Did Dr. Ben Carson Just Let the Cat out of the Bag?

shamrockI was never much interested in presidential debates. Four years ago, I was still in the dark about my child’s “autism” and didn’t see how politics could have an impact on his life. No need to comment on how dumb that was; let’s just say things have changed. This year, I find myself texting the babysitter to make sure she is recording them – in HD! I am no longer in the dark about “autism.” I am now fully awake and immersed in the fate of my son and his future.

During the second Republican debate that took place Wednesday night, we had our eye on Donald Trump, a “vaccine-aware” candidate, and Dr. Ben Carson, who is on the record as being in favor of vaccine mandates without any personal belief exemptions. The debate was very spirited, entertaining even. Then, right at the end, something happened that no one saw coming – and I mean no one, least of all Jake Tapper the CNN commentator who prompted it: Dr. Carson let the fricking cat out of the vaccine bag.


We have to assume, since we’re talking about CNN, mainstream media’s lord and master, that the question Tapper posed to Dr. Carson, “Should he [Trump] stop saying that vaccines cause autism?” was meant to derail Donald Trump’s assertions with a slam dunk annihilation by Dr. Carson. I mean, who better qualified to dismiss Trump’s crazy notion that vaccines and autism are linked, than Dr. Carson – a pediatric neurosurgeon! (Dr. Carson can also be considered an expert on vaccines having just recently resigned from the board of directors of Vaccinogen, which plans to use vaccines to treat cancer. That’s a little out of my area of expertise, but I think it’s safe to say he knows a few things about the topic.) That wasn’t what happened, however. Dr. Carson didn’t issue the denial Tapper so obviously desired. In fact, he seemed to be supporting the wisdom of questioning the current vaccine program. The most important thing he said, and the only thing that will be remembered due to the surprise it engendered was this:

This was something that was spread widely 15 or 20 years ago, and it has not been adequately, you know, revealed to the public what’s actually going on.

Vaccines are very important. Certain ones. The ones that would prevent death or crippling.

There are others, there are a multitude of vaccines which probably don’t fit in that category [like rotavirus, rubella, varicella, mumps, hepatitis B, hepatitis A, and influenza], and there should be some discretion in those cases.

But, you know, a lot of this is – is – is pushed by big government. And I think that’s one of the things that people so vehemently want to get rid of, big government . . .

It is true that we are probably giving way too many in too short a period of time. And a lot of pediatricians now recognize that, and, I think, are cutting down on the number and the proximity in which those are done, and I think that’s appropriate.

CNN was quick to jump into damage control mode in the hours that followed, only posting clips of his very first statement:

Well, let me put it this way, there has – there have been numerous studies, and they have not demonstrated that there is any correlation between vaccinations and autism.

Jake Tapper

Jake Tapper

They seemed to assume, mistakenly, that this was vindication of the vaccine schedule as is, and there would be no reason to worry about the rest of Dr. Carson’s expert opinion – incidentally just heard by 23 million people. But, you see, “not demonstrated” does not mean that “the science is settled”; it just means that those studies didn’t demonstrate it. There is a difference. Dr. Carson is a smart guy; he meant what he said.

This didn’t stop Dr. Sanjay Gupta from attempting to “fact-check” Dr. Carson’s comments away, talking about how “dangerous” Dr. Carson’s remarks are for the general public. He attempts to expunge them from our minds by opening with a statement said r-e-a-l-l-y   s-l-o-w-l-y so we stupid people can understand – chillingly reminiscent of Elizabeth Cohen’s “Some people don’t hear this well” response to the CDC whistleblower story in 2014:

There is no connection between vaccines and autism . . . and I’ll just pause there for a second . . . because I don’t want anyone to think that there are any strings attached to that statement . . . It simply doesn’t exist.

