An Open Letter to My Facebook Friends

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Dear Friends,

I want to address something that you most certainly have noticed about me if we have been friends for a while. It’s about some of the things I post on Facebook.   It is something that might bother you or even upset you, and you may have even considered unfriending me at one point or another because of it.

It’s about the vaccine issue.

Look, just so you know, I get tired of it myself.  In fact, I find the whole issue kind of a bore.  I’d much rather post funny jokes, or cute pictures of puppies or kittens, and keep Facebook light and pleasant and a fun “place” to hang out.

But I just can’t.  You see, something is happening to our children.

Our children, our WORLD’S children, are getting sicker.  Autism is one thing.  But there is so much more than that.  Children are being diagnosed every day with autoimmune diseases, environmental allergies, life-threatening food allergies, ADHD, seizure disorders, asthma, and cancer.  There are also children at very young ages being diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome and bipolar disorder, as well as various gastrointestinal issues and bowel diseases.

I know that the media tells you that vaccines are completely safe, and that you want to t1larg.vaccine.heart.attackbelieve them.  I know that vaccines make people feel safe and protected.  I know that thinking that the media, the FDA, and the CDC might be lying to you is a very scary idea.  We as humans have this desire to believe that our government is taking care of us, and have all of our best interests at heart.  It makes us feel safe.  We want to trust those who are in charge.  We NEED to trust them.

But we are being lied to.

For every “study” that “proves” vaccines are safe, there are more studies that prove that they are not safe.  But the studies that prove that they are not safe are not reported by the mainstream media.  And the studies that “prove” that vaccines are safe are commonly funded by pharmaceutical companies. The companies that make money off the sale of those vaccines are the ones doing the testing.  And the media’s “go to” guy that they commonly interview to discuss the safety of vaccines is Paul Offit, who has made millions from the sale of the RotaTeq vaccine.

The fact is, studies aside, thousands of parents are witnessing their children falling ill immediately following routine immunizations.  Suddenly, children who were engaged and developing normally lose their eye contact and speech.   Or they develop high fevers and seizures, and they start screaming and won’t stop.  But eyewitness accounts, which are pretty credible and damning in a court of law if you happen to witness a felony, are quickly dismissed about vaccine injuries as “anecdotal evidence” by “hysterical parents” who are “just looking to blame someone.”

It’s a cover-up, plain and simple.  And it’s all about money.


For those of us who are living with sick children, the situation is very hard to live with.  Watching what our children go through each day, we agonize over the decisions we made and the trust we had in a system that we never even investigated.  We did what we thought we were supposed to and we never thought for a second that anything could go wrong.  And for us, it’s too late to go back and undo what we did.

But we don’t want to see your children go through it, too.  You are our friends.  We love you, and we love your children.  We want your children to grow up healthy and happy.  My son has to deal with self injury, chronic constipation, unknown rashes, life-threatening allergies, and the inability to communicate with others.  He is a sweet, loving little boy who deserves so much better than what he got.  I don’t want to see your children, or grandchildren, go through what he has had to go through.

Yes, there is a possibility that your children could get their vaccines and do just fine.  But there is a chance that they won’t.  The prevalence of autism, along with other chronic health conditions, is growing at an alarming rate.  Our immune systems seem to be weakening with each generation.  Parents who have a history of allergies or asthma tend to have children who have inherited that tendency, and when they are immunized, their immune system is made weaker, and chances are that their health problems will be greater than their parents’.

We just can’t stand by and watch that happen.  So, we sound the alarm.  It’s just like if you saw someone about to get hit by a bus.  You’d say, “Watch out for that bus!”  Or you might even push them out of the way.  We are doing everything we can to make sure that your kids are not hurt.  And when we find out that another one of our friend’s kids has been diagnosed, we grieve.  It HURTS.

So, I am going to keep on posting about vaccines.  As much as I hate it, as much as I bore myself, I’ll keep on doing it.  It’s something I believe I am supposed to do.  I believe it’s a job that God has given me.  I’m here to sound the alarm.

Because not one more child should ever be injured by vaccines.  NOT ONE MORE.


~ B. K.

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98 Responses to An Open Letter to My Facebook Friends

  1. Clara Joy says:

    As an autistic woman, this is almost impossible for me to read. I wonder every day if my parents would’ve rather had a different child. A normal child. Imagine if I logged o to their Facebook pages and saw reams of advice to other people on how to avoid having a broken, no good daughter like me. When you say you want to cure your child, you’re not talking about curing a disease to reveal the real person. My autism is a part of who I am. There is no non-autistic Clara Joy. I have meltdowns. There are days and weeks where I can’t talk. My room is a mess. I can only eat about ten things. But I’m also highly empathetic, smart, a great reader, and know everything there is to know about literary history, Batman, and Tolkien. You think your advocating for your kids, but you’re hurting us. Because when you hate autism, you hate us.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      I’m sorry, Clara Joy, that you feel that way, but you’re projecting all kinds of things on to this post that simply aren’t there.

      For one thing, this post is not about autism; it’s about vaccines. Can autism be caused by vaccines? Yes, certainly, but autism is only a small part of the overall picture. You seem to have missed this paragraph altogether: “Our children, our WORLD’S children, are getting sicker. Autism is one thing. But there is so much more than that. Children are being diagnosed every day with autoimmune diseases, environmental allergies, life-threatening food allergies, ADHD, seizure disorders, asthma, and cancer. There are also children at very young ages being diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome and bipolar disorder, as well as various gastrointestinal issues and bowel diseases.” We’re talking about a preventive treatment here which has damaged the bodies of countless children unnecessarily.

      To look at that and think “I wonder if my parents would’ve rather had a different child” is to completely miss the point. What your parents may have wanted, which frankly is what any loving parent would want, is for their child to be healthy, to develop as originally intended before being injured by an unnecessary preventive treatment. Because when you love someone you want to spare them pain, you want them to find it easy to succeed, and you want them to have choices. And you really, really don’t want a choice you make to negatively impact the rest of your child’s life. Parents naturally wanting these things for their children does not mean that they would want a different child.

      When people talk about preventing autism, they are almost never talking about preventing the PERSON with autism. They are talking about preventing INJURY to the person they love. (Because no matter what you have heard, only a tiny percentage of autism is “genetic.”) Helen Keller had scarlet fever as a baby; it left her blind and deaf. Would Helen Keller’s parents have wished to avoid that blindness and deafness if possible? Almost certainly. No one wants to see their child struggle to that extent if it can be avoided. Her parents could have been the poster parents for the wonders of penicillin when it became widely available, because if a person with a strep infection has penicillin, scarlet fever can be avoided and so can the long-term sequelae of deafness and blindness. Does that mean that her parents wanted a “different” child or that, given what did happen to her, they wouldn’t do their best to help her succeed and have choices in life? No, of course not. We all know who Helen Keller was because they DID find a way to help her. But it’s important to understand that Helen Keller was very, very lucky. Others with her condition did not have anywhere near the resources and options she did, just as the majority of others with autism do not have the abilities and options you do. Most cannot do something as simple as going to a website and posting a comment.

      (To draw another analogy, in the 1950s many children had “paralytic polio” and some were left unable to walk as a result. Everyone and his brother was looking for ways to prevent injury from poliovirus, and no one thought there was anything wrong with that, even though the vaccines that were developed to prevent it were sometimes known to cause it and may have caused many other things, including certain kinds of cancer.)

