Bullied into vaccines?

MamacitaHave you been bullied into getting vaccines?  Cat Jameson, known here at TMR as Mamacita, had a chance to talk about vaccine bullies with Dr. Mayer Eisenstein and Alan Phillips from the Know Your Rights Hour radio talk show. 


I was asked to be on the radio show soon after I wrote an article on how to handle a vaccine bully.  The article, originally posted on Age of Autism, came about after several friends reached out to me for advice.   “I get several phone calls and emails every month from parents asking for help when they see similar headlines in the news.  I get questions like:  What can I do when my doctor isn’t listening to me?  Why is my doctor bullying me about this?  What do I say if I don’t want all those shots?  What should I bring to the appointment to prove what he’s saying about vaccines and autism is wrong?  I let parents know that the best thing that they can, and should, do is to learn as much as they can.  I tell them to be ready to speak up when it’s time and to never forget it’s their child — not the doctor’s, that they are bringing into the exam room.  I also suggest to these parents to read.  Read. Read. Read. Read. Read.  And then read some more.  Knowledge truly is power, and applying that knowledge can be very powerful.”

One of our missions here at TMR is to remind people to research as much as they can, to question what needs to be questioned, and most of all, to think.  I relayed those concepts both in the article and on air, doing so in the hopes that the information shared can help people to know their rights.

If you missed the show, find a cozy spot and give it a listen.  Let us know if you’ve gone face-to-face with a vaccine bully and how you handled t.  Also, if you have some of your own tips that you’d like to share, we’d love to hear them.  Feel free to leave them in the comments section below.



Listen to Mamacita on the Know Your Rights Hour.



In health,
~ Mamacita

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7 Responses to Bullied into vaccines?

  1. When my son was born, almost 11 years ago, I refused Hep B in the hospital. I’d raised two daughters to teenagerhood by this time, so I was familiar with all the doctors in our pediatrician’s office, but I only really liked the one. When it was time for rounds, I was disappointed when one of the other docs entered our room to check on my son, who took six long years to meet this world. When I told this doctor that we wouldn’t be doing Hep B at this time, he reacted instantly. His eyes got that angry flash, he went the whole, “You’re endangering your baby,” route. He informed that their office policy was to refuse care to patients that aren’t immunized (which in my understanding is illegal–I don’t believe doctors can legally refuse care to anyone). I just wanted to take my long-sought baby home in one piece. Drugged and stitched together, I had to argue with this man and stand my ground that it was our choice to wait until my son went for his two month visit. It’s a good thing we did. My son napped like a champ and was a fairly easy baby for his first two months. After immunizations at 2 months, he had one episode of tremor and really only cat-napped for 20-30 minutes at a time (sleep-deprived, baby haze, nursing, experimenting with dietary needs, I didn’t get it yet). After immunizations at 4 months, he had TWO episodes of tremor and was becoming more difficult to please. No more immunizations after that, and I had to change doctors. Small price to pay to prevent further neurological damage to my beautiful boy.

  2. Donna Powers says:

    Went to listen to the interview and I get these annoying audio ads! And I can’t find how to delete them. Listened to a painful ad about pot tie squatty, thought good, I can listen to the show, and another one came up!

    Thanks…let me know how to listen with out the ad crap!


    • Cat Jameson says:

      Click play and turn down the volume while the ads are running until minute 3:45, then turn up the volume to hear the beginning of the show. There is a break with sponsor ads at 32:10. The show restarts at 35:16.


  3. James says:

    A question I have if someone could please answer it for me. Having spent time in India and the Sudan on Mission trips with my Church to help build houses. I began to wonder where the autistic children there ( and for that matter in the Amish ) come from if they have never had vaccines? There were actually pretty large numbers of incidences when you consider the low birth survival rate according to the red-cross doctors I spoke to.

    My wife and I are considering adopting this adorable little boy from the Sudan who has been dignosed as autistic and we were concerned about the vaccines he needs to come over to the US. Since he already has autism ( and was never vaccinated), I was just wondering what to do, to see if that could exacerbate his condition. That’s when I came across this site and then I started to wonder where he got it from if vaccines are the cause.



    • Martina says:

      We have four children on the spectrum (out of six), and only one of those has ever had any vaccines. Vaccines are a huge load on the child’s system – toxins that need to be shifted out of the body before they cause any damage. A lot of our kids have problems shifting toxins (methylation issues, mitochondrial disorders, etc) so they travel around the body, attaching to places they shouldn’t be, and cause a lot of damage. Combine that with the gut issues that most of our children have, and you find that the undigested food peptins act as toxins causing further damage (which is why the GFCF etc diets often help so much as they reduce the toxic load). If you have a look on the Great Plains Laboratory website, you will see lots of helpful articles and webinars on there – one of which is talking about the link between Paracetamol and Autism. Our boy who is severely autistic became that way after a shot of Ketamine (a hallucinogenic drug used by hospitals) and had many other toxic insults prior to that (such as yeast, pain killers, etc). So if you are planning on adopting a child that has autism, chances are that any further immune insults (vaccines, change of diet, odours etc) can make their autism worse. You could use the time while you are waiting to find out how to minimise the damage that will have been done, and work toward undoing it. TMR is a great place to start! Good luck.

    • Dani says:

      I don’t think vaccines are the end all be all casual effect. It can be a number of cumulative reasons. The Amish have a VERY low rate of autism. That said … There are some Amish that do vaccinate. I have personally only read of one Amish child with autism that was 100% unvaccinated. Typically the Amish also grow their own food and are not exposed to the chemicals we are (food, water, tephlon.. the list is endless). I am not sure how you can get by with not getting him vaccinated. I know “we” can freely travel the world wo getting abt vaccinations. I don’t know the laws in the Sudan.

    • Marlen Reibig says:

      the Vaccines are indirectly the cause, cause it mostly the Mercury or known as Thimerosal or other substances in the vaccines, which the body isn`t able to process and is building a blockage of Oxygen to the cells …. so the high concentration of Mercury in the blood by Autistic children is hard to deny 🙁 So he could have gotten to much from other sources, also the body is letting food sources clean out more easily that injected, different individuals are reacting different, Some might be able to process it better or cleanse better as others, it has been shown that some people have more of it in hair and skin, meaning its not all stuck in the body, some will be excreted by the skin as a detox organ. That is my understanding …… someone correct me if I am wrong.
      Warm regards

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