Vaccination Tyranny Hits Down Under


In April of this year, the Australian federal government officially joined the state Queensland and Victoria governments and declared war on our children and our community.

How and why would they do this?

The how is the easy part: Despite the fact that vaccination is not compulsory in Australia, they passed a law that financially penalises low-income families who do not vaccinate their children according to the recommended government schedule and removes the right of parents to object based on conscientious, philosophical and religious reasons. As of January 1, 2016, these families, some of which already have vaccine-injured children, will lose up to $15,000 a year per child if they do not do as they are told by the Australian government, and yet they have the gall to say that these families still have a choice.

A choice of whether to become homeless . . . or vaccinate?

A choice of being able to feed and clothe their families . . . or vaccinate?

I don’t know about you, but if that is a “choice” then so is blackmail.

Add this to the Victorian government’s law that all unvaccinated children must be banned from early childhood education and you will see that. for some governments in Australia, the idea of segregating children is a good thing. So much for the government’s commitment to Universal Access to Early Childhood Education?

kid left out

Why would they do it? Now that is a harder question to answer. If you look at the numbers of children with conscientious/philosophical exemptions to vaccination in Australia, you will see that they make up barely 1.77 % of all children (even less if you go by the latest figures). So why are they willing to punish children with a sledgehammer by segregating them and taking away their parents’ ability to work and provide for them and their family?

The most obvious reason would be the Murdoch-run newspapers that ran a two-and-a-half year campaign called “No Jab No Play,” calling on the government to ban unvaccinated children from preschool and then to take away the conscientious objection exemptions from families, resulting in them losing their childcare payments and family tax benefits.
They achieved this by a constant stream of articles reviling and attacking our families calling us baby killers, terrorists and murderers. They used the tragic deaths of babies from whooping cough to fire up the masses who didn’t know that this toxoid-based vaccine couldn’t cocoon babies any more than it could provide herd immunity anywhere else. They also neglected to tell them that this same vaccine does not target the dominant strain of whooping cough and even has the ability to make the vaccinated asymptomatic transmitters of the disease. All the while pushing unsuspecting family members to go get shots which could make them more at risk of transmitting the infection to vulnerable infants. The result is Murdoch and his pharma buddies got their way, and our children were thrown under the bus yet again. Go, Murdoch. I guess Santa gave you an early Christmas present this year, huh?



But the government has not stopped there. No, they have also expanded their childhood vaccination register to become, in their own words, “a birth to death register.” The potential for vaccination tyranny is now endless. It opens the door to policies like this for example: You want to retire and get your pension? You’d better be up-to-date on your annual flu shot. And don’t forget your shingles, whooping cough and pneumonia shots too. You got deathly sick after your last shot? That was just a coincidence. Come over here and roll up that sleeve, Grandpa.

Primary school, high school, university, employment, camps, insurance, travel etc., you name it, and there will be an excuse for a needle.

You have to realise that there is no other man-made product on this Earth that can be mandated for every man, woman, child and even animal like a vaccine can. It is a businessman’s dream come true, the golden ticket in the Willy Wonka chocolate bar. You’d better believe that they will try to destroy anyone who gets in the way of milking that cash cow.

golden ticket






The steps they use are well known:

1.   “Us” and “them”: use prejudice to foster the (fictional) notion of the existence of superior and dominant in-groups and inferior and powerless out-groups.

Already happening

The media trumpeting stories about a small group of stupid selfish hippies putting the rest of us at risk, too dumb to realise that the one study by Wakefield has been debunked.

2. Obey orders: insist that all people under your wing are to obey your orders.

Already happening

Anyone who questions/criticises vaccination or vaccination policy, even from the pro-vaccination side, is attacked as weak sympathisers, and their career is threatened. Doctors lose insurance if they do not support government vaccination policy.

3. Dehumanize the enemy: make inimical factions look less than human.

Already happening

“Anti-vaxxers,” a term used to reference parents who make their own choices on vaccination, are called baby killers, terrorists, parasites and murderers on a daily basis.

4.”‘Stand up” or “stand by”: suppress dissenting or opposing opinions to your own.

