Bugs, Moon Cycles, and Lunacy

“Does the moon actually possess such strange powers, or is it all just Lunacy?”~Moon Baby by Godsmack

It happens every 29.53 days.  It creeps up on me every damn month…sometimes twice a month!  Out of nowhere…cranky, irritable, mood changes, cramping, GI distress and bloating.   You guessed it…PMS.

Pre Moon Syndrome.

I detest the full Moon, my nemesis.  It comes and goes like clockwork, leaving a wake of chaos behind it.  You see, I have two Moon Babies.  I can tell the moon cycle without lifting an eye to the sky.  There is a change in them.  And it’s happening right now.  Next Full Moon is July 3rd,, in case you didn’t know.   Are you prepared?  It’s a longstanding monthly joke on Facebook.  Stock up on provisions for The Moon (AKA – Drink of Choice).  It’s quite apparent that I am not the only one with Moon Babies.

If you asked me ten years ago if I thought behavior was linked to the lunar cycle, I probably would have laughed in your face.  A LOT has changed since then.  A whole lot, so today I wanted to take some time and explore The Moon and the Lunacy it brings around these here parts.

Full Moon mythology has persisted throughout history.   The term “lunatic” comes from the Latin Lunaticus meaning “of the moon” or “moonstruck”.    It was once believed to turn people into werewolves and vampires, coining the terms “Transylvania Effect” and “Lunar Lunacy”.  Many reports suggest that crime rates, hospitalizations, and incidents at mental hospitals increase.   Homicides and suicides spike.  It has become part of the cultural vernacular.  “There are some crazies out tonight.  Must be a full moon.”

During New and Full Moons, the Earth, Sun, and Moon are all aligned, resulting in higher than normal tides.  Considering the human body is 80% water (so is Earth, by the way) is it possible that the Moon has some kind of “Human Tidal Pull”, throwing the body out of balance?   Aristotle and Pliny the Elder (A Roman historian and Naturalist) argued that the moon did in fact have an impact on human behavior. Based on the fact that the human brain is the moistest organ, it could cause insanity in susceptible individuals.  Who knows?  All of these theories could be bullsh*t.  There is one thing I do know that’s definitively linked to Moon Cycles and behavior….and that’s parasite infection.

Bugs.  These nasty SOBs are most active during the full moon cycle and the effects are more prominent.  They lay their eggs and kick up toxic stench that makes its way to the brain, impacting functioning and behavior.  My boys have tested positive for parasites.  Dientamoeba Fragilis,  to be precise.  This is not because they live in squalor, traveled to some Third World country and drank dirty water, or play in a cat box.  This is not a rare and unique situation.  Parasites and autism often go hand in hand.  Humans host over 100 kinds of parasites including roundworms, tapeworms, flukes, and single cell parasites.  We come in contact with them on our food, in our water, and through the air.  It is estimated that 25% of the world population suffer from chronic intestinal parasite infection.  Classic symptoms include bloating, fatigue, flu like symptoms, low immune function, excessive hunger, constipation, diarrhea, grinding teeth especially at night, hives, irritability, rashes, sleep disturbances, changes in weight, joint pain, headaches, gas, and bloating.

Sound familiar??

Like I said, they are everywhere.  Food, air, water, pets, etc.  Once they make their way into the body, they can settle anywhere, setting up shop to damage organs, block absorbtion, destroy enzymes, suck nutrients, and produce neurotoxic waste.  Although they typically settle in the intestines, they can migrate anywhere and end up in joints, organs, and even the brain.

There are various different treatments from herbal tinctures to homeopathic treatments to pharmaceuticals, but parasites are often extremely hard to kill.  Why is that?  Think about this.   Is it because we feed our kids the most clean, pure, organic foods and supplement them with MB12, vitamin c, iron, and folinic acid, all the while none of it is making it into our kids?  Bugs LOVE this stuff.  Thrive on it.  We are creating superbugs.  These fockers suck all the nutrients we try so hard to get in our kids via food and supps in the first place!  Our kids are the perfect hosts….too sick to fight them off and all the goodness they need to thrive and reproduce.