      It’s also likely that when Helen Keller was growing up she felt that her blindness and deafness were integral parts of who she was, just as you feel your autism is an integral part of who you are. From a young age her brain was wired without sensory input from her eyes or ears. To attempt to “cure” her blindness or deafness as an adult would be a risky proposition at best. That doesn’t mean that some people wouldn’t be willing to take the risk, but it should definitely be that person’s choice. It would certainly be understandable if an adult were to choose not to cure their own blindness or deafness if given the choice, but it would be awfully selfish of them to deny such cure to a small child whose brain has not yet fully adapted to the lack of sensory input just because they don’t want it themselves, and even more selfish to deny them the knowledge and opportunity to prevent the condition in the first place.

  2. Liz Re says:

    Here as an admin for a very large anti vax page on facebook. I am 60. Had every “vaccine preventable” disease there was as a child. There were no regressed people, no autism, no allergies, no ADD…none of that when I was in school. My entire 1st grade class got the 2 week measles brought to school by a younger sibling at the Christmas party. We all survived, and no one died and we all got life long immunity. I hate what I see today. Every time you go to the mall you see kids being wheeled around totally gone. I like most adults have not had a vaccine since I was about 17 and went to Turkey and had a typhoid shot. I will not be getting flu, prevnar or any other toxic sludge into my body. Not just no but HELL NO. Now to address the autism thing…here is a comment I posted from one of my best friends for about 17 years.
    ” Autism: Hell on earth. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either completely ig·no·rant; adjective; lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated. …….or so callused that they have no right to speak whatsoever…”
    My friend said this. She has a 22 year old severely regressed son. Doctors at Seattle Children’s Autism program said this past year his autism was definitely caused by the MMR vaccine. A little too late for her to go to the courts, but nice to have the medical community recognize it. He wears diapers, doesn’t speak, tears up everything, have fits of rage, Pika, and ITP. They wanted to remove his spleen this past year, but she argued and got his blood count up with probiotics, fermented foods, potassium and Vit C. I had posted the comment from the Jane Know it all blog by the dad who was saying how sad it was that his child would never experience any real life: no dating, no marriage, no conversations, no friends and who would most likely end up in an institution after the dad was too old to care for him where he might become a victim of rape or sexual abuse because those who can’t speak are the best victims all because of vaccines. My friend isn’t on facebook much and doesn’t participate in the discussion about all this…no time. She is a single mom, and runs a horse ranch and a therapeutic riding program for the disabled and is sole caregiver for this adult. However…if you ever try to defend vaccines to her, she will rip you a new one with very little trouble.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Liz, thank you for your opinion, but I want to make it clear that autism is now considered a spectrum disorder that includes Asperger’s syndrome (though, that has changed somewhat again with the DSM-V), and many people are talking about Asperger’s syndrome when they use the word “autism.” It is very clear that “autism” when it refers to Asperger’s syndrome or other high-functioning versions of autism, is frequently NOT “hell on Earth.” One of the problems in the conversations around autism is that people with experience with only one version of “autism” want to speak for others whose experience differs dramatically from their own. This is one of the inherent problems in lumping all of these things together under the umbrella of “autism.”

  3. Megan says:

    I don’t even know why I commented on this because you think you’re going to have an answer for everything. And since you have obviously been there first hand for everything (i.e. the making of vaccines, the labeling, and the handling of them by trained health professionals) I just can’t win. You twist the words of others to fit your agenda and no you don’t read the studies. If you did you would see that thimerosal has been found to only be harmful when administered to a newborn right after birth. In fact your newborn has a higher chance of getting Mercury poisoning from you eating fish high in Mercury so I hope you’re cutting out those tuna fish sandwiches. And I’m not even going to get into the different kinds of Mercury there are and which is in thimerosal and its affects because you probably already know all about that right? And you think that someone can outgrow autism?? Ha, now you’ve lost the little credibility that you had. In fact, I would like to know what school(s) you attended, what’s your background in science, and what if any job experience you’ve had in this field. I just think your readers should understand where and from whom they are getting their information from.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      I can understand your frustration. The problem is that you came to our site with a lot of preconceived ideas about who we are, and those ideas have nothing to do with reality. The reason that I have an answer for everything that you come up with is because I’ve thought of — and about — everything you’ve mentioned. And more, so much more. I haven’t twisted any words of yours, I’ve merely shown where you were wrong because I have read the things you’ve read and I’ve read the things that contradict the things you’ve read and weighed the quality of the evidence on both sides. You’re trying to “score points,” and we’re trying to get at the truth. If you truly thought that there was no longer any Thimerosal in the childhood vaccine schedule, that makes it clear that you do not know the basic, incontrovertible facts about the U.S. childhood vaccine schedule — which makes it likely that you are listening to people who are lying to you about those facts and not checking them for yourself.

      Yeah, we’ve done the research on Thimerosal all around, and we know that mercury that’s ingested and processed by the digestive system is not equal to mercury that’s injected directly into the muscles (and thus finds its way to the bloodstream without any filtering by the digestive system), therefore amounts cannot be compared directly. And, yeah, you’d better believe the parents here cut out tuna sandwiches long ago.

      We also know that children do not “outgrow” autism, but they can indeed recover, though it seems that you do not. A recent mainstream study, referred to by no less than Thomas Insel, Director of the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee and as mainstream as you can get, found that approximately 9% of the children in the study lost their autism diagnosis by adulthood ( This was surprising news to Insel and most other mainstream “experts.” It was not, however, surprising to us, as each and every one of us knows multiple people who have lost their autism diagnoses, and we’ve been talking about how they did so for years.

      I attended Williams College, which Forbes ranks as the #1 Top College in the United States (, on a Tyng scholarship and graduated in three years with a degree in Physics. When I took the GREs, I received 800s on both the math and logic sections. I went on to become an electrical engineer and a computer programmer. Due to my own health issues and my own general interests, I have spent much of the last 25 years learning everything I can about a variety of health topics. But none of that matters, because I don’t ask anyone to take my word for anything. I ask everyone to do the work for themselves, you included. Read what everyone has to say and think critically.

  4. Megan says:

    So I saw the link that you provided and went ahead and actually looked at these studies, I hope you will do the same. The only thing that was proven to be harmful to infants was thimerosal, which isn’t in children’s vaccines anymore, and only if given when first born, which they also don’t do, atleast not here in the states. And to the rest of the studies that were done on children who have autism to learn more about it, if you actually read them it is stating that their immune systems work differently than those without autism. Not that the vaccines caused autism. Reading medical studies and understanding them can be difficult and it takes practice. I can understand how these can be misinterpreted and how anything to do with your own children is scary. But if you don’t fully understand something then instead of crying wolf, continue to learn, and not from some random website that any Jenny Mcarthy can
    put up. BTW, her kid doesn’t even have autism, whoops.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      See? Now you lose credibility with your first statement: Thimerosal isn’t in children’s vaccines anymore. *sigh* Read the package inserts for flu vaccines approved for children six months and older, not to mention recommended to their PREGNANT mothers. In addition, you will find that there are “trace amounts” in many others, which is in no way verified by anyone. (All the manufacturer has to do is file a “process” of Thimerosal removal with the FDA. No one checks that the process actually removes the mercury.) Mercury is heavy, and if vaccines are not handled properly (yet another study showed that a huge percentage are not), then the mercury can pool in the bottom, giving that last dose a good (or bad, depending upon your perspective) dose.

      I agree. Reading medical studies IS difficult and it does take practice. But then, so does reading anything. I suggest you start with package inserts and the CDC’s listing of vaccine ingredients.

