Top 10 Lies Told During the Vaccine-Preventable Diseases Hearing

The ProfessorTuesday, February 10, the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee held a Hearing on Vaccine-Preventable Diseases. The hearing was one long propaganda session devoted to getting those who are questioning vaccines to stop doing so. During the course of the hearing, an alarming number of false or misleading statements were made. It’s distressing that such statements were allowed to stand in the United States Senate. So in an effort to correct a whole lot of “misinformation,” I decided to do a Top 10 Lies Told During the Hearing post. It wasn’t easy choosing my Top 10 as there were so many — and I ended up with 11 — but I think I have a pretty representative sample here. Please copy and send to your legislators. Obviously, they are in great need of real education on the subject.

Bonus Lie. Senator Lamar Alexander:  “A troubling number of parents are not vaccinating their children.”

In the very same hearing we were told that “less than 1% of toddlers have received no vaccines at all,” while coverage for many of the older vaccines, including MMR, is above 90%, and has stayed steady in recent years. This came straight from Dr. Anne Schuchat, the Director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases and the “top immunization official in the United States,” according to Senator Elizabeth Warren. Katie Weisman at SafeMinds investigated and found it to be true, laying it all out in a blog post last Thursday. The fact is that childhood vaccination rates are high, as high as they’ve ever been. I submit that it’s not the number of parents who are not vaccinating that is “troubling” to Senator Alexander, but who is not vaccinating — namely the most educated and wealthy parents — and the fact that they insist on telling others exactly why they are not vaccinating.

Lie #10. Senator Lamar Alexander:  “Infants and individuals who are immunocompromised are traditionally protected by what is called herd immunity: when more than nine out of 10 people are vaccinated.”

“Traditionally,” infants were protected by antibodies transferred from their mother in breastmilk. Only a small percentage of measles cases occurred in infants. “Herd immunity” was a theory first put forward to by A. W. Hedrich to explain why there were far fewer cases of measles when more than 68% of the child population had already had measles. It was an epidemiological construct used to predict the number of cases that could be expected based on the number that had already occurred. Hedrich was observing and talking about a population that had obtained their immunity through exposure to the actual disease. As we are finding, that sort of immunity is rather different from the immunity conferred by vaccination. The first does not “expire” or “wane.” The second does. Originally when putting forward the idea of herd immunity with respect to a vaccinated population, it was assumed that disease transmission would work the same way in a vaccinated population as it would in a naturally immune population. Scientists believed that getting more than a certain percentage of the population vaccinated would stop outbreaks and epidemics from happening. The expected resistance to outbreaks did not materialize.

It turned out that many people required more than one shot to exhibit immunity to measles. It also turned out that the protection afforded by the shot could wear off. So a second dose and a third booster dose were added to the schedule. Still outbreaks occurred, and  scientists assumed that vaccinating a greater percentage of the child population would solve the problem. They raised that percentage several times, and it was decided that more than 90% of the population would need to be vaccinated. Only we hit 90% of all kindergarteners long ago, and we have maintained those high levels till today. The overall vaccination rate has not changed, and yet we are getting more outbreaks. And now some believe vaccination has to be nearly universal to achieve “herd immunity.”

The problem is that vaccine-induced “immunity” does not behave the way natural immunity does. For instance, something that you don’t hear about enough is the fact that the majority of the measles cases in the current outbreak were in adults over 20. Presumably those are the people who “didn’t know” their immunization status when asked, because they couldn’t remember whether or not they had gotten boosters in high school or going off to college. But ask yourself, what is the likelihood that most of those adults were not vaccinated as children, or even later? Pretty low, I should think, given that no one was talking about an “anti-vaccine movement” 20 years ago. And those adults were getting the measles at a higher rate than the (unvaccinated?) children were. Despite more than 90% of the kindergarten population getting vaccinated every year for nearly 20 years, the immune status of the adult population is largely unknown. A 1984 study predicted the current situation, where a greater percentage of the adult population is not immune, despite high vaccine coverage rates, and they didn’t even take waning immunity into account.

This means that Dr. Mark Sawyer’s statement: This measles outbreak, like all other measles outbreaks, are occurring because we have too many intentionally unimmunized children in the United States, and it illustrates the problem created by immunized populations” is invalid.  Firstly, as I’m sure Dr. Sawyer is aware, measles outbreaks have occurred in fully vaccinated populations and most measles outbreaks in recent years have been due to travelers from countries experiencing true epidemics, such as the Philippines. In addition, and as the above study indicates, outbreaks will continue to occur, even if we vaccinate all toddlers in the United States, with the majority of cases occurring in infants (who are no longer protected by their mother’s antibodies) and previously vaccinated adults.

