Pregnancy Vaccines: Your Doctor Doesn’t Know What He Doesn’t Know

December 14, 2017

I encountered this “public service announcement” in a Facebook group I belong to. It’s a terrific concise introduction to the sorts of questions that pregnant women need to start asking themselves and their doctors NOW, before they unwittingly enter themselves and their unborn children into medical experiments. The author did not wish to be named and instead asked that we simply credit the group she belongs to, Pennsylvania Medical Freedom Alliance (PAMFA).

Please share far and wide. We should all have access to this information.

If you are pregnant your OB will “recommend” you receive flu and Tdap vaccines. Know that you have options. One of your options is to just say “NO.” NO is a complete sentence. You are allowed to say NO to anyone for anything. If your answer is NO, and it is not respected, move on. These doctors work for you.

If, however, you would like to question and/or educate your doctor concerning this topic, because they really don’t know what they don’t know, print out these four pieces of paper and ask them the following questions. You might just present them with an opportunity to think for themselves, and prevent the harassment and bullying of a future patient.

The first two pieces of paper are a two-page letter that your doctor received telling him to vaccinate you. It is from the CDC and the Department of Health and Human Services and it is signed by 14 other health authorities. It says things like, “Influenza and Tdap vaccines are safe and important for pregnant women and their infants,” and “Studies confirm that your recommendation and offer of vaccines are essential.”

From the CDC’s letter to obstetricians.

The next two pieces of paper are the first page of both Tdap inserts. They both state that they are not approved for use in anyone under the age of 10, and that the safety and effectiveness have NOT been established in pregnant women. Then it lists a pregnancy registry (with a toll free number) to register patients who are pregnant and receiving this vaccine so they (the manufacturer) can monitor effects.

From page 1 of the Adacel Tdap package insert.

From page 1 of the Boostrix Tdap insert.

Questions to ask your OB:

#1.  Are you recommending these vaccines due to being advised to recommend them, or have you done your own research regarding their safety and effectiveness?

#2.  Are you aware that the first page of both available Tdap inserts state that safety and effectiveness have not been established in pregnant women?

#3.  Are you aware that the first page of both Tdap inserts state that this vaccine you are recommending is NOT approved for anyone under the age of 10? How old is my unborn baby?

#4.  Will I be registered with the Pregnancy Registry which is not listed on the letter you received instructing you to recommend these vaccines, nor is it listed in the links provided in that letter, but IS listed on the insert of both Tdap vaccines, and will I be paid to be a part of this passive reporting study?

If this does not provoke some independent thought and open conversation from your doctor, nothing will, and that is NOT a good doctor. Know that, because that is a fact. If your doctor is offended by four simple, fact-based questions, then that is not a doctor you want caring for you or for your unborn child. Be your own advocate. Be an advocate for your unborn child. Share your knowledge with your doctor. Remember, he doesn’t even know what he doesn’t know.

The same information holds true for the flu vaccine and there are currently 13 on the market listed on the same FDA website listed below.

~ Pennsylvania Medical Freedom Alliance (PAMFA)

Letter to doctors from 16 Health Authorities

FDA Product Approval Inserts


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14 Responses to Pregnancy Vaccines: Your Doctor Doesn’t Know What He Doesn’t Know

  1. Functioning Brain says:

    Yes, doctors love it when they are presented with “research” that their patients have done.
    Yes, I am certain that reading your post on this website counts as “research.”

    Look at the outcomes of pregnant women who were vaccinated for flu during pregnancy versus those who were not.
    I will share the “research” findings for you. Highly favorable for mother’s who got the flu vaccine.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Sure, you know WHY they’re “highly favorable”? THEY EXCLUDED ALL THE NEGATIVE OUTCOMES FROM THE STUDIES! Anyone can come up with a “highly favorable” outcome when they eliminate the negative consequences from consideration.

  2. Lea says:

    This is excellent! Thank you!

  3. Anon says:

    Thank God I did not have these when I was pregnant. Truth be told it was not even suggested. Nowdays, so much which seems dodgy/dangerous IS suggested and often demanded. At the very least it is bullying (popular term these days). More likely it is much worse. Maybe Criminal. Imagine the future where millions sue Governments/Doctors/Drug Companies for side effects / damages/death/birth defects from MANY vaccines and drugs and pharmaceuticals? As more people get educated/informed…the “Future” is coming closer.