      BTW, Jenny McCarthy’s kid may not autism now, but he certainly did:

  5. Megan says:

    Here is one little thought that just might blow all of your “everything is a conspiracy and the government is out to get us” minds. I’m going to assume that most if not all of you grew up getting your vaccines when you were a child, why? Well the reasons are endless but mainly because your parents knew they worked and most likely saw what happened first hand when there wasn’t a vaccine for these diseases (e.g. Polio and the iron lung). But I digress, so if all of you have had vaccinations when you were children how come none of you are walking around with autism, or whatever it is that these evil vaccines do??? Just some food for thought.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      I love how people come here thinking they’ve got THE thing that NONE of us have thought of before. 🙂 I’ve got news for you, Megan, we know all the reasons why our parents may have chosen vaccination. It might just blow your “I-know-better-than-you” mind that many of those parents have come to agree with us, despite the thorough indoctrination they received as to the benefits of vaccines. You see, many of those parents WATCHED their grandchildren change in response to a round of vaccines, and they knew it was like nothing they’d ever seen before — unless, of course, they had witnessed vaccine injury previously.

      I hope you’re at least a little bit aware that today’s vaccine schedule looks nothing like the vaccine schedule that previous generations had. When I was a child, a smallpox vaccine was required. Other “suggestions” were added in a little at a time. I may have had a DPT shot when I was less than two, but I wouldn’t count on it. Do you have any idea how many vaccines kids get before two these days? I’ll let you look that up. It’s entertaining reading. The two youngest kids in my family, my younger brother and I, received far more vaccines than the older siblings — who were remarkably healthy, by the way — in my family of eight, and we were the ones that developed asthma, allergies and weight problems (did you know that allergy was first recognized and defined as a vaccine reaction? No, of course you didn’t). We were freaks back then. The only people we knew with those conditions. We were the vanguard, the first generation to be injured. Autoimmune conditions, like asthma and allergies, run rampant in the parents of children with neurodevelopmental disorders. Those children bore the same DNA as the parents who were already injured, and had to face a much more intense vaccine load.

      Just some food for thought.

      • Megan says:

        Really? You’re blaming your allergies and your weight problem on vaccines? That’s one I haven’t heard before so bravo. And as a mother, yes I do in fact know the vaccine schedule for children, what about it? There have been many studies done to show that vaccines aren’t harmful and that our immune system can in fact handle them, but then again it’s all just one big conspiracy right? Well then why don’t you provide links to some of these studies that show vaccines are harmful? It should be easy since there are hundreds of them.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        *sigh* What about it? Individual SHORT-TERM studies (while we know that most neurological damage doesn’t get diagnosed in anything like the short-term) have been done to show INDIVIDUAL vaccines aren’t significantly MORE harmful than other vaccines (used as so-called placebos in vaccine trials). NO — and this is FACT — study has EVER been done to show that the totality of today’s vaccine schedule is not harmful. NONE. ZERO. ZILCH. By all means, provide your own children as the test subjects, but don’t be surprised that others are not willing to do so.

        And as far as allergies go, clearly you don’t know the history of allergies. You might want to include some reading on that subject as well as vaccine ingredients.

  6. Concerned says:


    I’m the son of a pediatric endocrinologist, and I won’t hide the fact that I am not convinced by your post. But, the only articles I have read that seem relatively unscrupulous are those in defense of vaccination, and it would just be biased of me to disagree with you without actually seeing the other side of the argument. Could anyone on this thread please link me to a few of the studies which conclude an overall deleterious effect of vaccination? Thank you

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      I’m thinking from the tone of your comment that you didn’t actually mean “unscrupulous,” though that is a very funny commentary on much of the articles in defense of vaccination . . .

      This is a listing of most of the science that points to deleterious effects of vaccination:

      • Samuel says:

        The titles of the studies sound very interesting, could you direct me to a list which has hyperlinks to the full articles? I’m really interested in the various results and points of contention and I can only gather so much from the abstracts. Thank you!

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Samuel, the post has hyperlinks to the studies, though some of them appear to be invisible. The first line of every one is clickable. Many of them are found elsewhere, too, like pubmed if the link is to the specific journal. Some of them will require payment to see the full article. Good luck!

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  8. Rubella says:

    As a funny thing, I once read that Measles was actually linked with autism, so there’s no way out.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Rubella, just in case you were confused, rubella is not “measles”; it’s German measles, an illness that is so benign that most people don’t even know if they have it or if they’ve been exposed to it. In fact, the only people who ever have a problem with it are pregnant women and their babies. It’s easy enough to have titers taken when you’re planning a pregnancy and get the vaccine yourself if you want to avoid Congenital Rubella Syndrome, which is the only link between having rubella and autism. So there are certainly ways to minimize the likelihood if you look for them.

      • Yeah I'm Confussed says:

        English is not my native language so excuse me if I made a mistake, but I just find it weird that you want pregnant women to take a vaccine against rubella and not their children: If vaccines cause autism wouldn’t it cause autism in their unborn children?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I would NEVER suggest that a pregnant woman take any vaccine. I was suggesting that if a woman wished to become pregnant, if she has NOT had the MMR vaccine, that would be the time to consider getting one. Indeed it probably could cause autism (and probably a number of other things) if someone were to get the MMR (the only form that a rubella vaccine is available in at the moment) during pregnancy. At the moment, I don’t think even a doctor would consider giving a pregnant woman the MMR, but give them a year or so and that will change. They are suggesting it immediately after birth these days. It’s a live-virus vaccine and both mother and child are in a vulnerable state immediately after birth. This strikes me as a very bad idea.

  9. Alicia Roark says:

    Dear TMR,
    Hi! I’m a brand new mom-to-be and I stand and give you guys a standing ovation for taking a stand.

    You see, I too will not be vaccinating my baby AT ALL. I’ve got friends who are telling me oh, please reconsider, or what a horrible choice you’re making…blah, blah, blah…

    However, I’m thankful that #1 I’m a born-again Christian and that God has given my husband and I our little boy (Due Nov 16th!) to raise. We will answer directly to God for the way we raise him. I can’t fathom having to go through what some of you have gone through. I cried watching the videos.

    So, thank you again! May God bless and keep you all! You are my new heroes!!!!!

    Blessings to y’all today,
    Alicia 🙂

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  11. Lincoln M says:

    I suspect, like all other commenters who have posted here contrary to your perspective, that this comment will be removed.

    Nonetheless, please read this article and the ones linked to: [Editor’s Note: link deleted because we’re not sending people there.]

    Big pharma stands to gain from vaccines, just like Google does from you clicking on their ads. But there is more campaigning funding for antivaccine than studies, and more money from pharmaceutical companies for studies and actual scientific, laboratory work than their funding. It’s all available in the pharmaceutical companies’ annual reports. You’ve got to ask yourself: why, if vaccines are so terrible, don’t the antivaccine groups fund actual scientific studies for their purposes? For every study ever published, there has been no control group, no tertiary control methods and no wholly scientific approach. I challenge you to find a publication which even vaguely makes a dent in the overwhelming body of evidence for vaccines.

    Now, not all vaccines ever have been effective. We know this, but there has been more harm done by alternative vaccines and nonvaccination than getting vaccinated by even the worst pharmaceutical manufactured vaccines.

    Lastly, demonising autism is wrong in just so many ways. Firstly, autism isn’t a result of vaccines, and basically IF there was a correlation and the cause WAS vaccines, I would still get my kids vaccinated (all 3 of my kids are as vaccined as they can be for their respective ages) because I would still prefer a living autistic child than a dead child.

