“Anti-Vaccine Extremist” Speaks Out

July 26, 2019

On July 21, 2019 the UK news organization The Guardian reported

Technology used to counter violent messages online from Islamic State and the far right is being adapted to counter the spread of “anti-vax” conspiracy theories.

TMR’s Crush said what a lot of us were thinking.


Wow. We must be doing something right.

So let me get this straight . . .

Apparently we are a gang of extremists and terrorists who are so dangerous that we need to be lumped in with Timothy McVeigh and ISIS. I’m pretty impressed considering a few years ago they used to say we were a small minority that wasn’t worth even acknowledging and certainly not any threat.

Yes, we look very different; our plans look more like trips to visit our representatives to ask for vaccine inserts to be given to parents, letters to Congress to demand they investigate claims within the CDC of manipulated science, Facebook messages, too, for gluten-free recipes and shared stories of the heartbreak of watching a child seize after their vaccines.

But don’t be fooled. We are clearly a threat.

Sometimes, when we are losing our Constitutional rights, we get really feisty and wear matching T-shirts and carry signs that inform the public about the actual reasons we are vaccine-hesitant. And, yes, we even gather together after we have gotten all those pesky permits in place and make sure our signs are the right size to protest legally.

Photo by Talia Cruz

We “arm” ourselves with copies of peer-reviewed studies, load up our minivans with things to keep the kids occupied, and we drive for three hours so we can sit patiently waiting for our allotted two seconds to speak about why we support or oppose a bill.

Our gangs gather on the playgrounds and in Whole Foods just to make sure we can blend in. We devise devious plans to take over the world through encouraging breastfeeding and plotting to make titers and testing for susceptible populations a thing.

And all those pictures of our kids on Facebook slamming their fist into their heads or covered in rashes, obviously a code. It signifies uniting and writing some serious letters to the editors.

You have to look beyond the aborted cell lines, and the faked MMR efficacy, and the billions pharma pays to cover up their lies to see that it’s really not about making vaccines safer, recognizing those sacrificed already, or talking about mitochondria, this is really all about trying to blame the poor government agencies–when clearly there is nothing to be bothered by, other than the 1 in 2 children who now hold a medical and/or psych diagnosis.

No big deal.

Sure, our Facebook posts are alarming what with calls to sign another petition, and our Twitter accounts are worse with those sneaky little links back to PubMed where people can read for themselves.

And don’t believe we aren’t really plotting during karaoke night at our closest autism conference. We totally are! Our goal: Terrorize you into asking questions before you agree to medical procedures. Some call that informed consent and believe it to be part of all those world wide agreements on experimentation, but we just think it’s fun to make doctors do their jobs.

I’d keep going because this is rather amusing, but I have to go off to my ten-dollar-an-hour job today because obviously the “empire” isn’t as well funded as they proclaim.

Don’t worry, after that, it’s back to world domination. Get your spy gear in motion Moonpeeps, I’ll be back.

Happy Friday, friends. Keep going.

~ Crush

P.S. It’s not misinformation when it’s the truth. 



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27 Responses to “Anti-Vaccine Extremist” Speaks Out

  1. CHSOUTH says:

    So, is there a blog referring to parents who disagree on vaccines? What do parents do with their kids when one parent is staunchly pro vaccine and one parent is very much against vaccination?

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      *sigh* We don’t have any on our site. There is no good or accepted way to handle that situation. It’s one we reason we advise people to discuss this stuff up front, because even really good marriages can turn ugly if there is a break-up.

      • NENANCY says:

        Serious hardship on a family and marriage from a dear friend I have who explained it to me in great detail, I am trying to help her and not finding much good info. Should seriously be part of the pre-engagement qualifying process. The hard part is so far into the future, what young couple is thinking about their future kids vaccine schedule years before a kid is even a thought? people’s opinions change and grow especially after educating themselves, so people can think “ah it is fine, we have years to figure out a possible child, who knows what will be the protocol then?” Generations past have such a different outlook and are not terribly helpful in understanding an idea they never considered. Advice for pre marriage couples – Do a mock scenario if you are uneducated on this topic or are unsure of your opinion, the intensity, hormones and chaos only increases when the baby is actually in your arms.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I’m so sorry your friend is going through this. I’ve watched far too many already. It’s heartbreaking. I agree it’s hard to get people thinking about this stuff in advance, and that’s understandable. I would agree that it’s a VERY good idea to learn as much as possible before pregnancy.

        The best thing to do is consult an attorney who has some experience on this subject. Lawyers are credentialed by state, so ask people you know and trust in your state to put the word out and find out if anyone has been successful. From my experience, the best strategy is trying to deal with the ex as a human being who should want the BEST for their individual child. It worked for me. My ex never challenged me on this subject, even when our separation was at its most acrimonious. I know that it isn’t going to work for everyone.

