Should Tics, Asthma, Allergies, Autism, PANS, & ADEM Be Acknowledged Vaccine Injuries?

December 6, 2017

This Friday, December 8, the Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines, the last holdout intended to be a voice for vaccine-injured children, will decide whether they will recommend the addition of tics, asthma, allergies, autism, PANDAS,[*] PANS,[†] PITANDS,[‡] and ADEM[§] to the Vaccine Injury Table.  If any of these disorders were added to the Injury Table, it would extend the statute of limitations from three years to eight years, enabling children who suffer from the added conditions and missed the three-year deadline to file claims or “petitions” to be compensated by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, and their injuries would be presumed to be the result of their vaccinations, lowering the bar for required evidence.

Poster for a recent film about PANDAS sufferers


Here’s how much the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services does not want the Commission to recommend the addition of these injuries to the Vaccine Injury Table:

  1. The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program passed over community-based nominations to the Commission in favor of Health and Human Services-funded people who research ways to convince hesitant parents to vaccinate their children.
  2. The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program will hold the discussion of these petitions, submitted by parents of injured children, with one of the two parent seats on the Commission vacant—even though a parent, who is also an MD, was nominated to the vacant position last March!

I feel this is unacceptable, and I am calling my Senators and Representative and am inviting them to attend the meeting with me! I found who they are by visiting the following links. Every American citizen is invited to attend these open meeting by telephone, so I’m including that information below if you’re interested.

Find your representative here.

Find your Senator here.

To call in to the meeting on December 8, any time after 9 a.m. Eastern time:

Dial 1-800-369-1833 and enter the Passcode 6706374.

You can see details about the agenda and the petitions under “Meeting Book” at the Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA, a division of HHS) website.

If you call in, don’t get fooled by the stilted way the Health and Human Services-funded MDs present the science to the Commission. They are quite one-sided and lack objectivity because of undisclosed conflicts of interest. Basically, they’re paid to try to present the information in a way that will dissuade the Commission from recommending these conditions for inclusion on the Vaccine Injury Table. Each of these conditions has a body of science that supports their designation as vaccine injuries—especially tics, allergies, autism and ADEM—but it’s unlikely that the Committee will hear any of it. [Editor’s note: we have covered some of the science on these conditions in many articles in the past.]

You might wonder why they would go to all this trouble. Health and Human Services must pay for the injuries, but the Vaccine Injury Trust Fund, from which injury compensation is paid, is so underfunded that if HHS compensated these injuries, it would bankrupt the Vaccine Injury Trust Fund. Think about it, why would the most powerful and profitable industry in America, boasting sales of nearly a trillion dollars, fight so hard to keep the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Act on the books against the will of the people if they weren’t trying to hide from liability? Why would pharmaceutical companies, profiting $24 billion a year from the sale of vaccines, be afraid of $3 billion dollars in liability payments, unless the injuries are far more prolific and widespread than is generally believed. If injuries are far more common, you’d better bet HRSA/VICP isn’t going to let anyone serve on the Commission that 1) might admit to that fact, and 2) might recommend paving the road to expedite payment of compensation for those injuries.

To provide written comments as part of the public record for this meeting, email your comments to  [email protected].

~ Ruth

For more by Ruth, click here.


[*] Pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infections

[†] Pediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome

[‡] Pediatric infection-triggered autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder

[§] Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis. Note, this is the condition for which Bailey Banks, who also suffered from autism, was compensated by the Vaccine injury Compensation Program.

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16 Responses to Should Tics, Asthma, Allergies, Autism, PANS, & ADEM Be Acknowledged Vaccine Injuries?