Dr. Gupta refers back to his “lower antigen” theory wherein he explains that, because the antigen in many modern vaccines has been reduced to lower levels than that of previous versions and yet autism rates continue to rise, there is no correlation between vaccines and autism. He then quite vehemently says; “In fact, it’s the exact opposite correlation.”

sanjay gupta

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

However, as we previously tried to inform Dr. Gupta via social media during the media measles frenzy last February, this theory (and it is only a theory) is fundamentally flawed. It is well known that when you reduce the antigen, you need a higher dose of adjuvant (a toxin) in order for the vaccine to prime the immune system sufficiently. So I guess you could say that Dr. Gupta is actually providing a good case for correlation between the toxic adjuvants in vaccines and autism.

Also, CNN has conveniently forgotten Dr. Gupta’s very receptive interview with another doctor of neurology, Dr. Jon Poling, regarding the government’s concession of his daughter Hannah’s autism vaccine injury case. For those that are not up on Vaccine Injury Compensation Program lingo, that means that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services admitted that, yes, vaccines did indeed contribute to Hannah’s autism and compensated the family accordingly.  (Hannah Poling was originally part of the Omnibus Autism Proceeding, and you can read a little more about the history of the OAP and the Polings role in it here.) Dr. Gupta could not have been more interested in the details of the causative factors between vaccines and autism in that case, a mere seven years ago.

In the hours and days following Wednesday’s debate, the whole (vaccine propaganda) world has gone into a media-frenzied overdrive trying to cover up or erase what Dr. Carson said or discredit his medical credentials and reputation. Seems a bit harsh, doesn’t it? A quick read of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ (AAP) response the following day gives us a hint at how serious a snafu Dr. Carson created. The AAP went so far as to claim that Carson made “false statements,” stating categorically that it is “a danger to public health” to make such claims. They confidently declared that there is “no alternative vaccine schedule” and that “vaccines work, plain and simple.” Okey dokey, then! Guess Dr. Carson should go back to medical school, or vaccinology school or something.

There were also a slew of published media reports online, not least by the New York Times who published no less than three rebuttal articles to the Carson Crisis in one day – here, here and here.

Paul Offit

Dr. Paul Offit

No need to analyse those (though for fun, you  could check out Professor’s comments on the “bullshit” being spread by the New York Times on TMR’s Facebook page); more fact shaming, more “debunking,” more incredulity at the remarks of this now-famous pediatric neurosurgeon. Unsurprisingly, Dr. Paul Offit, the vaccine industry’s favorite apologist, was yet again rolled out to comment. Usually I’m really irked at articles where he is quoted (because it’s usually the same deliberately misleading opinion points), but this time it seemed like he was really scrambling to defend his idolatry of the vaccine industry – to a pediatric neurosurgeon who had doubts about it – and I found it highly entertaining. But that’s just me.

Last week’s debate elevated our community once more to the consciousness of the masses. It reminded us to check in with our SB277 warriors to see how they are holding up. It reminded us to get back in touch with our reps to remind them about the CDC whistleblower and the congressional hearing we’re waiting on. It reminded us that the fight is still worth fighting, and we are not giving up.

Levi Quackenboss summed it up perfectly  in a rebuttal to the Huffington Posts’ “If you even talk about the vaccine debate you give it credence” article:

It has never– ever, ever, ever— worked in the media’s favor to shove vaccine propaganda down readers’ throats.  Each time you run vaccine propaganda disguised as news even more eyes are opened to why this is even a debate in the first place. . . .  So you, Arthur Delaney, are just as guilty as the CNN moderator, and for that I want to thank you.  You are your own biggest enemy.  Keep up the good work.


To Dr. Gupta and anyone else listening, I say

. . . and I’ll just pause here for a second . . . because I don’t want anyone to think that there are any strings attached to this statement . . .

We will not relent.

Hear this well: We will not give in.

We will always be here protecting our children from the will of Big Government – because we believe in the freedom afforded to us by the Constitution of the United States of America that the next President, whoever that may be, will be sworn to uphold. Plain and simple.

~ ShamROCK

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25 Responses to Did Dr. Ben Carson Just Let the Cat out of the Bag?

