Scientific Proof: Vaccines DO Cause Autism

August 30, 2016

The ProfessorThis is it: The Changepoint.

Can you feel it? The last 30 years have led inexorably to this moment when, for the first time in history, all the candidates remaining in the race for the presidency of the United States feel the need to clarify their stance on the use of vaccines – repeatedly and conflictingly. How did we get to the point where vaccines have become such a highly charged, controversial issue? After all, if vaccines are truly as safe as “they” say they are, wouldn’t anyone want a “get out of sickness free” card?

hillary tweet

The truth? Of course they would. If vaccines were a truly “free” way to avoid illness, there would be no controversy, plain and simple. Everyone would be on board. That’s why vaccines have generally enjoyed the largely unquestioned popularity they have for as long as they have. Everyone wants to believe in magic. The problem is that, as the number of recommended vaccines and vaccine doses has climbed in the last 30 years along with their concomitant serious adverse events, it has become glaringly obvious that such avoidance of illness through the help of a hypodermic needle is anything but “free” for a large and growing segment of the population who are now living with chronic, often debilitating, illness.

The recent full-frontal assault (represented by legislative efforts nationwide such as SB 277 in California and most recently by yesterday’s press release from the American Academy of Pediatrics) on the right to choose whether or not to receive medical treatments that carry with them the risk of death or permanent disability, topped by the recent pressure on presidential candidates to declare themselves all in favor, means that the time has come to stop pussyfooting around on this subject. So I’m just going to say this baldly:

Vaccines do cause autism.

You all know in your heart of hearts it’s true. The mocking of CNN’s Elizabeth Cohen, her “journalistic” colleagues, and the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Special Masters notwithstanding, there can be no other explanation for why the “myth” has persisted. The mainstream media would have you believe that everyone who believes that vaccines cause autism (at least one-third of American parents of children under 18 at last count) is a superstitious, anti-science nutcase. But if you actually dig deeper and investigate this claim, you will find that often the “all vaccines are magic” crowd is actively discouraging the sharing of science and factual information while at the same time disseminating a great deal of – what shall we call it? Misinformation? – justifying themselves with “you can’t handle the truth.” Those of us who think that vaccines come with some very serious risks that mean that everyone should be thinking long and deeply before taking any vaccine, on the other hand, actively share as much scientific and factual information as possible, while at the same time encouraging you to do further independent study on the subject. We want you to understand that large, epidemiological studies are easy to manipulate. (There’s a reason for Disraeili’s saying, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”) We want you to look at who is funding the science, and ask yourself what questions didn’t they ask or answer? We want you to be aware of what the editors of the most prestigious medical journals and the Cochrane Collaboration (the least biased international repository for medical science) have to say about corporate corruption of science and the failure of peer review.

vaccines and the brain

You see, unlike those who believe you should have only enough information to make the choice they want you to make, we think that the more information you have on the real risks and benefits of any medical intervention, not just vaccines, the better the healthcare decisions you can make for yourself and your family.

When you look at it that way, it doesn’t seem so radical, does it? That just might be because it’s not.

I have read and discussed a great deal of vaccine science in the last 10 years, sometimes with the researchers themselves, and I have come to the conclusion that repeated hyper-stimulation of the immune system, especially at very young ages when the neurological system is developing rapidly, is having serious negative health effects on a large and growing segment of the population. I’ve seen a lot of emphasis on particular ingredients and calls to “green our vaccines” in the vaccine-choice community, but I have rarely seen folks talking about the immune activation itself that is the goal of vaccination and a result of injection with toxic ingredients. And I myself have not organized or presented the information I’ve encountered except in a very general way. Fortunately for us, Twilight recently compiled a lot of the current and compelling science on autism and the immune system for a recent blog that makes it crystal clear that immune activation (such as might be induced with vaccination) and its resultant brain inflammation are crucial in the development of autism.

While this research is certainly suggestive of a link between repeated immune activation during pregnancy and infancy, such as might occur upon vaccination, and the subsequent development of autism, by itself it certainly does not constitute proof that vaccines cause autism. There are other ways to effect immune activation, such as acute infections themselves and toxic environmental assaults, and it’s conceivably possible that vaccines don’t cause the right sort of immune activation.