Already happening

Media censorship and blackout of legitimate vaccine concerns because the sponsors and the medical and science community call out for the end of what they call “false balance” in the media. If you don’t support vaccination, you should not be allowed airtime or, as they call it, oxygen. All calls for a fair and open debate are ignored.

5.   Suppress individuality: foster the development of group identities while suppressing the individual.

Already happening

We all have to do our bit for the greater good. A few may be injured, but in order to have herd immunity we have to do what is good for society as a whole not worry about individuals.

So what do we do now?

Well our informed-choice community in Australia is coming together stronger than ever now. Memberships of vaccination-choice organisations have tripled this year and are still growing. Protest rallies are being planned. Legal action against childcare centres and governments that discriminate against our children are being planned. Child minding arrangements are being sorted out between families to allow them to not be hurt so badly by these immoral and unjust laws. And lately, daycares and preschools that cater to vaccine-free children have begun cropping up. Health authorities are pretending to find it “shocking” that parents would provide such “blackmarket” childcare, when it is obvious that their policies have forced this segregation. Or maybe they thought that parents would just cave in and get their kids vaccinated. If so, they completely underestimated the protective instincts of parents. We are angry and sick to death of being pushed to sacrifice our healthy children to the toxic love affair with pharmaceutical drugs that plagues our society. Enough is enough; you can only push people so far before they begin to push back. When our children’s lives are on the line, you’d better believe we are ready to fight!

~ Epiphany

Epiphany is a mum whose roots are in the South Pacific. She is a law student and an advocate for informed choice in Australia. All of her vaccinated children have either autism, ADHD, speech delays, or mood swings, combined with autoimmune, gastrointestinal and allergic disorders, while her unvaccinated children are healthy and disorder-free. She is a big softie in general, but is an Amazon warrior when it comes to defending her children and speaking out for health freedom!

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47 Responses to Vaccination Tyranny Hits Down Under

  1. Dorothy Erickson says:

    State of California now mandates all children be vaccinated in the state.
    Though my children are in their twenties, there are grandchildren to be considered.
    I am looking to see where to go in the US where this policy will not follow.
    There may not be.
    and I am sorry for Australia.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      California politicians will live to regret their votes on this. And it won’t be long.

    • jason says:

      All Australians should also be aware that their current government (nazi,s) led by their unelected prime minister is currently applying for a patent to spray us from the air to deliver there vaccines ( ie mercury aluminium live viruses etc ) regardless if your vaccinated or not. I DONT REMEMBER CONSENTING TO BE SPRAYED LIKE A BUG. I only hope they spray themselves first, however they will most likely demand the cleaned up vaccines just like the German politicians demanded in i believe (2010?) before they would accept the H1N1 vaccine. do as i say not as i do

  2. Darren says:

    Well said, and so many things also well said by commenters. My wife is a highly respected Naturopath, and we have three very healthy children (10,7 & 4). We vaccinated homeopathicly and they have barely ever been sick. Our second boy had measles for about three days, I think. and the spots were hardly even noticeable. Our youngest has chronic eczema and a very strong A-type personality, there no way in hell we’ll let anyone put a needle near her, we would both fight to the death to protect her, and our other two from this barbaric fascist regime that is rising.

    I also would like to know these State Governments definitions of “Law”. Have these laws been constiutionalised and enacted by The Queen? No. Do these State laws contradict the Commonwealth laws that are designed to protect our human rights and freedom? Yes. And, If a State Law contradicts a Commonwealth Law, does the latter apply? Yes.

    When our backs are to the wall… We fight.

  3. jason says:

    I couldn,t help but notice that know one hadn,t mentioned that tony abbott refused to vaccinate his daughters with the cervical cancer vaccine? WHY WAS THAT !

