Vaccine Mandates: Your Right to Informed Consent Is Under Attack Starting with Oregon SB 442-3


oregon sealAt this time, legislation is pending in 11 different states that seeks to eliminate religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions for children who attend public and private schools, and in Washington D.C. a federal bill is pending that seeks to eliminate them for children who attend Head Start programs.  Oregon is the first to enter the fray with Senate Bill 442-3, which removes religious and philosophical exemptions for school children. (A copy of the current wording, which is subject to change, is available here.)

SB 442-3 is not going to be up for a public vote. It is expected to be voted on in the House and Senate, approved, and signed by a Governor that supports the bill within a matter of weeks, the end of March at the latest. The bill declares a State of Emergency, which means that it would go into effect as soon as it is passed and strip away any previous exemptions you or your family members might have had.  Even if you have a narrowly defined medical exemption, it will be up for immediate review, and a subsequent annual review. This will necessitate large numbers of “catch-up” vaccines, mostly in children who are among the most susceptible to vaccine injury, which would undoubtedly result in a great deal of completely avoidable chronic illness, stress, and economic devastation for countless families — not to mention increased costs for Oregon taxpayers for special education costs and lifetime maintenance with high medical bills who are unable to work.

Today’s blog, from an Oregon father of two of those susceptible children, is an eloquent explication of why we must retain the right to refuse potentially harmful medical procedures for ourselves and our children. ~ TMR

It’s easy to be quiet when you or your family are not personally threatened. Whether that threat comes from another person, a group of people, or your own government.

I have two vaccine-injured children. Do I have decades of scientific research on my two children to “prove” it. Absolutely not. Do I question for a second that they are vaccine-injured? Absolutely not.

Every person, every child is different. Some people can’t consume dairy, some are allergic to wheat. Others have life-threatening allergies to things like peanuts. And some, like it or not, cannot properly process the ingredients/toxins found in vaccinations.

It’s wonderful to have the choice not to eat dairy, not to eat wheat, not to eat peanuts. In Oregon, today, families have the right to choose to vaccinate, or not to vaccinate their children. If you knew that feeding your child peanuts would potentially kill them, would you feed it to them? What if it would only potentially cause them neurological harm? What about just indigestion? Today, you have the right to choose what level of risk you want to take, based on your knowledge of your own child, and your knowledge of their medical issues.

Ever hear of MTHFR? Pray that you never have to be “aware” of this genetic mutation. Pray that you aren’t a carrier. Pray that your partner isn’t also a carrier. Know that if you both carry it, you can pass two mutated copies to your children. If you do, know that they can’t process certain toxins in the same way a child without this mutation can. Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew this up front, perhaps if your doctor educated you about the risks? Perhaps if they even knew what MTHFR was? Maybe then you’d have the choice of limiting the toxins your child is exposed to, to limit their risk of neurological issues.

We found out too late. Despite educating ourselves over a decade after our first child fell victim. Our second child together shared the risk, and has been severely limited in his exposure to toxins, but still suffers the consequences of exposure.

Why should you even care? Well, you shouldn’t care about my child, I do that as a father. I research and resolve for myself and my children that which will be the best course of medical treatment to help them avoid harm.

Unfortunately, the State of Oregon, with Senate Bill 442-3, wants to take away my right to choose the toxic exposure my medically fragile children must face. They wish to strip my right, as their parent, to have the medical freedom to have informed consent.

senator elizabeth steiner hayward

Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, architect of the SB 442 You can see her in the video further down defending medical freedom — for herself.

Has your doctor ever discussed the ingredient list of the vaccinations your child receives? Have they ever told you the risks? Have they told you that neither they, nor the companies that produce the vaccines, hold any legal liability if your child is injured? Have they read you the risks that are printed in the packing material for said vaccines? Neurological damage, developmental delay, seizures, even potentially death? What about the growth medium for said vaccines? Against animal testing? Some vaccines are cultured in monkey cells. Against abortion? Others are grown in fetal tissue derived from a line of aborted fetal cells. According to the CDC’s own web sites, trace amounts of these are in the vaccines. The vaccines being injected in your child. Do you know that aluminum is a known neurotoxin? Do you know the gut removes aluminum readily when consumed? Do you know an injection of the same aluminum isn’t processed in the same way? Do you know how much a child receives of this one additive in vaccines in their first two months of life, their first two years? Do you know the established safe levels of exposure for a child? For an adult? Look into it, with an open mind, and be prepared to be worried, and angry.