While it has long been known that acute infections such as prenatal rubella can cause autism, the fact is that acute cases of infectious disease have been decreasing at the very same time the autism rate (and that of other forms of neurological dysfunction) has been skyrocketing, implying that there is a much larger contributor at work than acute infections. “Coincidentally,” the number of vaccine doses received by infants’ rapidly developing neurological systems has been increasing concomitantly with the autism rate. Before the recent vaccine-crazy era that began with the 1986 law removing manufacturers’ liability for vaccine injuries, it would have been highly unusual for an infant or toddler to face many intense challenges to their immune system while the neurological system was in rapid development mode. Nowadays, however, most children’s immune systems are under assault starting in the womb with the influenza and Tdap vaccines recommended for their mothers in pregnancy, and continuing with the hepatitis B vaccine on the day of birth.

After we ran the Autism and the Immune System blog, it came to my attention that someone, who wishes to remain anonymous because they feel that the science should speak for itself (as it should), has painstakingly connected the dots — using NIH-funded, peer-reviewed high-quality experimental science — between the immune activation triggered by vaccines, particularly aluminum-containing vaccines, and the production of specific cytokines in the brain that are a necessary and sufficient condition for the development of autism. (I’m constantly amazed at what people are allowed to work on and publish if they don’t explicitly mention a link between vaccines and autism.)

“Necessary and sufficient condition” is of course another way of saying “cause.” In other words, this anonymous blogger has compiled scientific proof that vaccines can – and do – cause autism. That is huge so I’m going to say it again: scientific proof that vaccines do cause autism. This person runs a website called Vaccine Papers where it’s all laid out. TMR will be hosting in the very near future, with permission of the author, a series of blogs from that website in the hopes of getting this information out to the widest possible audience, especially to vaccine-choice advocates everywhere, who should have the best of the available science at their fingertips. Feel free to dive into Vaccine Papers now or wait for our installments.

In the meantime, Vaccine Papers’ excellent brochure, “Vaccines and the Brain” which summarizes the information, will provide a taste of what’s to come.

immune activation

By the way, no matter where you fall in your opinion on vaccines, you should ask yourself if it is okay with you that political and commercial considerations are frequently what determines which science is funded and published? And is it okay with you that a CDC scientist came forward alleging research fraud at the CDC that in all probability has profoundly affected the lives of many thousands of people and, even though that information has been in the public domain now for two years, that no media outlet or governmental committee has yet to consider it worthy of investigation? If either of those two things is okay with you, please excuse me for thinking that your protestations of “but . . . science!” ring hollow.

After our blog on Autism and the Immune System, Lisa Stephenson of Autism Revolution for Medical Intervention requested that we stop pursuing the link between vaccines and autism and suggested that by doing so we were sacrificing “all our children for the sake of the ones who have vaccine-induced autism.” I heartily disagree and will illustrate it with an analogy. Say that you have read the research linking smoking and lung cancer. You know it implicates smoking in a big way, but the tobacco companies are running successful interference, and you see people all around you who don’t know about the link and are subsequently developing lung cancer. Do you keep quiet about it because there are some people who develop lung cancer, like my own father, who have never smoked a day in their lives and you might be “sacrificing” those people “for the sake of the ones who have smoking-induced lung cancer”? Of course not! You speak up and inform people what their choices and actions may lead to and in the process help benefit the individuals, their families, society at large by enabling them to avoid the physical, social, and economic costs of serious illness. Then, if they still choose to smoke, at least they’re doing it with their eyes open.

And none of that dissemination of information precludes advocating for proper treatment for all people who develop lung cancer, whatever the cause, just as informing people of what can happen if they continue to vaccinate according to the CDC schedule (or a number of other things we talk about) does not prevent us from advocating on a federal and local level for better lives for all people with autism — even the ones who think we’re crazy or misguided.

