CDC Whistleblower Subpoena Stonewalled by CDC Director Thomas Frieden

October 19, 2016

According to this press release from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Bryan Smith, they have subpoenaed the CDC Whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, to testify in a court of law about what he knows about research fraud at the CDC, but CDC Director, Thomas Frieden is blocking testimony. The next step is to take CDC to federal court to compel them to allow Thompson’s testimony.

For Immediate Release


Contact: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.                                      Contact:  Bryan Smith                         
Ph  914-422-4343                                                              Ph  901-333-1833                          

CDC Blocks Testimony of Vaccine Whistleblower
says World Mercury Project

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Vows Appeal

Washington, DC:  The Director of the CDC, Thomas Frieden, has sent a letter blocking CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, from testifying in a Tennessee court case involving a 16 year old boy who claims his autism is caused by vaccine injuries.

The boy’s attorneys, Bryan Smith and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., both of Morgan & Morgan, sought to have Dr. Thompson testify to explain his charges that the CDC committed data manipulation in a series of studies that found no link between vaccines and autism. Dr. Thompson has publically stated to Congressman William Posey and others that he and his colleagues in the CDC Vaccine Safety Branch were ordered to commit scientific fraud, destroy evidence and manipulate data to conceal the link between autism and vaccines.  

William Acree, Tennessee State Circuit Judge, had ordered the trial extended so that Thompson could be subpoenaed to testify. In a recent letter to the court, Dr. Frieden denied the request to allow Dr. Thompson to testify stating that “Dr. William Thompson’s deposition testimony would not substantially promote the objectives of CDC or HHS.”

Kennedy strongly disagrees. Dr. Thompson co-authored four key CDC studies widely touted to exonerate the MMR and vaccines containing the mercury-based preservative, thimerosal, from causing autism. Thompson is a 19 year veteran at the CDC and formerly a senior vaccine safety scientist at their Immunology Safety Office.  In August 2014, under Federal whistleblower protection, Dr. Thompson revealed that despite CDC’s claims to the contrary, the vaccine safety studies in question demonstrated a causal link between vaccines and autism symptoms.  

According to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Dr. Thompson’s testimony is critical: “This boy, and thousands of others, lost their cases in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program because the CDC and Justice Department submitted fraudulent science wrongly denying the vaccine-autism link.” Smith explained that “Frieden’s denial was a disappointment but not a surprise, since the inescapable implication of Dr. Thompson’s allegation is that the agency altered the science to undermine autism cases worth potentially $1 trillion in compensation ordered by Congress.” The attorneys promised to immediately appeal the CDC’s denial to Federal court.  

More information can be found at A longer, more detailed article covering the case can be found at Contact Morgan & Morgan at

Background on the Lawsuit

The Omnibus Autism Proceeding (OAP) of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) resulted in judgments against the more than 5,000 families alleging that childhood vaccines caused their children’s autism, despite the likelihood that more than 500 clear-cut cases had already been compensated and one test case, that of Hannah Poling, was removed from the proceeding and quietly conceded.

The way the 1986 law that created the VICP is worded, vaccine injury cases must go through the VICP first, and only after a judgment is made — no matter how long it takes — can a family file a lawsuit in a real court. In Bruesewitz v. Wyeth, the Supreme Court dashed the hopes of many that justice would finally be done by ruling that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe,” and therefore, vaccine manufacturers cannot not be sued for the damage their products do.

The one legal avenue that remains open, in an extremely small number of situations, is medical malpractice lawsuits against the doctors. The parents of Yates Hazlehurst, now 16, who was the subject of the second test case of the OAP, have managed to keep the case “alive” in Tennesse. And now, for the first time in 30 years, a vaccine injury case is being tried in a court of law. Yates’ attorneys, Bryan Smith and Robert F. Kennedy have subpoenaed a number of key witnesses, including one known as the “CDC Whistleblower,” Dr. William Thompson, senior research scientist at the CDC and an integral part of a number of CDC studies supposedly “debunking” the vaccine/autism link, as well as the subject of the documentary film VaxXed.


Yates Hazlehurst before his vaccine injury

As a federal employee, Thompson would have to be granted permission by CDC Director Thomas Frieden to testify. As you can see from the press release, Frieden is stonewalling. He is refusing to let Thompson testify.

In Monday’s article in The Hill about the formal complaint filed by 12 senior CDC research scientists alleging that “questionable and unethical practices” which undermine the CDC’s credibility had become the “norm,” CDC spokeswoman Kathy Harben is quoted as saying, “CDC takes seriously its responsibility to comply with the ethics rules, inform employees about them, and take steps to make it right any time we learn that employees aren’t in compliance.”

To that we say, “Oh, yeah? Prove it!”

Let the scientist who has been subpoenaed testify as to  ethics at the CDC. Spare the taxpayers the expense of compelling the testimony they deserve to have.

****************** ACTION ITEM 1 ******************

We at TMR know how vitally important it is to FINALLY get Thompson to testify — on the record — about the crimes being committed at the CDC with respect to autism science.

That’s why we’re asking you to CALL, FAX, or EMAIL — or better yet, all three!

