The Anti-Vaccine Movement Shows Why Mainstream Media Is Broken

January 10, 2017

This was written in response to an opinion piece published in the Washington Post entitled “The Anti-Vaccine Movement Shows Why Facebook Is Broken.”

I think it’s rather amusing that everyone in the mainstream media and medical community spends so much time (and wastes so much money) trying to analyze why we are the way we are, as opposed to just asking us. The idea that we have some secret network, where we share information and plot to destroy the world (all the while balancing caring for our special-needs children, navigating services, attending IEP meetings, and driving to therapies and medic appointments) is rather funny.

There is no code word for anti-vaxxers (or their groups). Some of us are against all vaccines, some against the corrupt science, some against one vaccine or ingredient, some who just believe in safer schedules or who fight for informed consent and most allow anyone to be a part (in fact wish everyone would stand up for a better system).

There are no secret documents. We share the same information available to you, that your doctor can access (although most will not bother). We testify publicly, in front of legislators, on television, and through our writing. We hide nothing, including making our lives public and sharing videos, pictures, and even medical records because we know that we have no means of influence other than the truth.

There is no funding, no lobby, no billion-dollar budget. We are lucky if we can take care of our families given the extent of care they need. We aren’t living in fear of some truth; no, most of us had to face the truth the moment our lives flipped upside down and we watched something happen to our children–the ones who seized before our eyes, the ones we held as they screamed for days, the ones who never took another breath. That is our truth. THAT is why we do what we do.

Lorrin Kain was injured by a DTP vaccine in infancy and died as a result of her injuries as a teenager.

The idea that we won’t involve ourselves in the facts is the most absurd and flawed idea you have, and it will be your downfall. You can’t claim that we are the demographic of higher educated and then claim that we are uneducated. We read this kind of nonsense and then respond with peer-reviewed medical science. Our bookshelves aren’t just filled with anti-vaxxer readings. They are filled with pharma-issued textbooks, vaccine profiteers’ books, religious studies, binders of thousands of medical studies. We study in your schools and listen to your presentations and review your documents. We aren’t afraid to hear what you have to say. In fact we encourage others to review your websites and science and whatever else they need, because we know our work is done in your flaws. We don’t have to prove a thing or provide our personal testimony. Your governing agencies and access to science these days make it easy for any person to see for themselves. It doesn’t take Facebook, it takes common sense.

As mommies, because that’s what you would like the world to believe despite the fact that we are a million other things as well, we aren’t foolish enough to crumble when the going gets tough. We know you will name call and harass and spin the truth as you clearly demonstrate, and we don’t care. Because as parents our number one priority is always our children–the ones you dismiss in your rush to paint us as out to destroy the world, the ones who are lost in your surveys, the ones we would do anything for. That is what you ignore.

Christina Tarsell was killed by the Gardasil vaccine.

And it hasn’t worked. Not because of some Facebook algorithms or networks or some secret handshake, but because there are now so many of us we can’t be hidden away. We are your family, your friends, your neighbors. We don’t exist in a box; we are the majority of parents who now parent the sickest generation of children.

More parents are opposed to some aspect of the vaccine program than are supportive now. That didn’t happen because you have it right. It happened because you can’t hide the truth forever.

We aren’t wrong; you have failed us.

Your opinion pieces at this point aren’t just silly, they are absurd. Maybe you should have just asked us. We would tell you the truth.

~ Crush

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44 Responses to The Anti-Vaccine Movement Shows Why Mainstream Media Is Broken

  1. Lou says:

    Thank you for your blog and spreading valuable information!

    I have a question that I have been trying to figure out for over a year and that is why do insurance companies cover the cost of vaccination? The best answer I have come up with is that big Pharma and the insurance companies need eachother but that is as far as I got, and if that is on the right track I would love that fleshed out more. Another answer is that the insurance companies believe the BS about vaccines, but that one is harder for me to believe. Could you help me with this one?

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      That is my biggest question as well. One would think they would be paying out far less money if we vaccinated far less (like, oh say, the 1980s, for instance) and that would be in their interest. But when you think about it, insurance companies simply pass along whatever their costs are to us with a huge markup for profit. And if the costs are high, so are the profits. They are so intimately related to pharmaceutical companies, and now for-profit hospitals, that I think that they are not the “independent” agents we still think of them as. Our horrible version of “healthcare” is now a ridiculous percentage of our economy. It is not in our economic interest to be a healthy nation. No matter how you look at it that is fucked up.