    And the guy who TMR professor needs to stop making up statistics. You’re just embarrassing yourself.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Lincoln, you clearly haven’t read our comments carefully. We’ve posted MANY critical comments that were not out and out abusive or simply wrong.

      Yours is so FAR wrong it’s absolutely jaw-dropping. “But there is more campaigning funding for antivaccine than studies.” What the hell does that mean? You think “antivaccine” sites such as ours are FUNDED? Funded by whom? TMR was started by 24 parents, pretty much all of whom have been so strapped for cash by their children’s health issues that no one was in any position to be FUNDING anything. We put our lives and our energy into what we do because we CARE about children. Period. We have virtually all put more money into getting this site and our book out there than we have made from it. If you think WE’RE in any position to fund the kind of science that needs to be done, you are absolutely and utterly clueless.

      And we are WELL AWARE that a huge proportion of “medical science” is funded by pharmaceutical companies (or government officials who have worked/will work again for pharmaceutical companies)! That’s one of the problems. Check out any psych experiment on the ability of money to corrupt. It takes shockingly little. Fund a chair at a medical school? The whole place becomes tainted by the need to please a sponsor.

      No one here cares if you listen to us or believe us. You can vaccinate your own children to your heart’s content, but I have HAD it with people who do not have a child with autism, particularly severe autism, minimizing the difficulties inherent in that life by saying “I’d rather have a child with autism than a dead child.” I have also had it with the false and, frankly, STUPID implication that people who don’t vaccinate or who vaccinate selectively would “rather have a dead child than a child with autism.” They would rather have a WELL child than a SICK child! (snark) Which, of course, makes them abusive, neglectful parents in some people’s eyes. (/end snark) Given the exceptionally small risk of a child dying in this country from a “vaccine-preventable” illness and the MUCH, MUCH larger (by at least several orders of magnitude) risk of severe autism (and all the attendant medical co-morbidities, possible devastation of your child’s future functioning, and the ruining effect it can have on your finances), it’s far more rational TO count the risks of autism (and all the other possible neurological conditions) in the risk/benefit analysis of a particular vaccines than to NOT count it.

      If by “demonising” (sic) autism, you mean pointing out the difficulties and costs inherent in a life with severe autism for the children, their families and the rest of society, then, sorry, we shall continue to do so. With the rise in autism we’ve been experiencing in the last 20 years, it is clear that it won’t be long before autism alone bankrupts the country. We make no apology for trying to change that.

      And, lastly, I am not a “guy.” I find it fascinating that on a site named “Thinking Moms’ Revolution” you assume that I am a guy. I, like 22 of the other 23 Thinking “Moms,” am a mother. And I do not make up statistics. Ever. I challenge you to find me ONE statistic I’ve stated that doesn’t have a good basis in fact, most often from the CDC, the VAERS reporting system, or vaccine manufacturers themselves.

      • Jaelyn Grace says:

        ProfessorTMR well said!

        I’d rather have my child get the measles naturally. Measles causes a rash, moderate fever and then immunity for life.
        I know this well from experience.
        I’d rather avoid having a child with a disability for the rest of their lives, who gets the measles stuck in their gut.
        I think every parent should be given the option and told the facts.
        That most of these “diseases” can be prevented, treated or cured.
        We want children that are healthy, happy, free of gut pain, can speak, who will smile, look you in the eye, who can handle noise, who don’t have seizures, who don’t get constipated severely, or who don’t have constant diarrhea, who don’t have severe food allergies, who don’t have severe eczema, and children who can grow up and take care of themselves after WE DIE.

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  13. Lynn says:

    I just recently found this site a few months ago and I am so glad I did. So much of what TMR is about resonates deep inside of me. For at least the past year now I cannot stop thinking about vaccines. I read articles and studies on them all the time. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and my brain just starts thinking and won’t stop. I go to my computer and research more. It can be 3am but I just can’t stop and my body won’t sleep ( it really is maddening at times). It’s like I’m just drawn to research more.

    I first began to hear negative things about the medical community in like 2000 when I was in my early twenties. I had heard some really bad things about vaccination but was just kinda indifferent since I never planed on having any vaccines for myself and I never planned on having kids so that wasn’t an issue. It’s funny how the plans we have for our life don’t seem to work as planned. I became pregnant with my first child in 2004 at the age of 27. I remember telling my family at Christmas that year I was expecting and my niece who had went to school to become a pharmaceutical rep told me she wouldn’t vaccinate herself and that they make you think you can’t send your kids to school without their shots but it wasn’t true. It was a very short casual conversation but that is what got the ball rolling and I started looking into the vaccine research. I didn’t have the internet in those days so I read books and went to the library and did some research on their computers. The only vaccine either of my son’s received was the vitamin K shot at birth and that’s because I failed to research that one because I thought it was actually vitamin K and not a vaccine. I now have 2 boys who are 7 and 8 and they are the healthiest kids I know , and it’s because people like you opened their mouth’s and told their stories. I feel ashamed that I am such a coward when it comes to trying to talk to people about vaccines. I feel like I am against vaccines but at times I feel like I am on the fence about them. I often felt like it would be easier to share if I had a child who was damaged by a vaccine or at least knew someone who was damaged by a vaccine. I just don’t know how to tell people, it’s like my mind goes blank and my words get all mixed up and my heart starts racing and my face feels like it’s turning red hot. I also feel it is selfish of me to withhold such life changing information from others. I want you to know I am on your side and I believe you. I ask myself all the time what will it take for others to wake up to the truth about our medical community. Why does it seem like it has to be such a devastating thing happening to ones child in order for them to start to listen and even then sometimes they don’t. I also wonder why I was so willing to listen but others just can’t seem to hear. I am appalled at how some people who do vaccinate feel about those who don’t vaccinate and the other way around too. I am here to learn and give support and to get support in this revolution, because seriously a revolution is what is needed.

  14. Yankeegirl says:

    Great post. I use to think this push to vaccinate was all about money but now I think there’s got to be a master plan here. Just look at all the emphasis and money focusing on genetics research and autism. Each time scientist report finding a genetic mutation or deletion linked to autism or MI, I can’t help but think there is a much larger hidden agenda. That being genocide of those deemed weak or genetically unfit (our kids). Our kids are being selected out of the gene pool via vaccines and their DNA is being collected and added to genomic disease registries via programs like the Autism Genome Project. Why else would they want our kids DNA??? Research the history of the Pharmaceutical Industry, their ties to Nazi Germany and the use of propaganda as a tool to brainwash the masses. The Nazis sought a master race which meant eliminating the weak and least fit. Among the first to go were those with genetic conditions like Downs Syndrome and people with MI. I see many parallels to what is happening today to what happened then but in a much more sophisticated way.

  15. dog coach says:

    I laud your continuation of your hard work.

    I have studied vaccinations in dogs for many (about 45) years and what I know is that dogs show illness and malformations much sooner than humans. I have seen dogs go from healthy and long-lived, to having disease, autoimmune disorders, cancer and much shorter lives when we started (over) vaccinating them routinely. Autoimmune diseases in dogs were non-existent 30 years ago.

    But the article I want the non-believers to see is entitled Vaccines and the Peanut Allergy Epidemic by Tim O’Shea. There were no peanut allergies in America and anaphylatic shock was unheard of prior to the pharmaceutical companies adding peanut oil as excipients in the vaccines starting in the 1960s and by 1980s became the preferred choice, even though there were documented problems. Proteins injected into the body that bypass the digestive system are what causes food allergies. This was one of the most enlightening articles I have read thus far on vaccines and the problems they cause. (Prior to using the peanut oil they used penicillin and there were many children who developed penicillin allergies. )

    The one other thing I would like to add is that there is confusion (intended by the pharmaceutical companies) between immunization and vaccination. Vaccination is NOT immunization. STOP letting your children be guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical companies. This is all unproven, junk science. It is ALL about the money! The number one way to get you to part with your money and get these vaccinations is thru FEAR. It stops you from thinking clearly or doing research.