Senator Lamar Alexander speaks at the Reuters Washington Summit

Senator Lamar Alexander

Lie #9. Senator Lamar Alexander: “Too many parents are turning away from sound science. Sound science is this: vaccines save lives.  They save the lives of people who are vaccinated. They protect the lives of the vulnerable around them like infants and those who are ill.  Vaccines save lives.”

I take issue with the idea that people who question the wisdom of the current vaccine schedule are “turning away from sound science.” People are questioning the science produced by vaccine manufacturers and the CDC (and its associates), yes, but they’re finding it is anything but “sound.” A couple of very simple examples out of the many that abound include two studies published in 2004. The first was Thomas Verstraeten’s study “Safety of Thimerosal-Containing Vaccines: A Two-Phased Study of Computerized Health Maintenance Organization Databases” on Thimerosal and autism, which was published with a nonsensical analysis that arrived at a conclusion that “no consistent significant associations were found.” In other words, it “proved” diddly squat. Freedom of Information Act requests revealed that the study had gone through four previous analyses that made much more sense than the final one, all of which revealed a strong connection between autism (and other conditions) and early high exposure to Thimerosal.

The second study, “Age at First Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccination in Children with Autism and School-Matched Control Subjects: A Population-Based Study in Metropolitan Atlanta,” is frequently pointed to as “proof” that “vaccines don’t cause autism.” Aside from the fact that it’s nothing of the kind, a little over a year ago a whistleblower from the CDC itself pointed out similar analysis problems with that study. William Thompson, PhD, one of the authors of the study in question, says the CDC found a strong correlation between “on time” vaccination with MMR and autism rates in African-American boys, and in the “isolated autism” population – i.e. autism that was not coincident with some other condition such as Fragile X or Down syndrome. They managed to hide the first link, dropping 40% of the data by adding the requirement of a valid Georgia birth certificate, and just left out the second piece of information all together. These two studies are more representative of fraud than “sound science.”

In addition, and perhaps more importantly, what Senator Alexander ignores when he says “vaccines save lives” is that, whether or not vaccines save lives, they also kill and maim. Take a look through the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, and you will see that every vaccine has been known to kill. Senator Alexander talks about the wonders of polio vaccines, but he doesn’t mention that an early campaign had to be shut down because a vaccine made by one manufacturer caused polio in many recipients. He also doesn’t mention that most doses dispensed in the 1950s contained a monkey virus, SV-40, that no one knew was there and just happens to cause some forms of cancer, including leukemia.

Every vaccine carries a small risk of death and a not-nearly-as-small risk of permanent damage, and the MMR is no exception. Table injuries include anaphylaxis, encephalopathy and encephalitis. Many cases of encephalopathy and encephalitis have been compensated, and at least 83 but the total is probably more like 530, of those were people with autism. Encephalitis is literally brain inflammation and brain inflammation is a marker for autism. Three billion dollars has so far been awarded by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, which has a huge backlog of cases. In other words, the “sound science” on vaccines isn’t nearly as one-sided as Senator Alexander would have you believe.

anne schuchat

Dr. Anne Schuchat

Lie #8. Dr. Anne Schuchat:  “We are a victim of our own success . . .  . Because of our success, parents may wonder if vaccines are necessary, and they may worry that the risks or temporary discomfort of vaccinating may outweigh the benefits of protecting their families from vaccine preventable diseases.

This one is a whopper – the oft-repeated refrain, “We are a victim of our own success.” As I wrote three years ago in one of my first blogs ever, it’s simply not true. Few parents were questioning vaccines before the 1986 law absolving vaccine manufacturers of all liability for the harm their products do – before the current era with its huge explosion in the recommended vaccine schedule. The fact that people are questioning that schedule in large numbers now is directly due to the reckless way the CDC has continued to tack new vaccines onto an already bloated childhood vaccine schedule in a one-size-fits-all, shoot-em-up style, without even testing what the overall effect is on children. That schedule has resulted in many times the number of vaccine injuries than used to take place, which, naturally, has eroded the confidence the public places in the officials charged with keeping vaccine policy sane and safe. To the extent that the vaccine program is “a victim” at all, it is merely of the greed and ambition of its architects.

Lie #7. Senator Lamar Alexander:  “Would it be accurate to say that if your child contracted measles in the United States, the chances of death would be about one in 1000?”  
Dr. Anne Schuchat:  “That’s right.”

