Why I Try “So Many” Protocols in Treating My Son with Autism

Juicy-FruitI refuse to look back in a decade and say “I really wish I had tried that when I first heard about it” or “I really wish I had pushed through that wall of herxing and gotten to the other side.” That is why we have tried so many protocols (and we’ve given them all true trial unless they caused our son to regress) and why I continue to go to conferences to hear new ideas and try new things. This is why I read medical literature over my lunch hour and why I bring new treatment ideas to my naturopath.

TMR-AIMIf there is one truth about autism, it is that nothing works for every child with autism. There is no roadmap that says if you do X, your child will do Y. There is no clearly laid out order which all medical professionals agree is appropriate for all children with autism – because there is no one cause of autism. There is no one genetic mutation, and there is no one environmental trigger that cause autism. There are MANY causes. In my son’s case we know now that, genetically, he has a compound heterozygous MTHFR mutation with multiple other mutations that impair his ability to detoxify. I had amalgams. I had antibiotics while pregnant. I am sure I ate tons of GMOs while pregnant because it wasn’t even on my radar to avoid them. I do not have natural immunity to measles, mumps, or rubella because my generation is the first to be vaccinated for them. (my personal theory is that the vaccines I got as a child have a role in the way I passed down immune function to my son).   My son regressed after a virus shortly after his third birthday. Not after a vaccine – we had started them after he turned two and did one at a time. It was an influenza virus that caused his regression.

I’m starting to see parents who have one child on the spectrum already, who knew not to vaccinate further children, wondering why those unvaccinated, 100% GMO-free, breastfed siblings are seeming to regress after being ill, and I cringe because I worry that the answer lies in Mom’s health. In Mom’s childhood vaccines. That those pieces created an in-utero environment that shifted our children’s epigenetics. I worry that we’re de-evolving as a species.

maps logo finalI can see a future – led by California – of forced vaccines for all children (unless they have a medical waiver) and all adults. I see a huge rise in kindergartners and seventh graders suddenly regressing into nonverbal, head-banging, feces-smearing vaccine injury because of the total load of shots they are required to have. (It would be interesting to see how the media handles that . . . I am guessing it would be completely ignored.) I see a huge rise in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease in formerly healthy adults because of the sudden need to be caught up on vaccines which contain aluminum and formaldehyde.

I see a future where we don’t have enough healthy adults to run this country – where half the population lives in a care facility and doesn’t work. Where we have no military because there is no one left healthy enough to be in it.

I don’t like that future, and I’m going to work to change it. So, yes, I will be trying everything I can. And I will be telling everyone I can about what works for us and what doesn’t because somewhere out there is another parent searching for a direction, something to try. And maybe it will help them too.

~ JuicyFruit

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6 Responses to Why I Try “So Many” Protocols in Treating My Son with Autism

  1. Gman's Mom says:

    Kudos! Keep it up. Son was a Secretin responder, & we detoxed, did special diets. When he developed PANDAS we did even more. Finally he’s an adult, no diagnosis though spring and fall allergies kick his butt. He’s a sophmore in college and doing well. It was a slog and I pray for all the others going through this. Try everything!

  2. proscience says:

    ditch the quackery and try respect, love and acceptance. Autism can’t be cured, despite what the charlatans you are squandering your time and money on tell you.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Okay, so you bill yourself as “proscience.” It seems that means science that supports your viewpoint because you’re certainly ignoring at least half of the science out there. Like the mainstream study where 9% of the subjects had “lost their diagnosis” by the time they had reached adulthood. The way “charlatans” illogically explain that fact is either that “they grew out of it” (but wait . . . I thought it’s a “lifelong disability” that “can’t be cured”?) or they were misdiagnosed in the first place (considered and rejected in the study). It also means that you are rejecting the mountains of scientific evidence that the roots of autism lie in toxic insults combined with a genetic inability to handle such toxic insults, and the mountain of evidence that when children are treated for those insults, they get better. Does that mean that they will all be “cured”? Hell, no, but it does mean that addressing those issues can have tremendous beneficial effects on the lives of all concerned. Would that all “charlatans” could say as much.

  3. I friend of mine said the other day –half of the population with autism and the other half with Alzheimer’s. Our country 20 years from now will be a total disaster.

  4. Denise says:

    AMEN x infinity!

  5. Vince says:

    Couldn’t agree more – try the kitchen sink. We’ve tried an awful lot of things that didn’t do much of anything… okay, so we lost a little time and a little money. It was worth it to say “we TRIED,” and they helped us understand our son’s biomedical situation. They also led us to the things that DID work well, and for those I’m incredibly grateful.

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