Alpha and Omega

SaintWhen I embarked on this journey of alternate medicine, I was strongly advised not share too much with those within the medical community.  I tend to be a bit naïve and overly trusting so didn’t really understand why I got this advice, which is probably why I failed to follow it more times than I can count.  Despite the fact that I have gone “all in” on this biomedical journey, I have kept a few “real” doctors in my back pocket due a variety of diagnoses.  With that, I have put my foot in my mouth a few times as well.

Please allow me to introduce you to two doctors I have encountered while oversharing; Dr. Alpha and Dr. Omega:


Dr. Alpha 

Dr. Alpha performed an upper endoscopy on me back when I was a non-thinker.  I allowed him to hastily review the findings with me and dutifully filled the prescription he handed me as he flew out the examination room door.  Yes.  I allowed it by sheer virtue of not asking questions, thinking about what he said or researching the facts.  I continued on my path of wrong doing as I popped that pill daily.  Who could blame me?  I had to.  The symptoms I was experiencing had grown more and more consistent.  In the middle of a meal, without warning, I could no longer swallow or talk.  I could breathe – thank God – but that was it.  Nothing I did helped and I just had to wait for it to pass.  It felt like an expanding ball in my throat that just kept growing until it exploded.  When it did, I was able to chow down as if nothing ever happened.  Odd.  Day after day, pill after pill brought relief.  Then, something dreadful occurred.  In the chaos of my life I lost my brand new bottle of pills right after I had the prescription filled.  I couldn’t ask for more without looking like a drug trafficker so figured I would just wait it out until my follow-up with Dr. Alpha in a little over a month.  How bad could it get?

During this same month, I took my daughter to a new Naturopath for a complete work up.  When this doctor reviewed the results, she recommended putting my daughter on a dairy, yeast and gluten free diet.  I was told to Google “Candida Diet” to learn about restricted foods.  Wait a minute!  Hold the phone!  Did you just say Candida?  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  Way back when, Dr. Alpha mentioned candida of the esophagus to me.  “Hmmmmm”, the beginning thinker in me thought “could this be related?” (Yes, I know you are all saying “duh!”)


As I researched and mentally prepared myself to put my then 14 year old on an incredibly restrictive diet, the frequency and severity of my symptoms hit an all-time high.  Although not happy to be facing the same food restrictions – and by food I mean red wine – I was anxious to see if it made an impact.  Sure enough, by the time I had my follow-up with Dr. Alpha I was 80% better.  I was soooooo excited to tell him how I was basically cured with dietary changes.  This was awesome!

You already know where I am going with this, don’t you?

Me: So, Dr. Alpha, I have some really great news.  Remember how you told me I have candida of the esophagus?  Well, my daughter was told to follow a gluten, yeast and dairy free diet so I thought…

Dr. Alpha (cutting me off): Your daughter was told what?

Me: To follow a gluten, dairy and yeast free diet.

Dr. Alpha: That sounds hokey to me.

Me:  Excuse me?

Dr. Alpha: Hokey.  It sounds hokey.  What kind of doctor told you to do that?

Me (getting nervous because I have broken the rule of saying too much) Ummmm, a specialist we see.

Dr. Alpha:  Whatever.  We are here about you anyway so don’t need to get into that.

Me: Well, as I was saying, I started to follow the diet too and have found that by eliminating certain foods, I have also eliminated my symptoms.

Dr. Alpha: People manage symptoms in many ways.  Most do it via medication so here is a prescription blank for you to fill when you decide to go back on it.  Although some can do it through their diet, it is REALLY hard to do that.  Taking a pill is easier and makes more sense.

Me: But I am already doing the diet.

Dr. Alpha: Yes, but taking the pill would be so much easier.  I am giving you the prescription and it is up to you if you fill it.  You can follow-up with me in 6 months and let me know how things are going and by the way – I hope I did not offend you.

Me: Dr. Alpha, with all due respect, what I am doing is not hokey.  With the aid of dietary changes and biomedicine I have been able to get her off 10+ prescriptions a day.  Maybe if doctors were not so quick to write prescriptions, people would look for ways to make permanent health changes, and not just Band-Aid their problems.

At that moment I became a real, live thinker.

At that moment I finally felt worthy of TMR. asshatsaint

At that moment Dr. Alpha was renamed Dr. Asshat, and that was the LAST moment he ever laid eyes on me.


Dr. Omega

I recently had a very overdue appointment with my neurologist.  I have a history of migraines and have a cyst on my brain that we monitor from time to time.  It is truly nothing to worry about, but I just like to have the mainstream doc take pics on a scheduled basis to make sure it stays that way.  He was actually my second opinion after experiencing some crazy stuff a few years back.  The first, another Dr. Asshat, thought the answer was to eliminate stress in my life via a prescription for Paxil.  He just zipped it over to my pharmacy from his computer without ever discussing it with me.  This caused me to zip right over to Dr. Omega for a second opinion.  I loved him from the first appointment.  He was easy to talk to and never rushed me.  In fact, he kept trying to slow me down as I was used to having about 10.5 seconds of a doctor’s attention.   Although he let me know that prescription medications were an option for me, he never pushed them on me.   He took the “you let me know if you are interested” approach.  Even though I was not the anti-medication person back then that I am now, I just did not see the need in taking prescription migraine meds when I was able to manage it with over the counter medications.