  2. Hans Litten says:

    The best TV show available .
    Forrest Maready is a legend in my eyes (it looks like he is extending the work of Andrew Moulden).

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      According to Forrest, his work has nothing to do with Moulden’s work. Moulden talked of “micro-strokes.” Forrest is talking about aluminum being engulfed by phagocytes that are later called to the site of injury, where the aluminum would then cause damage to the cells that were in need of help.

  3. Hans Litten says:

    Here is a good one for all – love this !!

    Bill Gates’ Former Doctor Says Billionaire ‘Refused To Vaccinate His Children’

    Bill Gates DID NOT VACCINATE HIS OWN !!!!!!

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Hans, you may not know this but YourNewsWire prints all sorts of unsubstantiated shit. If you’ll note, the article doesn’t mention the doctor’s name or where the information came from. There’s nothing credible about this account. In the United States we have a thing called HIPAA laws. A doctor may not legally reveal personal health information. How likely is it that a doctor at that level would reveal the health secrets of their most powerful client ever if doing so about an ORDINARY person could end his career? In addition, if this hypothetical doctor WAS Gates’s “personal physician,” that does not mean he treated (or knows anything about the treatment of) his children. I strongly suspect YourNewsWire of making it all up deliberately to be provocative.

  4. Hans Litten says:

    WATCH: President Trump Explains Why He Doesn’t Get the Flu Shot
    Posted on January 18, 2018 by Alex Pietrowski

    They are calling this the worst flu season in 13 plus years and hospitals around the country are reportedly overloaded. At the same time, this year’s flu vaccine is said to be only 10-30% effective, depending on who you ask, and, right about half of American adults get flu shots, and around 60% of children take the annual jab.
    There is international hysteria about the flu at the moment, and major news sources are reporting that more strains are the way, as the death toll rises.
    If there’s one thing media is good at, it’s creating hysteria.

    Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport asks some important questions about this year’s flu season. Firstly, how do we know that people with the set of symptoms we’re calling flu, really have an influenza virus in their body? Next, is the media hype surrounding the flu more of a PR campaign than a legitimate public health warning?
    “…when health officials begin waving red flags and raising alarms about a current viral flu outbreak, it would be more than reasonable to demand they answer questions about their past lies and deceptions.” ~Jon Rappoport
    Unless you’re totally committed to the flu hysteria, it makes s lot of sense to question the flu vaccine narrative.
    Which is apparently how President Trump feels.
    In a 2015 interview with Sirius XM’s Opie and Jim Norton, Donald Trump was asked if gets a flu shot. His response was informed by a common experience: after once getting the flu shot, he got more sick than ever, then vowed never to do it again.

    In other words, many people get the flu after getting the flu shot. How they factor this reality into the statistics at the CDC is unknown, but in the worst flu season in recent memory, with half the people getting the shot, you have to wonder if the shot isn’t partly to blame for the high levels of sick people.

    “I’ve never had one. And thus far I’ve never had the flu. I don’t like the idea of injecting bad stuff into your body. And that’s basically what they do. And this one (latest flu vaccine) has not been very effective to start off with.
    I have friends that religiously get the flu shot and then they get the flu. You know, that helps my thinking. I’ve seen a lot of reports that the last flu shot is virtually totally ineffective.” ~President Trump

  5. Deborah Kahn says:

    My analysis of what is going on.
    Latest approach of media is to totally deny the existence of any vaccine injuries whatsoever. The claim is that the entire movement comes from the top. A few evil people who profit from vitamins have created an anti-vaccine movement for financial gain and they’ve gotten a number of really dumb people to join in. None of the dumb people have vaccine injured children because there are no vaccine injured children.

    I think this extraordinary version of reality is an attempt to make the Vaxxed Bus and other collections highlighting vaccine injury disappear. Not to mention all those stories about Gardasil injuries. The closest anyone in the mainstream will come to addressing stories of vaccine injury is to insist that every such story is a mistake…coincidence! But generally stories of vaccine injury are solidly avoided at this point.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Many are insisting that Colton Berrett’s devastating injuries had nothing to do with his Gardasil shots. He just “happened” to have some random virus with no symptoms soon after his shot that caused his transverse myelitis, even though transverse myelitis is a known to be a possible outcome of vaccination.