    And if you so believe that these shots are protecting your children, why do you fear those who choose not to? I thought you said your children were protected? In actuality it is proven that those who have been vaccinated are likely to spread the disease. That is why diseases that had a natural death, as diseases naturally do, are making a comeback. The proof in the pudding is that the un-vaccinated children are not the ones getting sick.

    • Kim Douglas says:

      You provide some intriguing points about the penicillin and peanut allergies! I remember the 1st one from my generation and the peanut one from my kids generation. Makes total sense. I wish an allergy was all we got from the vaccines instead of the much worse consequences of mercury and other heavy metal poisons. Your last statement is great! thanks:)

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      People do tend to think vaccination means that you cannot be a carrier of the disease for which you have been vaccinated, and it is true that that is not the case. Vaccinated people can spread illness just as unvaccinated people can. But it is untrue to imply that vaccinated people are getting sick at higher rates than unvaccinated people, or that vaccination is necessarily giving diseases a “comeback.” We can talk about the history of specific diseases and the effects of specific vaccinations, but to make generalized statement like that is incorrect.

  16. Jaelyn Grace says:

    Awesome post! I agree with it all! Thanks B.K.

  17. Kim Douglas says:

    Very well said and very necessary! Keep sounding the alarm and hopefully parents and others involved in the administration of vaccines will finally begin to investigate the possiblities of damage. Please, parents… WAIT until you are certain your children will be safe…never act out of fear or pressure from being told you’re a bad parent for not vaccinating your kids…that you are putting them in danger. If you can’t avoid the fear then keep them at home until you know for sure and can make a rational decision. I am a grandmother now but when I was 8 my mom was never told the dangers of filling my mouth with “silver fillings” that contained mercury, a deadly toxic heavy metal that destroys the nervous system (which includes the brain!!!) I was also vaccinated (but with a much, much smaller number of vaccines with less mercury than the present ) and 53 yrs later I continue dealing with the damage done to me by mercury while FDA is STILL proclaiming mercury is safe. So why did they ban mercury, like many other countries? But unfortunately, now vaccines contain other damaging heavy metals such as aluminum. NO amount of heavy metals is safe, especially to a undeveloped baby/child!!! How can anyone not question this? Listen to the parents who have first-hand experience with the damaging effects of vaccines on their children. These parents DO NOT want to have to deal with this but have been forced into it and now want to keep other people from suffering as they have. Listen to the experts and researchers who FOUND damage from vaccines on healthy bodies. Yes, please keep sounding the alarm. It may seem like no one is listening but hopefully that is not true and many children (plus adults!) will be saved from harm. Good job!! And I thank you 🙂

    • Bktmr says:

      Thank you, Kim! And yes, we are still being poisoned by mercury fillings, and moms with mercury fillings are likely passing on that toxic load along to their babies. Thanks for sharing your experience. 🙂

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  19. KirstenM says:

    Someone asked: “…what role did and does fresh water and sanitation play in disease control?”

    There are 27 vaccinations available world-wide for control of infectious diseases, principal mode of transmission is concluded in the list:

    Adenovirus – Respiratory
    Anthrax – Respiratory
    Cholera – Fecal/Oral
    Diptheria – Respiratory
    Tetanous – Injury/penetrating wounds
    Pertussis – Respiratory
    Hepatitis A – Fecal/Oral
    Hepatitis B – Bloodborne & body fluids
    Haemophilus influenzae type b – Respiratory
    Human Papilloma Virus – Sexual transmission
    Influenza – Respiratory
    Japanese Encephalitis – Mosquito (vector)
    Measles – Respiratory
    Mumps – Respiratory
    Rubella – Respiratory
    Meningococcus Pnuemonia – Respiratory
    Pneumococcus – Respiratory
    Polio – Fecal/Oral
    Rabies – contact with infected animal (vector)
    Rotavirus – Respiratory
    Shingles – Residual from prior Varicella infection
    Smallpox – Respiratory
    Typhoid Fever – Fecal/Oral
    Typhus – Flea (vector)
    Tuberculosis – Respiratory
    Varicella – Respiratory
    Yellow Fever – Mosquito (vector)

    Note that only Cholera, Hepatitis A, Polio & Typhoid Fever can be mediated by clean public fresh water and sewage systems.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      You leave out the effect that clean water and sanitation have on the PEOPLE who have them. People who do not have clean water and/or sanitation are unhealthy. They are at great risk of dying from any illness, even one that is considered mild by the industrialized world. If you look at the history of death rates from many of the illnesses on your list, you will see that after the introduction of modern sanitation, and before most vaccines existed, death rates dropped dramatically. Even for things that are not transmitted that way. In addition, healthy people are far more capable of mounting an effective immune system response than unhealthy people and are far less likely to come down with every disease that comes their way.

      • kat says:

        So are you insisting that someone who fits your definition of health wouldn’t contract these diseases when exposed to them because of their effective immune system?

        Let’s assume you say yes? Cool, how about you go to Africa and tango with mosiquitos carrying Yellow Fever(oh, even better, go try out Malaria and let us all know how your amazing immune system protects you).

        It seems to me that it’s much easier to claim that your immune system will defend against horrible diseases when you live in a developed country where the disease has been kept at bay by generations of vaccinated people. If you were really so confident, then take a walk on the wild side and go to the area where there is an outbreak. See if you can catch the disease. I mean really, what do you have to lose? You are right, after all, aren’t you?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Of course, I’m not “insisting” that. I’m not even implying it. What about my above comment says I think that people with strong immune systems will never get sick? The point is that healthy populations tend to get sick less frequently, and far less devastatingly, than unhealthy populations. That doesn’t mean that any one individual won’t get an illness. Prior to the introduction of the measles vaccine in this country, contrary to popular belief, many, many people got measles, but measles was not considered a “scary” illness in this country. No matter how many times people quote measles death rates in the rest of the world, it doesn’t change that basic fact.

        As far as going to Africa and contracting yellow fever or malaria, I don’t actually consider myself to have an “amazing immune system.” My immune system does NOT work well, I think in large part due the vaccinations I received as a child. I have four autoimmune conditions that were virtually unknown in my family, at least until my younger brother and I came along. That means that my immune system is so busy sending antibodies out attacking harmless things that it can’t mount an appropriate defense (fever) against some of the simpler microbes.

        And it’s interesting that you mention yellow fever and malaria (which, by the way, has only an experimental vaccine at this time). Those are dreadful diseases. Why don’t we vaccinate all the children in this country for yellow fever? Two main reasons, the yellow fever shot carries significant risk of harm, and the children of this country are unlikely to ever encounter yellow fever unless they go to Africa, at which time they can choose to be vaccinated. I had a boss who traveled to Africa approximately 20 years ago. He had to get a yellow fever shot in order to get his visa for the Ivory Coast. He was concerned about finding his shot record for his last yellow fever shot, because he REALLY didn’t want to have the shot again if his first shot was still in effect. At the time, I thought he was being a wuss about it. Now I completely understand his concern.