No, Dr. Schuchat, it’s not right. According to the CDC’s own information, in the years just prior to the licensing of the first measles vaccine, approximately 1 in 1000 reported cases of measles resulted in death (not all of which were children, by the way; the disease is acknowledged to be harder on adults). The CDC includes the note that not all cases were reported. In fact, it was assumed that the vast majority were not, that there were somewhere between 3,000,000 and 4,000,000 cases per year. As Dr. Schuchat said, approximately 450 of those resulted in death in the pre-vaccine era. That corresponds to a death rate of 450 / 3,500,000 or 1 in approximately 8,000 cases. Which means that, based on her own agency’s numbers, the death risk is smaller by nearly a factor of 10 than the one quoted by Dr. Schuchat.

Lie #6.  Senator Elizabeth Warren: “Is there any scientific evidence that vaccines cause autism?”  
Dr. Anne Schuchat: “No.”

Lie #6a. Senator Elizabeth Warren: “Are there additives or preservatives in vaccines that can be toxic to kids?”  
Dr. Anne Schuchat: “Not in the amounts that they’re in vaccines.” 

I lumped these together because they are intimately related. Frankly, we’re all getting tired of the ease with which people lie on this subject. This is a list of 96 studies and papers, most of them peer-reviewed and published in mainstream publications, that support a link between vaccines and the development of autism. (Apparently, the words “any scientific evidence” now mean “upwards of 100 studies.”) And, yes, some of those ingredients are “toxic to kids,” particularly children with depleted glutathione, children who take Tylenol when vaccinating, children who are sick, children on antibiotics, children with a family history of autoimmune illnesses, including asthma, and children who have difficulty detoxing through methylation. In addition to the studies on the above list, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak covers the neurotoxicity of mercury rather well. And, contrary to another oft-heard lie, pediatric vaccines do still contain Thimerosal. Most multidose flu vaccines, commonly given to pregnant women and children as young as six months, contain a full dose of Thimerosal, and many others contain “trace amounts” (which for a number of reasons may not be so “trace” in a particular dose).  The list also contains a number of studies relating to the neurotoxicity of the aluminum salt or gel adjuvants contained in many vaccines. Let’s just rate this one “Pants on Fire” and move on, shall we?


Senator Elizabeth Warren

Lie #5. Senator Elizabeth Warren:  “Is there any scientific evidence that vaccines contributed to the rise in allergies or autoimmune disorders among kids?”
Dr. Anne Schuchat: “No.”

See the reference list at the bottom of this blog. It’s not exhaustive. It’s just what I found rather quickly. I want to bring particular attention to one study I found recently: “Vaccination and Allergic Disease: A Birth Cohort Study.” The study took place in the U.K., and the authors found that exposure to the DPT was associated with a 14 times higher rate of asthma and a 9.4 times higher rate of eczema than in those who had not received a DPT vaccine. But the highest correlation was in the kids with the fewest doctor visits. Anyone with a smidgen of logic could see that it’s likely this means the unvaccinated children are healthier and, therefore, don’t need to go to the doctor as often. The study authors, however, assumed that this meant that those children had asthma and eczema just as often as the vaccinated children, but their parents weren’t taking them to the doctor to get them diagnosed, this in a country with socialized medicine! I can imagine this could be a possibility where healthcare would represent a difficult economic burden, but this was in the U.K. where that was absolutely not the case. The authors’ conclusion that “Our data suggest that currently recommended routine vaccinations are not a risk factor for asthma or eczema” is utterly nonsensical.

With respect to autoimmunity, see the list detailing the research supporting a vaccine/autism link above. Autoimmune inflammation is a frequent feature of autism. Also see this list of recently compensated vaccine injuries which mentions inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, transverse myelitis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, and rheumatoid arthritis, all autoimmune diseases and all caused by vaccines.  (If you look them up, you will see that a large percentage of all vaccine injuries include the word “inflammatory.” Ask your local autism moms and dads about inflammation sometime.)

Lie #4. Senator Elizabeth Warren: “Is there any scientific evidence that giving kids vaccines further apart is healthier for kids?” 
Dr. Anne Schuchat: “It increases the risk.”
 Senator Elizabeth Warren: “It adds to the danger.”