      I agree that the multitude of credible stories available with a few clicks of the keyboard, along with the many videos made by the people who were harmed and their families, have affected their strategy, but there will be always those who will continue to publicly deny that which is right in front of their faces. But that will be their downfall. I know this because I am in a number of Facebook groups for people who question the current vaccine paradigm that are growing rapidly. Several times a day I see posts from people who did vaccinate their children but want to know how to avoid them at their next pediatrician’s visit. Those children are three months, ten months, eighteen months, two years, twelve years, eighteen years old, and everything in between. The pace of the revolution has increased dramatically in recent months and they have no one to blame but themselves.

    • Hans Litten says:

      the narrative is carefully controlled many Western nation states.
      The BBC maintains a perfect silence on the subject (there is no advertising on the BBC). So how is the situation so harmoniously maintained ?
      People trust to their governments and leaders and media’s (TV , newspapers , radio , magazines, the Church) – why is it the truth never breaks out ?
      But in the Philipines right now the vaccine story Dengaxia is in complete freefall, total disarray. Its all so suspiciously orchestrated ?

  6. Hans Litten says:

    I have never seen anything quite as amazing as this video of the amazing Professor Chris Exley . I am completely blown away . Astounded .

  7. Hans Litten says:

    Sen. Mike Folmer (R) of Pennsylvania truly believes that parents have a constitutional right to informed consent, especially when it comes to vaccines.
    By Pennsylvania Senate Republican Caucus, CC BY 3.0
    Photo credit: By Pennsylvania Senate Republican Caucus, CC BY 3.0

    Sen. Folmer announced on his page January 3, 2018, that he will be introducing “Informed Consent” legislation that would require patients and parents to be given information regarding the risks and supposed benefits of vaccinations. He also plans to introduce a resolution to Congress to repeal the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) that gave vaccine manufacturers complete “immunity” from being sued when their vaccines cause serious harm or even death. Since this bill was passed Billions of taxpayer dollars have been awarded to those who have been seriously injured, many completely paralyzed, and some who families received the money because the vaccine killed the person. He feels that the 1986 NCVIA limits patients and parents ability to refuse vaccinations and violates the 5th Amendment of the US Constitution, which would allow injured parties to seek due process under the law.

    I was glad to see that he too has seen the “writing on the wall” in the fact that since the childhood vaccine schedule was expanded in the 1980s the rates of autism have skyrocketed along with the increases in the number of vaccines given to our children.

    Sen. Folmer was also willing to mention that reanalysis of the original data from the 2004 CDC study “Age at First Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccination in Children With Autism and School-Matched Control Subjects: A Population-Based Study in Metropolitan Atlanta” showed a direct connection between earlier MMR vaccination and autism leading to causal associations. Sadly, I wish that Sen. Folmer did not mention the fact that a CDC scientist Dr. William Thompson, one of the authors of the original papers, came forward in 2014 admitting that he and his colleagues committed fraud by attempting to destroy original data and manipulating the result to eliminate the evidence showing that the vaccine was causing autism. You can watch Sen. Posey asking Congress to investigate this crime back in 2015 here:

    Sadly since then, Congress has done nothing while the autism rates in America keep getting worse! To me, this shows intent to neglect the lives of our children in this nation!

    I stand with Sen. Mike Folmer to make TRUE Informed Consent a constitutional right and for the repeal of H.R. 5546 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.

    Make vaccine makers pay for the lives they destroy!

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Hans, I know that you’re not from the United States, but I just want to let you know that Bill Posey is not a senator. He is a member of the House of Representatives from Florida. In addition, Mike Folmer is a state senator from Pennsylvania and has no federal power whatsoever. While we most certainly admire what he is doing, you should know that he has no power to make anything happen on a federal level. The only legislation he can introduce is legislation for Pennsylvania. That would be no small feat in itself. If Pennsylvanians get behind Folmer and change the vaccine situation there, it could be the start of a trend that eventually puts enough pressure on federal legislators to actually do something about the stranglehold the CDC has on vaccine policy.

