Christianity and the (False) god of Modern Medicine

This is a really hard post to write.  Quite honestly, I don’t want to write it.  I really don’t!  It’s likely going to be a controversial post and I could potentially lose friends over it.  It may even be a little over-the-top as far as my Thinking Mom friends go, because it is aimed at a very specific group of people.  I want to specifically talk to my fellow Christians here.  Other people might get something out of this, and I don’t want to discourage anyone from reading.  But I am writing this because this is who I am and where I am, and these are the experiences of my personal journeys and life lessons. Please just remember that I am only one of the Thinking Moms, and that the views I express here reflect my personal views and experiences, and are not necessarily the views of the entire TMR family.

It would be putting it lightly to say that I have been through many trials in my life.  I guess you could say that my life is pretty much one giant trial! Losing my parents, my son’s autism, my personal breast cancer journey, and my mother-in-law’s recent illness and subsequent death are the ones that come first to my mind.  Life can be extremely tough!  But I can say that through each and every trial in my life, the Lord has been with me, and during each trial He has had something to teach me.  First and foremost, He has taught me to depend on Him, and that He gives me strength through every difficult circumstance that I face. He never leaves me! That is by far the most valuable lesson I have learned through my trials.

But there are other things that He has been teaching me. These things are harder and more painful to learn.  They are lessons that I could only have learned through these specific painful experiences and they are lessons that seem strange and are unconventional, especially to my fellow Christian brothers and sisters.  And they aren’t very popular in the modern world today.

You see, God has been teaching me some very harsh truths about modern medicine.

The Rod of Asclepius, the correct symbol for medicine, dates back to Greek mythology associated with healing and the medicinal arts. Some commentators believe the symbol is linked to the story in the Bible from Numbers 21:6-9.

Some of you readers out there may have learned these truths without having to have endured the trials.  My hats off to you!  But before my son’s autism, I was a hard-core believer in the system… the medical system, that is.  I believed in vaccines.  I believed in doctors.   I believed in the CDC.  I believed in Tylenol.  I believed in prescription meds.  I believed in it ALL.  I trusted in doctors and vaccines to protect me before — so I didn’t get sick — and I believed in doctors and prescription medicines to make me well when I actually did get sick.  I believed that pretty much everyone in medicine, from the top researchers, to pharmaceutical companies, on down to the receptionists at your pediatrician’s office, wanted to make us all well and keep us all well.  It was all about health and wellness.  And so, I trusted them.  I believed them.  And I handed my child over to them without even thinking about it.  And, appallingly, I handed him over without even praying about it.

It didn’t even occur to me not to.

But when my son got sick, that started off a chain of eye-opening events in my life that I believe are God’s ways of showing me what is really going on in our world today.  And why I believe it is important that Christians need to take an interest in these things.   First of all, before believing or trusting in anything I say, ask God to give you wisdom and discernment about these things.  James 1:5 says, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.”  If you want to know truth, if you SEEK truth, God will give it to you.  I have heard Christians say, “Well, I asked God if vaccines were okay, and He told me they are.”  To be honest with you, I think that those people are seeking God’s affirmation and not really seeking wisdom.  They don’t WANT to know the truth about vaccines. They really only want God to tell them that they are okay.  When you seek wisdom from God, you need to be prepared that He might tell you some things that you really don’t want to hear.  They might be not only unpleasant but also a big inconvenience for your life.  When you seek wisdom, you have to be OPEN to it.  You might also have to do some research!  In my experience, when I am researching information to make a decision, the Holy Spirit uses that opportunity to either affirm or dismiss what I am reading.  I call those my “lightbulb moments.”

Caduceus is oftenly incorrectly classified as the symbol of medicine today. It was first used incorrectly by the U.S. Army Medical Corps in 1902. According to Wikipedia, it has historical associations with commerce, theft, deception, and death. Google “symbol of medicine”, and the image of Caduceus comes up in the majority of images.

Recently, the pastor of my church gave a sermon that was a huge eye-opening experience for me.  The Lord really used the sermon to show me where we, as Christians, are going wrong in our journey to wellness.  Now, I can only imagine my pastor’s surprise if he knew the Lord was using him in that way.  His sermon was actually about politics!  He was troubled because so many Christians he meets are looking to politicians to make our country better, and to solve our problems.  Instead of praying and asking God to help us, we are handing things over to men to handle it.  We think if the right man gets the job, our problems will be over.  Man can fix things!  Man can do it! We have dethroned God, and exalted man.  One of the major problems with that is that when we put trust in men, we get only the best that man can do.  If we trusted God, we would get God’s best.  Why are we settling for man’s best?

Can you see the parallels here?  Here is what the Lord showed me in how this relates to our modern approach to healthcare.  We are given an amazing gift:  a beautiful, usually healthy baby.  God’s best, made in HIS own image, created according to His plan.  Genesis 1:27 affirms that we are “created in His own image.”   Wow.  Beautiful.  We hold our newborn babies. We coo and ahh over them; we count their fingers and toes, and talk about how perfect and beautiful they are.  Then… we hand them over.  We hand them over to the nurses and we say, vaccinate them.  Go on: inject them with aluminum, formaldehyde, whatever.  (For the CDC’s list of vaccine ingredients, click here.) We trust you, you are the experts.  And thank you.


Let me ask you a question.  If we are truly created in God’s own image, do you not believe that we are given the immune system that God wants us to have?  Do you not believe that He perfectly planned the human immune system?  Or do you think that God was “holding back” on us?