  1. anthony kalonde m says:

    looking forward to love

  2. Hans Scholl says:

    Shamrock , they wont dare do NY if California keeps on going this badly.
    They are practically having to declare martial law .
    and what they really don’t want to happen , is happening , EVENTS are escalating.
    We have Gerberding on the ropes , now lets finish this .

    • ShamROCK says:

      I don’t know about having Gerberding on the ropes. She is a private person now and any role she has had in this mess at the CDC during her tenure should be dealt with via subpoena in a congressional hearing when they call Thompson. Forcing vaccines on children without exemption (because a medical exemption is not necessary if your child dies or is disabled after a vaccine that has no screening process prior to inoculation)… will have to be tested in the courts or via a referendum. This is against the CA constitution which has enshrined the Nuremberg Code of ethics as law. Pan et al (his pharma lobbyists) think that the elusive medical exemption excuses them from this burden of discovery. But the people must stand firm and fight back because our children deserve the right to have their parents who love them, make all their medical decisions. The NY Bill is so poorly written, it won’t go anywhere but we are still ready for the fight ahead. Thank you.

  3. Cynthia Smyth says:

    Every politician and news media reporter, should be made to watch the documentaries — Bought, Trace Amounts, and The Greater Good. I think the “Trace Amounts” producers are trying to do just that. I don’t see how anyone, even the ultra pro-vaccine folks, could not walk away with at least some doubts and concerns, after watching these documentaries.

    • ShamROCK says:

      For the very hardline pro-vaccine movement, it would be nearly impossible to make them see it. We wouldn’t watch a documentary about how great vaccines are for our health (risk free!). Despite the facts, we will never agree. We do however have the power to inform the middle ground people in a rational, common sense-like approach by telling our stories and sharing our experiences. That’s the TMR way. Keep telling your stories. Keep writing. Advocate for your kids. We are close to that tipping point. Really close.

  4. Cathy says:

    The cat is out !!!! This article is brilliant !!! Thank you on behalf of our generation of poisoned children, including my 19 year old son, Nick !!!!

  5. Alan Davis says:

    Dr. Gupta is hardly being scientific. What didn’t change about vaccines? That’s the right, the neurotoxin-laden adjuvants.

  6. Wade Cooper says:

    Trump is correct and I understand he is just on the tip of the iceberg about vaccines so he does not know about all the effects of the ingredients and Dr. Carson does not want to mention those side effects. Mercury and Aluminum are still common ingredients in vaccines. Millions of doses of mercury and aluminum are given out each year, some in the flu shot some in Dtap vaccines and others that still have a trace of mercury or are Chinese made and are unregulated. Mercury strips the myelin insulation layer off of the neurons in the brain and cause them to stop functioning, like clipping wires in a motor, you clip the right one and the whole motor stops working. A baby can stop breathing because of mercury poisoning. Mercury reacts with aluminum and other toxic metals to make them many times more toxic and deadly. Aluminum interferes with over 200 biological functions and can rob a person of energy. There is no safe amount of mercury to be injected into a person. It’s like saying there is a safe amount of bullets to put into a gun.

    • ShamROCK says:

      Thank you Wade, you are correct. Thank you for explaining it so well. However, I don’t believe that Dr. Gupta is as informed as you are. He doesn’t appear concerned with the toxic ingredients in vaccines. Dr. Carson I believe is very aware and that’s why he chose to be cautious on the podium that night. What I am not really sure about however, is why he wasn’t more evasive and why he didn’t trot out the usual CNN soundbite answer they were looking for. It will likely derail his political career (not a bad thing). But part of me thinks that he just couldn’t lie about it. I think his flip flop stance on this issue is confusing to the voter but essentially the only position that matters is the position he took on that stage. It doesn’t matter what he said in subsequent interviews, we have it on the record quite clearly from the debate itself. I believe he knows what side of history to be on… truth!