Informed consent is the very basis of the ethics of medicine. As health care professionals, your job is to “first, do no harm.” You are to fully explain the risks and benefits of any and all procedures you wish to conduct, and the patient has the full right to accept or refuse your recommendation.

If SB442 passes, those of us with children that have these conditions will be forced to allow the State to inject toxins, to potentially devastating effect, into our children. The only waivers will be for medical conditions defined by the State, and verified by doctors chosen by the state.

Any and all future vaccinations (estimates are that there are anywhere from 100 to 300 already in the works) that the CDC chooses to recommend in the future will be mandated under this bill. Want your child vaccinated against an STD as an infant? Even if you don’t have the said STD? No? Too bad, the State knows best.

If we “choose” to not allow the State to endanger our children? Then they lose their right to an education. They lose the opportunity to attend any educational institution in the State.

Don’t worry though, this is only about children, right? Except for the fact that the federal government recently released an adult vaccination schedule as well. There’s no way they would mandate adults get injected, right?


If you hope to argue about the “common good,” or “herd immunity” or the “epidemic” of the measles that is currently underway, please do me a favor. Make sure you’ve researched the subject, make sure you know the facts (hint: not what you hear on the news) and then, and only then, feel free to educate me. I’m open to any facts you might have, as I’ll never stop researching to stay informed on the best manner to protect my children.

As for me, I will do everything in my power to keep medical freedom available to the people of Oregon and to uphold the principle of informed consent for you, for my children, and for me.

If you’d like to join in the fight for informed consent, and your own medical freedom, start here:

  • Get engaged and connect with others that are fighting right now: No on SB 442 Facebook group.
  • Stay current on the latest happenings related to the bill, get vital information related to the cause:

~ Gregory Clark

Greg Clark lives in Hillsboro, Oregon with his wife and children. Two of his sons are on the autism spectrum. He spends his days working in the IT industry. When he’s not working his day job, he enjoys spending time with his wife and children at the local park or just hanging around at home. Their impacted boys are 12 and 4, so they’ve lived with the impact of their childrens’ struggles for over a decade. With the legislation currently before an Oregon Senate committee, Greg felt he had to speak out so people can better understand the impact of this legislation as it is currently written in SB 442-3.

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24 Responses to Vaccine Mandates: Your Right to Informed Consent Is Under Attack Starting with Oregon SB 442-3

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  4. Jennifer in Oregon says:

    For anyone still reading these comments, here is a quick update on things in Oregon. The senate was supposed to vote today (Monday, March 9th) on this bill with an “effective immediately” time frame. – Parents in Oregon have quickly formed a “No on 442” committee (, lobbied their representatives, Robert Kennedy Jr. came to town to talk to lawmakers, and there was a rally in Salem today.

    As of a few days ago, the proposed bill was taken off the Senate agenda. Staffers I talked to speculated it was because there wasn’t enough support for it as this time.

    So what can a thinking mom do? I personally was not able to attend the rally (I’ve missed too much work with sick kids lately), but I called every Senator and Representative on the Oregon health committees and told them my story (I think there were 16). I told them about my children’s overactive immune systems and how it woul be life threatening to immunize them because of their anaphylaxis. I told them that I was opposed to the state making health care decisions that are best made by parents and doctors. And I asked them to oppose this bill.

    The best part is that YOU CAN DO THE SAME THING, whether you live in Oregon or somewhere else that is considereing a similar bill. It was easy to make a few calls (or you can email). And the staff people I talked to said they had been getting quite a few calls. Your voice matters and can make a difference!!

    And lastly, for those of you that share my faith background (and I know there are quite a few of you out there), you can pray. Pray that people will step forward and let their voices be heard. Pray that our government officials will be touched by the stories of friends and family who are struggling with health challenges like ours. Pray that our government would have wisdom in these matters.

