Trace Amounts: The Little Film That Could

lonestarThe incestuous relationship between pharmaceutical companies and the federal agencies tasked to oversee them is a topic that has been covered on film ad nauseum. Frankly, we already know that thse entities are colluding in many ways with devastating results, reflected in the number of Americans with chronic disease and the thousands of deaths each year that are attributed to prescription drug use.

So why would Trace Amounts be worth your time? You’re undoubtedly a financially, physically, and emotionally exhausted person with precious little free time to speak of, so why should it be spent on yet another autism-related documentary?

Here’s why.

Eric Gladen, Shiloh Levine, and the Trace Amounts team have gone to great lengths to detail the ways in which an adult’s experience with vaccine injury at 28 years old can be a window into the vaccine-induced autism so many of our children have endured. Let me restate that to better effect: a grown man is able to describe how he felt after a vaccine rendered him ill, allowing us to finally hear what our non- or minimally verbal children cannot express about their lives.

After being given a Thimerosal-containing vaccine in his late 20s, Gladen and his loved ones explain, he descended into mental and physical distress, including sound sensitivity, anxiety, fatigue, and pain. Not surprisingly, numerous medical professionals were unable to find a cause or any way to alleviate his symptoms. Taking his health into his own hands, he began fervently researching, eventually stumbling upon mercury toxicity as a possible explanation for his conditions. Sure enough, as he began treating for metals poisoning and chelating, he started to get his life back.

trace amountsAs a result of this struggle, he continued his research into mercury as a vaccine ingredient and, after a close friend’s son regressed into autism, began to uncover a connection between the autism epidemic and Thimerosal. With the help of expert interviews (doctors, scientists, epidemiologists, attorneys, parents, legislators and . . . Paul Offit), Gladen and his team dissect the history of Thimerosal’s ubiquity, as well as the CDC’s lackluster response to the groundswell of scrutiny from parents and others who insisted that its use was not only unnecessary but potentially harmful.

For our community, it comes as no shock that our government was reluctant, to put it mildly, to properly investigate and address these concerns. In fact, they responded in ways that can only be described as lazy and dishonest. But having events such as the notorious Simpsonwood conference and the fraudulent Verstraeten study recounted in such a calm, personable, and easily digestible manner provides us with a unique opportunity, and at the perfect time in our political history.

As families in multiple states face proposed legislation to restrict vaccine exemptions, expand the compulsory public-school vaccination schedule, and mandate vaccines for certain adults, Trace Amounts can become the ideal way to introduce skeptics, lawmakers, and fence-sitters to our reality. It feeds newcomers shocking truths without being overwhelming, militant, or pushy. Trace Amounts raises a frightening amount of uncertainty about institutions that most people hold in high regard, as have previous documentaries, but it manages to soften the blow of this impact by mostly focusing on one vaccine component, thereby allowing the controversy over mercury to act as a microcosm of the greater issues at hand. It also leaves viewers with more questions than answers, which is actually for the best because, theoretically, people will then be motivated to do their own extensive research and understand that there are no easy answers to be found. There is no right or wrong to be found in Trace Amounts — only a call to study this further for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

Recently, this film has been successfully used as a catalyst for questioning the bills that have been introduced this year. Because it gently and thoughtfully opens up a conversation that is typically surrounded by discomfort and hateful judgment, Trace Amounts has the potential to effect change nationwide.

There is much more ground to cover than just mercury, and Trace Amounts alludes to that fact. For instance, the admissions of the CDC’s Dr. William Thompson are briefly introduced, but that story is far from written yet. But this film has come along at a pivotal time and, therefore, its own story is far from written. At the very least, this film will become another go-to in our arsenal to recommend to those just beginning their journey of questioning vaccines. And while that is a huge accomplishment in and of itself, my sincere hope is that it is given a chance to do so much more.

~ Lone Star

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13 Responses to Trace Amounts: The Little Film That Could

  1. Bill Eisen says:

    I have friends whose kids developed autism after being vaccinated and had to go through detoxification for mercury. Two years later the kids were better and back up to grade level in school all while the FDA and pharmaceutical industry were contending the vaccines to be perfectly safe. Tell that to the many people who have been injured by the vaccines!

  2. Richard Caruana says:

    Australian Study shows they have LIED again.. there is 10 micrograms of MERCURY POISON in the dreaded Hep-B at birth VACCINE..
    Mercury in vaccines from the Australian childhood immunization program schedule.
    Austin DW1, Shandley KA, Palombo EA. [2010]
    ..check out new DVD exposing Government Corruption…called, “Trace Amounts” it’s a GAME-CHANGER

  3. Thinking Moms Rev… / Lone Star — You have written a great synopsis of the movie and of the cause. I’ll be sharing your post with our readers. Keep up the good work. You are making a difference. S. Joseph, OnlineOnTheAir.Com

  4. Asena says:


    There are still countries giving thimerosal laden Hep-B vaccines to neonates, and Turkey is one of them.

