Vaccine Mandates: The Spite House We’ll All Have to Live In

August 23, 2017

Today we’re doing something a little different. Jill Boman, a Facebook friend of mine, posted a comment linking spite houses and vaccine mandates, and it was so good I asked her to write us a blog on it. She was already at work on one for Kelly the Kitchen Kop, though! So, we decided to cross-post in the hopes that it would reach more people. Enjoy!

There are few more hilariously awesome illustrations of how far some people will go to annoy others than spite houses. A spite house is exactly what it sounds like: a house built for the sole purpose of spiting someone.

Whether the spiteful party is blocking their adversary’s view, light, or road access, crowding out their personal space, creating a hugely conspicuous eyesore, establishing their irritating omnipresence, or sticking it to the man (city government, etc.), I suppose, ultimately, their spite house gives them a satisfying sense of control. The problem is now they have to live in it.

Photo By Boston at English Wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

It’s the same with people who are pushing for mandatory vaccine laws. I’m talking about sincere, misguided people, not those in the pay of the industry. You know, your friend who shared that article on Facebook about France’s or Italy’s new draconian vaccine laws and commented, “Good!” And you died a little inside because you realize she has no idea what she’s applauding.

People who champion mandatory vaccine laws aren’t thinking about themselves and their children – after all, they agree with the current CDC vaccine schedule and have no problem subjecting their kids to it. What they want is to force other people into it as well. Unfortunately, if they’re successful in spiting all of us “anti-vaxxers,” they will have built a skinny little spite house that they’ll be forced to live in themselves.

They can’t see far enough ahead to realize how miserable their little spite house will become. But they’ll wake up one morning after some new insane vaccine, medical procedure, drug, or implant is imposed on everyone and mourn the loss of their right to parent their own children. They’ll be struck with the horror of knowing they’ve not only given your children to the state, but they’ve also given up their own children and even themselves.

Your friend who posted about France loves her precious little children and she means well, but here’s what she doesn’t know:

* She doesn’t know that by cheering this on, she is hastening the loss of her own parental rights and having to hand those beautiful children that she loves more than life itself over to a greedy and corrupt pharmaceutical industry to do with as it pleases.

* She doesn’t know that unlike its other product categories, Pharma hasn’t been liable for vaccine-caused injuries and deaths since 1986 (which is shortly before the vaccine schedule more than tripled) or that there are nearly 300 new vaccines currently in development. The 70 doses of 16 vaccines American children are now subject to is more than any children in the world have ever received, the safety of which has never been tested in the combinations given or by the same standards that other pharmaceuticals are held to.

* She may agree 100% with the current (untested) vaccine schedule, but she hasn’t considered what that schedule may look like 5, 10, or 20 years down the road when her future grandchildren are babies and those 300 new vaccines (and then some) are on the market.

* She has no clue that right now a $0.75 surcharge for each single vaccine dose ($3.00 for quadrivalent) funds the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, which has paid over 3.7 billion dollars in compensation for destroyed lives. Our government and drug companies fully anticipate these injuries, enough to ensure continual cash flow to cover them.

* She doesn’t know that in 2011 the U.S. Supreme Court classified vaccines as “unavoidably unsafe products.”

* She thinks this will show “those anti-vaxxers,” but she doesn’t know that she will lose just as much as the people she is hoping to spite. By ushering in mandatory vaccine laws, she is welcoming, blindly, an avalanche of mandatory pharmaceutical products she hasn’t even conceived of yet. It doesn’t take much imagination to predict that Pharma will never be satisfied with merely today’s vaccine schedule being forced upon every man, woman, and child with so many more in development and the remaining pharmaceutical categories yet to be imposed. Antibiotics, statins, and psychiatric meds will all be fair game. She and her children will become a captive market right along with those of us she’s trying to strong-arm into the current vaccine schedule.

* She doesn’t know that pharmaceutical industry corruption and its shady influence on health policy is such a pervasive problem that Harvard University’s Center for Ethics devoted an entire journal issue to the subject. She hasn’t connected yet in her mind that the same companies behind deadly scandals like Vioxx  also manufacture vaccines. She also doesn’t know there are currently over a dozen CDC scientists  filing a complaint against their agency’s unethical conduct. Or that the pharmaceutical industry far outspends any other lobby  to influence our legislators. She trusts the government and the pharmaceutical industry because she still has a choice about which drugs, vaccines, and medical procedures she and her children get.