    And a big thank you to at TMR for bringing people together!!!

  5. Kevin Yan says:

    Watch this first.

    Done? OK. It seems you have a lot of questions. The main thing I want to address is that VACCINES ARE SAFE!!! I can not tell you how much it frustrates me when someone on the internet believes that 99% of doctors are cheap money-whoring quacks who profit off of hurting their patients. THEY. DON’T. NOT IN ANY ASPECT AT ALL! Please reply to me, there’s so many things I want to address that I don’t even know where to start.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Kevin, there are few conversations that interest the folks around here LESS than one with someone who comes here saying, “VACCINES ARE SAFE!!!” — with three exclamation points, no less. In order to be able to do that, you have had to turn your thinking cap off. “SAFE!!!” for whom, exactly? There is no drug on earth that is safe for everyone. Period. Vaccines are not some magical exception to that. There is AT LEAST a good-sized segment of the population for whom vaccines are decidedly UNsafe, and the fact that you want to argue the truth away makes the prospect of “talking” with you a very uninteresting prospect indeed. As a matter of fact, we “can not tell you much it frustrates” us “when someone on the internet believes that” 100% of vaccines are “safe and effective” and worthy of being injected into your child against your will. No one here has said or believes that “99% of doctors are cheap money-whoring quacks who profit off of hurting their patients,” but that doesn’t mean that all doctors know what they are doing all of the time. Medical schools tend to teach as though bodies are machines. They are not. No one two people’s bodies react identically to everything. Perhaps that’s because there are 9-10 bacterial cells for every human cell in their bodies, and those bacterial cells can be responsible for a lot of variation. For whatever reason, most of us have been told something utterly outrageously wrong by a doctor at some point in our lives. Many of us have been told such things frequently.

      Read all the studies on this list, talk to at least three people who witnessed vaccine injury up close and personal, and THEN come back and we’ll “talk.”

      • Kevin Yan says:

        First and foremost, I would like to apologize for my use of capital letters. I just felt I needed an attention grabber after countless attempts to start a well-mannered debate with no reply.

        Second, obviously there’s a risk factor to everything. There really isn’t much that wouldn’t cause some sort of damage. Vaccines are obviously no exception. However, the actual incident of harm is rare. Usually, any serious harm would come from an allergy to the vaccine, although there are many others. But you must remember that getting hurt from a vaccine is rare. Getting hurt from not getting a vaccine is not. When debate over vaccines comes to mind, usually the dreaded MMR vaccine is the first thing people think of. But please, before I say more, sincerely watch this video.

        It’s only about 9 minutes of your time, and it’s rather interesting as well. In fact, the video gives a point for one of the reasons why I personally believe vaccines should be mandatory (unless you’re going to get hurt from it. In that case, there should definitely be an alternate route). And also about the stuff in medical schools, students already know everybody is different. It’s actually kind of inescapable, from inspirational posters to commercials. It doesn’t require a medical school to actively tell a student that everyone is different. I’m not going to defend the doctor who’s told something outrageously wrong, but I can assure you that, so far in my lifetime, I haven’t had one yet. And while I may not be blessed by people who have suffered from vaccine-related injuries, perhaps that goes to show of how rare they are. If I do meet one, I shall give him/her my condolences, and wish him/her good luck on a steady recovery. However, it simply does not do vaccines justice to only look at the bad side and not the good, just as it wouldn’t do them justice to look at the good side, but not the bad. Vaccines are specifically designed to prevent diseases. While they aren’t perfect, again and again history has proven that vaccines do work. Take Japan for example. Some time ago, Japan banned the MMR vaccine due to medical complications. Now, Japan is the only developed country to have measles outbreaks when compared to others that did vaccinate children. I don’t believe that this could simply be a “coincidence” that the only developed country to not take the MMR vaccine is the only developed country to have measles outbreaks. The facts are simply too… complementary.

        Now onto the list you sent me.

