Angels Among Us

Booty KickerI don’t know if you have been hearing about some of the negativity or infighting or about the schism that is in our autism community recently (thanks for the new vocabulary word, Professor!), but if you have heard it, then I want to encourage you to do something: forget about it. Toss it aside. Throw it out. I want you to see the other side. I want you to see the goodness that is in our community. The love. The compassion.

In late July, I was devastated to learn that my cancer had returned. Well, probably not exactly returned, because by the looks of things, it seems likely that it had never gone away to begin with. Faced with a difficult surgery, and, according to western medicine, a grim prognosis, I had some decisions to make. When I was first diagnosed three and a half years ago, I was too scared to refuse the traditional cancer treatment of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. This summer, I knew I was going to have to do things differently. After all, I had done chemotherapy, and it didn’t work. I knew in my heart that God was leading me down a different path, and I had to work it out with Him what that path was going to be.

voluntaryHandsI have never been more grateful to our community of autism moms than I have been that past few months. Words of encouragement, acts of kindness, care packages, even a check from strangers rolled in. I received lots of information, links to alternative treatments, and even referrals to different providers. And let me say a brief word about some of the amazing providers of alternative medicine: they care. They aren’t in it for the money, they are in it for the healing. Most of them genuinely want to help, and some of them are even willing to help even if you aren’t able to pay. I have been overwhelmed by so much of this kindness to the point of almost drowning in grateful tears.

I cannot even begin to fathom where I would be at this stage in my fight if I weren’t blessed to be among such amazing thinking moms. What I have learned is that God places people in your life at the exact right time, and He uses those people to do His work. In my book, that makes them sort of like angels. My angels. My community. My friends.

So if you find yourself getting sucked into some sort of crazy community drama, my advice is this: ignore it. Stop and remember the good things, and the goodness in people. People from all backgrounds, races, religions, and circumstances that are always coming together to help one another. What a blessing you all are! Thank you for being a community in which I am proud to take part. Please pray for me as I continue this fight.


~ B.K.

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10 Responses to Angels Among Us

  1. cg says:

    I pray for your recovery and all the other moms who get these terrible diseases brought on by all the stress and carcinogens.
    All the best

  2. What a beautiful and heartfelt post from such an intelligent point of view. Godspeed in finding your answer to the underlying causes, so this is truly behind you and just in-case you haven’t received a link to Cancer Tutor yet, add it to your go-to list for the battle.<3

  3. K Fuller says:

    You are such a great example of how we should act. See the good. Expect the good. Prayers for you and your family.

  4. Scorpio says:

    Sending you lots of light and love B.K.

  5. nhokkanen says:

    Prayers and best wishes for your swift and full recovery.
    Thank you for focusing on the good in people.

  6. Julie says:

    You are so right! May those blessings lead you to the place of healing as you go through this. Life is meant to be fought for, but not with! God bless our community and the love we deliver the world in spite of where we are.

  7. Bridget says:

    Prayers and positive thoughts being send your way! Thank you for your words and all that you do for others by sharing your story. You are a blessing to us!

  8. Jenna Kurtzhald says:

    I am so sorry to read that you are going through this!! However you are such an amazing presence!! It wa an honor to meet you at A1 and I look forward to seeing that killer smile again this spring as you kick cancer booty once again!! Prayers and love are with you and being sent from all of us!! You get better and just feel the love from all the angels that have been put on your life 🙂 and THANK YOU for being in OURS!! <3

  9. Becky says:

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Truly wise words. I pray you will continue your healing journey and find the strength you need for each moment. During Jesus’ time on earth, among other things, He taught about forgiveness and He healed people – wherever He went, not matter what their affliction. Your words echo His.

  10. Michele says:

    Love, love, love this post. It’s easy to get caught up in worrying about other peoples beliefs, that we look past the human factor completely. People who we need are absolutely sent to us at the exact time we need them. I had people come into my life the minute I needed them to help save my life. Stay strong, pray, trust in the Lord – he can conquer all.

    My Aunty had stage 3 breast cancer, and was told if she didn’t have chemo, a mastectomy and radiation therapy she would die. That was it, a life sentence apparently. She ignored the Dr’s, trusted the Holy Spirit within, ate organic only, cut out yeast, sugar etc etc and is now completely cancer free. The Dr told her he’s never seen such low cancer markers. She’s not just alive, she is thriving, unlike many chemo ‘survivors’.

    From someone who has completely been set free of schizophrenia, I assure, nothing is bigger than God. Lean on him, not people of this world. Don’t lean on Dr’s and pharmaceuticals, trust in the Lord to guide you…he never makes a mistake. ‘I can do all things in Christ, who strengthens me’ Phil 4:13.

    Good luck and God bless!

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