Another Mom Breaks Her Silence on Vaccine Injury

sprout(Julie Bailey Obradovic’s brave and generous recounting of her daughter’s vaccine injury and descent into severe autism has touched and inspired many people.  More and more are being inspired to speak out and tell their stories.  This mother, a member of a Facebook group with me, was inspired to post her son’s story on her Facebook wall.  I asked her if we could post it here.  This is the first time she has spoken out on this subject.)

This just reduced me to tears. I’ve kept our obstacles with “A” quiet as I felt it was nobody’s business, but with the recent hate toward unvaccinated kids and their parents, I’ve decided to share this lady’s story and allow you all a glimpse into ours.

I swear this is what happened to my son. We did vaccinate him, but we waited until he was two months old and did one at a time. That made no difference. He immediately had flare-ups of eczema and, at 15 months, he received his DTaP, followed by a hard, swollen and bruised injection site, as well as fever and inconsolable crying. I called the doctor and was stupidly advised to give Tylenol, which of course inhibits the fever and the body’s ability to do what it does best . . . fight. (Editor’s note:  Tylenol — acetaminophen or paracetamol — also reduces glutathione, which lowers the body’s ability to detoxify.  Many children have dangerously low levels of glutathione in the first place without knowing it.  Tylenol is a recipe for disaster.  Please don’t use it, especially when vaccinating.)

Shortly after that, he started having random episodes at night where he would wake up screaming — blood-curdling screaming, like you-just-had-your-leg-cut-off type of screaming — and he would turn blue, followed by gasping for air. Random fevers would follow, as well as vomiting episodes. And I’m not talking spitting up; I mean full-on projectile vomiting. I started acknowledging my mommy instincts:  something’s wrong; this isn’t normal. And his dad and I began researching what was going on with our son.

He’d changed. His behavior had changed. He became aggressive, banged his head on everything he could find, and just wasn’t the same kid anymore.   And, as seems to be typical nonsense, our doctor blew off our concerns as “normal.”

Grab your torches and pitch forks . . . we stopped vaccinating him after that.

torchesYes, you read that right! My boy stopped progressing and hitting his milestones. He was falling behind in speech and not growing like he had been . . . more red flags! After fighting for over a year to get him into speech therapy, we did, and at three years old his speech was assessed as the equivalent of an 18-month-old.

He’s three-and-a-half now. Speech is still delayed, but progressing. He’s got a new pediatrician and has been formally diagnosed with a vaccine injury (for which we now have a medical exemption from vaccines, thank God).  He’s also been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder, leaky gut, which in turn caused the eczema, a ton of food sensitivities from said leaky gut, and possibly an autism spectrum disorder.  We see the specialist next month.

red flagVaccine injury does exist. We lived — are living — it! Did it steal our sons life? No. Did it steal his future? No, but it could have. And for many other families, it has! We are hopeful, as well as his pediatrician, that with time, patience, and effort — a lot of effort — “A” will heal. His gut will heal, his growth will catch up, his speech will get on point, and one day this will be in our past, a part of his history.

So get off your soapboxes!  Obviously, those on them have never lived this, never seen your child change and struggle and be sick right before your very eyes.  That screaming he did, I cannot describe it, there’s nothing — NOTHING — like it! I know exactly what this woman’s aunt is talking about. It’s a horrendous thing to witness, and I am so thankful we will never see that again and so thankful we kept an open mind, and questioned, and pushed. and pushed some more.

Our son will be okay. I will live with overwhelming guilt, and that will fuel my fire to make sure he will be okay and will overcome his obstacles. And because of that, our daughter, who has been and will remain untouched, is all the more healthy and perfectly thriving.

Did I ruffle your feathers? Do you think we’re “bad parents”? Our kids are “spreading disease” and whatever nonsense you want to throw out there?  That’s fine. Get off my page and out of our story, and pray —  if praying is your thing — that you never have this or worse happen to your child, that you can continue to live in blissful denial that these things can happen and are happening!

Fortunately “A”‘s story isn’t over, but that’s not always the case. He will get better despite this, he will!