So this coming week, when the kids start getting nutty and it seems all of the freaks have come out of the woodwork don’t just blame the Moon.  You may have bugs.  Talk to your doctor…and let’s start killing these sonsabitches!

Party’s Over, Boys!  Poppy is doing Last Call!  You don’t gotta go home, but you can’t stay here….



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32 Responses to Bugs, Moon Cycles, and Lunacy

  1. Lizzy says:

    Oh, and yes, parasites lay eggs that hatch at the full moon. Check the Farmer’s Almanac!

  2. Lizzy says:

    I have been doing Nutritional Balancing for a year which includes eating a lot of cooked vegetables & some protein, not eating gluten/sugar/fruit/alcohol, coffee enemas, simple infrared sauna, foot rubs and mineral supplementation. It is a biochemical rebalancing tracked via hair analysis. A couple months in, I started dumping parasites/biofilms and all kinds of toxins every day (all kinds of parasites in phases). This went on for 8 months straight. I am now retracing old infections and dumping heavy metals (that often go hand in hand with bugs and yeast). I had terrible pms, insomnia, ear aches, stomach aches, head aches, etc since a kid. These are all going away and my vitality returning. Truly miraculous. I know this has to do, in part, with taking a ton of antibiotics as a kid and wrecking the microbiome. Health returning with restoring micriobiome (pre and pro biotics, colon health, enzymes, detox). Extreme measures, herbs, chelation, and supplementation not necessary.

    • Ali. says:

      Hi Lizzy. Are you doing the rebalancing as per Dr. Lawrence Wilson? I have considered this. I would love to know what things you actually eat, the minerals you take, and how you get the infrared sauna. At the moment I am doing dry and wet fasting in an attempt to starve the beggars out (I have systemic worms).

    • mark brown says:

      Nice! Awesome! Sorry you had 2go through all that! 2many antibiotics can ruin
      the GItract! I was on 10years tetracycline for acne. WE NEED ID 4 ROPEWORMS
      ETC. A pathologist who knows Fungus! Are many Fungal Biofilms? I think that
      Fungus is the cause of many Cancers+AD+Alzheimers+ a Major problem with
      Autism. 2many vaccines! I particularly concerned c Gardacil-Cervanix…etc.
      I LOVE KERRI RIVERAS WORK! I don’t know a whole lot about it.I wishUtheBest.
      Dr.Hyman or Dr. Neides would bee great 4FDA-my opinion
      Mark Brown PA Johns Hopkins grad

    • Michele Christenson says:

      Hi Lizzy,

      Sounds like an excellent protocol. One question. Did you also exclude raw unfiltered honey? It is supposed to be anti- parasitic as well, but obviously is also “sugar”. I am going to try this and would love to know. Thank you!

  3. Chiron says:

    Hi folks,
    Great blog entry, first of all. To all of you parents of autistic children, the parasite/ biofilm/fungal/bacterial infection is at the root of it all. The heavy metals in the biofilms, the digestive, detoxification and metabolic issues that go along with it, they can be resolved and where there is some innate detoxification impairment well that can be compensated for and supported. Get rid of the bugs and metals and heal the body (brain included). Don’t do a one item protocol!! You need to have a comprehensive protocol (biofilm breakers, antimicrobials, chelates, absorbing agents, buffers, liver/kidney support, rebuilding tissue/replenishing nutrients and minerals). Bugs and biofilms are brilliant; the chelation and detox process is demanding. Replenishing and healing takes time. It’s a tricky lengthy and complicated undertaking but doable and brings healing. There are many many products out there, doctors and healers with success stories. Research, follow the trail of products, doctors, interviews, forums. Check out the Lyme forums, check out Peta Cohen. But do a carefully planned comprehensive sophisticated protocol with a doctor with a track record of success who is supportive for the long haul. I’m writing this to pass on hope and direction I’ve gathered on my own healing journey and to help a friend with autistic children. I wish you and your children great healing 🙂

  4. Kerri Maguire says:

    Right, I never believed this, I’m still skeptical. However, I have only noticed today that I’m more down that usual and we’re coming up to a full moon. And my daughter who’s on the spectrum is acting bizarre and way worse than usual. Yes, her routine -was- upset yesterday (funeral) however, her meltdowns and autistic tics are 10x as bad as they normally are after a routine change. The parasitic theory, I could potentially believe. However, according to studies into the matter, the moon’s gravitational pull on humans, if there is one, would be so miniscule that it would be hardly noticeable. Could it be that those with mental illnesses and those on the spectrum are more sensitive?