    My own suggestion re “informing” / “education” your Doctor re above, is to first have a “backup” Doctor already lined up. Interviewed. Appointments gone to. Etc.. Most every Doctor I have been too would not take well to being educated (don’t you know they are THE Doctor?). Many would end up in reports to Child Services, maybe even worse.

  4. Hans Litten says:

    Sanofi fiasco raises worries of vaccine mistrust worldwide

    VACCINE PROTEST Wearing guinea pig masks,members of the Coalition for People’s Right to Health and the Health Alliance for Democracy voice their anger over Sanofi Pasteur’s experimental vaccine Dengvaxia in front of the pharmaceutical giant’s offices in Makati City on Monday. —EARVIN PERIAS
    The first promising vaccine for dengue — a disease that afflicts hundreds of millions of people around the world — is in jeopardy after the Philippines suspended it, amid widespread fears about its safety and growing public anger over its use in 830,000 schoolchildren.
    The Philippine government has begun investigations of the rollout of the immunization program by French drug maker Sanofi, which has come under fire for discounting early warnings that its vaccine could put some people at heightened risk of a severe form of the disease.
    The newly disclosed evidence, confirmed recently by Sanofi’s review of study data, found that in rare cases, Dengvaxia could backfire: If people who never had dengue are vaccinated and later become infected, the vaccine may provoke a much more severe form of the illness.
    The situation has become a public relations debacle for the drug maker, which spent decades developing Dengvaxia, the world’s first dengue vaccine.
    Politicians in the Philippines are demanding information about Sanofi’s advertising campaign and their government’s aggressive push, against the advice of some experts, to vaccinate a million children.

  5. ellie says:

    This is such an important conversation for everyone to have with anyone of child-bearing age. For further information, I can recommend this interview with Deniece Young on Lost Arts Radio Blog from Dec 10, 2017. She covers in detail an Wholistic Birth Plan.

  6. Hans Litten says:

    Vaccine reputation is being absolutely destroyed in the Phillipines right now .
    The government and leaders are tearing Sanofi’s Dengue Vaccine limb from limb .

    And our Vaccine safety , or Anti Vaccine websites never mention it …. none of them .
    (Except Jon Rappaport)

    Why not ?

  7. Donna Powers says:

    Brilliant. This will be shared far and wide!

  8. This is a really excellent post that I hope all others will forward on to prenant women & all women of child bearing age. Flu vaccines still contain mercury & who wants to shoot up their babies with a poison? The CDC website shows the contents of the vaccines.

  9. Nancy Bowers says:

    I know a lot of medical personnel who are my friends. Most are so brainwashed that they refuse to believe the CDC or FDA would ever tell them to administer any type of medicine that has not been thoroughly researched and proven safe. How do you get them to open their eyes and their brains. They act like puppets on a string.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      The excerpts from the product inserts are a visual assault for those who believe they are “thoroughly researched and proven safe.” If that were so, why would the manufacturers EXPLICITLY STATE that it is NOT so?

    • I used to be just the same- trained in the medical model until I started asking questions which they couldn’t or wouldn’t answer.. – but it was a process. But it was personal experiences with my children and husband that really opened my eyes. Unfortunately that’s what it takes for many people to actually “see” what is happening. And also I think it’s easier to just let someone else think for us and be the “Father’ and tell us what to do. I know with my children, I was really frightened I would do something to harm them if I didn’t follow the doctor to the letter. Somehow I lost my mother’s intuition for awhile. It also takes a lot of courage to oppose medical authorities who dare not step outside of the predetermined “standard of care” whether it be fluoride ( a brain neurotoxin) on the teeth , or vaccines and medications in the body. Many of us don’t have a role model to consult because our moms and friends were raised with the same medical model.

  10. Robin Gaura says:

    I keep thinking of that Monty Python skit from the 70´s, where all of the Irish children are sold to medical experimentation, because their folks can´t afford to feed them. The more I learn about the US govt programs, the more unethical medical experimentation I see.

    • Hans Litten says:

      What about Jonathan Swifts satirical Modest Proposal from 1729.
      He beat Monty Python to it by 250 years .

      Not much has changed . Still too many useless eaters (same as always)
      Henry Kissinger

      “I HAVE been assured by a very knowing American of my Acquaintance in London; that a young healthy Child, well nursed, is, at a Year old, a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome Food; whether Stewed, Roasted, Baked, or Boiled; and, I make no doubt, that it…

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