    We really need to find a way to get this particular information out, in Turkish!

    It will make a huge difference, believe me, all I need is permission to put subtitles to the documentary, and we can make the screenings however you like.

    Check out my personal blog please, I also have a new health and wellness website, and if you think this is a viable option, please contact me.

    Big fan!


  5. Hans Scholl says:

    Why is the film been so selectively shown and held back ?
    We need to get it out there , everywhere

  6. Elizabeth Di Francesca says:

    I am in Oregon, I have a few commons because I have been working with pioneers to this for many years while no one was listening. Now we see the modern groups and authors and conferences coming up with people making money off of something that should have been free education to everyone ..In Oct 2009 Lansing, Michigan my oldest daughters 1 yr old went in to the pediatrician for a check up and was doing well at the time, the nurse came in at the end of thi visit with pockets of two vaccine needles, 5 vaccines including the HINI and did not even discuss it with the parents, she shot him in the leg and another in the arm. It was a Friday, she laughed at my daughter when she was asked why she did this without their consent and says, ” Oh get over it, its not gonna hurt him and walked out..Sunday am, he did not wake up, he was blue, medics came to get him even keeping my daughter out and by 3 pm they got to see their dead son. When she screamed about the vaccines, they took him for an autopsy even removing his brain..[ we believe they also harvested his organs at the hospital since he had tubes everywhere in this body when they saw him] 12 weeks past and she was informed Homeland security took the reports, in two months this same ped office declared he had no shots, records were gone. Our grandson did not even have a tombstone for one year because we all could not afford it. My email on this event went through the US and internationally in 3 days. I also know if not for Dr. Rebecca Carley, Igri Cassel of Idaho..and vaccine truths, and Vera Schneider and Jane Burgermeister . these are the people who stopped the HINI and never needed to put on a show. My fear hearing many of you young people is you are still into believing in western meds as your answer to everything. Safer vaccines seems like an oxymoron to me when you do not need anything other then what is naturally provided for you. I believe many of you need much more education on all issues such as chem trails, fluoride and much more adding to GMO foods and other genocidal toxins for the Georgia Guide stones, great culling. The massive influx of illegal immigrants coming in with their own disease, illness and sanitary issues is not helping any of these problems plus Obama-care fraud and the great BIG Brother of Maximus who already destroyed Canada. I also am hearing some odd things with this Robert Kennedy who supports Al Gore and Global warming “CARBON TAX”…that tells me anyone who believes all this really knows very little of all of the issues going on and the people connected to it. So I leave you with these words: Seek ye knowledge for the truth shall set you free…..pharmakeia.- is magik-magic-occult science ……I believe God made doctors for when people don’t listen and continue to harm themselves..or when something dumb like breaking a leg happens [ but wraps of comfrey leaves will heal that up ]

    • Antoinette says:

      This is the best comment yet. Finally someone who feels exactly as I do about what’s going on in this psychpathic world we live in.

  7. Kiwismommy says:

    I have to tell you that for the uninitated, the movie can be shocking! When Robert Kennedy Jr. recently came to Oregon and had a special screening of the movie for our legislators, many of us had the opportunity to attend and invite others. I invited some people that were relatively new to the entire topic and questions at hand and I can tell you for one of them, well it was emotionally devastating. I had to conduct an intervention and pull her back to us that she was in no way to blame for vaccinating her own son and risking his health. She is still absorbing and researching and actually showed up to our protest on the capital steps and I saw her cheering on some speakers. So this movie did sway someone to take action, even if she is now dealing with her own feelings from being previously unaware of what was happening around her and probably to her own child who does have a few issues. That is pretty profound if you ask me. She not only was awakened, but aroused to action even though her son is now a grown man. Yeah for Trace Amounts, between that and the movie “BOUGHT” we are winning hearts and minds. Even if it was a little rough going there for a few days for one shocked Mommy!

    • Cathy says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this. I was fortunate to appear in this film and tell my story. Many have told me that it was one of the most emotionally rendering parts of the film for them. I’m so happy that the film is moving and inspiring others to action.

  8. Anna says:

    The fact is that you never know when the broader population will “connect” with a documentary or an article. So, the more opportunities the better. Hopefully it will reach to many, many families and we will able to crack the big pharma/CDC wall of lies.

    • You are absolutely correct, Anna. And the good news is, the movie is available for purchase at the TraceAmounts.Com website for about the same price of a movie ticket. I’ve ordered mine and plan to show it to family, friends, to any one who will listen. All of life’s best to you and yours. S. Joseph OnlineOnTheAir.Com

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