  5. victor says:

    could you please suggest me a powerful parasite cleanse protocol

    • P says:

      Black cumin seed oil.
      Dr.ClarkStore.com’s Green Black Walnut tincture, Cloves and Wormwood. Boron.
      Minced garlic, set aside for 10 minutes, served in anything.
      Honokiol (I use HonoPure) and Boswelia.
      Systemic enzymes to eat the biofilms, including SerraPeptase. I use Neprinol.
      Fennel Seed tea. MUST NOT be constipated. Add Calm magnesium to the tea every morning for movement
      BE SURE to have Ornithine on hand to mitigate the die-off effects. Dr. Clark Store.com has best one I’ve found.
      Top notch probiotics must follow cleanse with Resistant Starch in diet. RS is in cold potatoes not cooked in water and cold beans of any kind. Do research. Excellent Microbiome book available on Amazon by Dr. Rafael Kellman.

  6. Bretts mom says:

    Very interesting!

  7. Dewormer says:

    Kerri Rivera’s protocol! I have 2 boys with autism and yiu should see the stuff coming out! Thank you Kerri for returning hope to this plagued family!

  8. chailove says:

    Were you able to get rid of the DF? Please let me know how. It is a really terrible parasite to live with.

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  10. Amy Harpenau says:

    I have 2 sons with autism, and are full of parasites! I have did some research, which has led me to try coffee enamas with my boys. It’s been amazing!!! They are making huge gains in the last 4 months, and we are seeing a ton of parsites come out if their body. It has been the best thing we have ever done, and wish more moms would try it with their kids. I have never been so amazed, on how coffee enama’s can kill them. My oldest who was very aggressive, has been so happy, and has done nothing aggressive in the last 4 months. Speech, eye contact, fine and gross motor skills, and everything has improve dramatically. I’m on cloud nine, and trying to get the word out to other moms

    • Sue says:

      Do you mind if I ask for the coffee enemas protocol. Do you use anything else to get rid of the parasites or coffee enemas only?
      Is it still working, did you continue to see improvement.
      Thank you

    • Annika says:

      can you send more details? would love to know how you knew your sons had parasites? i’m assuming my daughter does as she wakes early during full moon hatching cycle — already on so many supps – coffee seems simpler…

  11. Louise Green says:

    I am a senior. I was having diarrhea and other trouble with my colon. For several years. I went to four different doctors who said it was my stress level (my husband is in a state of dementia) and that the stress made me high strung. They advised me to go to therapist. That’s right, always lay the faults at the woman’s door. Anyway, I tried another doctor, a Chinese lady and within two months she found out I had H. Pylori and gave me an antibiotic and zap, in three weeks it was gone. So then I bought a parasite drop formula and use it twice a year, and no matter how difficult hubby gets the colon remains come.

    • Summer says:

      Hoping it hasn’t been too long and you can reply. My daughter was diagnosed with Dientamoeba fragilis and I’m wanting to find someone who can treat effectively. do you know what the antibiotics / zapper and parasite drop formulas were called? Thanks for your help!

  12. Kerri Rivera says:

    Glad more people are talking about parasites with the autism diagnosis…and beyond. Because, us moms are full too. This is a family thing. http://www.fullmoon.info for new moon an full moon dates. Thank you for the wonderful post, Poppy.

    • mark brown says:

      Hay Kerri? Did I tell U- UR great? I did? Great! Also I think that the
      Thinking Moms Revolution is Great 2!! Mushrooms respond to the
      Full Moon?=Great!
      I think that many of the Ropeworms are Fungal Biofilms!!! Orac (Dr.Gorski)
      and Dr. Califf CANNOT beat my Best 100 medical studies!!! Why? They
      have to use Pharma Studies….and they mostly SUCK and then…when you
      factor in costs + side effects….well….that Sucks for them!!
      Your Friend Maverick….Mark Brown PA Johns Hopkins grad…..