Dr. Schuchat’s got me here. There is no “scientific evidence” that giving kids vaccines further apart is healthier for them. There is a whole lot of anecdotal evidence that it is, but, oddly enough, that evidence has never been collated or quantified. What Dr. Schuchat forgot to mention, a lie by omission if you will, is that there is also no “scientific evidence” that it isn’t healthier for kids. That would be because the CDC has never bothered to test the current vaccine schedule for safety at all, or even the combinations of vaccines that are routinely recommended, let alone done a study comparing the health outcomes of the recommended schedule to those resulting from a more spaced-out one or — dare I say it? — no vaccines at all.

Lie #3. Dr. Tim Jacks:  “We have weekly visits to an outpatient clinic where she has her procedures, she has bloodwork drawn, and she gets her chemotherapy infusions. At one such clinic visit my children were exposed to measles. . . . My hope is that we can prevent some families from going through the same thing we have gone through these last three weeks. I also hope that we can prevent more families from getting measles altogether. Prevention is simple, vaccinate.”

Much as I commiserate with a parent worried about a sick child, this statement cannot go unchallenged. As discussed in last’s week’s blog by Jean Ghantous, herself the mother of a child battling leukemia, in this country it is far more likely that an immunocompromised patient, such as a child with leukemia, will be infected with measles by a child who was recently vaccinated than by an unvaccinated child. This is why the medical recommendations for immunocompromised individuals include staying away from those who have recently been vaccinated with live-virus vaccines for at least a few weeks, but do not mention staying away from those who have not been vaccinated. That may change if there are orders of magnitude more measles cases, but at present the threat is far larger from the recently vaccinated. And I have yet to see anyone ask that those children stay home from school “to protect the immunocompromised.” In addition, Dr. Jacks’ daughter did not encounter measles at school. She encountered it at an outpatient clinic, where, you know . . . sick people go. It is a shame that she was exposed to measles, but realistically speaking, wouldn’t you think that a doctor would expect every visit to an outpatient clinic to include the danger of exposure to sick, perhaps contagious, people?


Senator Patty Murray

Lie #2. Senator Patty Murray: “We are really fortunate today to have a vaccine today that can prevent most forms of cervical cancer, which I am sure you know is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among women in the United States. About 12,000 women get cervical cancer every year. About 4,000 are expected to die from it. We know that those are deaths that can now be prevented.” 

This one is positively horrifying. I can only assume that because Senator Murray had cervical cancer herself she really wants to believe this, but it’s a lie that absolutely must not be allowed to stand. I wrote a blog about this one too. The upshot? Sixty years of continuous vaccination (including boosters every 10 years) of 70% of the country’s adolescent girls, coupled with continued regular pap smears (and there’s certainly no guarantee that people who feel themselves “protected” will continue to get them), may save 1,300 of the 240,000 women that cervical cancer would otherwise be expected to kill in those sixty years, assuming the rate of cervical cancer continues as is.  That means that sixty years of vaccinating the vast majority of young women — many of whom have already exhibited devastating health effects from HPV vaccination, including autoimmune disease and premature ovarian failure — would only reduce deaths from cervical cancer by 0.5%.

And the #1 Lie From the Hearing:

Dr. Anne Schuchat: “We like to let people know that the vaccines are recommended at the times they’re recommended because of the way they work and because of the disease risk. So our advisory committee on immunization practices reviews the science of the vaccines and diseases and updates the schedule every year based on the best information available.”

Lie #1a. Dr. Mark Sawyer: “In every case, for every vaccine, the risk from the disease outweighs any risk from the vaccine.”

I’m just going to blow this one (and its companion) out of the water with one example.  Everyone at the CDC knows that infants are not capable of producing the mature IgG antibodies that vaccines are meant to stimulate until they are at least nine months old, and can’t reach full capacity until well past the age of five. They should know as well that the incidence of hepatitis B in children 0-4 years of age in 1990, before the vaccine’s use in children, was less than 2 in 100,000, and the vast majority of those children were in high-risk situations such as born to a mother who was hepatitis B positive. Hepatitis B is a blood-borne and sexually transmitted disease that is easy to test for. This means that if you were hepatitis B negative, there was virtually no possibility that your toddler, let alone your infant, was going to be exposed to hepatitis B — even in the years before the vaccine was used routinely in newborns. Like every other vaccine, this one carries the risk of death, and the birth dose has been associated with a three-fold risk in autism in boys.  Why then did – and does – the CDC advisory committee recommend three doses for infants in the first year of life, when the vaccine so obviously carries plenty of risk and zero benefit for at least 99,998 out of every 100,000 babies?  And why do they recommend it on the first day of life, when you don’t yet know anything about the status of your child’s immune system?

