Facebook: A Week in the Life of An Autism Activist

Rev Preacher“Brangelina are having ANOTHER baby! She’s already 3 months along! You would never know it!”

“With Marc, buying a new cat. Fighting over breeds. This is going to be a long day.”

“Serena’s team is going to State! Go Wildcats!”

“Trying a new soup recipe tonight.”

“Two delays on our way back from the island, cannot wait to get home!”

My daughter yanked open the passenger door and a cold burst of air filled the space between me and my scrolling Facebook newsfeed. For some reason, the car line at my kid’s school is the one place I feel normal. We are just like everyone else there. Just sitting in our big metal boxes, engines running, heat on, fiddling around with our phones, waiting to collect our neurotypical offspring. Running errands. Getting gas. Shopping. Going to practice. Maybe that is what our life is like and I just don’t notice it because I am so focused on our sick child’s needs. Maybe I am blowing things out of proportion. Maybe we are more normal than I think, I ponder as I pull into the gas station. Getting gas, I am. Check. me. out. Totally normal.

car line

I shake off the chill and instinctually grab my phone and tap back to my feed as my typical kids discuss Star Wars and Monster High while the pump does its job.

“Got Lindy her shots today. She is so mad at me. She has not stopped screaming since we left the doctors office.”

No. No, we are not normal, I realize. Not by a long shot.

The following is a random sampling of my Facebook posts over the course of the past week.


Medical Industrial complex: The studies have been done. Vaccines do not cause autism.

Reality: Because you refuse to look at the studies that do show a correlation does not mean there is no correlation. It means you will not thoughtfully review the research and the testimony of MILLIONS of parents. You are simply avoiding the truth and telling the public it does not exist because it is terribly inconvenient.

Revised (Truthful) Medical Industrial Complex Statement: Vaccines do cause autism. Vaccines are not safe. We do not test them. But, we are unwilling to share this truth with the American public because we are on the hook for damages. (We let pharma off the hook in 1988 with the Vaccine Court Act.) We cannot afford to pay parents the millions (nay, billions) of dollars they are owed for their damaged children’s care. For that reason, vaccines do not cause autism. And since so few of you are paying attention, we are adding more shots to the schedule because by doing so, we, the government AND pharma in this case, make lots and lots and lots of money. It’s all we’ve got. Listen, we cannot even pay the interest on what we owe. Just go along with it, Mom and Dad. A kid sacrificed every now and again? Think of him or her as a soldier in the war on bio-terrorism. Oh, didn’t you know? The Vaccine Court was enacted during the Cold War to protect pharma from any lawsuits should they have to “rush” something to market to protect them from bio-terrorists. Kids now get 49 doses of vaccines before the age of six. Before, when they were still held accountable for their products received 9 doses before the age of six.



Look. I understand what I say is very, very hard to hear. If you do not want to listen to the complex medical nuances that make up the current American healthcare crisis let me make it very, very simple for you:

If your child has a symptom that does not have a pill or an immediate fix, your child is NOT sick. I repeat, you can take a sick child to the doctor — a very, very sick child — and leave having been told nothing is wrong: XYZ happens, such and such is normal. If there is no immediate pharmaceutical FIX there is no disease.

Don’t shoot the messenger, I AM JUST TELLING YOU HOW IT IS.

This is why, when we rush our babies into the hospitals after they get the flu shot or their well-baby visit shots we are sent home with a “Don’t worry! Fevers and swelling at the injection site are normal. Alternate Tylenol and Motrin. It’s unknown autoimmune disorder. It’s SIDS. Its SUDC.” It’s anything but what it is. Iatrogenic illness and death.

This is why we get referred to Early Intervention instead of another doctor when it comes time to diagnose the children who live. Doctors are no longer trained to “connect the dots.” Pediatricians give shots. Surgeons cut. Gastros look at your intestines. NONE OF THEM UNDERSTAND HOW IT ALL WORKS TOGETHER. Yet, they all endorse injecting unsafe vaccines THAT HAVE NEVER BEEN TESTED FOR COMBINED EFFICACY into the developing immune system of an INFANT, without considering the complex autoimmune history of that newborn child.

So, when you do not heed my warning, and you get those shots for your baby, realize you will be entirely on your OWN. Many doctors have written down test results for my son that showed a significant illness that needed immediate medical attention. They did not bother to tell me. Because, when it’s a child with autism YOU QUIT TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT. Know this and proceed with extreme caution.


What kind of world do we live in when children’s complex medical issues are written off as psychiatric ailments?

When no consistent clinical phenotype, OXPHOS enzyme defect consistent with CFD is the end of the story. When Leigh disease (nuclear or mtDNA mutations), leukodystrophy (NDUFV1 mutation), mitochondrial myopathy (cytochrome b deletion), global developmental delays, fatigue, gastrointestinal dysfunction (cyclic vomiting), gastroparesis, pseudo-obstruction, and seizures will go uninvestigated because well, those are the kinda things we find in autism.

You know, when it’s autism doctors stop looking. No pill. And nobody really wants to take on all those other messy diseases. Where’s the money in that? Mom and Dad will never know. So, why tell them? They are already so sad junior has autism.