  4. Rach says:

    It’s strange how my Un vaxed kids and my Un Vaxed self have been exposed to whooping cough many times
    YET we Seem to miss out of contracting it
    We miss out on many colds and flus
    We miss out on gastro bugs and other nastys
    When we do get a cold or my daughter gets an ear infection we never need a doctor to feed antibiotics as we are usually healed before the doc appointment arrives
    My daughters ear infections last 24 hours and annoy her but are not painful
    I can kick the cold or flu with x10 vitamin D and x10 vitamin C in one hit for 3 days and I’m good
    All my vax friends get sick first and are still dying weeks later
    Last time I saw a doctor was over 5 years ago and that was not due to ill health
    If you do your home work u will discover that there are reasons why we get the diseases that they so called vax us against
    EG to get the mumps makes us immune to certain kinds of Cancer
    Big Pharma’s biggest money making man made industry without Cancer they will go broke more people die of chemo than they do from Cancer
    This planet is run by a bunch of psychopaths
    They do not care about you or your kids
    We are nothing but a number used as collateral against other counties for getting their hands on money and money haha another illusion that society has fallen for
    It’s not worth the paper it’s writen on
    This planet needs to wake up and look at the bigger picture and accept they live nothing but a big fat lie!!!
    We are the only living creature that pays to live on earth
    90% of humans have their heads in the sand
    Get a back bone and stand up for yourselves
    If u think what you have to say won’t make a difference then u have never tried sleeping with a mosquito!!!!
    Stop being their slave and take back what’s righfully yours! That’s your freedom
    Any wonder this county has come to what it is today
    U blame the governments blah blah
    It’s time u blame yourselves ourselves because we have alowed this to happen by stiring back accepting their bluff tactics threats and fake laws
    Educate yourself learn how to outsmart them
    All the info u need is right in front of you!
    Turn your tv off and learn your truth
    I’m done vent over 😡

    • HomerP1 says:

      And 95-97% of the oppressed, impoverished, and murdered by this totalitarian system are at fault right along with theirnoppressors because you/they allow this tyrannynto prevail withoutndoing thenONLY thing that will end/stop it, which is violent eradication of government by guerilla warfare and guerilla warfare tactics. You have to only look into thenmirror to find at least 50% of the blame for your oppression.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Oh, good God. There are MANY ways to change things BESIDES “violent eradication of government by guerilla warfare and guerilla warfare tactics,” beside which many countries which have employed those tactics have found the vacuum filled by a government which is just as bad if not worse.

  5. metina says:

    Id like to know how many children the writer has? It says “all of the authors vaccinated children have disorders, unvaccinated do not.” If she has 10, she’s believable, if just 2, it’s misleading spin.

  6. the_truth says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I certainly could not have said it better. The people will uprise to this tyranny.

  7. JaneS says:

    A GP once asked my why I didn’t have my kids up to date with their tetanus vaccine. I asked her what was the first thing doctors do when a patient presents with possible tetanus infection? She replied that they give a tetanus booster. So I replied that a general booster is therefore redundant isn’t it. She had to agree. My argument with doctors is also over the quantity of the vaccine given is not age/weight appropriate, e.g. a 4 kg one month old infant is given the same dose as a one year old. How does that work when even paracetamol is weight based?? I would like a choice with separating out the MMR if I decide to take it for myself or my kids. But can you get it as separate vaccines in Australia? N-O!!! Only in the UK is it available separately. Pharma’s reasoning? It’s more cost effective to throw it all into one vial, also to ship and contain until use. So much for our health being a primary concern…
    The UK tried to make compulsory the taking of meds by mental health patients; those diagnosed with a mental health issue. Didn’t last long. So I’m hoping this will be the same in this country with compulsory medicating. I still can’t believe this is happening! Seriously wanting to leave the country that I was born and raised, to retain my basic human freedom of choice.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      I don’t believe you can get the MMR separately in the U.K. either at this point in time. Also, please do NOT use paracetamol for children. More and more information is coming out on how harmful it is for them. It lowers glutathione which is crucial for removal of toxins from the body. As our environment gets more and more toxic, glutathione is more and more important.

  8. Rhonda says:

    Ralph, i tried to get on thehtttp:// site but its not available.

  9. Tracy Jane says:

    the lady who’s brother had polio must have been poisoned by DDT, lead or arsenic as those were the causes of ‘polio’, and still are, as is the actual vaccine itself. Interesting that we no longer allow those toxins in agriculture and petrol as we did in the 50’s and 60’s. The reduction in polio occurrence had nothing to do with the vaccine which caused and causes more paralysis than it ever prevented, so can you stop dragging that old myth out because its getting boring. “polio” is still with us, except its called AFP or transverse myelitis.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Those are possibilities Tracy, but no one knows for sure what caused polio, something that most people were exposed to and caused an illness so minor in 95% that they didn’t even know they had it, to become so much more virulent in the early 1900s. There’s a hypothesis that, unlike every other illness, increased sanitation made polio infections worse because before sanitation most infants were exposed, and most cases of paralysis occurred in older children. The idea being that polio was inherently more dangerous in older children. That doesn’t seem plausible to me, however. What would it be about older, better-nourished children that allowed the polio virus to invade the central nervous system in such a way as to cause paralysis? The most likely answers do seem to be environmental toxins taken in WITH the polio virus, such as DDT (which was frequently sprayed around the public pools where mass contagion tended to take place).