While I understand the desire on the part of our government officials to ensure the public health” by banging the drum of vaccination, after all — we all grew up hearing what a wonderful boon they were to humanity — the wholesale evasion of truth can no longer be tolerated. The facts simply do not support a one-size-fits-all vaccination policy, especially one that appears to be on steroids, as ours does. The longer and harder one is pushed, the stronger and more determined will be the resistance. Parents are rightfully concerned for their children’’s health as so many have watched theirs drop like flies before their eyes. Ignoring those concerns — and the vaccine injuries that caused them — won’t make them go away.

Please send this on to everyone you know and your two senators and your congressional representative. (You can do so by registering with the NVIC advocacy portal.) Everyone needs to recognize unthinking propaganda for what it is, and your elected officials need to know that we won’t stand for it any longer.

~ Professor



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“Nobel Lecture on Anaphylaxis, December 11, 1913,” “ . . . the effects of anaphylaxis in mankind are very well known.  Two doctors from Vienna, Pirquet and Schick, have studied the matter with the greatest care.  They have described serum-sickness (“SerumKrankheit”) in children subjected to injections of diphtheria serum and they saw that it was in most cases an anaphylactic phenomenon.  It is only in the rarest cases that the first injection is productive of immediate reaction.  When it comes to the second injection, an immediate reaction follows for 90% of the cases, that is to say when the period between the first and second injection is from ten to thirty days.”

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    You have a serious confirmation bias issue. You are looking for data that supports your point of view and no other points of view, when there is MORE data that opposes your point of view than not. You are being lied to by anti-vaccination, anti-science psychotics, and your “correlations” mean nothing. Correlation is not evidence of causation in ANY situation, and your confirmation bias shines through like Betelgeuse in Orion.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      *I* have a “serious confirmation bias issue”? That’s interesting because I started out with the understanding that vaccines are the greatest thing since sliced bread and that the CDC was watching out for my health and that of my children. The only problem was I found MOUNTAINS of evidence that neither of those things are true. It was a bitter pill indeed, and I had to change my mind. That’s uncomfortable as you know. And the more evidence I see, the more my mind changes.

      The fact that you refer to people who provide you with FACTS that others don’t want you to know as “anti-vaccination, anti-science [despite the fact that they are providing you with links to science] psychotics” means that you are suffering far more from “confirmation bias” than I ever could.

      “Correlation is not evidence of causation in ANY situation,” huh? Then why is it the ONLY evidence that smoking causes lung cancer? And why is it the ONLY evidence that “vaccines save lives”? Have a nice day. 🙂

    • APV says:


      Lie #5. Senator Elizabeth Warren: Is there any scientific evidence that vaccines contributed to the rise in allergies or autoimmune disorders among kids?
      Dr. Anne Schuchat: No.

      The Institute of Medicine (IOM) are the top SCIENCE experts in medicine. They have concluded that food proteins in vaccines cause food allergy.
      So, Dr.Schuchat is either ignorant or is lying.

      Document Pg. 65 (pdf pg. 94 ):

      “Adverse events on our list thought to be due to IgE-mediated
      hypersensitivity reactions
      Antigens in the vaccines that the committee is charged with reviewing do
      not typically elicit an immediate hypersensitivity reaction (e.g.,
      hepatitis B surface antigen, toxoids, gelatin, ovalbumin, casamino acids).
      However, as will be discussed in subsequent chapters, the
      above-mentioned antigens do occasionally induce IgE-mediated
      sensitization in some individuals and subsequent hypersensitivity
      reactions, including anaphylaxis.”

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  6. Y Lewis says:

    Senator Alexander is one of my representatives. I emailed him not long ago about the proposed Head Start legislation. His response to me was a condensed version of his HELP hearing remarks. But he added this, essentially complaining about those “troubling” parents who can’t seem to get with the program, and I’m DYING of the irony:
    “At a time when we are standing on the cusp of medical breakthroughs never imagined – cutting-edge personalized medicine tailored to an individual’s genome – we find ourselves retreading old ground. The sound science of vaccines and immunizations is simple: they save lives.”
    Dying… So far my response is 2 pages long and includes these two references:

    Adversomics: the emerging field of vaccine adverse event immunogenetics. (2009)

    Characterizing vaccine responses using host genomic and transcriptomic analysis. (2013)
    This one actually mentions MTHFR in the context of adverse reactions.