        I noticed your list talked about thimerosal from the very beginning. This is fine and dandy, except for the fact that vaccines don’t use thimerosal anymore, save for the influenza vaccine. But even so, these “high levels of mercury” that the list talks about is rather misleading. In the influenza vaccine, only a low dose is used, which has been proven through multiple studies that it can be classified as safe. Next, the list talks of autism. Did you watch the video? Whether you did or did not, autism has no definite cause yet. Nobody knows what causes autism. Until we do know, autism is still one of those topics that both sides have equally persuasive thoughts on. Next, Aluminum. Similarly to thimerosal, it is only used in a few vaccines, and the amount used is minimal, not to mention that the benefits of the vaccines that do contain aluminum greatly outweigh the possible negatives. Also, the FDA is well aware of aluminum toxicity. They have a 4-5 mg limit to prevent the toddler from reaching toxic levels of aluminum, or about 10 mg.

        Skimming over the rest, everything seemed to be pretty much the same. If I missed anything, do tell! I love a good debate 🙂

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Okay, Kevin, at least you’re at a level of a reasonable conversation now.

        First off, you used the word “rare” many times in your post. To quote Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” The fact that this website exists, the fact that our Facebook page has 37,000 followers, the fact that we get more every day as people find their way to us with story after story after story means that vaccine injury is NOT “rare.” The MOST devastating injuries MAY be “rare,” but certainly not the ones that land kids in special education programs by the thousands.

        Thimerosal is still in vaccines given to pregnant women and children as young as six months. The “low dose” you talk about in flu shots is enough to cause death to brain cells. Ever seen the video of what mercury does to a neuron? Pretty damned devastating. In addition, mercury is contained in “trace amounts” in a number of other vaccines given to children, there is no oversight at the FDA to determine whether the mercury really is effectively removed from these vaccines during processing, and independent labs have found levels much higher than those reported by the manufacturers (who are frequently being sued and/or fined for fraudulent claims with respect to their other products. Think vaccines are somehow magically special?). In addition, mercury is heavy and is contained in multi-dose vials. If the vial isn’t shaken properly, the mercury can settle, leaving a hefty portion in the last dose for the kid who just lost the game of Russian Roulette. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. recently compiled all the evidence about Thimerosal into a book. Read that book. The “mutiple studies” you talk about “proving” the “safety” of Thimerosal are . . . how do I say this politely . . . well, they’re garbage. First and foremost is the Verstraeten study that reached a “neutral” conclusion after spending four years manipulating the data to hide the HUGE correlation that he’d found between Thimerosal and autism, ADHD, etc. Google Verstraeten Generation Zero and Simpsonwood. If the CDC’s rationalization for the bizarre final analysis is good enough for you, then you’re turning off your thinking cap again. And aluminum is in a HUGE number of vaccines given to children. The “benefits” of those vaccines may “outweigh the possible negatives” of brain damage and autoimmunity in your book, but don’t be surprised if the parents of the 99.995% of children who were never at risk of hepatitis B in the first four years of life disagree that the huge hit of aluminum their babies receive on the first day of their lives is outweighed by the “benefit” of the vaccine.

        “Nobody knows what causes autism.” Yep, that’s what all the “official” experts say. Did you know that up until last year those same “experts” were saying that “nobody ever recovers from autism.” Only, no less a person than Tom Insel, the head of the NIMH and the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee had to admit that that wasn’t true. A long-term mainstream study reported that 9% of the kids in their study LOST their diagnosis by the time they grew up. That’s presented in the same “nobody knows why” way, but the parents of those kids know why. They’re the same parents who come here because we talk about what causes autism and what you can do about it. Those same “experts” used to say that autismm was “genetic,” and they spent a hell of a lot of time (and money) looking for the “autism gene.” Want to hear the latest? There are over 100 genes that are “linked” to autism, meaning that they are slightly more common in the autism population than the general population. And every reputable study in recent years makes it CLEAR that environmental factors are just as important as genetic factors, maybe even more so because environmental factors are capable of switching genes on so that they are “expressed.” And recent evidence has made it clear that genes associated with inflammation tend to be switched “on” in children with autism. Now, parents (and the doctors who are really interested in helping them) have known that environmental factors were huge for a long time and have been pushing for environmental research while billions have been wasted searching for the “autism” gene. So who knows more? The so-called “experts” who have been playing catch-up all along and are STILL telling parents that “your kid was just ‘unlucky’ enough to get this incurable genetic disorder” and “he or she will never be able to say ‘I love you,’ or learn to use a bathroom, or sit in a mainstream classroom, so you might as well put him in an institution? Or the people who are out there recovering their kids? They often end up sending them to an institution, all right. An institution of higher learning — like an Ivy League college, for instance.