      And the acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) is an important point. Polio is considered one form of AFP. Many people don’t know that there are still many cases of acute flaccid paralysis in the world. In fact, even as India is proclaiming itself polio-free (due to the vaccine, they say), according to the WHO their rates of acute flaccid paralysis have remained relatively stable. While the incidence of polio-related AFP have dropped, the rate of NON-polio AFP has risen to balance out any drop in “polio.” Interesting, isn’t it? Exactly what has India gained by its huge polio vaccine program if just as many people are being paralyzed as before? All questions that point out the “we eradicated polio with vaccines” trope is far less simple than it seems and deserves closer investigation.

    • JaneS says:

      Well said.

  10. Chantal says:

    Well said. No idea how they can strip of us our freedom to decide. Bullies.

  11. Julie Machen says:

    I believe in CHOICE .. Nobody has the right to Tell you have to be vaccinated . I agree with the author of this well done . The hysteria when you say you not sure about vaccinations is incredible. It’s about your immune system and putting toxic ingredients into your body that people are objecting to. I wonder why in the arguments for for and against NOBODY asks what are the ingredients that go into the injections? I have and can’t believe nobody asks if they did logically the argument would be over. I won’t list them as their so many that I think and they have been proven toxic to your immune system.
    The people FOR always revert to the early 1900 when santitation and living conditions weren’t good ??? I saw a documentary on living conditions in the 1900 when TB was running rampid in England it was because families were living 3 families in one house sharing one toilet for 70 people as the toilet was shared with your neighbors the times were tough. conditions have changed thank goodness. Hence the spread of the diseases and lack of good food was a contributor as well. I don’t believe lower income should be penalized if they so NO to vaccinations. The media and some presenters also have had a hand in spreading the fear factor. They need to do there home work… ASK WHAT INGREDIENTS ARE IN THESE INJECTIONS!!!!!!

  12. Mark says:

    I am childless but i argue that it is a policy destined to fail as the ones who dont need benefits (richer people,politicians) are still not required to vaccinate so how would it lift the numbers to bring it up to the magic number of 95% (i read we at 92%). If they were serious than they would fine the richer ones who dont need benefits 20% of their wage or something. Not that thats the issue why people dont vaccinate (injury to the child is) and i laugh when the scared sheep say well keep your unvaccinated kid away from mine. Why? If vaccinated and vaccines are so good why worry, wouldnt the unvaccinated ones be at risk not the vaccinated ones? All the ones saying keep the unvaccinated kids away, i have asked many of them if everytime their child made new friends, if they ever asked the parents of the new friend if they have been vaccinated? No was the answer always, i dont know of anyone who questions other kids parents about vaccinations. They are all being scared by propaganda and think its fair to stop payments, but like you have pointed out, that will all change when they wont get dole or pension or a job if their own vaccination regime is behind, and i read about 50% of adults would be behind, which therefore kicks the herd immunity argument in the guts unless they think herd immunity only refers to kids ha ha. How about let your body do what it is meant to do and concentrate on natural immunity.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Sue’s comment about the adults she knows “who hadn’t got their booster shots” makes the point about adults and herd immunity rather well, doesn’t it?

  13. sue says:

    i gladly got my children vaccinated: my brother had polio, and I have seen how that has devastated his life. vaccination was compulsory. I happily get all the vaccinations that are compulsory when I travel overseas, and use my own judgement for those that are recommended, such as rabies, and i consider where i am going to and the liklihood of being bitten by a rabid dog. I have not had the rabies, but know that if I am bitten by a rabid dog that i would be unlikely to survive.

