When Doctors Lie…OH HELL NO!

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to debate Dr. Koren Boggs and represent The Thinking Moms on The 504 Show in New Orleans last week. I was shocked that someone who has no imagebackground in vaccines or the biomedical treatment of autism accepted this challenge. Due to the time constraints on air, I was unable to expand on all the misinformation presented by Dr. Boggs. Luckily, the autism community’s own Ginger Taylor has decided to set the record straight. I said what I could in the time constraints that I had, but here, Ginger refutes what was left unsaid. – Blaze

Dr. Koren Boggs Is An Idiot

by Ginger Taylor

It’s harsh… I know… but I can’t take this crap anymore. She should know better. It has been NINE YEARS since my son regressed after DTaP, Hep B and three other shots, while I have to hear the lie that, “there is no association between vaccines and autism,” repeated over and over and over and over… That made me nuts back when there were less than ten research papers that showed a link, but now there are at least 70, including one that showed that our own federal government has paid at least 83 autism cases from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, while also pretending that vaccines could not possibly cause autism. I just can’t stand the deceit any more.

So when I saw Kim’s debate with Dr. Koren Boggs, I got so angry I had to stop halfway through and take a long break just so I didn’t have a neurological event. Then I just needed to rant

If you are having trouble viewing this video click here, or cut and paste this url into your browser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_GrCAzpA_0&feature=youtu.be

You can see why the seasoned Pharma/Public Health talking heads never agree to be in a debate with any of us. They can’t get away with the usual BS talking points.

The list of research is growing steadily. As more people see it and send me studies that I have missed, these links will be updated regularly. You can view it on my blog,  on my Facebook page, or share in a Word doc. Please spread them around any time you hear the lie that “the vaccine/autism causation theory has been debunked because it is based on one retracted British study and the opinion of a Playboy model and that there is not one study that supports the theory that vaccines cause autism.” In fact, share them right now. Then share this video. Here is the information on Rep. Bill Posey’s bill to force the vaxxed/unvaxxed study that CDC still won’t pursue after thirty plus years. Call your Congressman and ask him to be a co-sponsor. Do it. And then share it too.

Now on the Japan study… she is referring to Honda’s study, “No effect of MMR withdrawal on the incidence of autism: a total population study.” If you read the abstract, which I have linked to, it gives the impression that this is a study that compares kids who got the MMR to unvaccinated children, to see if there was a difference in autism rates: “The MMR vaccination rate in the city of Yokohama declined significantly in the birth cohorts of years 1988 through 1992, and not a single vaccination was administered in 1993 or thereafter.”

However, when you read the actual study itself, you find that the study was done when Japan (which was using the MMR with the Urabe strain Mumps vaccine) realized that it was causing meningitis and yanked the vaccine. They replaced it with the single-dose version of the Measles vaccine, the Mumps vaccine and the Rubella vaccine: “However, due to a high frequency of reports of aseptic meningitis, a suspected side effect of the mumps vaccine (Urabe strain), the program was terminated in April 1993. Subsequently, only monovalent vaccines were administered. Following a reform of the Immunization Law in 1994, measles and rubella vaccinations were each specified for children between the ages of 12 and 90 months (the measles vaccine was recommended between 12 and 24 months of age and the rubella vaccine between 12 and 36 months). The mumps vaccination was voluntary and aimed at children one year of age or older who had not contracted mumps. It was also stipulated that an interval of at least four weeks separate administration of vaccinations.” So this not a vaxxed v. unvaxxed study, this is a vaxxed v. vaxxed slightly differently study. The way this study is done, it actually asks the question, “is the MMR that Japan was using the SOLE cause of autism?” Not one person in the debate thought the MMR was the only cause of autism at the time. In 2005 when the study was published, David Kirby had just written Evidence of Harm, parents were trying to find mercury-free vaccines and as we know, thimerosal was never in the MMR. If anything is to be gained at all from this study, it is evidence that splitting up the MMR vaccine into individual shots may not be of any help in avoiding an autism regression. We can see that from her poor understanding of the Honda study, Dr. Boggs either ONLY read the abstract and made some assumptions, or someone just told her that this was a vaxxed/unvaxxed study and she didn’t bother to check for herself. (Likely the same person who told her that there is no research that supports the vaccine/autism causation theory.)

