Visualize, Manifest, Pray: Positive Affirmations to Surround Your Child With Autism

SugahAbout five months ago I signed my oldest son up for a tutoring program. Before he began I had a conference with the director of the center to talk about his tutoring needs. I told her about his diagnosis (autism) and about how well he is doing. I guess she missed the concept of ‘how well he is doing.’ She clearly didn’t understand the truth that autism is an environmentally based medical issue and is therefore treatable and recoverable. I say this because at one point during our discussion she began talking about a community that is being planned for adults with autism. This community will provide adults with autism with a place to live and responsibilities to attend to. It sounded like a wonderful program that will no doubt benefit many people. But it’s not the future I see for my son.

I was shocked to hear her talk about that community as if that is where my son is headed. Looking back now I feel a little silly at how shocked I was. When I think of her point of view objectively, I remember that the idea that autism is treatable and recoverable is a minority view. I realized that I have been living in a bubble of sorts. I surround myself with people who think like I do and have the same expectations for their children.

sugah6What are you surrounded by? What are your children surrounded by? And what effect do your surroundings have on you and your children?

About two months ago, three different people gave me the same advice over the course of two weeks. It was not advice I had ever heard before so the repetition of it from distinctly different sources gave me pause. I felt strongly that it would be WRONG to ignore the message that was so obviously meant for me.

Surround your child with positive affirmations.

I immediately complied (immediately after the THIRD request. HA!) and put sticky notes with positive thoughts all around my house. My husband thought I had lost my marbles, but it wasn’t long before he joined the madness. “Honey, I think Scout (our dog) needs a note on sugah7his water bowl that says ‘I am not itchy.’ ”

It wasn’t long before I discovered that it wasn’t enough for me to affirm positive change for them. I needed to positively change myself first. If I woke up growling like an angry dog, there was no way my children could possibly have a good day. Not. Possible. But even more exciting was the discovery that if I was filled with a positive attitude that I could significantly change the energy of my children. If I approached my children with peaceful, loving and kind thoughts, words and deeds, then their thoughts and attitudes would change to match mine.


I discovered our energies are inextricably linked.

So I have begun praying, manifesting, visualizing the best day for my children. Even before I get out of bed I begin this process and I continue it all day long. I visualize them attending to the tasks that need to be accomplished before they go to school. I visualize my children getting along well together and working together to solve their problems. I visualize them making good choices at school and getting all their work done. You get the idea.

Be present in the moment. Visualize. Guide. This was the hardest part of the change for me. If left to my own devices, I get caught up in my own thoughts and run on autopilot to get through the routine of the day.

No doubt we still have our tough moments. When I find myself working with my son to deal with a downward spiral moment, I work hard to take control of my thoughts and how I am reacting to him. Once he starts that downward spiral, I find we just have to endure it until it ends. I find it ending more quickly when I’m not joining in with him and spiraling down myself. I accept this as part of the healing process. I realize that we are generally moving in a positive sugah3recovery direction and that this is a temporary bump in the road. When he’s finished, I give him a big hug and tell him I love him, and then we move on together.

I am seeing my children’s lives changing quickly by changing our thoughts, attitudes, and expectations at home. However, that is not quite enough. I am carefully examining outside influences too. What about school teachers? Therapists? Other caretakers? Family members? What are their thoughts, attitudes and expectations of our children? Are they contributing positive or negative energy to our children?

Every person who has a significant influence on my child’s future needs to have the same expectations for him that I have. Back to the tutor. During our last meeting I began to talk about a specific program that I am using on my children. I gave her specific improvements that I’ve been seeing and what I expect to see in the future. I could see a light bulb turning on in her head as I describe how simple movements and applied hands-on therapy can produce new neural connections in the brain. I am working to evolve her thinking so that her expectations of my son will rise to meet my own.

A good friend of mind is healing from cancer for a second time. She is on the verge of ‘firing’ her oncologist. We’ll call him Dr. Death. She said it’s like Dr. Death expected her to get sick a second time. He gave her no feelings of shock or surprise that she became ill again. She said it seems like now his expectation is that she will die. She rightly wants a doctor who believes recovery is possible. She needs Dr. Goodhealth. She needs the support of a doctor who believes that SHE can heal. She wants to surround herself with positive thinking people and positive energy.