Yours in anticipation,

~ Professor

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35 Responses to Scientific Proof: Vaccines DO Cause Autism

  1. Ramilla says:

    Can you please answer how children in third world countries are autistic and never had vaccines? In fact there are children in the United States that have autism and have never been vaccinated a day in their life! So if vaccines cause autism, why do these children have autism as well? Also do you have any studies that are more current proving that vaccines is the cause for autism and not just genes/DNA as reported by over a thousand studies, in fact Autism Speaks did their own study and verified that children with autism have a different DNA than children who did not have autism. Are you telling me that vaccines can change DNA as well?

    • Ramilla says:

      Also these mothers did not have prenantal vaccines! Just in case you start saying that is why the children not vaccinated have autism!

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Your question is a good one with a very simple answer. Just because vaccines cause autism (and, yes, there are many studies that support that that doesn’t mean that vaccines are the ONLY cause of autism. One of the major reasons why vaccines cause autism is because there are many children who are genetically less able to detox than “normal.” When these children encounter toxins, the body does whatever it can to eliminate them. When “normal” detox channels (such as methylation and sulfation) are not working properly or well, the body will recruit the immune system to do the job. There are many pathways to the sort of immune activation that can cause autism. It’s just that here in the United States and most other developed countries, the single most common trigger is one or more vaccines.

      Think of it this way: we know that smoking causes lung cancer. Does that mean that all lung cancer is caused by smoking? No indeed. There will always be cases of lung cancer in people who don’t smoke. My own father died of lung cancer even though he never smoked a day in his life. If no one smoked, all cases of lung cancer would be caused by something other than smoking, but that still wouldn’t mean that smoking doesn’t cause lung cancer.

      I’m not sure which study you are referring to, but the genetic questions are FAR more complicated than you present them. There are nearly 1000 genes identified which can confer “autism risk.” The vast majority of those genes are only SLIGHTLY more prevalent in the autism population than in the neurotypical population. That means that those genes cannot be said to “cause” autism by themselves. They will need to interact with some environmental trigger to cause autism, an environmental trigger such as vaccines. Without that trigger, the autism would never develop. The most consistent finding in children with autism is that genes having to do with inflammation are “switched on.” That is an epigenetic effect that is caused by environmental triggers. Brain inflammation of the sort talked about in this series of blogs is characteristic in most cases of autism. (In some cases, children have what are called “de novo” gene mutations that their parents don’t have. Some of these are among those genes that confer autism risk. What you never see is any sort of discussion about where those mutations that their parents don’t have came from. The only way they can arise is from malfunctions in DNA copying as the egg, sperm, or embryo are developing. Those malfunctions can be caused by prenatal environmental insults such as vaccines.) By the way, there are a small number of genes that confer a much greater risk of autism, but those are present in a very small percentage of autism cases, less than 10%.

      If you are really interested in understanding the genetic and environmental underpinnings in autism, the very best overview of this subject is in The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism, by James Lyons-Weiler. He synthesized what he learned from over 2,000 studies on the subject.

  2. Peter Olins says:

    ProfessorTMR, last year you wrote an article starting with the sentence,

    “Far too many are still swooned by false promises from people with initials like “Dr.” and “CEO” in front of their names.”

    So isn’t it time for you to drop the “professor” moniker — or is this just an attempt at irony?

    • ProfessorTMR says:


      Where on Earth did you get that sentence? It certainly doesn’t sound like a sentence I’d write, but just in case I checked over EVERY article I’ve written in the last few years, and none of them start with anything remotely like that sentence.

      The “Professor,” as I have freely admitted ANYTIME anyone asked, is a nickname given to me by one of TMR’s co-founders and a good friend that is meant to capture my persona and is not meant any more literally than the other nicknames on this site, which include “Princess,” “Saint,” “Goddess,” and “Savage.” As such, I don’t give a flying fuck WHAT you think of it.