What kind of world would this be? Where 1 in 29 kids is written off as “special” or the newly coined term, “spectrummy.” What a hoot.

That’s our world, friends. That is our world RIGHT NOW. Less than 1% of parents figure it out. They don’t know how to read labs. Hell, they don’t even know how to read nutritional labels. Natural flavors? Sounds good to me! They don’t know why gastro problems are an issue with kids who have autism or why it matters. They are told, “It’s just autism.” It’s just autism. Without telling Mom and Dad that autism is just a word that describes behavior.

In reality it is a myriad of complex and devastating damage that has been perpetuated on innocent children in the name of the herd. Ironically, what we think we are doing for the good of all, is financially super fabulous for some, and incredibly bad for most. Again, check out World Health Organization statistics to see where the super smart Americans’ kids rank. More children in war torn-countries live to see their fifth birthday than in the good old U.S. of A. Why? Because doctors in foreign countries read the package inserts.

And you should know . . . it is not just autism. It’s lots of other things with highly complex names that steal your health and make you a pharmaceutical customer for life. Happy vaxxing!

Sunday, the Day of Rest

Non-thinking parent: “It is just so sad these poor parents are desperate to believe anything. I mean, autism is tragic. I understand. But they latch on to these conspiracy theories and well, we all know vaccines do not cause autism. I feel bad for them. There is nothing there but they just want to believe so badly.”

Thinking Parent: “There are now over 100 studies that show the link between vaccines and autism. We do not believe in conspiracy theory, we subscribe to and have educated ourselves on scientific theory. If you ever read the studies that say there is no link between vaccines and autism you find there was no control group. NO. CONTROL. GROUP. That’s not science. That’s deflection. You are deflecting attention, deflecting focus, and inhibiting medical discovery. That is the opposite of science. If you want answers you talk to the parents and the doctors whose own children became ill. That’s where you find the truth. You learn how to discuss mitochondrial disease, methylation cycles, metabolic diseases, cytokines. WE TALK ABOUT THE SCIENCE.

From now on, think of all the people you see talking about “vaccine safety” as salesmen. Because that is what they are. Not doctors. Certainly not scientists. Just, representatives of tobacco. Err, I mean, vaccines. I know that was snarky but, in all sincerity, I’ve grown tired of this foolishness.

I am going to heal my kid and change history. What will it say on your headstone? Liked pizza? Had good hair? Only cheated that one time?

Think about it. Reaaaaaaaaaally. Instead of living vicariously through “your shows” how about waking up to the greatest injustice of our generation perpetrated on AMERICAN SOIL? Medical crimes against children are taking place every day in pediatricians’ offices across the nation. How about you do something about it? LISTEN.TO. THE. PARENTS. Get involved. SAVE A CHILD’S LIFE!!!!


Yeah. I know. NOT NORMAL. Glaringingly un-normal. The anti-normal. Yet, I could not imagine going back. I could not imagine not knowing. Ignorance is not bliss; it’s a lack of practical knowledge, life-saving knowledge, when it comes to these terribly damaged but entirely cognizant children. So while I respect my fellow Facebook friends and their posts . . .

I do not follow celebrities. I think Brangelina have what like 37 kids now? Either way, I do not care.brangelina

I’m allergic to cats.

I do very much miss participating in my children’s sporting events. I suspect until our sick child recovers (see above posts regarding causation) and we can do these things as the family we were intended to be, we will remain painfully fractured. Every post I see with pictures of healthy children accomplishing their goals makes me want to protect their right to remain healthy and fight even harder for the children who have had this privilege taken away.

I don’t really try any new recipe until I am sure what the metabolic implications are for my entire family. The only soup I know how to make is SCD bone broth.

I would love to go to “The Island,” even if it was just Gilligan’s. A break from the intensity of this life would be divine.

Lindy’s mom, you have so much work to do to undo what your pediatrician has just done. And until you do it, the screaming will not stop. You will tell yourself you really can’t remember when the screaming started. You will say, “She just changed.” Without realizing it, this is what you have been told to say — to think. Do not beat yourself up. We all fell in line and wasted precious time. But, now we know and we are here to help you. Your life will never be the same. I do not mean that in some superficial sentimental way. I mean, your life as you knew it, is over. The blinders will be removed, unless . . . like the other 90% of parents of kids who get diagnosed with “autism,” you allow yourself to be guided into the mainstream’s version of acceptance, which is reality’s version of denial. Your child is not, I repeat, NOT genetically flawed. She was not destined for diapers, picture schedules, chewy tubes and Rifton chairs. She is terribly sick. Please friend me at Lisa Joyce Goes to learn more about how you can save your daughter’s life.

~ The Rev

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P.S. In the short film clip below, as Mikhail Baryshnikov so beautifully states of the larger-than-life poet and songwriter, Vladimir Vysotsky, “I will not whisper what I feel. I can’t lie anymore. I want to scream like he does, ‘LOOK AT ME!’ ” NOR WILL I WHISPER WHAT I KNOW. Too many lives are at stake. Please, join me. Join US. Become a Thinker. As Sunshine would say, “Feck normal.”