      • Kevin Yan says:

        What I’d like to say is, thank you for being a great debater. All the so called “forums” have just been name calling and general denial without proof.

        On to the debate.

        The Facebook page

        Right, Facebook page! I don’t know about, but 37,000 people does not impress me. I know it sounds heartless, but before you tell me “37000 people” compared to the entire world’s population of vaccinated people is rather minuscule. Let’s just say half the world’s population has been vaccinated, a good 3.5 billion people. Now, that probably is far from the amount of people actually vaccinated, but since not everybody who suffers from a vaccine injury will go on to your Facebook page, this seems fair enough (if you do actually find the world’s population of vaccinated people, feel free to tell me how wrong I am). Simple math should show that 37000/3500000000 is about 0.0000106, or about 0.106%. What I have just shown you is that about 53 out of 5 million people vaccinated will get vaccine injuries, or 1 in every million. That’s very insignificant. If you do find genuine statistics, send a link. Even if you do, I can guarantee you the percentage will not be much bigger.

        Thimerosal and Aluminum

        Please, send a link to these “independent labs” you speak of. It seems that the internet has been blissfully unaware of them. As for the rest of your paragraph, I noticed the only numbers you actually presented were from the “99.995% of children who were never at risk of hepatitis B.” Doesn’t sound very convincing. As for your Verstraeten, I found the study you speak of, and I quote, their conclusion is: “No consistent significant associations were found between TCVs and neurodevelopmental outcomes. Conflicting results were found at different HMOs for certain outcomes. For resolving the conflicting findings, studies with uniform neurodevelopmental assessments of children with a range of cumulative thimerosal exposures are needed.” TCV’s being thimerosal containing vaccines. You gave me no information on Robert Kennedy Jr’s book, aside from calling the studies disproving the correlation between TCV’s and autism garbage. I have no intent on buying a book just to read it and criticize it for a debate online, so unless you give me specifics, we won’t talk about that anymore. As for the lawsuits, pretty much all of the lawsuits filed against vaccine companies were from before the 2000’s. Ever since the NCVIA and the NCVIP, vaccine lawsuits have pretty much all but disappeared. As for your aluminum, there’s a reason why it’s there, as quoted by “Aluminum, which has been used as an adjuvant in many vaccines for over 80 years to increase the ability of antigens to provoke the desired immune response.” Obviously this isn’t enough to prove whether they are safe or not, but lets see what VEC says. “The aluminum contained in vaccines is similar to that found in a liter (about 1 quart or 32 fluid ounces) of infant formula. While infants receive about 4.4 milligrams* of aluminum in the first six months of life from vaccines, they receive more than that in their diet. Breast-fed infants ingest about 7 milligrams, formula-fed infants ingest about 38 milligrams, and infants who are fed soy formula ingest almost 117 milligrams of aluminum during the same period.” Want more? Feel free to actually research it.


        I don’t think you know what autism is. Autism is, by definition, a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts. This is common knowledge among doctors. As of this time period, doctors will never say what you said they will say, unless they are the most naive and rude doctors that ever called themselves “doctors.” Doctors aren’t just there to tell you whats wrong with your health, they’re there to comfort you as much as they can to break the news. Doctors also know that the smartest people in all of history suffered from autism, such as Einstein and Newton. And just an FYI, there has been a remarkable correlation between autism and genetics. Families who have a history of autism tend to get autism, whether they wish for it or not. So no, autistic people aren’t just “unlucky,” there’s a reason for their condition. Same with environmental factors, as Alycia Halladay, PhD, would say in her article, I should rephrase what I have said earlier, too. Nobody knows that SPECIFIC cause of autism. There have been theories floating around about autism, but they have yet to be confirmed. Just know that of the entire scientific and medical community, it seems only about 150 people from that community actually support anti-vaccination. How quaint.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Oh, boy . . .