      • Peter Olins says:

        This was an article last October on greenmedinfo written by “professor” (Zoey O’Toole), who has “…four years of writing and editing at the Thinking Moms’ Revolution…”.
        The TMR site even mentions “…Zoey O’Toole aka Professor…”. Perhaps there’s more than one person using the “professor” alias at your organization?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Ah, mystery solved! That does indeed refer to me. GreenMedInfo reran this article: “What Do Sugar, Trans Fat, and Vaccines Have in Common?” with an added editorial comment at the beginning ( For future reference, editors often put their own comments in italics before a piece begins. As you can see that sentence appears nowhere within my article. You had me worried there for a sec, because I don’t remember every word I’ve ever written, but I really can’t imagine putting together a sentence like that.

      • Max Wang says:

        How is that relevant? It doesn’t matter if he is a professor or not. He is presenting a well supported argument, which you can research and validate yourself. Why does his title matter?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I’m a “she,” Max, but yes, either an argument stands on its merits or it doesn’t, no matter what the “credentials” are of the person making the argument. If it matters to you what title or initials are attached to the argument, then you are being influenced by something other than the information and you are making an extremely common logic error known as “appeal to [or from] authority.” “Appeals to authority are not valid arguments, but nor is it reasonable to disregard the claims of experts who have a demonstrated depth of knowledge unless one has a similar level of understanding and/or access to empirical evidence. However, it is entirely possible that the opinion of a person or institution of authority is wrong; therefore the authority that such a person or institution holds does not have any intrinsic bearing upon whether their claims are true or not.”

  3. AnonymousCanadian says:

    Does this mean there will never be a vaccine for autism?

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Essentially, yes. As far as we know, you can’t fight brain inflammation with a tool that is designed to introduce inflammation. I was on The Nightly Show last year during the measles brouhaha and was asked point-blank if there were a vaccine for autism would I use it? I gave them a flat “No,” which shocked much of the audience, but I didn’t get the chance to say it was because I knew too much of the nature of autism (brain inflammation) and the nature of vaccines (designed to induce inflammation).

  4. Hans Scholl says:

    Another Vaccine “Bombshell” Glyphosate – Think Monsanto’s Roundup – Confirmed in Most Vaccines

  5. Pammypies says:

    Have any of you seen this?

    Announcing the Global Health Coalition
    More Info
    HPV vaccine the poster child from what’s wrong with modern medicine

    From our Friends at the Global Health Coalition

    The Global Health Coalition exists because HPV vaccines have brought the vaccine controversy to a global level. Whether you are just now beginning to question vaccines, or have been advocating for patient safety for decades, you probably already know HPV vaccines are the perfect ‘vaccination poster child’. These vaccines graphically illustrate everything that could possibly go wrong with a vaccine or vaccination program.
    Gardasil and Cervarix have become a global problem primarily because of the near universal push for increased uptake in the face of the substantial number of adverse events being brought to light post-vaccination; adverse events which are apparently being ignored by health authorities and vaccine stakeholders worldwide. The only answer to a global problem is a global response. The Global Health Coalition will help provide that global response.
    The Global Health Coalition: Supporting SANE Medical Paradigms Worldwide

    The Global Health Coalition believes human beings have the inalienable right to utilize any scientifically proven SANE (safe, affordable, necessary and effective) health intervention available. The coalition believes human beings have an absolute right to exercise free and informed consent prior to any medical intervention.
    Their goal is the creation and maintenance of a global network dedicated to the preservation, enhancement, and defense of every human being’s ability to exercise these fundamental rights.
    The ultimate goal of The Global Health Coalition is to establish an international multi-disciplinary network of individuals and groups capable of responding quickly and efficiently whenever a medical paradigm that is not SANE (safe, affordable, necessary and effective) becomes a problem anywhere in the world.
    The Coalition’s First Project

    Just prior to the creation of The Global Health Coalition, the prestigious Nordic Cochrane Centre issued a formal letter of complaint to the EMA (Read the complaint in Spanish here.) questioning the methodology used in the European Medicines Agency’s recent safety evaluation of HPV vaccines.
    After having read the EMA’s conclusion on HPV vaccine safety and the Nordic Cochrane Centre’s letter of complaint, the founders of The Global Health Coalition unanimously decided to issue The Chicago Declaration: HPV Vaccine Safety as an internationally endorsed document supporting the efforts of the Nordic Cochrane Centre to hold the European Medicines Agency, and all other health authorities, to the highest possible scientific standards. Learn more about this project here.
    If you are interested in more information about The Global Health Coalition, wish to become a member, volunteer your time, talent/expertise, add your signature to support the Nordic Cochrane Centre’s complaint, or offer financial support, please, and visit their website here. Simply use the ‘contact us’ link to send an email letting us know how you wish to help.
    The Global Health Coalition welcomes participation from individuals and organizations dedicated to ensuring medical interventions are safe, affordable, necessary and effective.