    Who exactly is retreading old ground, here? Thanks for this awesome post, Professor. I have referenced it several times while wording my response. <3

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  8. Sue says:

    I left a comment. Where did it go?

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Hi Sue, all comments have to be “approved.” There are days we’re not as available as others and so the comments don’t get approved for a while. Sorry!

      • Alex says:

        Probably not accepted because it’s about Pro-Vaxx

        Try this!

        [link to incredibly stupid video redacted]

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Hey Alex!

        Thanks for commenting. As you can see your link WAS redacted (and the four other times you posted it were deleted), not because it’s “Pro-Vaxx,” but because it was incredibly stupid and condescending. Whoever made that video may think that making fun of people who are aware of vaccine risks is “cute,” but I guarantee you that our readers would not agree. You see the people on this site take this topic EXTREMELY seriously because many of them have children who weren’t “just fine” after a round of vaccines for short-term illnesses they were never likely to encounter, and many have been gaslighted by the very medical professionals they trusted to keep their children “safe.” Ha, ha. The joke’s on them, right?

        Wrong. Not here, not ever. Those children can be a “joke” to anyone everywhere else because they don’t fit the pharmaceutical companies’ narrative of “safe and effective,” but here we believe that EVERYBODY counts or nobody does. Disrespect will not be tolerated.

  9. Sue says:

    On the subject of the child with leukemia being exposed to measles, I think it should be mentioned that vaccinations have been positively linked as a cause of cancer and leukemia. That is how I got involved with researching the subject myself, after reading this quote from a medical journal in a book titled ‘Slaughter of the Innocent’ – “The vaccination causes, furthermore, an explosion of leukemia.”

  10. MikeR says:

    Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth…. certainly not if it’s a M*rck-fracked mouth …
    Merck’s Former Doctor Predicts Gardasil To Become The Greatest Medical Scandal Of All Time

  11. MikeR says:

    How many of these Congessional Conspirationalists have given ANY consideration to the extraordinary examples of criminalality demonstrated by e.g. the likes of the Pharmacological Predatorian M*rck Inc … recent total exposure, by vax whistleblowers high up their previous M*rck salaried staff, of Corporate fraud was hinted at by the company withdrawing their world-patented super-smart niacin-CoQ10 combo…. the withdrawal apparently being nothing more than ensuring that no human merely patients could benefit from the patent either…

    Except for one contraindication, anybody who knowingly allows kith or kind to take a vax prick from any of these criminals, needs treatment for psychiatric deficiency.

    The said deficiency contraindicates a “nil-by-mouth” drug with unprintable-lethal side-effects.

  12. Tony says:

    Thank You!!! This was one of the best thing I’ve read in a long time. My daughter died six years ago due to complications after a shot of pertussis B vaccine. I may have a little challange for those who are interested; Let us use words with their right meaning. The pro- vaccine folks talk about immunization. However, no one really fully understand how and what regarding to the immunization processes in the body. I believe they have found 15 levels of action – knowing there is more, but not yet identified. The pro vaccine folks claims that immunization occurs when there is antibodies (th1) produced in the vaccinated body. They ommit at least 14 stages… But, when faced with a disease, like the meassles, the body produces not only th1 but th2, and their dance and interaction help/causes/links to the remaining 13 levels of immunization that we know of. Challenge one: Find and publish more information about this connection. Challenge two: Let us remain in the messles department. I have read that if you are vaccinated with the meassle vaccine and then get the meassles naturally – the symptoms are more severe then if you where not vaccinated in the first place. Is this true, if so, then the whole idea of vaccination is tremendously and potentially dangerous. Anyone up for the challenges?
    I have more ideas, just contact me and let us share ideas..
    I do this to honor my daughter. Her name was Sabina.
    Be well

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Thank you, Tony. I believe the “atypical measles” that you’re talking about was supposed to be due to a combination of one particular measles vaccine that is no longer used and an encounter with wild measles (or a live-virus measles vaccine).

  13. KW says:

    The only thing I question in this article (and perhaps someone can expound on it) is the issue of autism. Many think that there is a link between immunizations and autism – and while I think there COULD be, what do you say to the parents of the children who have never had even 1 immunization shot and are still autistic? I know one such family. You can’t tell me the shots caused her autism – she hasn’t had any.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      We say that there are lots of ways to achieve the same kind of toxic overload. Vaccines just happen to be a very efficient way, especially when administered in combination with other vaccines, antibiotics, and/or acetaminophen. It’s like this, not all lung cancer has been caused by smoking (I should know, my father died of lung cancer and never smoked a day in his life), but that doesn’t mean that smoking doesn’t cause lung cancer.