        I have a lot to do today, so I’m going to try to make this quick. I’m going to tell you something, and I’m hoping you don’t take this personally, but at the same time I’m hoping you DO take it in. There are reasons why you have trouble finding someone to “debate” on this subject, the biggest one being that for you it IS a “debate” — something you “love” to do. For the people on the other side, it’s NOT a “debate.” It’s something far more important. They have often done a tremendous amount of research and have heard every argument you have to make a thousand times over. This is about their children’s health, and they are not interested in “debating” their children’s health with someone who doesn’t know nearly as much about the subject as they do.

        Next, we here at TMR have zero dollars for advertising, and we’re a bunch of parents with little time and passion, and yet we managed to reach 37,000 passionate people — despite putting out a message that Zuckerberg doesn’t like. It’s not meant to “impress you.” It’s meant to make you realize that even just skimming the surface it is clear that there are a lot of people who know vaccine injury is not the “rare” thing you think it is. By the way, our website does reach people in other countries, but the vast majority of people who we reach are in the United States. Don’t you think including the entire world in your statistics is a bit misleading? And, no matter what the EXACT rates of injury are (and if you search the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System, which has lots of problems the biggest of which is underreporting, you will find that the rate is far more than 1 in 1,000,000), for someone who has had one or more of their children devastated by a vaccine adverse reaction don’t you think that vaccine injury is anything but “very insignificant”? Especially if they have “done their duty” only to watch healthy child after healthy child become UNHEALTHY due to vaccine reactions. Do yourself a favor and go to this website and LISTEN: Ask yourself as a parent how YOU would feel if people kept insisting that your child’s injury was “very insignificant.” Then realize that EVERY story that gets posted along these lines gets many, many more stories in the comments, almost all from people we don’t know and have never heard of. If you open your eyes, you will see vaccine injury everywhere. Then think about the fact that as we add more and more vaccines to our already overloaded schedule, children are getting sicker and sicker. One MAINSTREAM estimate is that up to 54% of children in the U.S. are chronically ill, many of them on medications “for life.” I can tell you that WASN’T the case in the 1960s.

        I don’t care if you read RFK’s book or not, or you are convinced or not. Again, this is not a “debate” I need to win. I’ve read the science, I KNOW. I also know what the conclusion of Verstraeten’s study was. It was a “neutral” study. Did you Google Generation Zero? Are you aware that it took them four tries to get to a point where they could make that “neutral” “we can’t really make a conclusion” result? Is that okay with you? Is it okay that a HUGE signal was discovered. That manipulation was done on it, the signal was still pretty damned big, and then they had a secret meeting WITH PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY REPS IN ATTENDANCE to decide what to do about it? Then TWO MORE manipulations were done and it was finally published with a “no conclusion” conclusion? Is that really okay with you? Because if it is, you REALLY have to take in that this is NOT a “debate.” It’s REAL PEOPLE whose lives are being permanently altered by pharmaceutical products that we have been lied to about. Yes, aluminum has been used as an adjuvant for years. Does that mean it’s “safe” much less “SAFE!!!”? No. Nor does it mean that it’s “safe” to multiply with many vaccines at once, or to administer in the presence of a Thimerosal-containing vaccine or any other combination. But, you know . . . how would they know? NO ONE HAS TESTED VACCINES IN COMBINATION, MUCH LESS THE ENTIRE SCHEDULE AS IT STANDS. And, we’re REALLY getting tired of people pointing out that people get more aluminum, mercury or whatever “in their diet” than they do in vaccines. Everyone knows, or should know anyway, that things that are INGESTED are not equivalent to things that are INJECTED. If they were, there would be no need for injection in the first place. Injection, especially with aluminum adjuvants, stimulates an immune system reaction, which is at the heart of most of the long-term problems with vaccines as well as the mechanism by which they work to reduce rates of acute infection. “Feel free to actually research it.”

