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Pregnancy Vaccines: Your Doctor Doesn’t Know What He Doesn’t Know

December 14, 2017 I encountered this “public service announcement” in a Facebook group I belong to. It’s a terrific concise introduction to the sorts of questions that pregnant women need to start asking themselves and their doctors NOW, before they … Continue reading

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Seven Major Flaws in Zerbo et al. (2016): Association Between Influenza Infection and Vaccination During Pregnancy and Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder

December 12, 2016 By James Lyons-Weiler, Bernadette Pajer, and Zoey O’Toole Summary: We describe seven major flaws in the study by Zerbo et al. (2016). The combined tactic of “correcting for” interacting and functionally related risk factors leads to the … Continue reading

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From the CDC Blog: Parenting Advice 2016

February 9, 2016 We’re off to a great start in 2016. We were in lots of planning meetings in January, following which we thought we’d recap on CDC’s parenting policies new and old going into the new year: Women – … Continue reading

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March of Dimes and ‘Off Label’ Use of Flu Vaccines in Pregnant Women

This was my conversation with the March of Dimes today. Things are always a little vaccine-propaganda heavy around September time. It’s the time for back to school and, therefore, vaccine advertising. That sounds a little harsh, but that’s what it … Continue reading

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If I Could Do It Over

A photo was reposted several times on Facebook a few weeks ago.  It was of an empty park bench and had this question posted with it, “If you could sit here with anyone from the past or present for one … Continue reading

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Things That Make Me Go “WTF?!?!”

I’ve been off the blogging circuit for a while to tend to my own health as well as care for my two guys, but I had to fire up Word and comment on something I saw in my feed. What … Continue reading

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The Business of Baby – One Long Conflict of Interest Disclosure

“This book is not an advice book and it does not offer One Right Way to parent. Because every baby is different, every parent is different, and every circumstance is unique, each triad of parents and baby come to figure … Continue reading

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