Children Sacrificed on the Altar of the Vaccine Program

September 26, 2017

For those who believe in the system that says it’s okay to kill some babies for the sake of the Greater Good (vaccines)—because that’s really the bottom line—I want you to think about those families for a moment.

Those families sacrificed their child (albeit, that was unknown to them when they chose to vaccinate). Their child paid the ultimate price. Their family, through the loss they didn’t volunteer for, allows you to believe you can roam this land without worry of being ill. Their sacrifice provides you with freedom, while they will spend their lives in mourning.

How do we recognize and thank these families? We bash them for speaking out and telling their story. We harass them, we ignore them, we drag them through years of court, and we openly mock them. Nobody pays for their funeral, there is no thank you for your sacrifice, there is no statue or memorial recognizing them. We don’t place any value on their life, we don’t love on their family, we don’t honor them with medals or even a sympathy card. There is no recourse, no guilty party. Even when it is a faulty product, there is no accountability. Because that’s just part of it. Some will die and we don’t care.

Lorrin Kain died at 15 of injuries sustained due to a “hot lot” vaccine in infancy

Now imagine a world where at minimum we said, “I am sorry. I am so sorry for what happened to your child, and I know it’s not much, but let’s do everything we can to make sure this doesn’t happen and let us please do what we can to help your family through this and honor their sacrifice.”

The U.S. Supreme Court declared vaccines ‘unavoidably unsafe,’ meaning that the risk of harm and death is unavoidable. Instead of cracking down and making sure we did everything possible to make vaccine manufacturers work towards the safest vaccines, making sure we had the best information on adverse events, providing for actual informed consent, studying the schedule, and making sure we did right by the people . . . we  gave vaccine manufacturers zero liability. We taxed all vaccines so there was a pot to pay for the injuries we couldn’t deny. We allowed them to create a watered-down version of the insert to give parents so they wouldn’t see the risks. We gave doctors, nurses, and hospitals free reign and even a script on how to convince you that its perfectly safe, and we allowed legislators to work their pharma paychecks and remove your right to opt out.

Christina Tarsell died at 21 of injuries sustained due to Gardasil.

We told the media, don’t cover any negative stories and dismissed thousands of court cases without ever hearing them simply because the word autism was mentioned, and manipulated studies that showed the dangers in vaccines. Because once again, we don’t care about the ones we sacrifice.

So, you tell me—those who avoid my posts, who mock the “anti-vaxxers,” who have never had to raise a child with damage from this unavoidably unsafe product and who will never know what it feels like to not hold their sweet baby again—you tell me what it is that makes any of this acceptable?

If you want this to continue as is, because you really believe this a fair price for someone else to pay to not have measles in your life, what are you doing as a human to honor those who aren’t lucky enough to say “Well, my child turned out fine”?

~ Crush

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25 Responses to Children Sacrificed on the Altar of the Vaccine Program

  1. Glenn says:

    There are no anti vaxxers, only people opposed to ignorance and poverty.

  2. Glenn says:

    I see it a bit like the space program – it has exciting potential – but there will be casualties. Of course, there is one glaring difference…

  3. Mad World says:

    Thank you for using religious undertones, because that is EXACTLY what this is situation is: a religious disagreement.

    Much has been written about science as a religion. More needs to be written about vaxtremism as a religion–replete with sacrificial altars, heretics, zealots, ostracism, inquisitions, high priests, dogma, witch hunts, and a significant does of BLIND FAITH from its followers.

    It reminds me of the Roman Catholic Church before the Reformation. Our modern-day high priests speak a different language and attempt to conceal inconvenient truths from the masses, while taking their money and demanding strict adherence with draconian consequences for non-compliance. They fear monger: if people don’t follow their rules unquestioningly, “society will surely collapse…” With its flagrant conflicts of interest, science desperately needs a Reformation.

    Our situation today also reminds me of the religious far right in the 1980s–asking politicians to assert control over what happens in people’s bedrooms. “Otherwise society will collapse!” Except our zealots today want politicians and bureaucrats in our doctor offices.

    Finally, I can’t help but be reminded of cultures whose belief systems were built around child sacrifice. I don’t see much difference between what is happening today and the cultures who sacrificed children for the common good because of a prevailing (flawed) ideology….Except maybe those cultures at least saw some value in the sacrificed children–whereas families/victims of today’s vaccine paradigm are ignored, ridiculed, humiliated, discriminated against, shunned, and sent to the poorhouse because they can’t get the help they need financially from the compensation program and they pay for cutting edge treatments out of pocket since insurance/bureaucrats/doctors ignore cutting edge science (they also ignore science that hurts the vaccine paradigm). I cannot believe our society has come to this.

    “In ‘New Atlantis’ 1624, Francis Beacon described a technocratic Utopia in which a scientific priesthood made decisions for the good of the state as a whole. the Fellows of this scientific “Order or Society” wore long robes and were treated with a respect that their power and dignity required. The head of the order traveled in a rich chariot, under a radiant golden image of the sun. As he rode in procession, “he held up his bare hand, as he went, as a blessing the people.” – From ‘Science Set Free’ by Rupert Sheldrake. I think this “utopia” is upon us.

    This is a battle between two opposing belief systems/religions. One side has an unwavering belief in “science” They often respond to tough questions with simplistic answers like, “Because science!” This shows how committed they are to their ideology. The other side is having this religion forced upon us.

  4. Kathy Sands says:

    Wow! Great article!