~ Sprout



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14 Responses to Another Mom Breaks Her Silence on Vaccine Injury

  1. Bee Matt says:

    It doesn’t make sense to me, why these freak scientists and big freaking Pharma can not come up with safer, harmless versions of vaccines in order to protect kids all around the world. Why kids all around the world are being like guinea pigs who play lucky lottery or russian rulet with those vaccines. Some are ok, some get severe damage. My worries are that if tommorow we all will stop ( Im one of them) vaccinating our children, big Pharma and their Frankenstein scientists will create a global epidemy of all different kind of deases to “show” us – That is what happens when you-parents don’t vaccine your loving “healthy kids” and put all blames on us. They still could come up with safer brilliant ideas where they still can keep making money. Why it should be in harming way….or there is a certain plan for THEM to make sick and ill a vast of future generetion? Now, for excemple, Brazil is covering with epidemia of virus from mosquitoes which harmfully effects on pregnant women. I don’t think its a simple coincidence… There is something going on..

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      They can EASILY make safer vaccines (a virologist who used to work for Merck once gave me a quick offhand three ways this could be accomplished). However, they CANNOT be made “safe” or “harmless.” And the safety comes as a tradeoff with efficacy. The safer the vaccine, the less effective it is in general. In addition, however, the way vaccines work — hyperstimulation of antibody response — will inevitably cause allergy and autoimmunity in some portion of the population. If a disease is particularly prevalent or dangerous, then you might think that’s a worthwhile risk to accept, but as a greater and greater percentage of the population is living their lives with chronic illness, chronic illness that will cost tremendous amounts of money to treat over these children’s lifetimes, it makes less and less sense to do so.

  2. Jewel Miller says:

    I believe that we need to listen to parents because they know!! Why was this blocked from North American mainstream media?? Because Big Pharma is in bed with government.

  3. Sarah says:

    I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine what you have gone through as a mother and what pain your son has experienced, I can’t even imagine how helpless you felt as a loving mother. Thank you for speaking out.

  4. Dawn says:

    I also heard the screams, within a few hours of vaccination so there is no doubt the cause of the screams and it was late afternoon. no chance it was night terrors and hes never done it again. He also had high fever (treated with tylenol) and vomited. And spiraled down from there with a diagnosis of HFA at 2, nonverbal until 3. I wish they would follow up on children who have these symptoms – particularly the high pitched blood curdling screams after vaccination and see if there is an association between these symptoms of vaccine reaction with the later onset symptoms of autism.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      “I wish they would follow up on children who have these symptoms.” Indeed, Dawn. I would go farther and say that it is unconscionable that they don’t follow up on these children. No one is tracking these reactions, and I suspect the reason is so that they can continue to deny that they are even happening even while some lucky few are getting compensated in Vaccine Court.

  5. Sean Padden says:

    Wow, what an agenda! All I said was she can’t call an opinion a fact. You know facts like the sly is blue, the snow is white vs the opinion of your eyes are likely brown.

    Now the typical tirade of autism. Here is a link you’ll ignore about how autism may be over-diagnosed. Gosh, it is hard to be a young boy these days, people don’t seem to want you to have any energy.

    Yes the autism rate seems to be increasing, but I really don’t care that you couldn’t find any austic kids to bully while you were growing up. As it obvious you were looking for them as you simply couldn’t find any. *rolls eyes* That is called selectve preception, you want your history to support your agenda, and so it does.

    One final point, I used common parlence when I said stomach flu. Yes, it is probably a norovirus or a couple of other things, but the common lay term is stomach flu. Typical though as you can’t debate the larger points you latch onto something minor and try to make hay from it. Sorry, nope – just a pahse you deliberately took out of context to support your agenda.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      You did not say “she couldn’t call an opinion fact.” You challenged her on HER observations of what happened to HER child. And if you come here and do it, you will be called on it. Every. Time.

      Ah, yes! The “overdiagnosis” theory! I love how you’re assuming that’s news to us. It isn’t news, but it isn’t true either. What proponents of “overdiagnosis” overlook is the fact that parents AREN’T getting diagnoses for the fun of it. They’re not getting diagnoses because they’re Type A and their kids aren’t perfect. They’re getting diagnoses because for some apparently inexplicable reason their kids can’t function in ordinary situations. That’s it. KIDS AREN’T FUNCTIONING. And that is precisely the point.

      Our earlier conversation was ABOUT how MY perception of risk from flu vs. any benefit of the flu VACCINE would be affected by the fact that I have only had the flu twice in my life. YOU brought up vomiting as an indication that I had flu more often than I thought and, therefore, the vaccine would have been more useful to me than I gave it credit for. (As least I presume that was your point. Otherwise I can see no reason whatsoever for your bringing up the “stomach flu.”) To point out that vomiting has nothing whatsoever to do with influenza and thus CANNOT BE PREVENTED with a flu vaccine is not only NOT “taking it out of context” or dodging the “larger points” by “latching onto something minor,” it is completely deflating the exceedingly weak rebuttal you made to my argument, which made it clear that you don’t even have a basic grasp of the subject.