    • GF says:

      KW ~ I say the family needs to research Lyme disease and co-infections.

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  15. APV says:

    “Lie #6a. Senator Elizabeth Warren: Are there additives or preservatives in vaccines that can be toxic to kids?
    Dr. Anne Schuchat: Not in the amounts that they’re in vaccines. ”

    No safe limit has been established for many vaccine contaminants. There is no specification or regulation of such contaminants.
    I asked the FDA if they have determined a safe level for allergen proteins that can be present in vaccines. Their response:

    “There is not, as you describe it, an FDA determined safe amount of a potentially allergenic ingredient contained in a vaccine. The FDA reviews vaccine composition in its entirety to ensure the safety and efficacy of the vaccine.”

    The US Pharmacopeia and Sanofi Pasteur also confirmed that there is no allergen content specification.
    So no one even knows the amount of contaminants present in vaccines. So, how can Dr. Schuchat claim it is safe?

    In 1967, the flu vaccine contained 7.4 mcg/ml of egg proteins:

    In 2009, as much as 38.3 mcg/ml of egg proteins:

    The absurd result of an unregulated industry.

    Even the pharmaceutical companies are surprised by this lack of regulation:,%20A1%20The%20Joint%20IPEC-PQG%20GMP%20Guide.pdf
    Slide 6:
    “How is excipient
    manufacture regulated?
    • To the surprise of many the
    manufacture and supply of excipients
    is unregulated by any agency
    • European legislation puts the onus on
    the user, the MA holder to ensure that
    starting materials are of a ‘suitable’

    This injectable grade Polysorbate 80 datasheet:

    “Rev. 7; March 30, 2011 – Section 4: Added peanuts
    to the Allergen list; Corrected residual
    solvents info for Ethylene glycol; minor formatting. (JLW) ”

    So Avantor was unable to guarantee that this Polysorbate 80 was not
    contaminated with peanuts, before 2011.
    Today, you will see Avantor specifically claiming their product is of
    non-peanut origin.
    So Polysorbate 80 used in Vitamin K1 shots and numerous vaccines, could
    be contaminated with many different food proteins including peanut proteins.

    Many researchers have called for the removal of these contaminants. Yet, the FDA has done nothing.

    Removal of gelatin:
    Kuno-Sakai H, Kimura M. Removal of gelatin from live vaccines and DTaP-an ultimate solution for vaccine-related gelatin allergy.Biologicals 2003;31:245-9.

    Removal of casein:

    Removal of egg proteins:

  16. Greg K says:

    I loved hearing these blowhards saying this (copied from transcript) “WE SENATORS IN A BIPARTISAN WAY UNDERSTAND THE PROBLEM OF DEALING WITH HIGHLY EDUCATED PEOPLE WHO GET THAT INFORMATION ON THE INTERNET. THAT HAPPENS TO US EVERY DAY. WE DEAL WITH THAT AND WE KNOW WHAT IT IS.” Sen. Lamar Alexander If you parse out that statement, isn’t he saying that access to information from the internet deciphered by highly educated people is the problem? Funny, that’s where I got his information. Maybe that’s why they have the FCC working on that pesky internet part!

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      I love it, Greg. That was exactly the feeling I had listening to him. Yes, you have a problem with the fact that we intelligent, educated people can actually access information for ourselves now. 🙂

      • Greg K says:

        So appreciate you writing this article! As I was listening to it and many of us were commenting live on twitter I thought “somebody needs to do a fact check on this big pharma infomercial”. Great job in doing so. Although, what do I know as I have only seen it on the internet 😉

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  18. Wendy says:

    The #1 LIE told?….that there is any such thing as a “vaccine preventable disease”!! And that lie is used over and over and over again!!!

    • Larry says:

      When they say vaccine preventable disease, they mean that by giving the body exposure to inactive sample of the disease (the vaccination), it allows the body to recognize the invading disease earlier, and therefore has more time for the body’s immune system to eradicate the disease before the rate of replication of the disease overcomes the capacity of the immune system. It is a race against time. The vaccination allows the immune system to begin resisting as soon as the disease is introduced, instead of waiting for the body to learn that this invader is in fact a disease, and then making antibodies.

  19. Wendy says:

    The # LIE used over and over by these talking heads….that there is such a thing as a “vaccine preventable disease”…..