  5. Ruth says:

    Why doesn’t someone show up at the capital building to give congressmen their vaccines? I’d love to see how many of them will roll up their sleeves for weight adjusted DTaP/IPV/HIB/PCV/MMR/flu on their way in the door to pass laws requiring vaccinations. After all, if it’s safe to have 10,000 antigens for babies, grown adult politicians should be just fine.

  6. Lisa says:

    I lost my daughter after her first set of vaccinations. October 3rd would have been Meaghan Olivia’s 25th birthday. 25 birthdays I never got to spend with her. On her birthday I think it’s fitting that I share this. A part of me died that day too and I can never get that piece of me back. I am not the same person who was a happy mother of two when December 27, 1992 changed my world forever. I wouldn’t wish this on even my worst enemy.

    • Shannon says:

      You and your sweet baby are exactly why this was written. I know there are no words that ease your pain, but know that we ache with you and are so very sorry. -CRUSH

  7. Beth says:

    My son’s insurance requires referrals from his PCP for specialists , like chiropractor and allergist for his life threatening food allergies. Just today, we were at the PCP for these yearly referrals. I was handed a large stack of papers to sign that included statements like “I give permission to the doctor to administer treatment and vaccines as they see fit”. No I would not sign. They refused to see him in the clinic because he has never been vaccinated. He is soon to be 16! They knew before we got there the situation and yet they still let me make the appointment. The office manager took us back to talk to us and say that the clinics policies have changed and my son is no longer a patient there. She did not know of any doctor that takes my insurance that would see him with out vaccines. She told us this is because of the CDC and the State dept of Pediatrics. My son was so angry when we left.

  8. ellie says:

    People who argue that the CDC is a trusted friend and that vaccines are safe must not have Internet access! I know there is alot on the Internet that is bogus, but there is SO MUCH valid information about the chaos created by Big Pharma and the CDC and the FDA and the AMA, etal! Vaccines are just one branch of Big Pharma. There are SO MANY drugs rushed to market that are ineffective, addictive, and deadly. You don’t have to follow the money trail that far these days before the dots connect and the big picture reveals itself. Richard Sacks interviews Dr. Rima Laibow
    here about What Drugs Really Do:

  9. Jennifer says:

    Another great article. Thank you.

  10. Fran Wallace says:

    I have never had a child damaged by vaccines. My three were babies in the 60’s when there were fewer vaccines, and not the wholesale rush to greed that we see in the pharmaceutical industry today. Having said that, I am totally opposed to forced vaccination of any child. Not only because of the risk to the children, but because it totally abolishes our rights, as parents, to decide what is best for our children. My oldest two received all vaccinations prescribed, a that time. They still got measles and chickenpox, etc. My youngest child was infected with the measles at 8 months of age, and barely came out of a vicious bout with them, and contracted chicken pox, one of the worst cases I have ever seen. This tells me that even in the 60’s the vaccinations were sometimes ineffective. And you know that pharmaceutical companies have not improved the vaccines-they don’t want “good” vaccines, just more money. And, I have encountered, during my lifetime, several children who have been damaged by the vaccines. My bottom line is, if I am a good,caring, want the best for my children, kind of parent, what gives the government to say “you must vaccinate your children; and impose penalties if I don’t. The threat they throw out to you is that your child can’t come to school if they’re not vaccinated. Isn’t that illegal, because isn’t every child guaranteed a decent education by law?

  11. Rebecca Lee says:

    It is because you are dealing with a state religion. A human sacrificing state religion.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      There was a time when I would have thought that was “overstating” things. Now? Not so much… 🙁

    • Ruth says:

      I have to agree completely. Vaccination is a belief system with an accepted child sacrifice at its heart. When you look at the congressional hearings and listen to the words the CDC uses, they always say we “believe” vaccines are safe. Then they ask you and doctors to “believe” they are good for your child. If you’re interested, go on the Advisory Commission on Immunization Practices web page and read the science. There are always adverse events and even deaths within the “safety studies”, then the committee members, usually pharmaceutical employees, state that they “believe” the benefits outweigh the risks and then the “recommend” them, then the CDC puts them on their “schedule”. It’s all based on biased judgement calls that are “beliefs” and open acceptance that some children will be killed. When our religious exemptions are taken from us, we are forced into a system of child sacrifice. There’s no escaping that. That’s the type of society Ruth, that provided a contrast to the early days of Judaism, the foundation of three major faiths in this world. I don’t understand why it’s not discussed and why our religious institutions aren’t taking a stand for us. Wasn’t America shaped on the basis of religious freedom. I will leave this country before I participate in a system of child sacrifice again, having two injured children already who have been denied medical exemptions because of missing vaccination records that don’t show vaccines that were administered to them.

  12. Kate says:

    Yes, a side of things no one ever talks about. I, as a teacher, think about it all the time however. I see damaged children and I see the price these families pay. I see the perfect child that was created underneath the damaged one. My heart breaks daily. Doctor/Society/Culturally induced damaged – usually for benign diseases and vaccines with known bad outcomes. What is wrong with us?? Why are we such a small minority of people willing to see the entire picture?

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Look how long it took for anyone to acknowledge that diet recommendations were all wrong. Those may be “recommended” by the government, but they are not imposed on people, and the government doesn’t hold any patents on “low-fat” products. It will take an overwhelming outcry from the populace. Unfortunately, we will get there. I say unfortunately because it will only be when enough people have been/are being damaged.

  13. Pammypies says:

    Let that doctor sacrifice his/her own children for the sake of the “Common Good”!

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