    I know adults who have not had their booster shots for whooping cough, and come in contact with some unvaccinated child, and have had 12 weeks of their life in abject misery becasue kids are not vaccinated, that is, one, missed 12 weeks work, another, a musician, was not able to work for almost 12 months, as he was so debilitated and wrecked his vocal chords from coughing. they had no choice about getting whooping cough… due to people choosing not to get their kids vaccinated.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Sue, we are delighted that you “happily” get whatever vaccinations you desire. We will fight for your right to do so, but we will also fight for our right NOT to do so. You get to calculate the “likelihood” that you will be bitten by a rabid dog, and that is exactly what you should be able to do. Every person and every parent should be able to calculate the risk/benefit ratio of every vaccine and do what makes sense for themselves, not what makes sense for someone else.

      How do you know the adults “who have not had their booster shots” (which, right there, argues for the it being the adult’s responsibility, doesn’t it? In other words, the adult DID “have a choice” about their own health) came “in contact with some unvaccinated child”? The majority of people who have whooping cough (a.k.a. pertussis) have been vaccinated against it. In addition, the current vaccine has been shown not to prevent infection, just symptoms. So, many people are walking around with active, transmissible pertussis infections that are not sick enough to know it and happily tansmit it to all sorts of people, including newborn babies and the immunocompromised. That means that the majority of people who can transmit pertussis to your adult friends “who have not had their booster shots” have been VACCINATED against pertussis.

      • JaneS says:

        When my vaccinated daughter caught Whooping Cough, the state health board contacted us to register her as a “statistic” and when I asked how she could have caught it seeing she was vaccinated, they replied saying that only 35% of vaccinated people won’t get it. That leaves 65% still susceptible to getting the disease. Don’t ever think every single person will be disease free just because they get vaccinated. That’s a giant crock of crap. Ask your GP if you want a medical authority to back up what I just said. None of them deny it. I’m just very glad that I know have a GP of 40 years experience who is very much against vaccines because they “just do not work”.

      • metina says:

        Soooooooo, I have an infant that can’t be vaccinated yet and you get to choose whether my child dies? We have been getting vaccinated since the 50s, yet autism is completely new or newly diagnosed. I choose not to do the new vaccines for teens because they are new and not having them won’t endanger others.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        No, I don’t get to choose whether your child dies, and I would certainly choose NOT to have that happen if I could. I have had a child die and I spend my days helping people avoid that fate. What I DO get to choose is whether MY children are injured by vaccines. And YOU don’t get to choose that. YOU get to choose “not to do the new vaccines for teens,” so clearly you want to be able to choose your child’s healthcare, but you don’t think others should be afforded the same right?

  14. D Ann says:

    Lisa, I’m in Sydney with 4 unvaccinated children and also not willing to compromise my children’s health for money. Not sure how to give you my details though.

  15. D Ann says:

    Kerry Baylor how is the community safer? Do you keep your freshly vaccinated children at home for a few weeks? Nah, didn’t think so. Immuno-compromised children and newborns are more at risk from your children than my healthy unvaccinated children.

  16. Ottertruth Boxworth says:

    I would love to see how vaccine policy might change if the pharmaceutical companies were given a limited profit on each vaccine, say 3 or 4 percent profit, capped when it reaches 1 million dollars (or whatever seems appropriate). What ethical company wouldn’t love to have a decent guaranteed profit for performing a “public service,” while being protected against lawsuits? Seems very fair to me. There could perhaps be available a lump sum monetary bonus or award for revising, say the MMR or Tdap to make it significantly safer, provided there was sufficient evidence of an enhanced safety profile.

  17. John Caulfield says:

    Stand up for what you believe in. Good. Look at the general health of U.S. Not a good model to follow.

  18. kerry baylor says:

    And now the community is much safer from preventable diseases killing our babies.Low income families receiving government funding are not left homeless and without support.Their vaccinations would be free

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      “Much safer” with an opt-out rate of 1.7%? Surely you’re joking. And it sounds like low-income families are indeed left homeless or without support if they wish to prevent vaccine-induced illnesses. Who cares if the vaccines are free if they are going to destroy your child’s health forever? And don’t say it doesn’t happen or that it’s “rare,” because neither are true. If the “protection” conferred by vaccines truly came with zero cost in the form of serious reactions and side effects, there would be no vaccine “controversy” in the first place. Who wouldn’t want something that could reduce your chance of acute illness with no downside? Australia may not have the neurological disease and autoimmune disease rates that the U.S. has yet, but they’re on their way.

