Vaxxed: A Historical Turning Point?

April 2, 2016

shamrockTonight we witnessed yet another watershed moment in the history of our movement. At each twist in the wind, we are propelled and re-energized to share the truth with the world. It has been impossible in the last 18 months to get mainstream media or the government’s attention to an issue that is arguably one the most important of our time; that in August of 2014, Dr. William Thompson of the CDC admitted that he and his colleagues had committed scientific fraud and covered up crucial evidence linking the MMR to autism 10 years prior. But that just changed tonight.

The movie Vaxxed was screened tonight amidst so much controversy and media bashing that it’s a wonder the play button was ever pressed. But thankfully the Angelika Film Center stood up for freedom of expression and ultimately the First Amendment.

Anyone who has been following the CDC whistleblower story from the beginning will be familiar with the premise of this film. We have covered it at TMR and have supported many other groups’ efforts to try and get media exposure for this story over the last 18 months to no avail. The reason for this is set out in the film. The facts are there and it’s difficult for anyone to dismiss them, although we implore the public to call for this issue to be investigated thoroughly and completely.

If the world finally starts to question these facts and dig deeper into this story, there lays before the CDC an unimaginable crisis. It will not only shatter the foundations of the entire government of the United States but the medical establishment of every country around the world that has relied on this 2004 MMR/autism study to “debunk” the myth that vaccines cause autism.

This seemingly fraudulent message has been perpetuated by the pharmaceutical industry through subversive media tactics, by embedding themselves in the very fabric of our universities, medical establishments, and government to the point where the whole world should be collectively pointing at the CDC and shouting  that “The Emperor Has No Clothes – Look!” It is one massive, giant corruption that is nothing more than old-fashioned hoodwinking.

We are up against an industry that enjoys a liability-free multi-billion dollar bounty, guaranteed by federal and international government-subsidized vaccine programs. It’s truly unimaginable that a few parents and a documentary film crew could destabilize it. But, I do believe that’s what we’re witnessing.

Perhaps it is premature, but in the last few days we have seen a slight shift in the media paradigm with headlines such as “Documentary reveals link between vaccines and autism.” Fox reported on this from a balanced viewpoint, and we are seeing more balanced statements or open-ended comments from journalists. Even hearing Bob Wright talk about vaccine injury instead of trashing the film was noteworthy. He acknowledged on national television, the existence of the vaccine injury compensation program and the fact that it pays out $100 million a year in damages. It’s a shift away from the usual dismissive narrative such as CNN’s: “Some people don’t hear this well, vaccines do not cause autism.”

The film is emotive yet factual. The evidence is laid before us in four evidential “exhibits.” It is incredible in its portrayal of the timeline of events to the point where you have to ask “how much more evidence do you need?” In an interview after the film, Del Bigtree said “How do you walk away from what you just saw?” Unbeknownst to him, he is echoing exactly what parents in this fight face every day. We want to walk away, we want to leave it to the media, congress, whomever . . . but we can’t because we are the only ones shouting it from the rooftops. We are the only ones who are bearing witness to this story while the rest of the world is still admiring the fine silk cloth on the Emperor’s tunic.

del bigtree

Del Bigtree outside Angelika Film Center last night

Del Bigtree’s interpretation of what has happened is crucial in this movie as he brings a new perspective to this issue. He is a very mainstream filmmaker and producer. He understands the magnitude of this story and the ramifications of what bringing forth the truth will have, on a personal level and politically. He understands that he had no choice but to leave his successful and lucrative career producing the award winning TV show ‘The Doctors’, in order to tell this story. That’s both fascinating and exciting. Very few have the courage or the stamina to do what Del Bigtree has done, and we owe him a great deal. Although, having listened to him in interviews, he, like Andrew Wakefield doesn’t wish this to be about them; this is Thompson’s story.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield tells his version of events in a clear, concise, and perfectly pitched way and lays out some interesting facts about his involvement in this story, which has now spanned almost 20 years. It is hard to comprehend and this film could not cover it all, which is why he gave everyone who attended a free copy of his book, Callous Disregard, so that people would be able to hear his side of the story. He’s a man of integrity, and we must see past the sound bites in order to get to the heart of this issue. We must do the work.