  1. Frank Mason says:

    I have asthma for almost 2 months now, it starts when we have sports fest in our school. While we are playing truck and field I feel something in my chest, I’m having a hard time to breathe and I feel dizzy that time. Our coach told us that it’s better for me to try swimming because it will help me to breathe clearly. But my friend told me to try marijuana instead of swimming. Along the way, i came across this article that MJ can help me to reduce my hard time breathing. I don’t know who will I listen to. Has anyone tried marijuana as an alternative medicine for illness? Can somebody help me with my problem? Thanks in advance.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Lots of people use marijuana as medicine for many illnesses, though I have to say this is the first I’ve heard about it for asthma.

  2. 3xMommo says:

    How can we find out what happened last Friday and what he decision is/was? Thanks!

    • Audrey Aspeling says:

      Thank you for your response Professor TMR but I feel as a previous nurse educator teaching the immune system and microbiology that the toxins from multiple sources are definitely part of the problem but you might like to look up some of the non industry backed research on EMR as we are electrical beings and man-made electronics is definitely incompatible with us which therefore naturally adversely affects everyone’s overall immune responses to our world and having been forced to study the effects on all of us and especially small children of our continuing exploding new technology for the past 10 years due to personal illness I now believe it is the overall problem behind everything that makes any of us unable to remain well. A good source of the latest concerns is available on the website of a relatively new Australian group called ORSAA or Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association Inc. at and if possible try to access a copy of the latest Madrid International Scientific Declaration 2017 for more details. I certainly sympathise with all affected families and am hoping for generalised compensation for all affected by the multiple substances we have introduced into our originally pristine enviroment but I think also that at all costs we have to try to avoid a return to the infectious plagues of the past.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        As a physics major who worked as an electrical engineer, I am well aware that we are electrical beings and that the electromagnetic fields we are immersed in will have effects, at least some of them negative, on our bodies. Again, that doesn’t negate the influence of any other thing that may also be affecting our bodies, and electromagnetic fields simply do not explain the sudden onset of regressive autism in many children following a round of vaccines.

        I cannot agree with your thinking that “at all costs we have to try to avoid a return to the infectious plagues of the past.” I think we should avoid “infectious plagues” but at REASONABLE cost, like making sure all people have access to clean water, sanitation services, and nutritional foods, NOT at the cost of the health of the majority of the population.

        In addition, “the infectious plagues of the past” are just that, whether there was ever a vaccine for them or not:

        Smallpox had a vaccine, yes, but at no point did vaccination rates in the world reach anything like the levels we are told are required for “herd immunity” for things like measles.

        The bubonic plague was deadly, certainly, and ravaged Europe in the Middle Ages, but there has never been a vaccine for it and a mere 15 people were infected with it in the United States last year.

        There is no vaccine for leprosy, once considered an “infectious plague,” and we have about 100 cases of that per year in the United States.

        Cholera is very deadly and outbreaks can devastate communities, again no vaccine, and yet there were only 23 cases in the U.S. in 2011 and that was four times as many as in typical years.

        Polio usually tops people’s list of “infectious plagues.” The history of polio is fascinating. You might be interested to know that it WASN’T an “infectious plague” until the 20th century despite the fact that it had been around for centuries and most people got it
        before the age of five with zero ill effects. What changed in the 20th century to allow the virus to invade the central nervous system and cause havoc? When you start investigating that question, it just brings up more questions. Polio has been “eliminated” in much of the world, including India where sanitary conditions in many areas are iffy at best, but if you examine the WHO’s statistics on “acute flaccid paralysis” you find that as the “polio” cases dropped, the “non-polio” cases rose at almost the same rate. So, despite the PR campaign trumpeting the “elimination” of polio in India, there are still just as many people being paralyzed! This makes it rather obvious that the paralysis is due less to the actual poliovirus than it is to conditions surrounding it and vaccination doesn’t affect those one whit.

        In fact, the death rates from all infectious diseases had dropped already by huge percentages (most of them over 90%) BEFORE vaccines for them were developed. In other words, these low case rates of the “infectious plagues” of the past that we experience in the United States are due much more to modern plumbing and access to nutrition than they are to vaccinating for measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis B, rotavirus, Hib, meningitis, etc., etc., etc.