But when the precedent has been established for the state to inject, drug, or implant whatever they want into every citizen from cradle to grave, well-meaning people like your friend who landed themselves on the wrong side of history will realize they’re just as imprisoned as those they were trying to spite, and that we were actually fighting for them all along. Their spite house will become very uncomfortable indeed.

Because here’s the thing: No clearly thinking person signs off on an unforeseen future.

It’s like the disgruntled couple who bought a Fixer Upper house in a seedy part of Waco and now feels duped by Chip and Joanna . . . because it’s in a seedy part of town and a drunk driver crashed through their living room. Seriously, who buys a house without first checking out the neighborhood?

It’s also like handing your realtor a blank check and telling them you trust their judgment. Who does this? Answer: people like your well-meaning friend cheering on mandatory vaccine laws. She’s signing on the dotted line, sight unseen and price unknown. Just like the couple who bought the Fixer Upper house renovated by that really cool famous couple, she’s blinded by the stars in her eyes — a romanticized notion of a future immaculately free of communicable diseases.

She’s surrendering her rights and the rights of her children and future grandchildren to a government that is unknown to her because it doesn’t exist yet. But the oppressive laws she helps pass today will be there, waiting for her and her descendants.

Her beautiful, comfortable, spacious house is shrinking daily by the tireless work of her hands. And she’s doing it all to spite you.

~ Jill Boman

Jill and her husband live in Waco, TX, along with their two awesome young adult kids (and now in Dallas during the Jill-familyweek while her husband attends chiropractic college). She has a small business selling handmade personal and home care products at their farmer’s market and local retail sites and is Kelly the Kitchen Kop’s blog assistant. She is passionate about real food nutrition, natural health, local food, and she loves to cook. Fortunately she has access to lots of local food via Waco’s fantastic year-round farmer’s market, nearby farms, and even a grocery store that sources much of its food locally.  For more by Jill, click here.

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11 Responses to Vaccine Mandates: The Spite House We’ll All Have to Live In

  1. Hans Litten says:

    The Irish Gardasil policy in complete disarray (this is not the way the dark forces planned it)

    HPV U-TURN Fine Gael vice-president defends raising concerns about HPV vaccine – but says there is no need for review group to look into side effects
    John Paul Phelan is the second Junior Minister to backtrack on previous questions after Finian McGrath accepted the jab was a ‘very important part’ of Government policy
    5th September 2017, 8:02 am
    FINE Gael’s vice president has defended raising concerns about the HPV vaccine – but now says there is no need for a review group to look into its side effects.
    John Paul Phelan is the second Junior Minister to backtrack on their previous stance after Finian McGrath accepted the jab was a “very important part” of Government policy.
    This came after it emerged the Disabilities Minister had previously urged that Gardasil be withdrawn.
    We have learned that 13 other politicians raised issues with the drug including Fine Gael TDs Phelan, former Ceann Comhairle Sean Barrett and Tony McLoughlin.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Unfortunately, downgrading a vaccine from “mandatory” to “not mandatory” does not constitute “rejection,” Hans. The HPV vaccine is not mandatory here in the United States anywhere. It’s “required” for school attendance in Washington DC, Rhode Island, and Virginia, but all of those have personal belief exemptions. This lack of mandate is anything but “rejection” on the part of the government, however.

      • Hans Litten says:

        You misunderstand , this is as much as we will ever get .
        Government can never admit it has been defeated , but it has .
        The Japanese government handled it exactly the same way .
        Gardasil has also been defeated in Ireland , the Government says uptake has fallen to 50% (that is a desperate lie by scoundrels still trying to recover the situation). Leo the impaler Scoundrel #1 , Simon Harris , Kate O’Connell.

        If for instance Government ever tells the truth and admits vaccines are the SOLE cause of the Autism epidemic after having lied and thieved for 25+ years then where is their legitimacy , they no longer have the right to collect taxes for instance after knowingly poisoning our children. So if they are ever forced into a situation from which there is no escape , (about the vaccine Autism holocaust which they full well know the truth of ) , the theatrics they will have to perform will be simply astounding . Doctors and pharmacists will have lost ALL authority also – I fear for them all.
        Likewise the fluoridationists .
        And the mercury toting dentists .

