6. mlinn says:

    Thank you for making this and posting it, I hope they accept it and show it to all of the committee members. We need more of this type of brutally honest messaging about what we are going through–

  7. Marco says:

    Some of our kids should have been there. And people like Carley saying we don’t have a health crisis, just a services crisis. Somehow they have to see our kids to understand what it’s really like. My son screamed so loud it ruptured my eardrum. Let’s see what I would need to do to Ari to get him to scream that loud. These people need to revise their benchmarks for autism.

  8. BB says: This is how our kids feel, they really do feel like smashing AUTISM!We all do!
    “Die Mother Fucker, die!”

    All living beings deserve to live the life God intended for us!
    We are all so UNDER PRESSURE!
    …..”watching some good friends scream: “Let me out!”
    “Why can’t we give love one more chance?”
    Freddie Mercury suffered greatly and died a miserable death from the same insults that have hurt our families.Our kids are champions, fighting until the end, until they and their families overcome all their suffering and struggle.
    “No time for losers, cuz WE are the CHAMPIONS, of the WORLD!”

    If didn’t sing , I would never stop crying, just like our kids are crying out for help every single second of every single day.
    We will NEVER forsake them for they are so very LOVED and DESERVING of all that is good, we all are.
    Peace out!

  9. Ana Maria Abba says:

    So hard to watch but important. Thank you, thank you, thank you your courage and tenacity.

  10. Julie says:

    Thank you! This video was a great asset that I could utilize and share with others and I’m grateful.

  11. Poppy TMR says:


    Enough Is Enough. DEMAND ACTION!!

  12. I love you guys! thanks for putting this out there. I am crying for our children. Thank you.

  13. Specialneedsadvocate says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for showing the REAL side of autism. No, it’s not pretty, it’s heartbreaking, but it’s what so many of us parents deal with every single day! I especially commend you for videotaping the seizure….my 20 year old son still has them too and every year it gets harder for me to support him and get a diaper on him (and he only weighs 103 pounds). This will really open some eyes and I pray that the committee allow this video as testimony….it says more than words ever could!

  14. BlazeTMR says:

    So important, even if it does make you want to run screaming down the street in agony for our families and children.

  15. Julia says:

    Real people inside, let’s help them become the best that they possible can.

  16. Tiffany Vanderhider says:

    that was very hard to watch. Tears steamed down my face. I have so much sympathy for what the parents go through.

  17. Nancy says:

    This gives me chills! It is frightening to watch, but so important. If we can make them feel what we feel, maybe we can motivate them to fight as we fight.

  18. Chitra Raman says:

    Deeply pained and sending love and prayers for fortitude and tenacity to the parents and kids on this video. Lawmakers should take a good hard look at their priorities and have enough humanity left to experience a twinge of genuine shame.

  19. Lisa says:

    This made me cry so hard.
    Thank you so much for all you Thinking Moms&Dad do for our *whole community*.
    My 15 year old daughter is very high functioning. I try to equate her needs and her potential with those of someone like Ari Ne’eman simply because I feel the need to try to dislike him less for his criticism of parents who believe in biomed. Luckily, though, she is very empathetic to the suffering of others.
    My 12 year old son is non-verbal and battling gut dysbiosis, candida, multiple food sensitivities, PANDAS….you know what I mean.
    Thank you for submitting this video.

  20. nikki says:

    Brought tears to my eyes because people only hear the lies in the media or its glamorized by the media.You hear of kids with ‘special’ talents all the time that sort of thing.Or some college proffesor stating he has autism and it ‘didnt stop him’. blablabla…but as I watched the videos I saw my son and our life in front of my eyes.It is painful to think of what has happened to him and our entire family and all the other thousands of families out there that live with autism.

  21. Shiri says:

    Tears here too. I hope they watch it. It is just so unfair that so many children need to suffer like this. Thank you for putting this video together.

  22. Lisa Kelly says:

    Thank you for creating and submitting this video, i hope it gets included in the record. ALL our children need to be represented!

    God bless! 🙂

  23. Liz P says:

    This is where our “recovery” began. It is devastating to be a parent to a child who is sentenced to life in an institution before your child has ever spoken meaningfully, learned to toilet, or learned to eat. “Autism” is not a psychological disorder, it is a bunch of symptoms resulting from neuro-biological disorder. My daughter’s “Autism” is composed of epilepsy (frontal and temporal), hippocampal sclerosis, antibodies to her own myelin, mitochondrial dysfunction, hypotonia, global developmental delay, GI dysfunction, failure to thrive, apraxia, and more; her “Autism” began after she received her vaccines at 3.5 months of age. Biomedical treatment, organic allergy-free diet and pure water, and positive behavioral therapy are working together to help her overcome “Autism’s” behaviors, her seizures, and her health issues. These treatments are not inexpensive, we have spent $1.5M in the past 11 years, and she is working incredibly hard and succeeding at developing the academic- and life-skills critical to assure her future. One day, I hope she will be an independently living college graduate with a college degree and a career she loves. Thank you for this video – it reminds me, both, how far my daughter has come, and how much farther we, as a Nation, still need to go to prevent this from happening to any more children and to help those who are suffering heal.

  24. Carolyn says:

    Thank you to all of those at TMR for putting this together. Thank you to the families who submitted videos. This was our son and often worst with extreme physical challenges who would take that frustration of being ill out on us. Those attacks were frightening and we so wanted to help him, make him well. At age twenty one he’s made HUGE strides and that is what others need to know too. It is possible with what our children need. The goal is to ensure others know what those needs are and that our children can get medically well and lead better lives.

    The possibility is there. We have to have what is needed to make it happen.

    Lets get this done. Tell your story.

  25. Bonnie says:

    Please use this Video. All the families that klove these childrem more than life suffer every day watching their hopes and dreams fade away. The parents stay strong for the children and the extended family dies inside a little every day

  26. Katherine Parsons says:

    Thank you for making and submitting this video. xo

  27. Mamabear says:

    Tears…….just tears right now.

  28. Stephanie says:

    Oh Sugah, is that hard to watch, especially when you live it…thank you for making sure REALITY is represented.

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