As time went by, I began to talk to my fellow thinkers about migraines and do some research.  Magnesium was highly recommended by a few and a good friend told me that Dr. Oz was discussing the benefits of Butterbur.  She was even kind enough to purchase it for me.  This, along with some well timed caffeine was keeping my symptoms in check.  I recently had my follow-up with Dr. Omega, and it went like this:

Dr. Omega: Are you continuing to get by without the use of prescription medication?

Me: pause

Dr. Omega:  <Questioning look>

Me:  Yes.  Since my last visit, I, um, well, I have begun to take a more natural approach and try to avoid, um…

Dr. Omega (cutting me off): Poison?

Me: Excuse me? saintskullbottle

Dr. Omega: Poison.  You want to avoid taking poison so you do not want to take prescription medication.

Me (completely in shock): Well, yes.  But you have MD after your name.  I am used to doctors like you telling me I am crazy and that what I am doing is hokey.  I tend to avoid confrontation, so was trying to prepare myself for the good fight.

Dr. Omega, or as he was now crowned, Dr. Outstanding and I had a lovely chat from there. He told me that he wished more of his patients would consider alternate forms of treatment but that too many only cared about a quick fix. He handed me a brochure, right from his examination room, of a natural supplement called Migravent  that just happened to contain the aforementioned Magnesium and Butterbur along with CoQ10 and B12. He joked that he did not have any samples to give away since pharmaceutical reps couldn’t make money off of it. It seems that Dr. Omega shares Snap’s view of pharmaceutical reps. Have I mentioned how much I l-o-v-e Dr. Omega?????

Moral of this story:  Although a doctor following, prescription popping, blind faith person CAN become a THINKER, an Asshat will always be an Asshat.

Love, Saint

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23 Responses to Alpha and Omega

  1. Gammy says:

    Great piece – so well written. As you know I am a faithful TRM reader, and very, very proud of you.

    Love you.

  2. Angela says:

    Great piece. I have two children that were recently diagnosed as having special needs and am looking for a naturopath for them in the Atlanta area. Do you have a suggestion of a forum where I could ask for recommendations? I’m not sure where to start. Thanks very much!

  3. Angela says:

    Great piece. I have two children that were recently diagnosed as having special needs and am looking for a naturopath for them in the Atlanta area. Do you have a suggestion of a forum where I could ask for recommendations? I’m not sure where to start. Thanks!

  4. Nicole says:

    So thrilled to have found your blog. This migraine info is so mom suffers from terribly debilitating migraines and has had minimal relief for 2 years so far. I’ll pass this info on to her, she’s so fed up with all the meds. I too am a thinking mom of 3:)

    • Saint says:

      Nicole – I would be absolutely thrilled if this information helps your mom!!!!! Just an FYI – I have also found that putting castor oil on the main area of pain and then adding heat is helpful as well. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  5. Jennifer Power says:

    TMR with my cup o’ joe every morning!

  6. luvbugtmr says:

    Gotta get your dose of Omegas!!! It’s sorta like finding a mate when you are looking for a good MD – or any practitioner. xox

  7. Suzanne Burrall says:

    Great story, well written. As I said before, I remain anti-drug, anti-vaccine until someone can prove to me that the hippocratic oath outweighs pharmaceutical’s profits.

  8. Penny Roach says:

    What a well written and thought provoking piece! You have to be so proud of yourself for taking your health into your own hands and not allowing the Dr. Asshats of this world to just push legalized drugs on you.

    When I was a new, not yet green, mom my son was diagnosed with a pretty severe case of asthma at 20 months old. Luckily, he had a very kind, gentle pediatrician who had studies all sorts of holistic treatments and he did very well. Unfortunately, the insurance company (a whole ‘nother group of asshats) no longer covered this clinic’s services and we had to switch doctors.

    Every time we went in, he was trying to push the latest and greatest drug on my son. I started to feel like my little guy was his medical guinea pig!! Long story short (too late, I know) we searched until we found a new doctor that liked our green approach. It took a lot of changes (household, dietary, etc.) but he takes NO meds, NO breathing treatments and carries NO inhaler.

    I hope more moms like you stand up. Maybe then we’ll see a change. Really very glad I read this! Rock on!!

    Penny at Green Moms and Kids

    • Saint says:

      Thank you so much for your comment Penny! I am so happy to hear that you have been able to make such wonderful changes for your son. Isn’t it amazing that all of our kids are so much healthier without all of the poison!!!! I just love hearing other success stories!!!

  9. Kari says:

    I can relate. I’ve had candida and have migraines. Been that way for decades and have seen tons of doctors. Some are just asshats. 🙂 I feel fortunate to have found amazing doctors over the years. I didn’t give up, but I went into debt, and not being able to always pay for special doctors not covered by insurance (or not having insurance) delayed my relief. I wish more people would question their doctors and not blindly believe what they say. And I do think we need to speak up so they know that people like us exist and that alternative and better treatments exist.

    • Saint says:

      Hi Kari,
      I am so thrilled that you have found some Dr. Omega’s too! It is nice to finally find some relief – the right way.

  10. Sugah says:

    need more dr. omegas!!!

  11. TmrSnap says:

    I love this story Saint..Happy you found a great Dr.Omega..xo

  12. Anita Kaiser says:

    I found your site a few days ago through a gf posting your link about autisim – and although I found it intense to read it was such a great piece. I am seriously hooked now. Thank you for writing such great stuff. Humor and information make a great combination! 🙂 I love being a thinker too.

    • Saint says:

      So happy to have you join us Anita!!!!! You will see over time that sometimes our posts are VERY heavy, while other times they are quite the opposite. You just never know what you are going to get when you log onto TMR 🙂

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