Each year my husband’s family makes predictions on New Year’s Eve.  They go into a sealed shoebox, not to be opened until the following New Year’s Eve.  Sometimes they are poignant, sometimes accurate, and sometimes just plain hilarious.  I look forward to this tradition every year.  I like predictions better than resolutions because I am horrible at keeping resolutions.

So here are a few of our tamer (i.e. fit for print) predictions:

Harry will say, “Mom, I’ve known how to talk this whole time. I’ve just been messin’ widya.”

Following dubious tradition, Colleen Boyle from the CDC will get a new job..at Merck.

Paul Offit will catch the clap and will need 100,000 vaccines to treat it.  (No, we don’t really wish that according to our attorney).

Matt Lauer will actually, in fact, Suck It.

Sunshine will be dragged into court by Monsanto for her secret organic heirloom seed stash.

We also had some resolutions here at TMR.

Most of us, like most of you, revolve our lives around our kids.  In 2013 we all vow to take care of ourselves too.  Many of us have starting seeing practitioners for ourselves as we’ve come to that point where we absolutely HAVE to take care of ourselves…we’re out of band-aid solutions.  We need to take a little time for ourselves to recharge and reconnect.

Many of us echoed MamaMac’s sentiment about feeling like warriors on the inside, but not on the outside.  We are gearing up for a book tour, so we need to get our butts in shape!

We want to be better moms.  To enjoy the moments, not just get through them.

We want to shave more points off our kids’ ATEC scores and continue the momentum from 2012.

Dragon Slayer summed it up beautifully by saying: “My wish? For more recovery and less autism in the world.  My intention?  To always be present and live in the moment.  My resolution? To stop swearing.”

HAHA…Oh, if only we could all keep that last one.

If you can type through your hangovers and feel like sharing…what are your predictions for 2013?


Happy New Year!


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5 Responses to HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. Mama bird says:

    Predictions: the “normal” world will recognize and acknowledge the ass backwards vaccine regimen, people who ask how my daughter is and what new treatments will listen past the first sentence, my daughter will be able to draw a stick figure, ill stop blaming myself for autism

  2. B.K. says:

    Aside from recovery, I predict this is the year my son finally tires of Elmo’s World. (Okay, maybe this is more of a wish, but still….)

  3. Amy says:

    I predict a line to be drawn in the sand such that people are forced to make a choice. They will have to take the spoon fed government/ media side or the side of the truth thats a bit harder to swallow. The truth is in your face now, it can’t be ignored…

  4. Diana Gonzales says:

    I predict that the book tour will stop somewhere in the Rio Grand Valley, close to La Joya! (Hint) I predict conversation for LoRenzo. As for me? I also have promised to take better care of myself. If 40 is the new 20, my body DID NOT get the memo!

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