Autism’s April Showers

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Since April started Ronan’s dealt with a sickness, more seizures and major changes to his school routine. Each of those incidents were reminders of how fragile my son’s health is. Being able to lean on Ronan’s support team allowed me … Continue reading

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Featured Guest Blog: Turning Anger to Action

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Last April I was angry.  I wanted to abstain from Facebook until Autism “Awareness” Month was over. I was so frustrated because I felt like we needed action, not awareness.   I felt that everyone already knew what autism was. … Continue reading

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I’m All Lost In The Supermarket

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Cooking dinner in my house is about as stressful as putting together two pieces of flat-pack Ikea furniture hung over, with my husband, on a deadline, with the kids milling about. And the sad part is I used to love … Continue reading

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Reflections from The Rev: We Are Winning. No, really.

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So HERE’s how the autism community rolls. Bit of a bump in the road Monday what with a major chain restaurant bowing out of it’s agreement with NAA. Sadly they caved to bullying tactics, fearing the controversy they would face … Continue reading

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A Big, Big Thank You

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April 7th was supposed to include a fun evening out for me and my family.  Ronan loves chips and salsa and enjoys Chili’s as it is one of only a few places he can go out to eat.  My whole … Continue reading

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Autism Awareness Is For Pussies

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This post was originally run on March 1, 2013, but bears repeating. In 2006, Nick was diagnosed with autism and the April ‘Awareness’ campaign seemed reasonable to me.  Brand new to the community, I liked the idea of the autism world … Continue reading

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Special Diets for Recovery from Autism and Other Neurological Conditions

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My version of a healthy diet, when I was concerned about cancer running through my family tree, was as follows: brown rice, chicken breast and broccoli. Repeat. I was poor, I was busy, I could not cook. I was coming … Continue reading

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Reflections with The Rev: The Week in Review

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“Experts say tremendous tornado, hurricane, and tsunami-like conditions combined are heading toward the continental US. Experts also warn against worrying or concern over this…no need to rush into over-preparedness. This is simply a case of better weather prediction, as opposed … Continue reading

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TEAM TMR Is Ready For April Autism Month–Donate Now!

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When we first launched The Thinking Moms’ Revolution to give hope and a voice to those who needed one, one of the questions we were most frequently asked was “How do I join?”  It amazed us that people connected with … Continue reading

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Book Review: A Unique Life Fully Lived, A Personal Journey of Love, Hope and Courage by Lorrin and Karen Kain

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When I started reading “A Unique Life Fully Lived, A Personal Journey of Love, Hope and Courage, by Lorrin and Karen Kain”, I was expecting to go on an emotional journey with Karen and Lorrin. Little did I know how … Continue reading

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