        So why are the people in charge of vaccination policy in this country “insisting” (and, make no mistake there is a great deal of “insistence”) on vaccinating all children at birth for hepatitis B, a blood-borne illness that the children are extremely unlikely to encounter before puberty (by which time the effects of vaccination are likely to have worn off), unless they are born of mothers who are hep B positive (which status is very easy to identify), when it is known that the shots carry risks and it is known that infants of that age are too young to mount an effective immune response? Just one example of the kinds of questions parents should be asking.

        The fact is that immunization policy should not be “one size fits all,” because it clearly doesn’t. It is possible to do vaccination far more safely and cautiously than we do now. Why is that we do not as a country err on the side of caution? We used to be far more cautious. Investigate the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act of 1986, and you’ll realize that vaccine manufacturers no longer bear any liability for the harm that their vaccines do. And then look at today’s vaccine schedule vs. the pre-1986 schedule. Many, many children (and adults) are being harmed by our current vaccine policy and at the current time no one has to answer for it.

      • KirstenM says:

        Decreasing death rates from infectious disease can be attributed much more to things like advanced medical practices and antibiotics rather than to just clean water & sewage disposal.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Kristen, antibiotics have definitely changed the death rates for a number of bacterial illnesses, but I’m sure you’re aware that many of the illnesses on your list are viral in nature and are not affected by antibiotics. In addition, if you actually look at the history of death rates of infectious diseases, you will find that they dropped pretty significantly BEFORE antibiotics were introduced in the 1940s.

      I’m glad you brought up antibiotics. Antibiotics, similarly to vaccines, were considered “miracle drugs,” enabling many people who might previously have died to get well and go on with their lives. But, like vaccines, antibiotics have been way overused to the point where many people are now having to deal with the long-term damage inflicted on their own bodies, or those of their children, from the use of these “miracle drugs.” Perhaps vaccines, like antibiotics, when used sparingly are a useful intervention — in a time of plague, for instance — but the way they are currently used in this country is creating more problems than it solves.

  20. Isabel says:

    Please read more about the bad things vaccines are doing to all of us at:
    Hope the link works, Dr. King is doing amazing work!

  21. lisa says:

    i am a mother to four year old twins, boy and girl. they have all their immunizations, except the mmr. i have always been afraid to have them injected with this shot because of what i hear about the autism. i have done so much research that makes me believe in my heart and soul that vaccines cause injury. i also have come across the facts that prove that the mmr is derived out of aborted fetal tissue. and along the lines have read that other vaccinations are manufactured with aborted fetal tissue. well my twins are now in preschool and i have asked for a religious exemption with the board of education regarding my kids and their immunizations. my husband and i have totally agreed that from this day forward, our twins will no longer be vaccinated. i fear the harm it may cause and very importantly, as being Catholics in my household, we are not supportive towards the aborted fetal tissues being used in vaccinations. an abortion, to our belief in god and being Catholics, is evil. so why would i agree to injecting such tissue into my twins’ bodies. my first exemption got denied and as of today, i filed for my second religious exemption. i do hope and pray to god that i get approved. for my twins sake. if not, i shall be moving on to plan b. i’m against vaccinations. if anyone is battling a situation like mine with the board of education or the department of health, please share your story. your time is greatly appreciated. who ever said, “no vaccines, no school?”

    • Cheryl says:

      God bless you and you are indeed wise. When we inject human and or animal DNA into the human body we change it’s coding…there is nothing safe about this practice. I like you am prolife and cannot agree to using the bodies of the unborn as science products. As long as your state has a religious exemption fight for it. They make the hurdles hard, but it’s your right.

    • Bktmr says:

      I completely agree, and will pray that your religious exemption is approved! <3

    • Andrea says:

      what state are you in? I know Texas has forms you fill out and have notarized over which shots you are refusing, to give to the schools. I just stopped giving the shots with the fetal cells… unfortunately my boys 12, 6, and 2 had already had most of these shots to begin with before I found out about the fetal cells…

  22. Hanna says:

    You saved my child. You and other brave bloggers selflessly spreading the word. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

  23. Heather says:

    Thank you for writing this. I shared on fb because most of what I post is regarding vaccines and it could have been written by me…not as eloquently though!
    I am extremely blessed to have two vaccine-free sons (18 years and 11 years). My husband and I were able to study this subject for eight years before our boys were born and we were completely against vaccines by the time they came along. If you take the time to learn about what health is and how incredible our bodies are you would not live in fear of disease. Our bodies are far more brilliant than any scientist or doctor. We have been brain-washed to think that our bodies are incapable of healing, giving birth or surviving without medical intervention. My children rarely get sick. When they do – they make the connection between what they’ve been eating and the resulting cold. They don’t have asthma, get ear infections, or any other condition that is considered “normal” these days. Their immune systems are hearty and strong and even when they come in contact with others who are sick they don’t “catch” it.
    My heart breaks when I see vaccine-injured children – there are SO many of them these days. My heart breaks when my friends tell me about the health problems their children experience. The latest is a friend whose daughter was diagnosed as being bi-polar shortly after getting the Gardisil vaccines. The doctors then put her on six different antidepressants and the nightmare continues.

    • Becky says:

      That was indeed eloquent Heather!

      Especially this part:

      If you take the time to learn about what health is and how incredible our bodies are you would not live in fear of disease. Our bodies are far more brilliant than any scientist or doctor. We have been brain-washed to think that our bodies are incapable of healing, giving birth or surviving without medical intervention.

      I too am blessed to have discovered the dangers of vaccines and while not all my children are 100% vaccine free, the last two are vax free except for tetanus. No more vaccines. Its wonderful to see my three grandchildren growing up healthy with no fear and no vaccines. I share your aching heart for the health of families these days. I seek to help them learn the route to true health and how to live without fear. Here is a letter I wrote for my adult children (and others)

      I am encouraged by the number of thoughtful people who share in this vision and feel confident that our words will make a difference.

    • Bktmr says:

      Thank you, Heather! I know it must be so tough watching that happen to your friend’s daughter. 🙁 We just have to keep talking, no matter what.

  24. Rachel says:

    Thank you so much for writing this. The ending rings so true to my soul, it brought tears to my eyes. My son had a severe reaction at two and was diagnosed withPost Vaccination Encephalopathy-brain damage. The guilt, the suffering, the hell….. there are no words. Until my dying breath I will tell his story and I will fight for NOT ONE MORE!

  25. Jenna says:

    I am afraid this is just something I will never agree with. I am afraid that the only reason parents have the option to not vaccinate their children is because most other parents do. I am afraid that parents blame vaccines for things that would have happened to their children regardless of vaccinations. I am afraid that we live in a world where millions and millions of people have died for several thousand years from epidemics and plagues and mass illness and we have finally come to a place scientifically speaking where we can eradicate those diseases, and parents are more than willing to say “no, we’d rather just allow our children to die.” I am afraid that so many families lost one or more children to illnesses before these vaccinations and now more children live and that’s why autism and other complications are more prevalent now, because more children live to adulthood than ever before. I am afraid that a lot of children that are living today would not have been living in the early 1900s, the one who are born with autoimmune diseases and weakened immune systems. These children would not have made it otherwise. I am afraid that we all are all so afraid that we may actually push our children back into a time where they could die from mumps or measles because we feel like it’s better for them to die from these diseases than have a disability. That’s what scares me and that’s why I will always think that anti-vaccination rhetoric is dangerous and is not a logical way of thinking. I don’t think any of these moms, if they were living in actual parts of the world where kids still die daily from preventable diseases, would ever hesitate to have their children vaccinated. In fact, they would wait in line for hours to do so, because they’d rather have a child alive with a disability than one who has died from something that could have been prevented.