    If you no longer wish to receive e-mail from us, please click here.

    • brad says:

      GHI sounds like a wonderful step, but as basically an archist – i don’t believe rulers have some right to tell me what to do as long as i don’t harm others – i don’t think they have the wording strong enough.
      In my mind NOBODY has ANY authority to force any medical, health, nutrition, life choice upon me. Obviously i have to work within the constraints which do exist – i can’t sue someone for destroying my anti-gravity transportation for instance, but nobody has the right to force any medical decision on my body.
      Ironically, we Californians have that right – the state constitution states very clearly that all medical procedures must have full medical disclosure provided and whether or not that procedure is “good” or not – we have the right to refuse any and all medical procedures.
      Thus SB277 totally violates that portion of the state constitution – and the one stating that all children get education. Well – nothing in the constitution there says IF you become someone’s medical slave, and allow the state to practice medicine without a license.
      Then on the US Constitution level – “congress shall make no law regarding an establishment or religion, nor the free practice thereof….” First Amendment.

      So if i have spiritual objections to aborted fetal cells – no phukken school system lawyer has ANY right to grill me about my belief system. There are no caveats, no tests, no qualifications – just the statement of religious belief. There is no minimum denomination size, in fact no requirement to belong to any specific group whatsoever…

      This is my line in the sand, and i will destroy the appendage which approaches to inject me with any medication at all. Then, no doubt, my sane reaction of legitimate self-defense will be intentionally misconstrued as being a “menace to society” and i will be removed from the population through death or imprisonment – and forcibly injected there no doubt. So this issue is HUGE for me.

      Thanks to all the people who support the fight against vaxassination!

  6. brad says:

    Enjoyed this article as with all the others i’ve read of yours. Hate to admit it, but i must still have two testosterone molecules because that little Prof picture is too worth pausing over – but as always your erudition is impeccable, YOU EVEN USE MANY WORDS CORRECTLY, LOL (your/you’re etc)

    The science and logic are again impeccable, with dry wit to leaven the focus upon the absurdity of some Vaxassination Club paradigms.

    Keep up the good work. Eventually we may get the lemmings to NOT climb down the cliffs and swim to death….

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      You gave me a good laugh, Brad. The picture isn’t me, but it was offered to me by another Thinking Mom because it expresses a combination of traits I possess. 😉 Even with that picture and the title of this site being the Thinking MOMS’ Revolution, you’d be surprised how many people assume I am male. Ah, well. Guess we have to change the world in more ways than one!

      • brad says:

        i would be interested in seeing the study in which gly-based herbicides GBHs, were found in vaccines… do you have a link to this?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I don’t think it has been published yet. Word got out before it was supposed to.

      • brad says:

        A) while there are some genetic differences – pigmentation for example, basically we are one human race. Therefore the epigenetics seems at least as likely as any “racial” cause. These are urbanites – sucking in bad air, no doubt with fluoridated water – and chlorine thrown in to throw the gut into dysbiosis…..
        B) i hope the study gets published, because i’m NEVER going to be able to hack into their sites and pull out the skeletons. If i were so gifted – Monsanto would have zero credibility right now as would most of the self-annointed “elite” idiots.
        C)As for the MOM’s in Thinking Mom’s Revolution – i am tapping into my gentler, effeminate side i guess. (right) i DO HOPE that this group realizes they are definitely engaged in a literal revolution – that there are going to be violent consequences at some point if not enough people wake up. As of right now, the CDC has proposed rulings which would give them the “right” (totally anti-constitutional of course) to indefinitely detain anyone if they accuse them of being infected. They want to be able to vaccinate anyone they point their fingers at, hospitalize them, whatever, and hold them indefinitely….
        To resist this means violent conflict as someone like myself – VERY sensitive to drugs so i haven’t taken ANY (recreational or otherwise) or had alcohol for so long…. 2 aspirin and 2 motrin since 75, 4 or 5 drinks in my life – none after 75, last joint on 16 Aug 76…. Hallucinated on 2 Darvon in the army…