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Vaccines are NOT the sole cause of autism. There are children with autism who have never been vaccinated, nor have their mothers received vaccines while pregnant. Vaccines are in all likelihood driving much of the current epidemic of autism, but there are certainly other factors contributing. That said, I don’t by any means expect the CDC to admit the truth. They have gone way too far in the direction of hiding the truth. That doesn’t mean that other branches of government don’t have “plausible deniability.” In other words, they can and will say, “But that’s what they TOLD us! We believed it too! We were just as duped as you were,” when it becomes clear to the general public that vaccines are doing more harm than good. While Gardasil has taken huge hits lately, Merck has by no means given up on its cash cow. The vaccine program hasn’t failed yet. But even when it does, it does not mean the respective governments will fail.

      • Hans Litten says:

        I said “vaccines are the SOLE cause of the Autism epidemic”
        And they are ! That is perfectly true .

        That is not the same as saying Vaccines are the only way Autism can come about .

        They control the narrative . They control the media entirely .
        The only solution will come when people no longer believe the lamestream. So the solution seems a long way off (hope I’m wrong but we had them with William Thompson and didn’t get there at all because we couldn’t convince enough people).
        Doctors rebelling would be another way , but we can clearly see their criminal credentials when Dr John Piesse (a good man) admits he has been seeing vaccine damage for 40 years.

  2. Hans Litten says:

    Where is the French Resistance ?

    One year ago, when he was still president, Francois Hollande scandalized the establishment when it emerged that amid record unemployment, painful labor reforms, a sliding economy and the most serious social unrest in decades, the French president’s personal hairdressed was getting paid a gross salary by the state of ~$11,000 per month (more than a European parliament member). As the media reported at the time, “the hairdresser, who the leaked contract names only as Oliver B, is set to earn half a million pounds over the course of Hollande’s current premiership, in exchange for being available at every waking moment and signing a contract promising not to speak about his position.”

    The fact that this was probably not the best way to spend French taxpayers’ money was confirmed this past summer, when Hollande’s approval rating was so low, the socialist president did not even run for re-election: a first in French history. Sadly, this was lost on Hollande’s former Minister of Economy – and current president – Emmanuel Macron who failed to learn from the mistakes of his former boss.

    According to French magazine Le Point, French President Emmanuel Macron spent €26,000 – over $30,000 – on makeup in his first three months as leader of the country.
    As Politico adds, “Macron’s personal makeup artist put in two claims for payment, one for €10,000 and another for €16,000, for doing his makeup during his travels and ahead of press conferences.”

  3. Sue says:

    There’s a White online petition to sign re childhood vaccinations.
    It needs 94,056 signatures by September 1, 2017 to get a response from the White House

    This petition asks the President to support Citizen’s Petition, FDA-2017-P-4500, a five year moratorium on all childhood vaccines on the ground of inadequate information for parents to make an informed consent to the procedure, as well as the government’s failure to perform adequate pre or post safety testing of vaccinated and un-vaccinated populations.

  4. beverly nicholson says:

    Thank you for your help in the fight for control of our own children.

  5. amastoned says:

    This is our argument regarding the cannabis debate. We understand the concerns of those who do not agree with legalization and think everyone just wants to get “high”, while remaining uneducated about the medicinal benefits of the plant. God help you if you or a loved one gets cancer, MS, lupus, etc and you get shuttled into the multi=billion dollar pharma circus without the personal choice and freedom to treat your body your way. Don’t buy into their falsehoods and blatant lies.

  6. Hans Litten says:

    The marches in Poland & Italy from unfluoridated communities have really frightened the criminals behind vaccination . The reason they are scared is because they know that if things like that take hold then its all over .
    Why weren’t there marches of that magnitude in California ? Carry Book played his part and others of course. I am not sure of the reaction in France yet but I suspect there is meaningful resistance and we may yet have something to post back to your spiteful & sniping friend. If you notice how carefully they silo this news of protests in these countries . Total manipulation , MKultra style .
    Safe & Effective pah . Unsafe & Defecative more like .

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