    • Jenna says:

      And I also do not believe there is a correlation between autism and vaccines. I think the doctor who brought this to the forefront then retracted his statements was the single largest detriment to modern medicine and public health and safety ever. His single study has now been used for a long time for people not to vaccinate their children. If we all stopped vaccinating, I would be terrified of that world to live in. And to know that we put ourselves in a terrifying world like that by choice is even more terrifying.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        As B.K. points out, you don’t know much about Dr. Wakefield or the study you’re talking about. The study was a case study of twelve children. It did not make any conclusions other than vaccine-strain measles viruses were found in the guts of children with regressive autism. Anyone who based his or her decision to not vaccinate on that study would be crazy. The thing is that no one actually does so. All the media hype around Dr. Wakefield and the retracted study (which by the way he never retracted) is just that, hype. The media keeps trying to make Dr. Wakefield go away hoping that will settle the question. Only it never does, no matter what they do, because no one has actually made this decision based on that study, as we have told them time and time again. It is clear that the people who continue to imply that we’re a bunch of sheep led astray by “that discredited doctor” are not interested in the truth. They are only interested in pretending we are stupid and getting others to believe that.

        I’m sorry you’re so afraid, but we should not choose to damage our children to assuage YOUR fear.

    • B.K. says:

      Your answer pretty much speaks for itself. “I am afraid.”
      Dr. Wakefield, incidentally, never retracted his concerns, and continues to work for vaccine injured children every day. And his findings have been corroborated by many more doctors and researchers, the ones that are brave enough to speak the truth.
      Put aside your fear. We were never meant to live like this.

      • Bktmr says:

        And, if you can put your fear aside enough to do some real research, you will find that all this fear you have is completely invalid. You do not have to live in fear.

    • M says:

      Take 4 minutes and watch this. I live with an autistic child. Knowing I could’ve stopped it is something I can never escape.!weneedtotalk/c1vof

      You can’t stimulate one side of the immune system without harming the other.

    • Cheryl says:

      You have a lot of fears and need to stop and think…what role did and does fresh water and sanitation play in disease control? This was the very reason public water and sewage was established in the first place. No I admit lazy parents use disposable diapers and toss poo in the trash, spreading whatever is in the poo, like a current vaccine the child just had, but over all our system of trash pick up, sewage and clean water has done it’s job.

      Have you ever looked into your own family tree and looked at childhood death? I can trace my parents family back to pre civil war, and know the outcome of each child born on American soil. Not one died from a childhood illness. Two died from a house fire, one from a ruptured appendix, one stillborn, one from a bad heart. Not a one died from measles or mumps or chicken pox. My mother had 11 brothers and sisters, all nine brothers survived WWII and Korea, to me that’s impressive. My MIL had 14 brothers and sisters, she is the one who lost 2 in a house fire. As child I spend Sunday afternoons with my Dad’s great aunts, all 5 lived to be over 100. Personally I had measles and all I got was a bad hair cut. It was hot summer time in the South with no AC and my Mom cut my hair into a pixie to deal with the scabs on my head.

      My children and nieces and nephews have not been so lucky. Children of the great modern world there are two with aspergers and panic disorder, my baby lost every single skill and ability and developed a sever seizure disorder and leaky gut after vaccines, he lost the ability to even open and close his hands. A normal child who played with others, sang, and was very bright, today is a 21 year old disabled adult in Depends. My nephew an aspie also developed schizophrenic and despite being gifted and top of his college class, must be cared for and not left alone. Another niece, who had a Mom who sounded a lot like you, ended up with chronic health issues and cannot eat anything but a handful of foods. Another in our family has a rage disorder. A couple have learning disorders and mood issues. Funny, no mention of these things as we look back at the family tree and talk to older relatives. We are sadly, destroying our children in a means not seen after the fall or Rome. Please stop fearing the past and start learning about the right now…this is what I fear…for the generation that should be my grandchildren, but thanks to what I allowed to happen to my children, I’ll never be a grandmom and the way things look, either will my siblings.

      Read educate yourself and talk to us first hand, our information may be very eye opening at the least.

      • Jennifer Power says:

        What a great comment. It always amazes me that some folks just don’t seem to understand that vaccination is brand new on the timeline of human existence. What magic do they think kept your entire family (and theirs) alive before vaccines? Could it have been a healthy, working immune system?

        Your commit about not having grandchildren is sad beyond measure. And you are not alone.

        Thank you.

      • Margaret says:

        I just want to mention that little was known about learning disabilities and mood disorders until much more recently. Just because they weren’t diagnosed or remembered doesn’t mean that they didn’t exist.

      • Jennifer Power says:

        Margaret, you’re kidding, right?

        We’re not talking about a couple of kids with mood disorders and learning issues. We’re talking about 1 in 50 CHILDREN diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Of course there have always been kids (and adults) with learning issues and other disorders, but if you don’t mind me asking, where the hell are all those 40-50-60+ year olds who can’t speak, hear, see, who can’t feed themselves or wipe their own backsides, who don’t sleep thru the night, who can’t, won’t ever work, marry, have children, who will need constant care until they die paid for by yours truly? Where are all those ADULTS who have asthma, diabetes, learning disorders, eczema, self-injurious behaviours, apraxia, strabismus, GBS, food intolerances, IBS, Crohn’s Disease, low muscle tone, mitochondria disease, traumatic brain injury, anaphylaxis to PEANUTS for crying out loud? Where are they all?

        The horrible reality of that question is they are here now and they are our children. All we have to do is wait for them is grow up.

    • ProfessorTMR says:


      You may have intended it as a rhetorical technique, but the fact that you start all your sentences with “I am afraid” is very telling. I am not afraid of any of those things you have mentioned, because I don’t let fear run my life, and as a result I have done my research. I was born in the 1960s, just as the measles vaccine was being introduced. Contrary to your belief (fear?), children were not dropping like flies. Before the vaccine was introduced there were an average of about 450 deaths per year from measles in the entire United States and measles is a disease that is acknowledged to be much worse in adults. Autism was extremely rare, so rare that most physicians never saw it. Allergies were uncommon, asthma fairly rare (I know, because as an asthmatic teenager I was a freak), ADHD was almost unknown, and type 1 diabetes was really rare. Contrast that with today: two percent of today’s children have autism. Approximately 10% have asthma these days; another 10%, ADHD. It is clear that the children in this country are getting sicker — MUCH sicker — and that is not because “more children live.” That is not a “logical way of thinking.”

      In addition, autoimmune diseases are not something you’re “born with.” There is a good body of work that shows one of the best ways to trigger allergies or autoimmune illness is to inject a substance along with an adjuvant, thus bypassing the digestive system and fooling the body into thinking an “invader” has entered it, and spurring it to form antibodies (which is the exact intent of a vaccine). Vaccine manufacturers did not count on the body manufacturing antibodies to the adjuvants or microscopic proteins that are contained in the vaccines they make.

      Perhaps some mothers who choose not to vaccinate in this country would choose to vaccinate if they lived in third-world countries where children die daily of “vaccine-preventable” illnesses. Fear under such circumstances would be understandable. Even if they did, however, that does not mean that they should choose to do so here, where those diseases are not a huge threat and have not been for a long time. We do not have to give our children disabilities because we’re “afraid” of diseases they are unlikely to ever encounter.