        For me – to get vaccinated means i’m going to become violent in self defense if that is what it takes. Then i’ll be shot up while tased or imprisoned – if i survive. My self-defense will intentionally be construed as being a danger to general society, which would obviously be false unless general society starts walking around with needles and vaxassinating everyone else….

      • brad says:

        Being a “high functioning neo-luddite” (yes, an appropriate oxymoron perhaps) i somehow managed to reply to an email from someone talking about GBHs in vaccines – and it went here, where i had intended to reply.
        It took me a bit to figure out that perhaps you were of the “correct” gender, lol. (being married i’ve found that many times my solution – regardless of it’s efficacy – did not match the female version of how the universe had BETTER LINE UP and act – so it was grudgingly accepted as effective even if there was a taint of wrong to it…) i actually never assumed that that hot female with the chalkboard was necessarily (fictitious legal name for Prof TMR) YOU since my boys *sigh* play a lot of video games and choose the “hot chicks” so that they can watch babes run around and shoot and stuff…

  7. Hans Scholl says:

    My God . TMR surpassed yourselves again , and I haven’t even gone into the links yet.


  8. Angela Coral Eisenhauer says:

    1. DT aP ie acellular pertussis whooping cough vaccine, in use in Australia from 1996 has caused the most massive non stop epidemic of whooping cough, ever known, even more than pre vaccine times in the USA in the 1940s. We have a 99 out of every 100 kids are vaccinated. ie 98.5%. this has been happening for 8 years now, as the vaccines are failing in vaccinated kids, by age 6-12.

    2. UK got Dtap 8 years after Australia, the rise in whooping cough, to the Australian numbers is 100% correlated, same vaccine causing the same epidemic.

    3. USA (I believe) got the vaccine 10 years after Australia, in another four years, USA will have 1 million cases of whooping cough, due to vaccine failures. The vaccine fails in most around 3 years after the last jab.

    4. Every baby infected in Australia, has been infected by a Dtap vaccinated child, usually a symptomless sibling (ie carrier, due to Dtap vaccination).

    5. Coccooning failed (ie jab everyone again, who is wanting to be near a newborn). It failed, because by jabbing older people (who are NOT carriers) with Dtap they just created more Dtap vaccinated symptomless whooping cough carriers. This happens even if the grannies, mums, dads, are already totally immune to whooping cough. Given a “”booster”” of aP acellular vaccine, allows them to be symptomless carriers.

    6. To hide the fact babies are being infected by the Dtap vaccinated they began Tdap in pregnancy, a last ditch attempt to hide the truth. Outcome? Brazil, microcephalic babies, every one of those babies is a Tdap in pregnancy vaccine damaged baby.

    7. USA in 2004, had 400 microcephalic births, TOTAL. By 2010, they were giving flu shots in pregnancy, rate of microcephalic babies 4,800. By October 2011 they began jabbing also with Tdap. Microcephalic births now in USA? 25,000 per annum.

    I think everyone should be very angry. These are facts. Australian Health has known the whooping cough is caused by the vaccine. FDA wrote a research paper, also proviing this in 2013 (but forgot (?) to release the paper). Just google FDA baboons, it comes up now!

  9. Heather says:

    I still don’t understand how we are supposedly “sacrificing” our children. I have yet to see any disease outbreaks where the unvaccinated kids actually died of the disease recently. All of the recent outbreaks, in fact, have been in vaccinated populations.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      I’m hoping she meant by spending energy and resources on what she considers a fool’s errand. If she actually meant sacrificing by not vaccinating, that’s a whole other level of wrong. .