Here is CDC’s MMWR on the chelation deaths. One boy with autism and one girl with lead poisoning were both accidentally given Na2EDTA instead of the appropriate drug for them, CaEDTA, with which they had both been treated successfully prior to the drug mix up. A third woman died, believed to be using the same version of EDTA, and all three deaths were associated with hypocalcemia (basically the Na2EDTA pulled all the calcium out of their blood.) In talking with docs, it is my understanding that Calcium EDTA is now
becoming the standard drug for chelating both adults and children. We chelated our own son with IV CaEDTA with wonderful results and no side effects.

So, to Dr. Boggs… Kim said you were wrong, and as we see here, you were wrong. Thimerosal has never been in the MMR, vaxxed/unvaxxed autism research does not exist per CDC’s own testimony under oath only eight months ago, and more than 70 research papers show not just one, but MANY links between vaccines and autism. We await your formal letter retracting your false claims, and I believe it would be most appropriate for you to send the letter to Ms. Hebert and to The Thinking Moms’ Revolution so it may be read on her show, “The 504,” where you disseminated your errant information in the first place.

Because it is all about the science… and the children… right?

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17 Responses to When Doctors Lie…OH HELL NO!

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  2. Jaelyn Grace says:

    @ Ginger Taylor….. Great post! I love your enthusiasm and you look beautiful! 😉

  3. Janet Tavarez says:

    Kim, you did an amazing job during the debate. I don’t know that I would have been able to speak as clearly and authoritatively as you did and I certainly would have had difficulty maintaining my composure. Incredible! Ginger, I LOVED your write up and your video with the montage at the end was AWESOME! I am posting this everywhere I possibly can. Ladies, a big applause to both of you! Thank you for being so informed and so passionate. Our children are lucky to have advocates like you fighting so fiercely for them! I thank you on behalf of my son!

  4. TMR fan says:

    I think this sentence needs to be corrected: “If anything is to be gained at all from this study, it is evidence that splitting up the MMR vaccine into individual shots may not be of any help in avoiding an autism regression.”

    This conclusion contradicts Dr. Wakefield’s recommendation that the three vaccines should be spaced out over a year – which did not happen in this study. In fact, they were administered very close together.

    Dr. Wakefield’s reply to the Honda study stated in part: “In the study of Honda et al, children underwent routine developmental assessment at 3 months and 18 months of age, while the recommended schedule for MMR vaccination was 12 months of age. The authors define regression as demonstrable loss of skills after 18 months of age. Therefore children who have developed normally for the first year of life, who then receive an MMR at 12 months of age and who subsequently regress over the course of the next 6 months, will be misclassified as non-regressive cases when in fact quite the opposite may be the case. Misclassification of the children’s autism of this kind will render meaningless, the authors sub-analysis in relation to regression. This is supported to the extent that the shape of the respective incidence curves in the sub-groups is similar. Therefore, the regression data do not merit further consideration.

    The authors conclusion that their findings indicate that simply terminating MMR vaccination programs will not lead to a reduction in the incidence of ASD’ is self-evident. The original recommendation however made no such naïve claim. The recommendations were based on empirical data, which indicated a serious adverse effect of close temporal exposure to two or more of these vaccines. The Japanese data give no reason to change theses recommendations.”


  5. Brooke says:

    wow! Super proud of you ladies!! Think on!

  6. Thinking Moms' Revolution says:

    Ginger Taylor, WE LOVE YOU! THANK YOU!!

  7. Meg says:

    AWESOME!!!! I need people like you in my life!!!!

  8. nhokkanen says:

    Outstanding video! Dr. Boggs and Dr. Boyle illustrate what I’ve always feared — that these public health people feel they can only march ever forward like blinkered cart horses. Sure, they’re prodded by the CDC’s whip, but unlike pack animals they are neither tethered nor mute. And as humans, they’re supposed to be imbued with a moral conscience.

  9. Thanks for making this video and being brave about these issues in the face of so much misinformation and prejudice.

    I read the Thinking Moms Revolution from cover to cover. Every doctor in America needs to read it. As well as The Vaccine Epidemic.

    The minute you speak publicly about vaccine safety–whether you are a Ph.D. (like me), a doctor, a parent, or even a CDC official, you get labeled as an “anti-vaccine fanatic.” My children are vaccinated and I consider myself pro-vaccine but I share your concerns about the current CDC schedule and, after researching this issue for years and reading some (not all) of the science, it is very clear to me and to anyone else who takes the time to look into it that question of whether vaccines trigger autism in some susceptible children is still absolutely on the table and must be looked into with real scientific studies not public health politics.