        🙂 I don’t know what autism is. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 And, um, bullshit, doctors won’t say what I said they will say. We STILL hear stories of people who got the diagnosis a short time ago and heard the whole same litany of crap. Read our books if you want a sense of what “comforting” doctors have told people whose children present with severe autism. “Doctors also know that the smartest people in all of history suffered from autism.” First off, NO, they don’t KNOW that. Autism was never even DESCRIBED until the 1940s, much less diagnosed. (“Feel free to actually research it.”) Asperger’s, which is what people SPECULATE Einstein may have had, was only added to the ASD umbrella in 1994, and the DSM-V pretty much takes it out again. In addition, parents of children who can’t talk, can’t use a bathroom, can’t interact with even their parents, and who can’t go anywhere without being way overstimulated to the point of “bolting” and heading for the nearest body of water are not going to be “comforted” by the fact that Einstein MIGHT have had Asperger’s. So I think YOU “don’t know what autism is.” YES, there is a “genetic component” which seems stronger for Asperger’s than it is for severe autism, particularly regressive autism, but your “remarkable” correlation doesn’t exist for many, many, many families who have ZERO “history of autism.” What many of those families DO have is a history of asthma, allergies, eczema and autoimmune conditions. Frequently they have MTHFR mutations “switched on” that make it difficult for them to detox, which means they are PRIME candidates for environmental insults.

        ” . . . of the entire scientific and medical community, it seems only about 150 people from that community actually support anti-vaccination. How quaint.” One hundred and fifty people who will go ON RECORD. Ever noticed what happens to doctors who speak out about vaccines? There’s a term for it, we call it “Wakefielded.” Did you know that Merck targeted doctors who spoke out against Vioxx to get them “discredited”? Merck has HUGE resources, very deep pockets. Do you think they had nothing to do with “discrediting” a doctor who spoke out against the MMR? Just about every doctor who has ever questioned a SINGLE thing about today’s vaccine schedule has gotten SEVERE pushback. Do you really think you’re getting honesty from them? Fun fact, Congress was asked if they vaccinated their kids. Only a third or so replied. No one said, “No.” That was spun as “unanimity,” when logic can tell you it’s not even close. Same thing here.

        And by the way, doctors don’t support “anti-vaccination,” they support not vaccinating because many, many doctors understand that not all vaccines, nor all people, are created equal. An honest doctor will acknowledge that there is no reason whatsoever to give a child born to a mother who is not hep B positive a hepatitis B vaccine the day he or she is born, and a number of good reasons NOT to. Even if you think vaccines are the cat’s meow, there is no GOOD reason to give a child a hepatitis B vaccine until puberty. Honest doctors (who do the research anyway) also know that there is no reason whatsoever to give a child under two a flu vaccine, and no reason to give the average girl, much less boy, an HPV vaccine, or the average child in an industrial nation the chicken pox or rotavirus vaccines. Doctors and parents are being bullied every day into following an insane “party line” with respect to the recommended vaccine schedule. It’s only a matter of time, before the majority understands that and rebels.

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  7. Ruth says:

    Medical tyranny is deciding to enforce something without appropriate knowledge to decide what needs to be enforced! I know way too many medical professionals who haven’t read the vaccine inserts or any articles on problems with vaccines and I work at a major hospital! If the docs don’t have this information, how can they appropriately counsel parents. Just one example- my grandson has a milk allergy, eczema, a mom with immune issues and a vaccine injured uncle with encephalopathy and seizures. According drug inserts and articles I’ve read, he should not be vaccinated! Yet, 2 different doctors have refused medical exceptions to him. My daughter takes a religious exception: that God would not want us to knowingly harm our children. We need to maintain the right to make these decisions for ourselves and our most precious babies!

  8. Erin says:

    Thank you so much TMR for sharing this information and Gregory’s statement at such a crucial time not only for us in Oregon…but for all the states with similar bills. I thank Gregory for such a well written response to this nightmare that is occurring and one I too too share. My son is also vaccine injured and has the MTHFR mutations. This is about medical freedom and informed consent. These bills must not pass through legislation and I commend everyone working so very hard across the nation right now doing everything they can do to stand up for parental rights and say no to medical tyranny.