      • Hans Litten says:

        Thanks P_TMR for the clarification , and yes I was unaware of those details. For me every single person who speaks out and risks their position is another victory for us. Hopefully this gentleman can go on to greater political success in the ways you mention.

      • Hans Litten says:

        I hope and pray the Californian electorate block this man with every ounce of energy that can be mustered .

        Dr. Pan Named Vaccine “Hero” by TIME Magazine. Dr. Pan was the lead sponsor of Senate Bill 277, designed to raise California’s falling vaccine rate and keep kids safe in school.

        Additionally , seeing some stories about a part of California bidding for independence – is this good news ?

  8. Hilary Butler says:

    Great response.

    The bigger joke is the medical article by Naomi Smith. Have you read that Professor TMR? It’s a stunning example of algorithmic scientific poppycock.

    If you read that (if you have not), then your next column could really stick it to them.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Yes, I’ve read it. Smith is a fascinating person. She understands networks quite well. What she DOESN’T understand is science, either that or she hasn’t read anything beyond what someone at Merck told her to read. I find it utterly bewildering that people don’t see the huge number of assumptions (assumptions that are incorrect, by the way) that her work is based upon.

      This is a MUCH better article that reports the truth of the way such “mommy networks” work and why they exist:

  9. Eirescott says:

    Thank you for your continued efforts to report the truth. I am beyond “aware,” and have become flat-out angry that a group of sociopaths are knowingly killing our children. You showed two pictures that should tear the hearts out of anyone seeing them and knowing those children’s tragic fates. There are countless more. This has to end.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      The thing that always gets me is that we’re supposed to be destroyed by a picture of a kid who has measles, but who recovers after a week without any long-term sequelae, while these children are completely and utterly ignored in most people’s calculations of “risk.” To me that says kids who get VPD count, but kids injured by the vaccines meant to prevent VPDs DON’T. In my book, everybody counts or nobody counts.

  10. Brett Wilcox says:

    The Washington Post opinion piece is beautifully written, carefully crafted, misogynistic hate speech designed to perpetuate fear of the people–primarily women–who watched vaccines injure or kill their children. Your response, Crush, is much appreciated!

  11. Dennis Picknett says:

    I’d always heard that power of truth and love vanquishes all. But I tended to regard that idea as a kind of wishful ideal, whilst in reality truth is trodden underfoot by the heedless march of dogma and greed. But looking back historically my observation is that rather than the stone of truth killing the Goliath (who lieth), Goliath will tend to self destruction when all that makes him strong is a precarious lie. In that equation after the lie has been subtracted, the truth is all that is remains. Crush’s observation that our position is one of ‘simplicity’ is profound. Mark Twain said “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”

  12. shane wolff says:

    Awsome thanks for talking

  13. Pat Slattery says:

    I looked up Dun and Bradstreet Investment business. Center for Disease Control is listed as a private, for profit, business company in Atlanta Georgia with 3 locations. Interesting the name of the person in charge of the statistics, Charles Rothwell. A large number of PhDs and MDs living off the public purse. They all looked like very nice people. Maybe they are naive as well. Income in billions of dollars much of it from taxpayers. I could have found out more by registering but all this was public online.
    I thought it was supposed to be a government public protection agency but apparently not. I was too naive.

  14. Great article! MSM is bought by big Pharma, so it’s no surprise they publish this kind of BS. They should understand though that this is going to be their demise as no one will ever consider MSM a credible source for anything anymore. They are destroying their credibility and therefore their purpose for existing by whoring themselves out to Pharma.
    Smart, educated parents won’t read this pathetic article by the Washington Post without peeing themselves laughing.
    Educated parents have the right to choose what is best for their children, they don’t need a politician or reporter, who have zero knowledge of their child’s needs, medical history or any other circumstances to tell them.
    How ridiculous!

  15. josh mazer says:

    Dear TMR: thank you for another powerful piece.

    No kidding, “they” are running real scared. Of course they’re terrified of FB, they should be.

    My local hospital posted about a “Smart Woman” seminar promoting HPV vaccine- the replies on the hospital (Anne Arundel Medical Center) are literally 100-0 flaming the vaccine with studies and personal stories of death and injury, with up to 80 “likes” for some of the posts.