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Wendy, there is little doubt that at least some vaccines DO prevent significant numbers of acute disease. To pretend otherwise does not do our cause a favor. The point is that that prevention of acute disease comes with a cost, a largely unknown cost in the past, but it’s becoming clearer these days. And sometimes at least, perhaps all the time, that cost may be too high.

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  21. Tara says:

    Do we wonder why Lamar Alexander is so “Pro vaccine? ” Have a look at some of his ’13/’14 campaign contributors……

    • Greg K says:

      Well now Tara, as a highly educated person I cannot take that information seriously as it has, you see, derived from the internets. The distinguished senator has pointed out that fact of which, apparently, they deal with every day. Real facts, it is assumed. (see my other post somewhere)

  22. Christine says:

    Thank you. I just don’t know how to make this information main stream. When will they start to listen?

  23. Kl says:

    Thank you, well said.

  24. Karin Schuetze says:

    Wonderful summary,although just a bit sickening how educated doctors and scientists are somehow ignoring educated parents who are eye witnesses to seeing their children regress, and ignoring varous studies and court cases which have determined a link in some kids. My son got the measles at 12 months – from the MMR. Unfortunately there are so many stories like my son’s. I think the most frustrating part is why are parents not believed? The truth will come out eventually but at such a huge cost – injuring children.

    • Larry says:

      I am sorry that your child got the measles. But you are missing the point. Using vaccines is a trade off. Without the Vaccine, hundreds of thousands would die and more would become very ill for a time. By using vaccines, only a few get the disease. It is random which ones become the unfortunate few.

      You have a complete right to sue the government because of what happened. I am not invalidating that. But the cost of your suit, and all the other suits for all the other children who were harmed or died, are worth it because of the much greater costs of hundreds of thousands of lives that would otherwise have been lost.

      In medical terms, this is called triage. If you have limited resources, you save as many as you can, and let the others suffer and die. We do not have enough resources to create a cure for measles. It sounds cruel, and it is cruel, but it is the best science can offer right now.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Wow, Larry. You may be willing to “trade off” the lives of the half a million kids with severe autism, not to mention all the other vaccine-related issues there are, for the nowhere near “hundreds of thousands” that would die “or become very ill for a time” (usually a week to 10 days), but shockingly enough the parents of those children might disagree. In addition, the people who realize that they will be paying the bills for those children for the rest of their lives to the tune of $150k/year EACH might disagree as well. In the years BEFORE any measles vaccine was licensed, approximately 3-4 million cases of measles occurred in the U.S. (no one knows exactly how many because the vast majority of cases were so mild they were never reported) with approximately 450 deaths. (Those numbers come straight from the CDC.) The death rate had already dropped by approximately 95% and could have dropped further, as did the death rates from other diseases that had no vaccines.

        Not only is your “trade off” cruel, it is by no means the “best science can offer right now.”

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Larry, I’m glad you understand that “using vaccines is a trade off.” I’ll get back to that in a minute. But first, “without the vaccine, hundreds of thousands would die” is more than a little deceptive. According to the CDC, in the era BEFORE any measles vaccine was licensed there were only about 450 deaths from measles per year, and as the death rate had been in a steady decline, much like that of other infectious diseases, including ones for which there is no vaccine, that there is no reason to believe would not have continued. At that rate, to achieve the “hundreds of thousands” of lives saved in the United States, it would take more than 400 years of vaccinating.

        So, let’s deal with this in a much more realistic fashion, shall we? A possible 450 deaths — if NOTHING new were discovered about how and why it kills, which I personally think is unlikely (despite your assertion that “we do not have enough resources to create a cure for measles,” a cure is not necessary, only the ability to keep it from getting fatal) — and a “lot of people who would become very ill for a time.” The “lot of people” would be “very ill” for a week to 10 days, with a very small percentage having lasting sequelae.

        Now, contrast that with the damage that vaccines have accomplished: approximately half a million people (most of them under 25) who have severe autism, many of which are unable to talk, use a bathroom, or sit in a classroom, and the majority of which will never hold down a job. Those people will cost their parents and the U.S. taxpayers approximately $150k/year EACH in adulthood. Now, let’s add in all the asthma, allergies, and other autoimmune disorders that have been connected to vaccine use.

        In economic and human terms, your “trade off” is one that many people would NOT choose if they knew what they were really choosing. Certainly not the ones who are going broke caring for their permanently injured children. Oh, and the precious few who will go on to “win” their suit against the government? Many of them will take more than 10 years, and they will be treated inexcusably badly by the Special Masters of “Vaccine Court,” then told not to tell anyone what happened.

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