    A doctor last week told people not to read my book and said it was full of lies (http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/the-business-of-baby-and-the-monkey-business-of-margulis/) Then she lists evidence-based things we need to change about maternity care, ALL OF WHICH I discuss at length in my book. The main reason why she doesn’t want anyone to read The Business of Baby? Because I call several vaccines into question in a chapter that asks the question is our medical system is vaccinating for profit and not for health.

    Any doctor who says we have no evidence that a less aggressive vaccine schedule is safe is also completely misinformed. Almost every country in Europe vaccinates less aggressively than we do and has better infant health outcomes. In Scandinavia NO vaccines are given until a baby is 3 months old. But moms are given all the support they need to breastfeed successfully so the breastfeeding rates are over 95 percent. Norwegians have the healthiest infants in the world.

    Let’s get out of our American bubble, take off the blindfold, and fix this broken system. Kudos to you for putting this out there.

  10. Taximom,

    Those were made by Merck. Just pulled up the vaccine package insert for there monovalent measles vaccine ATTENUVAX. It is a live virus vaccine, which can’t contain thimerosal (mercury kills living things, which is why it is in multi dose vials, to kill bacteria that may enter when the needle is inserted into the bottle).

    And, of course, no thimerosal listed on the insert.


    Same with Mumpsvax http://www.bdipharma.com/Package%20Insert/Merck/Mumpsvax_09-2002.pdf

    And MERUVAX (Rubella) http://www.fda.gov/downloads/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/ApprovedProducts/UCM142553.pdf

    • Taximom5 says:

      But what vaccines were given in Japan during that time?

      We were going to give our son a monovalent measles vaccine in 2004, and looked up the package insert, and mercury was clearly listed. So instead, we did a titer, and it turned out he didn’t need another vaccine.

      I’ve searched and searched, and can’t find any mention of the existence of such a vaccine, yet I know it existed.

  11. Erica says:

    Standing ovation!!! Fantastic.

  12. Victoria J West says:

    Rock on, Ginger!

  13. Donna Powers says:

    Thank you. I am standing up in my home office cheering wildly! You courageous, articulate, intelligent women. You have my support! If this blog spot were an arena, the energy of a standing ovation would be felt. Well done!

  14. Taximom5 says:

    One additional comment to the Japan MMR study:

    The MMR, as we all know, never contained thimerosal.

    When I searched for monovalent measles, mumps, and rubella shots in the US 10 years ago for my son, the only ones available were preserved with thimerosal.

    I’m betting that those were the same ones used in Japan, which would mean that those children may not have gotten the MMR, but they would have been given three additional hits of thimerosal–and on what schedule? How close together? And given at the same time as which other vaccines?

    Has anybody looked for this information?

    The more hard facts we have to blow away the smoke they’re trying to use as cover-up, the better.

    • Donna Powers says:

      Hello Taximom5,

      You may already have this resource but Dr. Viera Scheibner’s work is all medically researched base. She was my go-to woman in the early 80’s when I suspected my boys were vaccine damaged (ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities…the vaccines added a whole layer of dysfunction to what I now know as inherited learning differences…my boys were ‘wired differently’ at birth. My unscientific anecdotal mom-opinion!). Her book Behavioural Problems in Childhood: The Link to Vaccination, first published in 2000 has a whole chapter on “Disorders of Drive, Affect and Socialisation: Autism Spectrum Disorders”. You might find some helpful research references there in addition to the ones you already have (I believe her books are still available). I consider Dr. Scheibner to be the grandmother of wisdom in the research paper world. You could likely get hold of her at http://www.vierascheibner.org/ I have found her to always be passionate and approachable and incredibly well informed…a dynamo.

      • Taximom5 says:

        Thanks, Donna, I’ll look into that!

        I’m just wondering why I never read anywhere that the monovalent M, M, and R vaccines were thimerosal-preserved–because they sure as hell were. So each and every discussion of the Japan study should include that information, that when they stopped using the MMR, they substituted THREE thimerosal-preserved vaccines instead.

        We have to stop allowing the vaccine defenders to talk in circles, and we have to be super-organized, no wasted words, not let ourselves get sucked into those smoke screened circular arguments.

        Oh, and I totally forgot to say: WELL-DONE, KIM AND GINGER!

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