    “They” are finally and truly f_cked, the smarter ones know it.

  16. Michael says:

    Thank you for writing this. It’s exactly what I tried to leave (in a short form) on the Washington Post article yesterday.

  17. Paula says:

    The truth has a way of speaking that no Pharma funded article does. It speaks to the hearts of those who have an ear to listen.

  18. Randi McIntyre says:

    When I read the Post article I was enraged. Started a flaming response but after reading this one, this says it all. Thank you!

  19. Warrior Mama says:

    What is so incredible about the article is that it parrots what MSM is really all about: keeping the truth from the public. What the article really says is that FB should somehow STOP us from this nonsense. Monitoring activity and opinions on FB and twitter is nothing new. A few years ago Wired Magazine did an article on the amount of chatter on twitter about vaccines (they definitely have a hard on for this subject), and if you saw that data, it turns out Tanner’s Dad was the one with the most tweets. Stunned is what they were, yet they could do nothing about it. What is also funny is that pro vax nutters like Richard Pan and Dorit Runbeinstein Reiss use FB relentlessly to promote their lies, but somehow we’re the subject of the article. Oddly enough, all the data we have and share with others on FB re this subject isn’t top secret. There’s nothing to hide, no clandestine shenanigans happening in the wee hours. We just keep on keepin’ on. And guess what else the article is really saying: What we’re doing is working, and they’re scared. Really scared. Thanks for all you do to keep the conversations going.

  20. Pamela says:

    It’s like you read mind. The “it’s primarily mother’s” observation is purposefully used to denigrate and repress any discussion.

  21. Tracey RN says:

    Well said…..I truly hate the word Anti, only because these families with injured children obviously were not Anti,they did what they thought was in the best interest for their child. I work in health care and it breaks my heart what is happening to newborn babies.. Even when I give informed consent for the HepB and they still sign to have it given. I say a little prayer…. I can’t save them all at work but I surely won’t quit trying….

  22. pammypies says:


  23. Leyla says:

    This is a wonderful article thank you. Its hard not to feel alone when the mainstream point of view is so judgmental towards those who dare to question vaccines. Thank you for validating to me the absurdity of it all. I sure miss my son he died of an allergic reaction to a trace of peanuts. He was 7. He developed multiple allergies after his year shots. Asthma, eczema, and some degree of neurological issues. He was a delightful and brilliant boy.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Oh, Leyla, I’m so very sorry for your loss. I had a baby boy who died as a newborn. I can imagine how much harder it would be if he had been 7. Thank you for telling your story as painful as it must be to do so. <3

    • Linda says:

      Dear Leyla,

      Yours is the painful reality of a system that is broken, that is truly and abhorrently criminal in my mind. That children should die from these medical ‘recommendations’ and in some places ‘required’ makes my heart heavy. I am so very, very sorry for your loss, one more child that has made my heart and soul cry.


  24. Christine Webster says:

    You are why the system is broken. You do not question anything obviously. My daughter was talking and walked before her sister and ended up in the hospital with 106 after shots. She’s 16 and currently nonverbal autistic. I teach genetics and she’s been tested and she has no genes for autism. Opinions like yours serve no one!

    • Andrea Mercier says:

      There is plenty of evidence that supports that vaccines set up the child for a number of problems. My son was innoculated up until the age of 2 years old. I was lucky that I met a mom against vaccines who told me the truth and seemed concerned about my son. If it was not for her, he might of lost much more than he already has. What makes me very upset is that he was prescribed Depakote for seizures. The Depakote pushed him over the edge into autism. Right now there are studies with mouse models that show one can get autism when pregnant mom is taking Valproic Acid (Depakote contains valproic acid). When are there going to be studies that show that children who are vaccine injured are prone to further brain damage when taking drugs in that chemical family? I recommend that every parent start studying pharmacology, toxicology, endocrinology, biochemistry, autoimmunology, and more. If you are prescribed a medicine get the insert met for the pharmacist and Dr. and read it. Also, read and understand the ingredients and not only that explore where they came from and or how they were derived. If you are trying to avoid GMO’s, pesticide, herbacide, dyes, metal dyes, metals, sugar and more you will want to understand. If you cant get the insert start calling the drug makers and if they will not give it to you then you cannot prove it is safe to take.