  2. Aimee Doyle says:

    @Shelley – I congratulate you on your daughter’s recovery. @Jan – from what I’ve seen, therapies at best work on only a small proportion of the autistic population. BTW – we’ve done several kinds of homeopathy.

    BUT I know many individuals who have done everything for their autistic children (including what I have done for my son) – without reaching recovery. The full recovery rate from autism is under 10%. You were lucky. Most are not. I personally have a hard time dealing with parents who claim that “if you only try hard enough, long enough” you will recover your child. We have done every treatment in autism (from the conventional to the alternative to the downright fringe), spent 25+ years, and hundreds of thousands of dollars, given up every other goal we ever had for our lives. We had high expectations, we had hope, we had wonderful people working with us. And our son, despite making progress, will still need lifelong care and support.

    I feel like this story is often forgotten among the recovery stories. And no one wants to hear this story. But, it’s true, and it’s common. Recovery seems to be the exception, not the rule. And yet, I’ve never gotten much empathy in response to my story. More often I’ve gotten – “well, you should have tried harder. I did, and my son is fully cured.” Not helpful. Hurtful.

    We need to figure out what works and what doesn’t – and why therapies work for some kids and not others. Why isn’t anyone interested in doing this research.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Yes, I know many people who have “tried everything” and not achieved anything like “recovery,” though most are probably doing better at least physically than they would have been if nothing had been done. It’s absolutely not fair to anyone to see or hear “if you’d just try harder” you would see the same results. The fact is that autism is made up of a number of overlapping conditions that make the situation very complicated from a treatment point of view. When toxicity and impaired ability to detoxify is a crucial aspect of a condition, then it’s important to know which exposures children have reacted to the most and which they are most vulnerable to. That is not going to the be same for every child. For some kids, chelating out mercury was miraculous. For others gut healing and going gluten-free/casein-free was a revelation. For others Lyme co-infections or mold toxicity are keeping the internal environment toxic and keeping the neurological system subpar. There are so many variables and most practitioners are not aware of them all. They’ve seen success with their hammer, and they are going to see every child as a nail, which makes it very difficult for the families who don’t fit the most well-known molds.

      One of the problems is that research into causes has been very much split along the lines of genes vs. environment, when it’s the interaction of the two that leads to the best clues for individual treatment. Specific genes make specific environmental exposures more hazardous. Determining what your child is most genetically vulnerable and avoiding or ameliorating those exposures will be the medicine of the future, but we sure as hell aren’t there yet.

      Let’s EVERYONE remember this. Recovery isn’t going to happen for everyone, period, and there should be no judgment of those for whom it doesn’t happen.

    • Billie Rubin says:

      There are researchers at the University of Colorado, at Boulder, who are on top of this very topic. If you google the issue, their name should pop up. We can support their research and get others interested, by writing to our Congress representatives and senators for funding. This is important and must be evaluated

      • Billie Rubin says:

        Recent report of a genetically related autism cluster, sperm donor has fathered a dozen kids with autism. Possibly, a genetic factor which may stimulate some positive results, and new hope for treatments.

  3. Cass says:

    ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️ Couldn’t have said it better myself

  4. Liz says:

    i dont’ have twitter. where can i find the peer-reviewed studies on pubmed that you referenced? thanks!

    • David says:


      Here’s a great compilation of 157 abstracts showing the damages vaccines do:

      Separately, RFK Jr.’s group compiled a list of studies showing how much healthier the vaccine-free are versus the vaxxed:

    • Tim Lundeen says:

      A good starting point is vaccinepapers.org, which includes full-text copies of original papers.

    • Adriane says:

      http://Www.LearntheRisk.org/studies is a good place to see many published studies organized by topic.

    • Rtp says:

      Reading studies is fine but there is a much easier way to understand why the entire vaccine paradigm is abject lunacy.

      1) Visit a doctor.

      2) Observe and note all the sick people there – coughing and sneezing and breathing their “germs” all over the place.

      3) Observe and note the fact that despite being surrounded by dozens of sick people and trillions of their “germs” you are still alive.

      4) Conclude that germs are not remotely dangerous and therefore the entire vaccination paradigm is abject lunacy.

      Oh, and if you are wondering why it is that vaccines *appeared* to have reduced disease, take note of the fact that doctors believe (genuinely but wrongly) that vaccines actually work. So when they are faced with a vaccinated individual exhibiting symptoms of a so-called vaccine preventable disease they will typically diagnose something else instead. And this has been occurring ever since the very first smallpox vaccine. That vaccine didn’t work in the slightest and neither did any of the subsequent vaccines.