  7. Wendy Hermes says:

    I love the misinformation by Gupta AND Thinking Mom’s explanation: lower antigens means MORE adjuvants! These adjuvants are the toxins causing the problems! D’uh, Sanjay, Pharma-SHILL!

    • ShamROCK says:

      Thank you Wendy. I couldn’t believe that he’s still churning out that theory. It was actually what prompted me to write this piece. He’s dangerously misinformed. I mean it sounds good, until you actually look at what is in a vaccine other than the antigen. See APV’s links below for more info on that.

  8. DaWei says:

    Great perspective. My head almost exploded listing to NPR’s guest ‘expert’ (who is a health reporter…not sure where the expert part comes in), explaining how Carson’s bit alluding to an alternative vaccine schedule was both ignorant and dangerous. Ignorant because there is only one vaccine schedule “that has been tested repeatedly for safety and efficiency” (no sources to back up her statement, because there are none) and dangerous because the child could catch deadly diseases if not properly protected by vaccines “even from a visit to the Doctors office” (horrors!!).
    The media machine is on a full US theater campaign of damage control and will have references to how “wrong” Carson was dropped into every news show, entertainment show and probably even cooking show. I’m sure the Kardashians are monetizing their position right now.
    Thank you for your voice of truth and bless you for all of the minds of parents that you’ve caused to stop and think.

    • ShamROCK says:

      Thank you DaWei. This will most likely end Dr. Carson’s short political career but we can be thankful that his confusing stance on vaccines will disappear with him. However, I will be eternally grateful to him for stirring the pot and giving us the soundbite we so badly needed right now.

    • Wrless1 says:

      I am so disappointed in NPR. They are pro vaccine and have had many programs promoting them and being sure to take the time to make it clear that people who have issue with the vaccine schedule are wrong. They must get Big Harma funding.

  9. APV says:

    As for Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s “lower antigen” theory:

    There are at least two mechanism of vaccines causing autism that are unaffected by “lower antigens”.

    Any intramuscular injection tears muscle/nerve/skin tissue and injects it along with the vaccine contents. Due to a process known as epitope spreading, the body efficiently creates antibodies against the muscle/nerve/skin tissue, in the presence of other foreign antigen (vaccine proteins), resulting in autoimmunity.

    Autoimmunity to muscle/nerve proteins obviously affects the brain/nerves. Autsim, GBS could result.

    Vaccines contain casamino acid derived from milk. The IOM reported in 2011 that food proteins in vaccines do cause sensitization (food allergy/antibody development). Folate receptor is a milk protein. Developing folate receptor antibodies results in a type of autism.

    A milk-free diet downregulates folate receptor autoimmunity in cerebral folate deficiency syndrome

  10. APV says:

    As you of course know, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) are the top INDEPENDENT medical experts in the country.

    Institute of Medicine (IOM) report says:

    “Causality Conclusion
    Conclusion 4.8: The evidence favors rejection of a causal relation-
    ship between MMR vaccine and autism.

    Causality Conclusion
    Conclusion 10.6: The evidence is inadequate to accept or reject a
    causal relationship between diphtheria toxoid–, tetanus toxoid–, or
    acellular pertussis–containing vaccine and autism.”


    The IOM did not study autism vs. other vaccines.
    Even for diphtheria toxoid–, tetanus toxoid–, or
    acellular pertussis–containing vaccine (DTaP/TdaP), their conclusion is that there is not enough information to conclude EITHER way.

    So, even Dr.Carson’s first statement is inaccurate. The autism, vaccine connection is still very much an open issue to be studied.

  11. Tim Lundeen says:

    Love it, thank you!

    We still need contributions to help get the California SB277 referendum on the ballot. Please go to https://www.gofundme.com/sb277referendum if you can help, it would be much appreciated!

    • ShamROCK says:

      Thank you Tim! We know that this issue doesn’t help you guys in CA but in my opinion anything that can reach the middle-grounders on this issue and cause them to have doubts, is helping everyone. SB277 is always forefront in our minds. NY are facing a similar Bill next year so I guess we’re next 🙁

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