Vaccine Beat 1: Autism – TMR

Vaccine Beat 1: Autism – TMR | Brought To You By The Producers Of The Greater Good Movie

Please watch The Thinking Moms’ Revolution in The Vaccine Beat, brought to you by the producers of The Greater Good movie. Writer/ producer Leslie Manookian and the Greater Good team are launching a series of videos on the vaccine debate that are sure to open hearts and provoke thought. The first is about autism and we think you will find it very compelling. 

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For a behind the scenes look into the making of The Vaccine Beat, please read about our interview here Bearing Witness with Leslie Manookian, writer/ producer of the Greater Good.


The Thinking Moms’ Revolution

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12 Responses to Vaccine Beat 1: Autism – TMR

  1. Eugen says:

    Great little mini movie… Hard to imagine taking the time to indulge ‘the other side’ .
    Would rather move forward toward that ‘ Not one more child’ goal!!!!

    Love J.B. Handley’s exhortation to get out (if you can) to pediatrician’s offices and offer parents your story and/or Information about how to keep your child safe. When they come out to kick you out video the whole thing and post it!
    ‘Vaccines don’t cause autism, pediatricians do!’ No more free passes for the facilitators of damage, death and disaster.
    OR… Just send this video to every person you know…
    OR… Watch VAXXED with your doctor!

  2. Mya says:

    You’re all morons… But go ahead and jump on the scare tactic bandwagon. My son is vaccinated and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with him. Wanna know why? Because autism is genetic and does not run in my family. Do a little research before jumping to conclusions and saying oh! The doctors broke my kid!

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Ordinarily we just trash comments that contain insults rather than arguments, but this time I feel like pointing a couple of things out.

      YOUR “son is vaccinated and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with him” is not an argument for ANYTHING. My mother chain-smoked her entire adult life and lived to 91 with no sign of lung cancer. Does that mean smoking doesn’t cause lung cancer? Absolutely not! What happened to YOUR son has exactly ZERO bearing on what happened to someone else’s child. And if you can’t understand that then you should be VERY careful of who you call “morons.”

      “Do a little research” is hysterically funny, too, because there isn’t a chance in hell you have done a tenth of the research we have done. You see, there’s “nothing wrong” with YOUR son. You don’t NEED to do research. But for a parent whose children is chronically ill, research is a way of life. Now it would be just awesome if you got YOUR research started. You can start with these studies and papers that support vaccine/autism link:

      • Oliver Vaught says:

        The post that you’re replying to is a poor argument and misrepresents the countering side (in all fairness). It’s a strawman if you will.

        I would gladly have an exchange with you, however, as someone who thinks this movement is wrong and harmful. I, however, don’t attack people. I only attack ideas.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I would be DELIGHTED, Oliver! I love sincere exchanges of information and ideas. However, I will mention that I am very familiar with most of the real arguments (I agree that this thread is not among them) of the “countering side.”

      • Fritz says:

        There have been 0 studies that link vaccines to autism

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I’m sorry, but that’s completely false. I suspect you know that, but I’ll give you a list just in case you are REALLY unaware:

      • Sam says:

        Hi professor. Just browsing out of curiosity so I’ve only skimmed the collection of papers. Ethyl Mercury metabolised from thiomersol seemed the general theme but was removed from vaccines in the 90s with no drop in autism rates. Wouldn’t this imply that not only was the original hypothesis incorrect but the ongoing objection to modern vaccines no longer reasonable?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        First of all, you need to know a few things. Mercury was not “removed from vaccines in the 90s.” No one even did a calculation of the amount of mercury an infant would receive if vaccinated “on schedule” (answer, way, way too much) until 1999. Manufacturers were told to remove it from “childhood vaccines” over the next few years with no urgency expressed about using up reserves. Many doctors’ practices were still using full-dose mercury versions until 2002. The latest autism count was for children born in 2004. The first cohort of children who had the lower level of mercury, and for the first time the prevalence was the same. Assuming the CDC count is accurate (which, admittedly is a HUGE assumption), this is indicative of SOME kind of change. However, right around that time, the CDC began recommending that pregnant women and children 6 months and older receive flu vaccines, most of which (especially at that time) STILL contained full doses of mercury. Giving the mercury earlier (during pregnancy) is SURE to muddy the waters (deliberately? Call me cynical at this point…).

        There is no oversight whatsoever of the mercury removal. All a manufacturer had to do was file a “process” for removing the mercury with the FDA. No one is responsible for checking whether that process actually works (that was straight from an FDA spokesperson). The “removal” is not complete, in any event, leaving “trace amounts” in the vaccines. (I’ve seen an independent lab test of a number of lots of vaccine where the mercury amounts varied widely, but I always have trouble finding it again.) These vaccines with “trace amounts” are given in combination with aluminum-containing vaccines. Mercury and aluminum together are far more neurotoxic than either is separately. We don’t know exactly how much mercury it takes to potentiate the aluminum. In addition, these multi-dose vials with “trace amounts” are often dispensed incorrectly. For instance, the nurse can shake the vial, take two minutes to get the hypodermic syringe and deal with a crisis, to come back and dispense the dose, but by this time the vial has begun to settle again. Mercury is heavy, it collects at the bottom of the vial. If this is done a few times, the last dose can have much more mercury than the supposed “trace amount” that is written on the label.

        The Danish study showing “no drop in autism rates” after the removal of mercury in 1992 is flawed in a number of ways, the most important of which was that the method of counting “autism cases” changed midway through the study period (outpatient counts were suddenly added to inpatient counts), making any conclusion invalid. In addition, there was data available for the year after the time period the study covered (that was available BEFORE the study was published) showing that the autism rate was indeed dropping in Denmark. Why isn’t it happening here? Children in the United States receive MANY more vaccines than children in Denmark do. It’s likely that there are many fewer opportunities to administer vaccines with “trace amounts” of mercury alongside aluminum-containing vaccines in Denmark.

        Mercury is by no means the ONLY issue with vaccines, however. You can see that many studies are about the effects of injected aluminum salts on the body. Hyper-stimulation of the immune system in this manner has a number of issues of its own, some of which are discussed in this blog I wrote:

      • Sam says:

        Thank you for the reply. Very valid points you make.

    • wakenda says:

      We are not morons….I happen to be a psych nurse with counseling and research and backgrounds. I have done years research on this subject as my child with DS developed late onset ASD at age 9…unheard of? No! Autoimmune system issues run in families..diabetes, Crohns to name 2..prevailant in my family. My child has had all scheduled vaccines and we are now back tracking to see how much of this contributed to her inability to handle them all. Not every child will have issues, like yours. But don’t blast us who do have issues and endangered our kids with these vaccines. My child regressed about 6 years…horrible to see and 3 years of testing and still typical peds dr’s stick to their one size fits all vaccine schedules. I am not going to damage my child any further and no law is going to enforce their laws over my concerned educated rights. This is still America…right???

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