  13. Erica says:

    There are many homeopathic remedies which have full moon aggravates or new moon, or both. But the top ones are Calc Carb for full moon and Silicea for both. Calc Carb also happens to be one of the top choices for worms as well. I once gave Calc Carb to a 2 year old little girl with raging tantrums which were aggravated during a full moon and especially after sugar. I didn’t give it during the full moon, but within a couple of hours, she went to the potty and expelled a tape worm! End of tantrums. However, the only remedy listed in the materia medica for tapeworms aggravated by the full moon is Mercurius. Go figure.

    • Erica says:

      P.S. I would not recommend just giving a random remedy like the ones I mentioned. (There are 74 remedies listed for aggravation during the full moon.) The reason the Calc Carb worked was because it fit her full constitution at the time. While a well chosen remedy (based on symptoms) could definitely help acutely for parasites, the best choice would be the remedy which fits the entire symptom picture to not only get rid of the parasites but strengthen the body so they don’t return. As most of us know, this is a constant, never ending battle, even under the best circumstances.

  14. Elena Travassos says:

    We got the same parasite. Were you able to get rid of this one yet?

  15. Jeni Clark says:

    It would be great to post a “treatment plan” to tackle this BIG issue! 🙂 What are people doing to move beyond parasites, yeast, bacteria and fungus? What is working? What didn’t work or was just not enough to kill them dead including the Big Mama host?

  16. Mamacita says:

    I can totally relate to this. The kid was up at 4am today, super stimmy, very distracted, with bursts of “laughter”. Big sigh. Thanks for another great post!

  17. Mama Wolverine says:

    Years ago, seeking help from a pediatic infectious disease specialist at a childrens hospital, I was laughed out of her office for suggesting a parasite/gut/moon connection. I had explained to her that my child with autism became different when there was a full moon. When I explained to her that I had found information that parasites become active during the full moon cycle, she looked at me like I was a crazy loon. I’ve been dealing with this now, on my own, for the past couple of years because no one would believe me and I became afraid that someone would try to take my child away from me if I brought it up any further.

  18. Marco says:

    LOL! This is so true. I can just imagine a small city of bugs and one of those loud factory wistles going off. All waking up and moving around to do their thing.
    There are so many paths to the same crazy symptom, and this is one for sure.
    But it’s killing time at the GI corral!!
    Stay tuned…

  19. Carolyn S. says:

    So is anyone game for sharing their parasite protocol? We are about to start the NOW fresh wormwood liquid but I am curious to see what other families are doing and to find out what the heck works. Please?


    • Sugah says:

      I don’t think there are any *definite* answers here. So, so many doctors won’t even consider parasites as a potential problem. Period. I have spent countless hours on curezone reading other people’s experiences with naturals and pharmaceuticals. IMO this is one of those things that THINKing parents are going to have to take the lead on and figure it out for themselves.

  20. Tex says:

    So glad you wrote this one Poppy! I have a feeling this issue is going to become a much bigger deal in the Autism community over the next couple of years. My boy isn’t a “moon” child, but he tested positive for three varieties of parasites. I’d encourage other parents not to rely on traditional labs to find out what’s going on with your kiddo. Have a vet look under a microscope at your kid’s sample and really *FIND OUT* whats eating them. Literally eating them. ARGH.

  21. Sugah says:

    You are sooooo right, Poppy! We are in the midst of battling this issue too! My kids aren’t moon kids….they don’t have that crazy behavior during the full moon cycle…..but they have recently tested positive for parasites. Some nasty ones.

    Nobody wants to believe they THEMSELVES or their OWN kids have parasites…but the truth is that it is extremely common. You don’t have to eat sushi or a rare steak to get them, either. You are just as likely (if not more!) to catch parasites from your salad!

    And, IMO, the parasites are going to keep coming back until immune function is restored. And even then, we’d be wise to *deworm* ourselves twice a year. Responsible horse and dog owners will deworm their animals twice a year. HELLLOOOOOOO!!! We ARE ANIMALS!!!!

    Very well written, Poppy! Word!


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