If you are having trouble viewing the video click here or copy and paste this url into your browser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eq9m-bZ6SAQ

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10 Responses to Facebook: A Week in the Life of An Autism Activist

  1. Thinkingmominthedesert says:

    Speaking of Facebook… A childhood friend reached out to me via private msg on FB, on Jan 1, to wish me a happy new year. His first son was scheduled to be delivered in a few days. I wished a happy new year back & I wished him well on the coming birth of his son. But, I could not just end it there. Oh no. Ofcourse I had to share warnings of the HepB shot, the BS that is known as the “well-visit” & the implications of following a poisonous vaccine-schedule. This was a simply stated, gently put, easily understood, 1 paragraph, “new parent” informing kind of message so as to elicit some kind of response where he’d likely ask questions. Also to not scare the crap outta him. Maybe I shoulda scared the crap outta him though.
    The next day I read his reply. He thanked me for “the heads-up” and said that he is “definitely going to be very cautious” and take the time to “look into this further” before making any decisions. He gave me “props” in how educated & informed I am regarding this topic. He agreed that more parents-to-be should be researching vaccines as part of “baby preparation”. He swore he would never “blindly follow the DR recommendations without thinking it through first.” I gave him tips on how to avoid the HepB shot while in hospital. He “appreciated this advice” bc it was a “good idea” & said he was gonna tell his wife that they should “at least hold off on shots til they learned more.” I followed up with a ‘Best wishes to the fam/so excited for u/can’t wait to see pics/oh btw here’s a few awesome websites with valuable info for u to check out in the meantime’ kind of message.
    FF to the end of that week. He posts the baby announcement pic. I ‘like’ it. I comment ‘congrats’. U know, follow the proper FB etiquette. The ‘hey everybody c’mon feed my ego & tell me how cute my new baby is’ kind of FB pics are posted occasionally.
    FF to yesterday. The ‘OMG I can’t believe it’s been a whole month already’ status update appears in my newsfeed. In it he mentions how fast it’s going by and how he doesn’t mind waking up for 3am feedings. OK. Nice. What follows are the usual ‘ooohs & ahhhhs’ from the crowd. Then we have a comment on ‘the growth of the big guy’, which is replied with what a great eater he is. The wife chimes in with how he has already gained 4lbs and chugs 3oz of formula like a champ. *sigh
    A few comments down, a family friend says how she is dying to meet him and too bad she didnt live closer so she could just stop by. And then we have this reply from the wife: “I know, I wish u lived closer too but don’t worry u will meet him soon enough. Once he gets his shots in a couple of weeks we will be able to take him more places. We will def plan a trip out there and come visit u guys!!”

    Moral of the story: If u want to open peoples eyes to the truth, Twitter is way more effective than Facebook!!

  2. Jennifer Power says:

    Beautiful and humbling.

  3. Mama bird says:

    Wow … That is all… And thank you

  4. Sugah says:

    preach it, girlfriend. i find when i spend time with my ‘normal’ friends…i find them more and more to be utterly boring and superficial. still, i wouldn’t wish autism on anyone…but i can’t imagine that the current ‘me’ would like the non-autism-mom ‘me’. i don’t think i would like me at all.

  5. s. says:

    Your writing makes me so sad. I know these words could be my daughter’s words. The child in not the only victim. God grant the strength.

  6. Oooh, White Nights! That used to be my favorite movie. Thanks for helping me see it in a different way. Oh, and as always, thanks for telling it like it is!

  7. Genevieve says:

    Thank you for this. Sometimes it is nice (in a horrible way) to read about REALITY instead of the many people who buy into what big pharma and our government lies to us about on a daily basis. For those of us who learned too late, I immunized (poisoned 🙁 ) by daughter through her 6mo shots. Where would we start to reverse things? My first step was to stop – but while we haven’t had any noticeable problems at this point, I’ll still feel much better knowing that I’ve done what I can to reverse as much as possible.

  8. luvbugtmr says:

    I will never be normal again.
    It’s a good and a sad thing.
    Love you, Rev.

  9. Your voice is so powerful Lisa! I feel privilidged to be able to hear it. Can’t wait to meet you at autismone. So glad I woke up in January 2008. So much damage yet to recover in my adult child………..

  10. Lynn says:

    Oh but you are normal.
    It is very much normal to protect one’s young.
    It is very much normal to strive to raise your young to be healthy and whole.
    Think of any wild animal Momma. They strive to raise and PROTECT their young.

    What is not normal, is the perversion which has sought to convince parents that the injuries in autism (and other) are normal.
    What is not normal are the professionals (who should know better) who seek to convince parents they are too confused and stupid, or uneducated, to “trust” their perceptions and reality of the “injured”.
    What is not normal is the emotional beating parents take in trying to heal their children.
    What is not normal is the harassment/abuse/Blocks/lack of info professionals in Medical/Social Supports/Education dish out to injured children and struggling parents.

    What is not normal is that society has allowed / indeed insisted / indeed legislated much which may cause injury to children.
    What is not normal is that Officials/Medical Persons/Educators often energetically seek ways to marginalise and dismiss people like you who fight to recover/heal.

    You are so MUCH normal.

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