Blaze’s Interview On Thriving Family Health – “After Newtown… New Discussions For Our Children’s Health”

blazeThinker/blogger Sarah Cusack Scholl of Thriving Family Health interviewed me about how treating my son medically has basically brought him out of autism and the meltdowns that came with it.

Click HERE to read the interview “After Newtown… New Discussions For Our Children’s Health”.

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2 Responses to Blaze’s Interview On Thriving Family Health – “After Newtown… New Discussions For Our Children’s Health”

  1. BB says:

    I just read this interview–it made me feel literally to read it for a whole lot of reasons.
    YES!, mainstream medicine and society has a lot to answer to,
    BUT, it seems as though a lack of empathy still exists for those who have done all these very same things–and much much more! to help their compromised families without getting ANY measurable results, or for those moms who are doing the very best they can to try to help their suffering and struggling children and families to no avail.
    This is a vibe that is most definitely resonating from many directions and I can tell you that it makes it all the more painful for those of us who have not been victorious no matter what we do.We are already judged and criticized enough from the whole world, so PLEASE keep us all in mind when making blanket statements concerning such matters–it would be most greatly appreciated by a whole lot of folks. Let’s put an end once and for all to refrigerator and stupid mother syndrome, it adds further insult to injury. .THX!

  2. This is a great interview! It really gets me fired up to see the mainstream sitting on their hands regarding autism recovery. Insurance companies should be shamed that more treatments/testing are not covered. The mainstream M.D.’s should go grab some scientific literature and understand the recovery process instead of being lazy egomaniacs that simply throw their hands up in the air when met with a complex medical condition.

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