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  10. Bridget says:

    Thank you for summarizing so concisely the wording and timeline of our situation here in Oregon. I am the mother of a child with a minor autoimmune condition and a family history of adverse vaccine reaction, blood cancer and autoimmune disorders. Vaccinating and giving regular boosters, each with additional risk, is not really an option for our family.

    Who would have guessed that here, in the land of the free and home of the brave, that protecting my child’s ability to fight any disease, not just those that are temporarily vaccine preventable, might become a criminal act.

  11. Maria Armstrong says:

    My daughter and I have MTHFR mutations. (I don’t know about my husband nor my sons.) Unfortunately, many doctors consider this all bogus so I don’t even feel reassured that we could avoid this vaccine because of it 🙁 My daughter had strong reactions to the vaccines she did get, so this is not good. Not good at all.

  12. Right to choose! says:

    My child and I both have the MTHFR mutation and late stage Lyme Disease. Vaccines would be extremely detrimental to our health. One of our pediatricians told me it was a miracle I decided not to vaccinate, as they would have fried my child’s brain due to his extreme cranial pressure and his inability to process toxins. I have done hundreds of hours of research on the topic and if I do live in a “free” country as I’m “told” I should have the right to choose for my child. Of the 5 pediatricians we’ve encountered in 3 different states I have yet to find one who actually vaccinated their own children when asked…so vaccines are great for my medically fragile child, yet not good enough for the doctor’s own children!?! What a contradiction! Legislators are forcing the public to live in a police state dictatorship when parents have the right to choose to abort/murder an unborn baby, but can’t choose what goes into one’s body. In addition, forced vaccines profit drug companies billions, yet they assume zero liability for the damage caused. This goes along the same lines of companies like Monsanto forcing their GMO and toxic chemicals into our food supply- because they have money they can keep the public in the dark about these toxins and sue anyone who tries to promote public awareness. Please share the other states working towards this legislation with contact info so we can advocate for the health of our families and the right to choose quality of life for children.

  13. lana ramos says:

    I’ve been engaged in debates with people, some doctors and scientists, over the last year about vaccine safety and I’m realizing that they often won’t consider research on the anti vaccine side because they think it’s not reputable. I had an idea this week while reading the information posted on the World health organization’s website. IF I can’t reach people with the anti vaccine research maybe I can appeal to them through the recommendations of the WHO on how adverse effects to vaccines should be handled. The information I saw in the Global Manual on surveillance of adverse events following immunizations actually says ” it is important to check for contraindications to avoid serious reactions” and they have many pages on how each complaint should be recorded and investigated. Can u imagine if doctors actually took complaints seriously and atleast followed the WHO protocols?

    • Maria Armstrong says:

      The thing is though that ‘rarely contraindicated’ seems to be enough for people to not take the growing problem with them as serious.

  14. Twyla says:

    A petition to the White House – please sign and share!
    “No human being should be FORCED to be vaccinated against their will and/or personal/religious beliefs. I petition against making vaccinations of any kind mandatory.”

  15. Kelly says:

    I could have written that letter myself. Our son is homozygous for C677T MTHFR. We did not vaccinate based on research and our religious beliefs combined. Of course we didn’t know about the MTHFR at the time. A bill was just passed in Texas to minimize parents rights and anyone attending public education. It’s cleverly worded to make people think there are some rights left but we know how that goes! God bless and let’s all keep fighting the good fight. We’ve given up so many freedoms but our money wasn’t enough. Now they want our bodies!’

    • Dawn MB says:

      There was no bill passed in texas ..yet..but hb2006 is trying to gain support to do just that…also there are other bills of concern in texas to be sure to write to your people and let them know you want them to oppose all bills that expand mandated list for more vaccines in children (they are trying to mandate meningitis now for young kids), oppose requirement to talk to doctor before exercising an exemption (as if they are all up to date on vaccine injury) etc write and call and do not stop.

  16. Brett Wilcox says:

    Greg Clark, I stand with you against medical tyranny. For the sake of our children for the sake of what used to be a free country, we must prevail!

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