      Of course they didn’t work. If they did, that would imply germs were dangerous and if germs were dangerous then visiting (let alone becoming) a doctor would be instantly fatal.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I agree that observational evidence can be very important when it comes to assessing the results of the vaccine paradigm (most notably, the fact that it could not be more obvious that adding more and more vaccines are not making our children healthier; quite the contrary, begging many questions in the observant and the curious), and there is no question that doctors tend to see what they expect to see and they don’t expect to see specific infections in those who are vaccinated for them. But there is also no question that rates of some specific diseases have dropped dramatically after the introduction of specific vaccines, such as pertussis, diphtheria, and measles. Vaccines DO affect the incidence of acute infectious illness. That is not to say that our current way of handling them is beneficial to the population.

        Just as vaccines are not all the same in safety profile or efficacy, “germs” are not the same either. Simply because doctors who have had measles continue living when they encounter measles in a patient doesn’t mean that specific pathogens are not dangerous for specific people.

  5. Bob Wood says:

    It’s interesting that this group’s focus on -vaccines being the cause of Autism- is a threat to the wider culture. In my view this chemical cause idea is a diversion from the primary and much needed focus on improving the lives of Autistic people. The message here to TMR seems to be that you all fail to see the forest for the trees, and it is that kind of narrow self righteous extremism, more than the vaccine issue, that has caused the wider culture to use technology to “lower your voice” when you express your concern.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Dude, we are not focused on vaccines being “the cause of autism.” They are not “the” cause; they are A cause, and because they are used so frequently at such a delicate time in a child’s development they are in all likelihood the primary cause for most of it at this moment in time. That doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other environmental exposures that it would be very wise for EVERYONE to avoid, but especially people who already have neurological difficulties.

      And I’m sorry but telling us that WE are failing to see the forest for the trees when it is so obvious that you don’t see the forest is very telling about your own self-righteous extremism.

      The “wider culture” is “lowering our voice” because the media controlling the message is controlled to a large extent by the pharmaceutical industry. Plain and simple. This is not an organic “lowering”; it is manufactured.

      • Susan says:

        Prof, you rock!

      • Shelley says:

        You speak it! I would like to add that we are quite focused on improving the lives of “Autistic people” and even on preventing autism and other issues. By focusing on healing and healier living with the support of my people, my warriors, I recovered my daughter. It took 6 1/2 years of blood, sweat, and tears to get there, but her injury only took a few seconds. Mainstream medicine told us there was no hope and to come to terms with the fact that she would never speak and would one day need to be institutionalized. Today, she will be a sophomore in high school, is a straight A student, has friends. She even got an A+ in Spanish 2, which is quite ironic since she was supposed to never even speak English. No one knows unless they know us from before. My current peeps climb Mt. Everest to recover their kids and loved ones and support others when their time is so precious. We are not a cult. We are parents, people seeking support, so often belittled by the media, doctors, and sometimes by those we had considered family, friends. We lived what we lived. We are strong. We fight for our rights, for our kids, for our loved ones, for YOUR rights too. We don’t “fail to see the forest for the trees.” We look at every leaf on every tree and overturn every rock in that forest so we can help our kids, our loved ones, and others. We aren’t the face of “self-righteous extremism.” That title is saved for big pHARMa and those that benefit from the blood money of big pHARMa. If our truth offends you, I DON’T CARE! Stay uneducated and turn a blinds eye. That is your choice. I’m glad I didn’t. I’m glad I listened and found hope. My daughter will be able to go to college, maybe marry, have kids, have a career, a future because I, alongside with my fellow warriors, my support, fought. We really are some of the nicest, most supportive people. We just aren’t quiet when pushed into a corner and bullied.

      • Sandy Spaetti says:

        Beautiful!!! Congratulations on recovering your daughter and thank you for speaking out on this thread. ❤️

      • Pacol says:

        Yes, great comment.

      • redpill says:

        Wow! Rock on Prof!

    • Ana Maria Abba says:

      Dear Bob,

      The term Autistic people seems to imply you believe this is part of who they are. What is the basis for this belief? Finding out the true answer to that may be quite enlightening.

      Love to you and yours.

    • Pacol says:

      That is absolutely not true. Humans can actually do more than one thing at a time. We can speak out for medical freedom and informed parental consent while at the same time, work towards improving the lives of and educational opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum.

      • Jan says:

        I’m guessing you have such a child in your life, or know someone who has. It’s a long long row to hoe, heaven knows. There is something called CEASE Therapy, practiced by trained homeopaths, which has be been improving the lives of kids (and adults) with damage from vaccines and other meds/toxins for about 10 years now. When I say ‘improving’, I mean many many have been cured. Yes. http://www.cease-therapy.com/. Blessings.

    • Janiece says:

      Those convinced AGAINST THEIR WILL are of the same opinion still. With billions of dollars behind the house of cards which is our current “death care system” many will opt out of the Truth.

      The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand Mr. Wood, Matthew 3:2, Matthew 4:17 & Mark 4:17. All things done in the dark shall come to light.

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