      Like Christine, I had whole exome sequencing. There were no variants for Autism or Epilepsy. I don’t believe whole exome sequencing is the answer because we are more than our germline. The germline is a small percent of our DNA. We are composed of bacteria, archae, viruses, and parasites. We are so complex and to compound the complexity of what is happening…. As generations are born so much of what we had in the past is dissapearing. Beneficial organisms gone. Meaning many of the organisms that make up the other large percent of our DNA that we once had. These symbiotic organisms were medicinal. There is so much interfering and influencing the transcriptome and biophotons. There is this interest in protecting vaccines. It is a huge part of the disabling problem but it is compounded by poor water quality, prescribing medications that harm, eating genetically, and chemically altered food, and surrounding ourselves with radiation and alterations of electro magnetic field, and being indoors too much. Eventually, a parent with a child so damaged is left with a loss of belief in the system because around every corner is a threat. So they have nowhere to turn but the books, the science. The drugs are often compounding more problems. The products on the market are sold and little to no testing is done. It is still ok to sell flame retardant clothing …… is still ok to sell it in children’s sleepwear where they are often sweating under blankets…..We are composed of layers of membranes, and these nasty consumer goods can just penetrate right through layers, putting more fuel on the fire. It is not enough to trust the systems in place, we have to be our own Consumer Product Safety Commission, our own EPA, and more. Then our seizure kids are sent to school under access points, getting loads of mitochondrial damage, increasing likelihood of getting leukemia, increasing rate and severity of exposure to pathogens. Then our kids are exposed to kids shedding viruses after vaccines. Vaccines are perpetuating the severity, spread, and duration of viruses in nature. If you live in a northern state you really have more hits against you. The lack of sunlight is a big deal. In our case sunlight is very very important and it reduces the seizures by a great deal. The vitamin D synthesis from the sunlight is better than any high quality pill or supplement. Once he gets the sun, he can get rid of more toxins, he is faced with less illness, his immune system can get some relief from the constant stress and then the rate of seizure activity goes down by over 90 percent. No doctor has ever cared to hear this but I thought it might be helpful to parents of children who have seizures, or have children under stress.

      My child’s seizures are due to a cumulative load of stressors and excess glutamate and being prone to states of parasympathetic hyperexcitability…With Gaba not working the way it should …..oxidative stress is destroying cell membrane and altering action potential. The ketogenic diet is helpful but I also have to balance nutrients and fat ratios to help repair the damage. It is a very difficult diet to maintain but necessary. I also have to use supplements that help to keep inflammation load down.

      • Lynda Shumway says:

        You sound like a parent who has done the research. You are trying to move Heaven and Earth to make a difference for your child and I commend you. There is a scientist out there by the name of Larry Law who has just written a book that is available on Amazon called, There’s an Elephant in the Room. It covers in depth so many of the issues you just discussed and more. JB Hadley also just posted a video on Facebook of a scientist who is researching successfully removed aluminum from the human body with a mineral water you can buy on your grocery shelves. You need to check it out.

    • Bec says:

      Autism isn’t the only thing that can come from vaccines. There are many other injuries that vaccines can cause. Check out the package inserts of vaccines and read it for yourself.
      I’m very sorry about your daughter.

      • Sophie Scholl says:

        Totally agree , this years influvac insert says :

        Allergic reactions : leading to medical emergency with a failure of the circulatory system to maintain adequate bllod flow to the different organs (shock) in rare cases

        loss of balance, loss of reflexes and paralysis of part or all the body (encephalomyelitis, neuritis, guillain barre syndrome)

      • Sophie Scholl says:

        In fact all the inserts are here :

        A complete horror show I’m sure !

    • Eirescott says:

      I”m confused Christine.
      Your daughter was fine.

      She went in for shots (vaccines I assume)
      She ended-up running a 106 fever
      She’s now autistic
      She has no “genes for autism” (implying this must be the cause; offered by fraudulent “scientists”)

      Everything you said suggests the vaccine(s) (shots) had at least something to do with her autism. Please explain.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I think she’s addressing the author of the original piece as “you,” just as Crush did in the blog.

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