  10. And Lisa Stephenson’s request makes no sense: we need to stop creating more damaged people using every method available.

    Hers is such an odd request and so illogical it raises a red flag for me.

    Was the request authentic? Or driven by something else behind-the-scenes?

  11. does a fantastic job of walking the reader through the science of immune activation and autism.

    When the immune system is activated via vaccination the brain’s immune system is also stimulated — it’s all connected.

    Patterson’s group at Caltech was able to create autistic mice (Caltech, 2009) solely by increasing the production of interleukin-6 without any infection.

    Subsequently, they were able to repeat the experiment with monkeys (Caltech/UCDavis, 2014).

    These experiments were performed with a pregnant animal and the results occurred in the offspring. What was particularly important were the discoveries that:
    • IL-6 is necessary and sufficient to cause autism
    • an infection is not required; simply causing the pro-inflammatory IL-6 to increase caused the damage

    What we are doing is repeatedly activating the immune system of every child with vaccination. In some cases, the IL-6 will spike immediately and the regression will also occur immediately. In other cases, the IL-6 will increase chronically and the regression will occur over days, weeks or months.

    Due to biologic variability, not every child will become autistic from repeated immune activation. However, one really excellent way to discover which children *are* susceptible to IL-6 induced autism is to repeatedly activate the immune system of each child. The ones who become autistic are the ones susceptible.

    This is, of course, the madness that we are currently doing — repeatedly activating the immune systems of fragile, developing brains — otherwise known as “dutifully following the government-sanctioned vaccine schedule.”

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Very well said, Andre!

    • Linda says:

      Well, my good sir, Andre,

      You have certainly nailed this one. I am not a scientist but I love science and biology and served for several years as an Industrial Hygienist with OSHA assessing workplace exposures that exceeded the air contaminant standards. Lets not go there cause that’s another whole story that is fraught with a back story of frustration.

      What I do want to acknowledge is you certainly have wrapped your head around this and done a great job of explaining it so that others can get the very important point of how vaccinations are causing some of the injuries we are seeing. I think this is why my granddaughter has such a poorly functioning immune system. This whole this is ironically sad, isn’t it. SO…

      WOW, makes me a bit crazy really, that the very vaccines they say are to protect our health and that of our children is causing a immune system storm that is the foundation of the neurological presentations we see in so many. And no doubt a contributing factor to what are brain disorders in children who have ‘learning disabilities’, all brain function issues. Yes, this all makes me a bit crazy, and angry, and sad, oh so very, very sad.

      Thank you for your well-spoken information and response to this TMR article!!!

    • Ian says:

      This is an excellent breakdown.. Thank you.. Could it be plausible then that the differences in Racial immune response could be the determining factor in the increased risk of autism for African American boys?

      It seems they have a higher response of IL-6 from what I can tell from this..

      • brad says:

        i question whether the “racial” difference is actually more of an epigenetic influence. They don’t run out and test vaccines or other potential dangers on the kids of the wealthy – that’s what the poor are here for – lab rats.

        You can suspect that the infants in the Atlanta study were not at the top of the black income range – and many of these children are likely not fed a very balanced diet. The lower rates of healthy fruits, vegetables, organics, non-toxic and unprocessed foods may have been responsible for the body’s production of more IL-6?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I’ve certainly thought that socio-economic factors could be responsible for at least some of the strong effect seen in the African-American population.

  12. Donna Powers says:

    Looking forward to the series! Go TMR!

  13. Tim Lundeen says:

    Superb article, thanks!

  14. Tim Lundeen says:

    I’ve been reading a lot about EMFs, and they are also a major contributor to developing autism and to our general poor health.

    There is an awesome talk by Dr Pall at You can follow along with the slides from

    Compelling stuff — it’s clear from Pall’s research that EMFs are major contributors to poor health. Then add in vaccines and other chemical toxins and we see lots and lots of sick people, both kids and adults.

    There are good resources at Peter Sullivan’s site, including a relatively easy protocol to reduce EMFs during sleep; if that helps you or your child you then can work on full remediation.

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