The parents who tell their stories in the film are articulate and resolute in their utmost belief in what happened to their children. It’s compelling and there’s something undeniably honest in someone’s testimony when they have nothing to lose or gain. They are telling their children’s stories only so that others may be saved the same fate. There are thousands of similar stories, and they know it, we know it, and now the world will know it.

Del Bigtree said in the Q&A after the event; “What’s really at stake here is massive; it’s the health of our children, the health of our future . . . . If we can’t ask these questions then we have to question the health of our democracy.”

Ah yes, democracy . . . . What a wonderful thing.

~ ShamROCK

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36 Responses to Vaxxed: A Historical Turning Point?

  1. Heidi says:

    This film is amazing. What is also amazing is the endless negative reviews, claiming it is a mere vehicle for Andrew Wakefield to continue to peddle a debunked report from
    The 90s!! It’s absolutely heartbreaking that we have this incredibly brave, moving film with real heros and parents that made me weep for them and yet mainstream media dismiss and vilify???? What on earth is going on here. I am not a Christian but I have started praying for this planet and our children as we surely must be in the grip of true evil for this film to be dismissed.

  2. Dear Thinking Mom’s Revolution,

    We are encouraged by the success of the film, “Vaxxed” in recruiting Robert De Niro as their de facto publicist. Hopefully, this film will make a wide audience realize that the MMR vaccine does in fact cause chronic disease, including autism.

    Yet Mercury in vaccines is still a major problem. We have produced “Haley vs Offit: A Virtual Debate Re Vaccines, The Greatest Medical Controversy of Our Time” in support of a larger effort to produce a series of virtual debate videos on YouTube about racketeering in medicine. You may view the video at

    I am writing to ask you to place the link on your web site.

    Issues for “Haley vs Offit:”

    • Does Dr. Offit have appropriate training to make statements re mercury toxicity?
    • How credible is the science supporting his case?
    • Were the safety studies fraudulent?
    • Is Mercury dangerous to the brain or harmless?
    • What happens to Mercury’s potency in the presence of Aluminum or Lead?
    • What does the combination do to membranes?
    • Can this combination cause Allergies? Heart disease? Stroke? Cardiac Arrest? SIDS?
    • If mercury has been reduced in many shots, why not in exported vaccines?
    • Why is mercury still present at ten percent of previous levels during manufacture and still added as a preservative in American shots?
    • Was it hygiene or vaccines that brought down the major infectious diseases?

    References: Listing of 182 peer-reviewed publications citing mercury dangers. (Provided by Dr. Brian Hooker.)

    We could find no credible evidence in support of Dr. Offit. We submit “Haley vs Offit” as evidence that contrary to Offit’s very public claims, ample science does exist that strongly implicates exposure to heavy metals as one cause of our chronic disease pandemic. Over fifty percent of American children suffer from a chronic disease that requires medication.

    Both Lead and Aluminum synergistically enhance the toxicity of Mercury.

    Lead: In several cities, the public has been exposed to excessive levels of Lead in drinking water.

    Aluminum: Vaccine makers have dramatically increased levels of Aluminum in shots.

    Heavy Metal Toxicity is more than it was before the vaccine makers were asked to remove Mercury from domestic vaccines.

    Aluminum and Lead make Mercury Toxicity greater than ever.

    I will be interested to hear your response and any suggestions you may wish to give. In the meantime, please share the link.



    Richard P. Milner

    Executive Director
    Public Affairs Media, Inc.
    3600 Mackland Ave NE
    Albuquerque NM 87110

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      If you watched today’s TODAY Show, De Niro ALSO said that “There is another movie, Trace Amounts” that should be seen as well. Trace Amounts is about the Thimerosal issue. We are all well aware of the mercury angle here and delighted to see that De Niro is aware of it as well.

  3. Denise says:

    This movie is a brilliant reminder of how fragile our “system” is and how corporate profit is more important than the health of our general population, particularly our children. Bravo to Angelika for showing it, and a huge thank you to Dr Wakefield and Del Bigtree for having the guts to make this important film in the first place. Now, if congress will get their act together and subpoena Dr Thompson. The CDC needs to be held accountable. I think this is the tip of the iceberg, but we had to start somewhere.

