TMR Statement About Our 4/1 Blog Post

Dear Readers,

Hi Guys, Goddess here. We decided to take down the April Fool’s post. I know many of you understood where the Professor was coming from–that April Fools stems from deception and all of us have been deceived–but we did have a few comments where people forwarded it in earnest without reading all the way through or understanding that it was what we would LOVE to see, but have not seen yet. We are sorry if any of you thought it was real–we hope it is, someday soon. Until then, we are here to support each other on this journey. xo

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7 Responses to TMR Statement About Our 4/1 Blog Post

  1. Jennifer Power says:

    Joke’s on me. I didn’t get a chance to read it!! šŸ™

  2. David's Dad says:

    First I got chills, then I cried, then I told a few people in Spanish, that the US goverfnment finally admitted that vaccines do cause autism. I was at a construction site and that’s who was around. They had no idea what I meant.
    Then I went back to read it fully and especially to read the studies and it slowly bagan to sink in…and all day I was thinking of what prank I could pull off.
    In spite of how this topic is such a tender spot I still laughed at myself so hard, that it was probably the best laugvh in weeks.

  3. cg says:

    Thanks for taking it down. It hurt
    Now we don’t need new bs studies cause our children are proof. So each and everyone of you this month get vocal and tell your story of how your child became autistic–vaccines, antibiotics etc and do it loud unlike the feeble broads in my city who whisper it like a sin (their child’s regression after vaccination). Really sick since these same broads will take off your head in one catty swipe. How about putting a picture of our vaccine injured children on our tees and walk out there for all to see. They won’t be able to ignore us for long. ps Group effort is most effective
    PS PS Check out what Dr Larry Palevsky has to say about vaccines. One of the few doctors who truly cares about children unlike the vaccine profiteers

  4. Jan Randall says:

    I got about 1/3 of the way into the article and remembered it was April fools today and then I knew. But before that I was already planing where I was going to forward it, like all of the local newspapers.
    The initial level of excitement and then the collective feeling of damn things haven’t changed says so much about the current state of affairs.
    Still in my heart I believe ‘we shall overcome’.

  5. Kerri Rivera says:

    It was a dream come true…I cried hard over this. I wish for my son`s vaccine injure to not be in vain. And if this blog would have been true, the whole journey would be worth it. But here we are…still, losing generations of people. I hope that this blog will one day become a reality. Till then, keep working and keep trying to get “them” to listen and change.
    Love you TMR.

  6. Laura says:

    I have to admit, it was very hard to think that I had finally woken up in a sane world, only to find nothing had changed and things were crazy as ever.

  7. jennifer says:

    I read the whole think and I thought it was real, and I thought THANK GOD, and felt so relieved. Then I got to the end and I was totally bummed but it is April Fools Day so I got it. Too bad it wasnt real:(!

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