        In short, do I think we should try to avoid “infectious plagues”? Certainly. But we have to do that based on REAL risks, not risks manufactured by vaccine salesmen using fear-based marketing techniques. And to do that we have to use our intelligence and assess the REAL evidence about what keeps infection at bay, not what we are told by these deeply invested salespeople. Primary among the elements necessary to handle infectious threats is a functional immune system, exactly that which we are destroying with our wholesale vaccine programs. People who have life-threatening allergies or autoimmune conditions have compromised immune systems, and the very thing intended to help them ward off specific infections is threatening their ability to ward off infection in general.

      • Audrey Aspeling says:

        Dear Professor TMR, Thank you very much for your detailed reply which gives a lot of food for thought. However I can only speak from personal experience. I agree after 45 years of working and extra education as a nurse in just about every field, I am well aware what moneyed suppliers can do plus doctors not knowing or acknowledging things about which they are told are not true so I sympathize with your view but honestly I can only add that I have not had a vaccine for many years, I am now 72 years old and almost 10 years ago after surgery and chemotherapy for cancer 2 years prior to becoming electrically ill I now know the cancer was acquired due to carrying a cordless phone in my apron pocket over the area affected for many years when at home trying to sell my book I had written about outback nursing. Healed from that and back at work I suddenly and unexpectedly became ill with what I later found was EHS when 12 doctors I attended knew nothing. After adding to my technological life which started with my first computer course in the 1980s by putting in the new CFL lights in my house next to my head and a microwave used daily plus cordless phones, mobile, solar panels and fluorescents at work, I suddenly started having non loss of consciousness fitting after two hours sleep by my clock radio, and outside my bedroom rather high but ordinary street power lines, transformers for our Christmas lights on the floor next to my bed and with no help I eventually could not sleep or sit anywhere in my house, could no longer use our then recently transformed to wifi computer or our cordless phone and one day without knowing anything I walked by a restaurant here in my home city of Melbourne and suddenly felt the same funny head and wondering why I looked down and saw a notice which said ” We have wifi here just for you”. I immediately thought I was then going to ruin the outing and be sick for the rest of the day but when I walked on the horrible feeling completely disappeared. I admit that now wifi is hard to avoid so I have had to change my technology back to wired, shield my home especially the bedroom which also had to be moved to the back of the house away from the powerlines as Australia still has no method for dealing with all this and are escalating everything with gay abandon. To help me not be locked in all the time at home as some I know are, I take some trial medicines and detoxing agents to be able to go out and have now been researching all this. Back to the allergies I have had since I was born even before I had any vaccines I could not tolerate the milk from cows until they gave me some from a low fat milk producing animal and much later discovered the chemicals are stored in the fat. I also only got better with my allergies after a tonsillectomy at 5 years of age and was then pretty good despite the vaccine program of the time and only became ill again with rashes at puberty so probably a hormonal situation and I later found these were mainly sensitivities to foods I had eaten a lot of along the way. Again with alternative therapy help I got those under control with food exclusions etc. and now know a great deal about electrical damage to us which seems to have made my allergies worse again and still I have hardly had any vaccines. You could be completely right about all your theories but as a nurse many things of which you speak were not a problem when I was young such as autism and to me have only become worse with the increase in technology and I still think controlling that side of our lives as well could only help the sufferers you support. Best wishes Audrey.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Oh, I have no problem believing that EMF issues are an important and even primary trigger for some individuals. I’ve seen some preliminary info on genes that may be contributing to a predisposition to electrical sensitivity. And I strongly suspect that it is playing into the severity of the issues that we see today. I just don’t think it accounts for everything we see. It is one piece of a very toxic puzzle.

  3. Charlene says:

    Can someone post an update on the outcome of this?