  4. Gems Gram says:

    Thank you Dr. Wakefield and Del Bigtree for a most important film, and to all involved in getting the truth out. Dr Judy Mikovits spent 4 years in jail after she refused to destroy her data because she knew children’s lives were at risk. Her book:

  5. Thank you TMR for another terrific comprehensive review of Vaxxed! I attended the sold out screening on Friday, April 1 at 8PM. It’s a powerful film. An excellent confirmation for those of us who have been following the CDC Whistleblower story from the beginning; and a real eye-opener to those new to the issue. Thanks again!

  6. Bravo to all involved in the production of this film, and endless thanks to Bob DeNiro for his efforts to show us all the truth. Bravo also to Del Bigtree for his courage, and to all those who stood up for that truth, in defense of our children’s future.
    However, let’s not allow the Tribeca Festival to pass without leaving our footprint on its face: SHOW UP AT THE BEACON THEATER DURING THE FESTIVAL, and carry a big sign “VAXXED FOR BEST PICTURE”, and ” NO TO CENSORSHIP OF VACCINE STORY BY MEDIA”… right in front of the masses of media who will be covering the festival like a blanket. They shoved this film from a prominent Broadway location at the Beacon to a nice, quiet little place in Greenwich Village on Mercer Street, well out of the mainstream eyes! So the limits of promotion are confined to those who were there, instead of the millions who watch the entertainment shows on mainstream networks!! Do NOT let them succeed at STEALING THE THUNDER OF THIS WONDERFUL LIFE-SAVING EFFORT BY Dr. WAKEFIELD, Del BIGTREE, and BOB DeNIRO TO EXPOSE THE TRUTH!! SHOW UP!! CARRY A SIGN!! FIGHT BACK FOR YOUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND SAVE LIVES!!

    • Soorya Townley says:

      Yes Dee, Thank you for speaking truth to power. I have been fighting for vaccine education for over 35 years now since my son almost died TWICE from the MMR vaccine. I feel light-headed that finally the truth is coming out and coming in, in a real and tangible way. And Dr. WAKEfield, how incredible that you are the Herald of Light, for this awakening that is bringing forth the banner of truth to all. And in your “Awakened Field (of consciousness) you have brought in BIGTREE. How symbolical is that? Lol. You had to be crucified to achieve this, but in the end, you will get your due of honor and all information and reality will find its place on the path to righteousness. We are here for you an we love you.

    • ShamROCK says:

      Thank you Dee! We will protect our right to tell our stories and to uncover the truth about what happened to them.

  7. Sean Kelley, M.D. says:

    The above represents a skewed view which I do not, as a medical doctor, agree w/. I have seen my share of vaccine injuries in the 27+ yrs I’ve been in practice. Having been in partnership w/other docs, many of whom are on the same page w/regard to not advocating vaccines nor allowing our own children to receive them, I have no tolerance for the arrogance and disregard that our ‘health’-care system has for those who seek alternatives to the one size fits all vaccine mentality.

    I am currently treating vaccine-injured children, one boy in particular of 8 yrs, who has a 4″ file starting from when he was given a hepB shot at birth. He then received the standard regimen of shots from that point on and now has severe eczema, allergies, asthma, and seizures. While I did not administer these shots, this young boy had an Apgar score of 9/10 when he was born and was deemed healthy and responsive. He was never the same after his hepB shot w/its 240 mcgs of aluminum, more than a grown man could handle.

    It’s obvious Tribeca, ala DeNiro, had every intention of airing this film. However, as mentioned, the $ponsors who themselves are affiliated w/pHARMa, put the kibosh on airing this highly anticipated film.
    What is troubling to pHARMa, who is more concerned w/shareholder profits than the fact that vaccines have caused considerable harm and death to those who have been inoculated, is that their profit margin will be negatively affected, bottom line.

    Parents and individuals are catching on via their own vaccine-damaged children and themselves that vaccines are not w/o risk and cause neurological damage due to the myriad number of neuro-toxic and carcinogenic heavy metals and chemicals contained within vaccines. Check out an insert label to see for yourself.

    Appx $100 million is paid out each yr for vaccine injury/death and over $3.4 billion since ’86 when Congress enacted legislation to indemnify vaccine manufacturers from liability due to the thousands of lawsuits filed on behalf of families whose children were seriously injured and/or died from the DTP vaccine. By age 18, a child has received upwards of 69 doses of 16 vaccines w/more being developed. ‘Pincushions of profit’ is how pHARMa sees our children and ourselves.