I have another conference scheduled at the tutoring center in a few weeks. I plan to politely, lovingly unload the truth of autism as an environmental illness. The truth that these children can get better and many can completely recover. I will share with her the goals that my son has outlined for himself. Those goals entail an institution aftersugah5 high school. But not the kind of institution the tutor has in mind.

With the gift of deeper thoughts that my son has been given by Dr. Svetlana Masgutova’s method of brain integration and remapping, my son has decided that he wants to go to the kind of institution that will allow him to earn an engineering degree.

Now it’s my job to make sure he’s surrounded by positive, supportive people who believe in him and the right opportunities to help him achieve his goals.


~ Sugah

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12 Responses to Visualize, Manifest, Pray: Positive Affirmations to Surround Your Child With Autism

  1. Jen says:

    Great post! I am thinking that what you are really doing though, is changing your OWN perception of your son. You are using your imagination to create your version of him. The mystic Neville Goddard wrote much on the topic of “imagination creates reality” and the many applications, including our relationships. We all have many versions of ourselves existing in various probability lines. You are tuning yourself to that probable version of your son. Yes, you have that power, and I applaud you for using it! If you wish to read more on the topic:
    Thank you for the info about MNRI, this is the first I have heard of it, will look into it further.

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  3. Diane Hunter says:

    LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! Our thoughts create our reality….truth bomb! It is so cool how our children continue to invite us to stop future tripping or past ruminating and BE present with them. MNRI opened the door of awareness for me to understand patterns are everywhere….fractals, thoughts, neural pathways…..all patterns and we always have the ability to shift the pattern. Shift thoughts patterns, and the external world follows. When I embrace this perspective I’m no longer a victim and step in an lead my experience and the reflection from the external world blows me away. One shift….Ian sleeping 12 hours a night! Possibilities are infinite. THANK YOU for sharing your experience. It totally inspired me to work with Team Hunter and create a list of our beliefs and intentions.
    Love and peace,
    Dian e

  4. Jennifer says:

    AWESOME!!! Never thought of this myself and will be implementing it into our home ASAP!!! One thing I do have as you enter my house is the quote by Dr. Jill Taylor-Bolt….”Be mindful of the energy you bring to this space.” Thank you Sugah!!!!!

  5. K Fuller says:

    Wonderful post!!

    It works. It works. It works. You will have to drag most of the people involved in your child’s program along, but it works.

    I sill carry a much used 3×5 card in my purse that says…Yes I Can!! I used to stick it to my forehead when our boy thought he couldn’t. There is still a card taped on the wall outside his bedroom door that says….I’m learning to read!

    It works.


  6. Cat Fish says:

    What an awesome Cheerleader and Role Model you are. Your children are so lucky and your family is so blessed!

  7. channa says:

    very cool…I remember the distinct turning point when I had the seed planted in me that my son could get better…it was a lady who did a couple of pro bono energy treatments on my wasn’t one our biggest wows as far as treatments go HOWEVER she got me to believe that healing was possible..and because of that it ended up being one of the most significant things that happened to us…

  8. kelly says:

    It seems so unbelievably simple but it is so unbelievably difficult sometimes to do, what you’re doing. You have power. Everyone has power. SO MUCH UNDERUTILIZED POWER. Thank you for the inspiration today!!! And your kids thank you, your family thanks you, those that come into contact thank you, and your soul thanks you.

  9. Annette Van Dyke says:

    MNRI has been the best gift-tool ever. It changed the entire family our attitudes and our successes are linked no doubt!

    • Sugah says:

      Yes yes yes. I am still in awesome of the improvements that my child is making. There are things that have improved that I had previously assumed were just part of my boys’ personalities as opposed to being part of a non-optimally connected brain. Wow! Thank you Dr. Masgutova for your MNRI program! Awesome!

  10. Robyn (@AutismHealer) says:

    I totally agree, this has been at the root of all the interventions I have done with my daughter. She is so in tune with energy. I like your idea of getting everyone who cares for her to get on the same page, I have an IEP meeting this week and I will be bringing this up to them. I think being positive is part of the reason why Son-Rise works so well, we got into that topic quite a bit when I was there. I’ve had 2 messages, one from a Shaman from Peru, and one from a medium saying that the best thing for my daughter’s recovery is changing my own thoughts. It actually makes life better for everyone involved too. Abraham-Hicks has a great video they put out called Autism Revolution, its using the law of attraction, I highly recommend it. (there are a few clips of it on you tube) Great post!

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