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The Anti-Vaccine Movement Shows Why Mainstream Media Is Broken

January 10, 2017 This was written in response to an opinion piece published in the Washington Post entitled “The Anti-Vaccine Movement Shows Why Facebook Is Broken.” I think it’s rather amusing that everyone in the mainstream media and medical community … Continue reading

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TEAM TMR’s Facebook Auction: It All Started with an Idea, a Couple of Books, and Some Essential Oils . . .

On August 8, 2015, a momentous event had its humble start: TEAM TMR – TMR’s nonprofit organization dedicated to providing grants to families with children with disabilities – started a week-long Facebook online auction to raise money for their grant program. Frankie … Continue reading

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Social Media: The Real Community

We’re sure you’ve heard by now that there’s a new movement underfoot in this information revolution.  Facebook refuses to share certain posts and Google has started ordering website hits based on its own idea of truthfulness, but social media users … Continue reading

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Facebook Is Important!!

AutismOne.  Chicago.  2011.   Were you there?  Were you looking forward to seeing Jenny McCarthy deliver the keynote address on Saturday?   I was.  About a thousand other people were as well. But the actress/author/sex-symbol-turned-autism-activist didn’t give a speech that day.   She … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to My Facebook Friends

Why I Post About Vaccines Dear Friends, I want to address something that you most certainly have noticed about me if we have been friends for a while. It’s about some of the things I post on Facebook.   It is … Continue reading

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4 Facebook Updates That Annoy This Vaccine-Injury Parent

I’ve written helpful lists for other people before. My Autism Parent’s Bucket List made the rounds on the internet a few months ago. I was inspired to write a much shorter list today. I created it with the help of … Continue reading

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Facebook: A Week in the Life of An Autism Activist

“Brangelina are having ANOTHER baby! She’s already 3 months along! You would never know it!” “With Marc, buying a new cat. Fighting over breeds. This is going to be a long day.” “Serena’s team is going to State! Go Wildcats!” … Continue reading

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