    • ShamROCK says:

      Thank you Dr. Kelly, We will keep sharing our truth and our right to free access to information that the CDC doesn’t want us to see.

  8. Anne says:

    I’m so happy this movie got made and is getting out there. Too many lives have been hurt due to the current vaccine schedule. Thanks to everyone who is involved in doing this work.

  9. Fiona Kirby says:

    Thank you shamROCK another fantastic article these people are is so brave and have my total respect for their courageous fight for human kind. X keep up your great work!

  10. D Ann says:

    How does the general public see this? Is it available for purchase?

  11. Dennis W. Rowntree says:

    Respect to these brave individuals for speaking out – the truth! Shame on you, corporate mainstream media for selling the lie. Shame on you!
    Hopefully this will wake up the sheeple to all other lies that corporate mainstream media and corporate elites have been deliberately involved in for decades.
    From 9/11, coup in Ukraine, US supporting terrorists and ISIS, and carrying out false flag attacks, corporate western mainstream media have all been complicit in lies and propaganda in deceiving the sheeple to further the agenda of the global elites. Corporate western mainstream media are in the lying game – stop listening to them.

  12. Heather says:

    Del Bigtree for President!

  13. Paul says:

    One question.

    The film was supposed to be screened at Tribeca. I understood that it wasn’t, finally, due to pressure.

    In what context/event did this screening, April 2nd, took place?

    • ShamROCK says:

      Cinema Libre is the distributor and I’m not exactly sure how Angelika got involved. I’m presuming with all the media hype it wasn’t too difficult to find an alternative theater in NY. We’re grateful to Angelika for stepping up and supporting freedom of expression in film.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      The film’s distributor Cuba Libre made a deal with the Angelika Film Center in New York City to show the film for seven showings a day for one week starting April 1, which was the day ShamROCK attended. She wrote the review right after viewing the film, but it didn’t get posted till the 2nd. If there is enough interest, the film will be screened in other theaters around the country before being released on DVD.

  14. Pat McLean says:

    Greatness. The barbaric vaccine paradigm is harming tiny babies, creating brain injury of epic proportions and promoting fear with its pseudo-science. Assumptions that germs actually CAUSE disease are the shallow foundations of this medical holocaust.
    Bravo to these brave film makers.

  15. S P says:

    ShamROCk, how many people were in the theater? I’ve read two reviews in MSM that state there were only 20 people there, yet it was supposedly sold out.

    • SG says: This review includes footage of the people inside the theatre – you can see there are more than 20!

    • ShamROCK says:

      The theater at 8pm was sold out & full. It was awesome to meet everyone who has been instrumental in making this happen. I understand that some media went to the first show at 11am on Friday which I guess you could technically call a premiere. However at 11am on a Friday, most NYers are working! The media twists everything to suit the sponsored narrative. The official premiere was at 8pm. I hope that clears up the mystery.

      • S P says:

        Thank you for the clarification. I suspected there was a logical explanation for the empty theater and that they were just happy to withhold the particulars and leave the impression that it was not well-attended. Regardless of perception, the important thing is that it WAS well-attended and well-received.

    • Anna says:

      I was there today at 3.30 pm and it was a full house, absolutely sold out.

  16. Tim Lundeen says:

    The CDC lied to us, and covered up evidence that the MMR vaccine causes autism. So 100s of millions of people are convinced that vaccines are safe, but their belief is based on lies, on fraudulent research results.

    As a result, the autism epidemic has continued and hundreds of thousands of kids have been needlessly injured; research has languished on treating vaccine injury, making vaccines safer, and identifying individuals at high risk. The CDC has much to answer for, what they did is very, very wrong.

    • ShamROCK says:

      The more people that see this movie, the more this scandal will be exposed and hopefully one day investigated. Keep sharing!

  17. Mary Godley says:

    Well said, a very accurate and concise summary of the documentary. Also I too agree that it was marvelous that Del Bigtree came on board and could see the merit and necessity of telling the story of the real corruption that goes on within the CDC and the refusal of the mainstream media to acknowledge and report the scientific facts as they are. Also Andrew Wakefield’s book Callous Disregard is a good place for any parent of a child with autism to start on their journey of learning the facts as they are. Lets hope Vaxxed: From Cover up to Catasrophe gets viewed far and wide as all our children’s stories need to be acknowledged and remembered.

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