CDC Director, Thomas Frieden 
Phone: 404-639-7000 (press 8)
Fax: 404-639-5073
Email: [email protected] or  [email protected]

And say something like the following:

“I believe Dr. William Thompson, also known as the CDC Whistleblower, should be allowed to testify in court, and we taxpayers should not have to bear the cost of the appeal to compel his testimony. Thompson’s knowledge of  vaccine/autism research is unparalleled and extremely relevant. Blocking his testimony would be a perversion of justice.”

****************** ACTION ITEM 2 ******************

The CDC Director reports to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, who in turn is appointed by the President. That means that whoever wins the November election will have a great deal of influence on whether or not Thompson, or any other whistleblower from the CDC, gets to testify at any time.

So we’re also asking you to call the campaign offices of the two main candidates and say,

“What would President (Clinton/Trump) do to make sure that William Thompson, also known as the CDC Whistleblower, gets to testify before Congress or in a court of law with regard to scientific research fraud allegations at the CDC?”

Clinton Campaign Headquarters: 646-854-1432
Trump Campaign Headquarters: 646-736-1779



Yates Hazlehurst’s father, Rolf Hazlehurst on the steps of the Supreme Court


~ Thinking Moms’ Revolution

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22 Responses to CDC Whistleblower Subpoena Stonewalled by CDC Director Thomas Frieden

  1. el schism says:

    The people of the world need to WAKE UP !

  2. Joanna says:

    Well, now we know why the CDC wanted him to keep his job…

  3. Stephen Rodrigues, MD says:

    If this is upsetting wait until you discover that every last American especially the elderly are being treated with body part removal to treat pain. Body part removal to treat pain. Let me repeat this one more time body part removal to treat pain.

    This sounds so strange and bizarre, but a group of physicians invented this idea and sold it to Wall Street so now this is the standard of care.

    NO responsible authority stopped them. NO responsible authority can stop them now due to the cash flow.

    It’s the wrong care, the wrong treatment, yet it’s acceptable to the professionals, researchers, academics and the public.

    The corrective and restorative treatment for physical pain are physical therapy.

    If you review the archives, you’ll notice in the 1960s was when the idea came about that you can replace natural joints with man-made materials and think that is doing good.

    Joint replacements and back surgeries are so profitable everyone thinks that this is best and is waiting in line to get these surgeries.

    The reality is that lower back muscles cause pain and muscles can be treated with healing and restorative therapeutic physical therapy. Same treatments for pain in the hip, pain in the leg or pain in the neck.

  4. Eirescott says:

    If the CDC hierarchy is anything like the corrupt criminals surrounding Hillary Clinton; this battle will be virtually insurmountable. That doesn’t mean you should give-up. I cannot understand how such corruption can get as strong as it does – let alone continue – when it’s so obvious what’s going-on. Can someone explain this to me please? I understand the burden of proof – to some degree; but this corruption is beyond ridiculous!

    • susan welch says:

      Unfortunately it is not ‘obvious what’s going on’ to the majority of people. Because the corruption is so widespread, and the media are part of it, most people believe the lie that vaccines are safe and effective. Until everybody has someone close to them affected, the Health authorities, Governments and media will continue to win the propaganda battle. That is why everyone who does know needs to keep getting the message out to the general public. Vaxxed has had a tremendous impact and all of us with vaccine injured members of our families are so grateful to them for their untiring work. We are grateful too, to TMR, of course

  5. Nicole says:

    I called and they couldn’t give me any info. I’ll send an email for sure. I know Donald Trump was the only one who spoke out about vaccines are like playing Russian roulett with your child and that too many are given. Hillary on the other hand has voiced quite the opposite.

    • Maria says:

      Meanwhile during the debate last night she was adamant about pro choice when it comes to abortion, and gun control. “The government should not be in charge of what these women decide to do with their families.” “I’ve seen too many childrens lives taken by guns.” Yet she supports vaccines, because it’s okay if children die from a vaccines. She contradicts herself everytime!!!

  6. Becky says:

    Can anyone tell me why the 12 doctors (SPIDER) addressed their letter to Carmen S. Villar, MSW Chief of Staff?

    Would a letter writing/telephone campaign to her be of value?

  7. Hans Scholl says:

    I love TMR so much .

  8. Hans Scholl says:

    The most important article I have read in quite a while .

    Frieden & friends must be worried .

    Could I do the same from here in London ?
    Can anyone attempt to call WT to testify ?

  9. Hans Scholl says:

    All I can say is wow !”

  10. angela coral eisenhauer says:

    ? Fraud Frieden, well of course he would block it,

    anyone want information on the flu vaccines all reposted to top of timeline, feel free to share the references, you need. All fluvax, 25mcg mercury per shot…………. the same vaccine that killed or maimed 1 in 100 kids given it in Western Australia in 2010.

    • H says:

      Where would I find your links on the flu vaccines? I would love to have the reference.

    • Dennis Picknett says:

      Yes, when he say’s that subpoenaing (arrgh! I hate that word) Dr Thompson would not further the interests of the CDC that lays bare the fact that the interests of the CDC are AT ODDS with that of a boy seeking redress for damage.
      Boy vs. CDC.
      Who’s more important?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Agreed, Dennis. Such a response makes it clear that public health is NOT the primary goal of the CDC.

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