      • kerry baylor says:

        Nah, not joking. Low income earners make up a small number of anti vaxxers andcdo indeed recieve many benifits.The majority are high income earners caught up in the hysteria.We do not blindly follow American retoric wether it be anti immunization zealots or gun murder apologists

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Your logic is completely off-base. If low-income earners “make up a small number of anti vaxxers,” then depriving those who do not vaccinate of benefits will have little to no effect on the already ridiculously low opt-out rate. How is that supposed to make the community “much safer”? Answer: there is no possibility whatsoever. The high-income earners will simply choose other ways to do what they need to do. Your own logic makes it clear that this is simply a punitive move intended to punish those who do not “get with the program.” Talk about “blind following”…

    • r2yoshi says:

      I could go back to the UK as a refugee from medical tyranny.

    • Linda says:

      Good points Mark. I did not vaccinate my 3rd and 4th child (for obvious reasons) in the 80’s and was told when I went to enrol the 4th one (and they became aware that the child was not vaccinated), ” If there is an outbreak that I would have to keep her at home.”I was more than happy about that. There never was an “outbreak”. Funny that!

    • Linda says:

      ‘Killing out babies” I had never heard of those childhood diseases killing babies, not in the 50’s, 60’s, 7o’s, 80’s or 90’s or even in the 2000’s. If the baby or child is cared for properly the disease should only be mild. This includes breastfeeding, fluids (not cow’s milk) not giving medications to lower the temperature which kills the virus or bacteria. Recent research findings found that chemicals in breast-milk kills the rotavirus that causes gastroenteritis in babies. Sadly there is no such protection for bottle fed babies. The majority of parents who decide not to vaccinate have done enormous amounts of research from a large variety of sources which is what I did in the 80’s and continues today !

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Measles did kill sometimes, but by the time the first (ineffective) vaccine was introduced in 1993, the death rate was on the order of 1 in 8,000 cases and the most difficult cases occurred in adults and the impoverished and under-nourished. Yes, there were children whose immune systems couldn’t handle measles, but how is that different from children whose immune systems can’t handle vaccines? If we care about children who are harmed by measles, which is “preventable” by the use of a vaccine, why don’t we care about children who are harmed by the vaccine, which is absolutely preventable by simply not using the vaccine.

    • Linda says:

      The high income earners usually have reasonable intelligence to be able to discern what is beneficial and what is not and do not blindly follow anyone. You may not realise many of those parents who decide not to vaccinate their kids have 1 or 2 children who are vaccine damaged ( or even died..but you don’t hear about that) and find that the following children are healthier than the vaccinated ones. There are no studies done on this . Also there is no proper register or compensation scheme for them.

  19. Lisa says:

    How can I get in touch with you Epiphany ?
    My daughter was banned from daycare for two weeks here in Sydney because of a whopping cough outbreak. I do not mind the ban as it’s my health choice but I would like to be in touch with more vaccine free parents . Thanks

  20. Heather says:

    I am not anti – vaccination, but do not believe financial coercion is ethical. I am pro choice.

    The situation appears to be that only the ‘elite’ of income earners will be able to afford to choose which vaccines their children get.

    There is no reason, for example, to give a newborn a Hepatitis B shot – unless the mother or medical staff is infected.

    In all honesty, I’d be more trusting if the vaccine manufacturers were not exempt from legal action for adverse effects. They have no reason to thoroughly test new vaccines for adverse effects – and every reason to rush them into production.

  21. Laura Hayes says:

    Thank you, Epiphany, for this brilliantly-written article. Sharing now!

  22. Well done expose of the methods used to coerce compliance.

    Under international law conditioning the receipt of a public benefit on the surrendering of a right (in this case, to Informed Consent) is coercion.

    The Nuremberg Code is clear:

    “voluntary consent … is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion…”

    More about that here:

    The point is what the Australian govt is doing is aiding and abetting a crime against humanity. Tell your decision makers here: htttp://

  23. Melanie says:

    Very well said! It is outrageous what they are doing and to take away freedom of choice like this….

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