  26. Cindi Allen says:

    I applaud you for writing this. It couldn’t be said more clearly. This past summer I attended a vaccine event with Dr. Wakefield as the guest speaker and was not prepared for what I heard. I was blown away by the information given as I vaccinated my three kids in the 80’s and had no idea that so many more vaccines have been added to the schedule since then. Nor was I aware of all the toxins that are in vaccines. In my opinion, it’s only common sense that America’s children are being hurt by all the vaccines they are receiving today starting at age, one day old. It’s common sense people!! I’m now watching my two grandchildren suffer from the adverse side effects of all the vaccines. Of course I shared every bit of information, gave my kids books and literature to read, but they don’t see what I see. My 17 month old grandson regressed after the MMR shot. I pointed out personality and physical characteristics that had changed, but my son and daughter in law didn’t see it and basically told me to stop talking about it. I’m very concerned for his next round of shots and I’m praying for his health. My 9 month old grandson has been on antibiotics 4 times in his little life for ear infections and bronchitis. This is criminal in my book!
    When vaccines were first introduced, I believe it was with the best of intentions – for our overall health. This is not the case today.
    When I see Walgreens’ lawns scattered with vaccine signs and the grocery store clerks wearing T shirts that say “get your flu shot”, I want to cry out and gather a flash mob of people along with their hurting children to confront these organizations promoting vaccines. Keep on writing and getting the word out there, some will hear!

  27. Jan says:

    You said what I have been saying (but oh so more thoroughly and eloquently) ever since I figured out in 1997 my son’s Autism was caused by an autoimmune reaction to his MMR vaccine.
    I don’t think all Autism is all vaccines and I’m not 100% anti vax. I realize that there are a ton of toxins in every day life that are like part and parcel of this increasing nightmare of autism, cancer, and the tsumani of other diseases affecting our children.
    As the autism numbers skyrocket I continue to be stunned by young parents lack of knowledge of the risks, especially of so many vaxes at one time and at so young an age.
    When I talk to them and hear them spouting the pediatrician party line I think of Cher in Moonlighting and want to scream at them SNAP OUT OF IT!

    • B.K. says:

      Jan, I completely agree, except I am pretty much against vaccines until doctors decide to start screening kids for potential adverse reactions before ever vaccinating one of them. But YES….many toxics. We are OVERLOADED. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  28. Luna says:

    The one I have the hardest time arguing with is the one who says, “I’d rather risk autism than dying of measles, or passing on pertussis to an infant, and you’re an asshole for saying autism is worse than that!” When I point out that the odds of that happening are miniscule, the response is that so are the chances of vaccine injury. I have no idea how to respond to those people.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Back when I was born, the measles vaccine hadn’t been invented yet. There were an average of 400-450ish deaths a year from measles (a disease which is acknowledged to be more dangerous in adults) in the entire United States. Assuming 450 deaths out of the approximate 64.5 million children in the U.S. in 1960, you get a death rate of .0007 %. Autism (not to mention all the other chronic health issues that have risen with the vaccination rates, allergies, asthma, ADHD, etc., etc.) is now at 1 in 50 U.S. children, many of whom have frequent life-threatening complications. That corresponds to 2% of the population. Someone tell me how that qualifies as “minuscule.”

    • Robyn C says:

      You can reply that children are far more likely, statistically, to experience reactions to and side effects from vaccines, including death, than they are to even contract a so-called “vaccine preventable disease,” let alone experience serious side effects or die from such a disease. I wish I could find that study, but I have too many links. Must… organize…

      • Lisa says:

        Robyn, would that be as true, though, if we abandoned vaccination entirely? Or is the assertion that the only thing that is allowing all the non-vaccinated kids to not get sick (except for the occasional outbreak) is the fact that there are usually enough parents out there still getting their kids vaccinated to prevent large-scale outbreaks where we get to see deaths and other more frightening sequelae from “simple childhood illnesses?”

  29. Tania says:

    What a beautiful way to explain it… Luckily I didn’t vaccinate my children, although I have passed on the toxicity of my adult inoculations to my children, which is almost as painful even after making a conscious and informed choice against immunisations.
    Everyone is being fooled with our current health systems and the big pharma, medicine war.

    • Bktmr says:

      You are so right. Unfortunately, many will not open their eyes until it is too late. But you can be SO proud that you saved your kids from even more toxicity. 🙂

  30. Ann Bremer says:

    I appreciate your views, but without citing well designed scientific studies to back your claims, they’re just claims. I agree that something’s going on with our kids, but correlation doe not imply causation. What other things have changed in the last 30, 50 or 100 years? What about the food we eat? What other environmental factors are different–the air we breathe, the water we drink, how our food is packaged and prepared, the chemicals in cleaning supplies–couldn’t we point to those as adding to the problem? To suggest that our government is lying, that there’s some vast conspiracy, is to suggest that our government is run by people with no regard for their own children’s safety, which I don’t buy.
    My son was diagnosed with cancer when he was 2 1/2. I had people tell me to take him off chemo, the chemo that had been proven to save lives over years and years of research, and to trust in some naturopathic protocol with no research behind it. I had people tell me the oncologists were in cahoots with the drug companies, that they were all out to make money. What a bunch of hooey. If it was your job every day to watch little people get sick and die, tell me how hard hearted you’d have to be to team up with drug companies to make a buck?
    Please provide links to the studies that prove something more than correlation and then I’ll listen.

  31. Twyla says:

    “eyewitness accounts, which are pretty credible and damning in a court of law if you happen to witness a felony, are quickly dismissed about vaccine injuries…”

    So true!

  32. Becky says:

    Thank you for conveying the heart of so many in such a sensitive articulate way. The only thing I would add is:

    1. diabetes type 1 and 2 to your list of what kids are being diagnosed with every day;
    2. there are many professionals, doctors, nurses who are promoting vaccines who are operating on the basis of a flawed system. They are not deliberately trying to deceive, they are themselves deceived.

    I am going to share your post as widely as I can. I am always looking for respectful factual information like this. Even though I have not experienced firsthand an obvious vaccine injury, I share your passion to present the truth about how to achieve wellness with everyone who might listen – to spare them the suffering so many have endured through vaccines and other medical injuries. I appreciate all the research you do. Your community offers hope. I pray your voice will be used mightily!

    • Bktmr says:

      Absolutely. I know quite a few workers in the medical industry who do what they do because they truly care about helping people. And yes on the diabetes! I also thought later that I should have touched on Alzheimer’s and how the more flu shots you get, the more likely you are to be diagnosed with it.

      Thank you for sharing the blog, Becky! 🙂

  33. Erica says:

    This is amazing and beautiful and so eloquent. It made me feel better just reading it. I have stopped posting those things on FB because they were falling on deaf ears. I gave up trying to warn friends and detail everything I know. Sadly, for many, it will never matter until it happens to them. I can’t count the thousands of emails I have had thanking me for the info *after* their child was vaccine injured. I didn’t count the ones telling me I am wrong and “dangerous” but they were many. But I can count the number thanking me for the warnings – zero.

    • Bktmr says:

      Keep trying. Even one child saved is worth it, and you never know who you may have touched. I have a friend who did refuse vaccines for her baby as a result of my posts. It does happen. 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words!

  34. Rene' Maloney says:

    Just beautifully articulated!!! I am a mother of 2 boys….with my 5 year old son Quinn having Autism. I am sure my Facebook friends and family are sick of my doom and gloom posts about how corruption and money are harming our kids… (GMO’s and vaccines being my 2 big issues!)… but the threat is real. Those of us who have injured children know and we are trying to warn others to be aware before it is too late!

  35. Sabrina says:

    Every word is perfect. Thank you for giving me your words to articulate what’s in the very fiber of my own being, that which I could never quite express. This is pure truth and a powerful account of the movement. Blown away!

  36. Zed says:

    Thank You!


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