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15 Healthy, Gluten-Free Lunchbox Ideas

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It’s that time of year again! Cue the “OMG, I don’t know what to feed my kids for lunch” panic attacks. We’ve made it through the summer grilling up organic hot dogs on gluten-free buns, making runs to the local … Continue reading

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Pink Himalayan Salt: Make Your Own Sole

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I’m making a fresh batch of pink Himalayan crystal salt sole! Sole (pronounced so-lay) is made from Himalayan salt. This beautiful pink-coloured salt, mined from the Himalayan mountains, contains 84 minerals. When you dissolve Himalayan rock salt in water, to the … Continue reading

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Special-Needs Students, College and the Most Special, Not Needy Student of Them All!

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My eldest goddaughter leaves for college this week. I am not handling it well. To say the least. You see, although I am blessed to have three beautiful goddaughters, ranging in age from 18 to one, whom I love from … Continue reading

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My Life As An Autism Kitchen Bitch

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In the years B.A. (“before autism”), I loved to cook. In fact, I loved it so much that I even tried out for the first season of Master Chef. My braised oxtail dish got me to the second round of … Continue reading

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My September 11th

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This blog originally ran September 11, 2013.  We remember. Never Forget. September 11, 2001.  Can it be twelve years ago already? I remember looking up from my office desk on the 50th floor of our building in Midtown and seeing smoke … Continue reading

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Exclusive Education: How Autism Is Treated In France

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While the #CDCwhistleblower scandal and the #hearthiswell campaign have rightfully been the main focus of the past few days, I wanted to pause for a moment and share what is happening in France: Children with autism are being denied the … Continue reading

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Bon Voyage

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We hope that you all will join us for our upcoming eConference: GMOs, Organics and Food Allergies: How To Feed Your Family Without Losing Your Mind  on October 7th.  Click HERE to register. Those of you who have children with special diets … Continue reading

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Important Action Alert: Share Your Vaccine Injury Stories

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We have an important Action Alert!   Congressman Posey wants your story about your child’s vaccines reactions: regression into autism after MMR (or other vaccines), adverse effects, long-term health outcomes, etc… He needs these 1000’s of them ASAP so he … Continue reading

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Book Review : Outsmarting Autism

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When a new book comes out on the subject of treating autism, I am always interested in seeing the newest recommendations as research, therapies and protocols are always changing. Like many parents, I belong to online Facebook groups on a … Continue reading

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5 Easy Tips for Being an Awesome Host to a Family With Food Allergies

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Travel can be very challenging for families with food allergies. The sheer logistics of transporting much of your own food can be daunting – the prep work involved, fitting it all into your car or plane – and then there … Continue reading

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