      I’m sorry, Sean. You are done here. To imply that I was “looking for autistic kids to bully” is OFFENSIVE IN THE EXTREME. I was relating facts, and you took it to a personal and insulting place that also happens to be completely tone deaf on this website. You will no longer be welcome here.

  6. Julie says:

    I have not experienced the same reaction from my son thankfully. However, we decided to modify and delay vax schedule from beginning and will always wonder if he would be worse if we had not made that decision. Stopped all vaccimations once he was diagnosed at 20 months old. I will always consider this a blessing that we did.

  7. I educate a lot of mothers when it comes to vaccination. I tell them to beef up on their nutrition, immune system, and natural ways to protect children’s bodies against diseases. I highly recommend and also consume Reliv NOW for Kids.. the nutrition is based on an epigenetic level.

    Look into LUNASIN. that is the main ingredient. Goolge it. Dr Galvez discovered Lunasin, and exclusive patented ingredient. It is in the product of Reliv NOW for Kids.. I even have a facebook page for that product. Feel free to read and look into it.

    We adopted a 6 mos. old baby. Her pediatrician had a long list of what shots to give her. We graciously declined and told her why. We need to be in control !!!


  8. Sean Padden says:

    Once again, it is another story from another person about their own children. I’ll speak for the 11,000 kids born on average daily, in which the vaccination rate is still close to 90%. If this is such an epidimic, where are the numbers? Where are the autism centers on street corners? I don’t think your nuts, you saw what you saw. But I think you need to re-educate about correlation and causation and a review on the scientific method. Did anything change in his diet? Did you change the soap you used in the washer? In the bath tub? Night terrors are common for 2 year olds, both my fully vaccinated sons had them. Yes, they screamed like a banshee, that is why it called a night terror and not nightmare. If you changed any other variable while halting vaccinations it simply could be that other variable and not vaccines. Until you can prove nothing else changed all you have is an opinion.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Oh, please! “I don’t think you’re nuts, you saw what you saw, but I still know better than you do what happened to YOUR kid.” Do you even hear how you sound? Earlier you tried to tell me that I didn’t know how often I’d had the flu and then proceeded to ask about symptoms that are not even symptoms of influenza. Why can’t you just accept that some people pay a price that your lucky children didn’t? And, as a result, those people have become VERY educated on the subject. Where are the numbers you ask? Have you paid any attention to the statistics lately? Autism has gone from “so rare you’ll probably never see it in your lifetime” to 2% of the kid population. And as the rate has been increasing at about 25-30% every two years and “no one knows” (don’t kid yourself, lots of people know and some of them are doing something about it, which is why a mainstream study was recently “shocked” to find that 9% of the kids in their study lost their diagnosis) what causes it, so nothing has changed in how it’s officially handled, chances are really, really good that number is just going to climb. Been to an elementary school lately? I suggest you go visit. Ask them what their special education budget is like and ask them how many kids they see a day. Then ask them how that’s changed in the last 20 years. You’ll be in for a shock. Up to 54% of today’s kids (well, four years ago, it’s probably higher now) have chronic illnesses. And many of those are on medications “for life.” Stop trying to argue people out of the truth, and go learn about it.

      I’m just going to throw some more statistics out. Estimates are that there are a million and a half Americans now with autism. Approximately, one-third of those have SEVERE autism, and the vast majority of those are non-verbal, meaning they CAN’T TALK. I grew up in the ’60s. “Can’t talk” was EXTREMELY rare, and usually due to deafness. People with severe autism frequently cannot learn to use a bathroom. They can’t sit in a public school classroom. They cannot hold down jobs. Frequently, they can’t even go out in public without noise canceling headphones because their senses are so over-reactive that ordinary sounds are painful to them. And these people are going to cost YOU as a taxpayer a hell of a lot of money as they get older.

  9. Tracey says:

    I send healing vibes to your beautiful child. I thank you for sharing this information. My daughted is 3 and has not and will not receive Vaccines. I witnessed a reaction in myself and in one of my Dogs. Vaccine Injury is REAL and happens far more often than is reported. I am currently suspectng it in my nephews son who is 2 and has not said a word yet! He is fully vaccinated! My heart is with you!

  10. Francesca Lehman says:

    Thank you for sharing. We lived the exact same thing and it is beyond frustrating that our stories never get told and if we do tell them, we are dismissed, ridiculed and told we are nuts. It’s been 10 years since I heard those screams and I will never forget them as long as I live. Thank you again for coming forward.

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