  4. ellie says:

    We are all being ‘assaulted’ from many angles with toxins, and children are, of course, more vulnerable. Katie Singer, author of Electronic Silent Spring, has shared some excellent info about electromagnetic fields, radio frequency, and ADHD/ASD, including a DIY inexpensive evaluation:

  5. Audrey Aspeling says:

    I am affected now by the new technology, wifi etc. and the ordinary street power lines outside my original bedroom which I have now had to move away from and I am now advised not to have the flu vaccine because it has mercury in it and the electricity prevents your body from having its usual protection of an intact blood brain barrier which could be why some children now are having so much trouble with vaccines when we didn’t in the past when there was minimal EMR. I was sprayed on in my back yard with DDT they were using to kill grasshoppers to help the farmers when I was a small child in the 1940s in country Australia and became full of allergies but could still have vaccines safely but we did not even have electricity in our house then. I think if the children were not being bombarded with wifi etc. now they could probably have their vaccines and not put themselves and others at risk of the illnesses which have been a scourge in the past so please look at this in the homes of your children especially and protect them as much as possible from this and they may be able to have their vaccines.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      EMF is an issue for sure, but NOT being bathed in EMF doesn’t mean that vaccines are suddenly safe. There are a host of issues to be considered, including Tylenol usage, antibiotics, general anesthesia, and environmental toxins like glyphosate. I’m sure there are a small percentage of children with a genetic predisposition whose issues are primarily driven by WiFi (because of the response when the WiFi was eliminated), but for most it does not appear to be the primary trigger and there is no evidence to suggest its removal would ensure vaccine safety.

      By the way, my older siblings used to ride their bikes behind the DDT truck when they were younger. Not one of them had a single allergy growing up. My younger brother and I, on the other hand, who weren’t born until after DDT usage dropped significantly, both developed a host of allergies at about the same time even though we are four and a half years apart. Unlike the others, we had measles, mumps, and rubella shots. Perhaps the SHOTS were what caused the allergies, NOT the DDT (you might find this study as interesting as I did:

  6. YouMa says:

    The documentary “Vaccines Revealed” just finished airing on the internet last night, 12/6/17.

    Until the public rises in becoming educated on how corrupt this subject is – vaccine-related injuries – and demands the vaccine industry and doctors/pediatricians be held accountable for people being injured from the toxic ingredients in vaccines, the damage will continue. How would you like to have a vaccine-injured child grow old and you die before him/her? Who is going to take care of these vaccine-injured adults once the parents die?

    The public must wake up to the horrors of vaccine injury. Del Bigtree on HighWire online weekly You Tube live-streamed show educates all about this. Every Thursday, at 12:00 noon MT on YouTube, Del Bigtree HighWire.

  7. Ruth says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience Ellie. I am glad to hear that becoming active by exercising your right to be heard and weigh in on these issues makes a difference. This meeting is being held in Bethesda. It’s all day, but anyone who wants to attend in person is welcome. Just email and let them know you plan to show up. For those who are remote, call in any time and you can also email your comments for the meeting minutes if you can’t attend. If they plan to steamroll this issue, it won’t be without the world taking notice.

  8. Lori C. says:

    There is no ‘trust fund’, similar to social security. The money goes into the general fund and is only pulled out to pay claims. When the claims remain small, the balance is used to fund government. Thus, if claims go up, funds will be needed to replace those taken from the general fund requiring new taxes, cost reductions, or money shifting from other programs. The U.S. government has a huge stake in not seeing claims paid.

  9. ellie says:

    Thank You, Ruth for your efforts and for sharing this important information. Absolutely! These conditions should be considered vaccine injuries! I’m a daycare provider. 4 out of 4 children in families recently interviewed clearly showed vaccine injuries, IMO. The parents were clueless, and were on the path of the CDCs schedule for more vaccinations!

    Every voting citizen that cares about their human rights freedoms and constitutional rights should call and write their senators and representatives. Our voices do matter. I’m a member of Texans for Vaccine Choice (aka mad moms in minivans). Our actions do make a positive difference. We’ve defeated every bill deemed a threat.

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