When we vaccinate our children, we are attempting to improve upon the immune system that God has given us.  Plain and simple.  We are trusting that man knows better than God how to keep us healthy.  Therefore, we get only MAN’S best instead of God’s best.  So where is that getting us?  We are trading diseases that we once had that were TEMPORARY, such as measles, mumps, chicken pox, rubella, etc, for diseases that are usually PERMANENT, such as autism, ADHD, allergies, asthma, and the countless number of other chronic illnesses that we see today, including increased rates of childhood cancers.  And as the number of vaccinations that each child receives grows, so does the number of chronically ill children (and adults).

What in the world are we DOING?

This problem extends far beyond vaccines.  When we get sick, often the very first thing we do is go to the doctor.  We don’t even question it, and when a doctor tells us we need a surgery, or a specific medicine, or procedure, many times we do not even pray about it.  We trust that our doctor knows best and comply without question.  After all, they are the experts, right?

What we are doing is WRONG.  We have lifted the title of “doctor” up to a god-like status.  Most times we seek to follow our doctor’s recommendations without even knowing if they are a Christian or if they even believe in God.  We trust in the MD, the CDC, the FDA, the AAP, without even considering that anyone could be wrong or could make a mistake.

We live in a FALLEN world, a world full of evil and sin.  Don’t believe me?  In Job chapter 1, God asks the devil, “From where do you come?” and the devil replies, “From roaming about on the earth and walking around on it.”  I don’t know about you, but that reply gives me the heebie-jeebies.  But that is the harsh reality of the world we live in.  The devil is walking around the earth like crazy.  Now, lest you think you can identify him by his horns, pitchfork, and long tail, 2 Corinthians 11:14 tells us that “even Satan is transformed into an angel of light.”  Oh CRAP!!!   What does that mean?  That means that Satan is often hiding in things that appear to be good.  Things like tasty food, “life-saving” vaccines, and “healing” medicines.

Just as we live in a fallen world, our medical system has fallen.  Our doctors today are not practicing the same kind of medicine as Luke the physician did in the Bible.  In the early 1900s, our medical system was corrupted by the Rockefellers, the Carnegies, and others who discovered that there was much money to be made from medicine.  They made it their goal to make allopathic medicine the only acceptable medical treatment, and to shut down any natural or alternative treatments that were available. Their goal was to keep people dependent on allopathy and drugs — the big money makers.  A short video I am including here describes briefly what happened.  It’s most interesting to note that while this was going on, John D. Rockefeller was putting all of his money into allopathic care, while seeking only homeopathic care for himself.

Please don’t misunderstand me.  I know a lot of amazing people that work in our healthcare industry.  Amazing doctors, amazing nurses, and I know there are some amazing medicines that do a lot of good.  I have some great Christian friends that are nurses whom I love dearly.  They are in healthcare for the right reasons.  There is a time and a place for seeking medical treatment and hospitals are indeed necessary in our world. God CAN use medicine to help us.  What I am saying is that we have got to stop blindly trusting the medical industry, and start praying for wisdom and discernment when seeking medical care.  We have to stop reacting in FEAR and start dropping to our knees in prayer and trusting God fully.  We need to actively pray for God to open our eyes to what truly is good for us and bad for us and stop believing that things are good just because the CDC or the AAP say that they are.  The Bible says that all men are liars (Psalm 116:11 and Romans 3:4); so why are we trusting that we are always being told the truth by the “experts”?  Are we blindly trusting in “science” without realizing that behind “science” is a scientist who is also a fallen, imperfect human being?

One of the Ten Commandments is , “You shall have no other gods before me” (Exodus 20:3).  In the Old Testament, you see the Israelites worshipping false gods in many ways. In one way they call out to their false gods to save them in times of trouble.  What I submit to you now is that we have lifted up modern medicine to the status of a god.  That is something we need to repent of, and ask forgiveness, and ask God to show us how to trust him more fully with our health.  When we get sick, pray first, seek wisdom, do some research into some alternatives, pray again, and then go where HE leads you.  And stop blindly trusting fallen man to save us.

That’s something only God can do.



P.S.  For more biblical reasons not to vaccinate, please click here.  For information on aborted fetal cells in vaccines, click here.

For more posts by B.K., please click here.

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242 Responses to Christianity and the (False) god of Modern Medicine

  1. mattie says:

    Wow. This is an older blog that’s still getting comments so I’ll throw in my 2 cents. I too, was gradually enlightened about the allopathic medical industry.I dropped out of nursing school as I watched my best friend & former classmate become a nurse anesthetist. One of my dearest friends is in the middle of internship as a new md. I know a pharmacist who works, converting raw chemicals into pharma components. Oh the stories, I’ve heard….Iatrogenic injuries (and 1 death)have plagued my friends and family & myself. I’ve seen things in hospitals that most people wouldn’t believe if, I told them. People are extremely indoctrinated. God is my master and I choose to use traditional medicine; herbs, non-synthetic-vitamins, etc. After an injury, failed surgery and a spinal tap that injured me, I became disabled. After 3 years of surviving on disability, I went to the office of vocational rehab to request training , to return to the workforce. The agent blew up, angrily stating, “You are unrehabilitatable”. I left stunned and tried to accept my fate of living in poverty for the rest of my unproductive life. Though, I’m deemed unrehabilitatable, I’m still being forced to visit the allopathic practitioners who accept ‘poor people insurances’. I’m forced to do, as they instruct or I could lose my benefits. I shake in fear every time, I’m forced to see these people that can easily ruin our lives. Now I’ve contracted LYME(dr diagnosed)and suspect Babesia thou, no testing was ever done for LYME co-infections. We NEED a site where we can share personal accounts of our experiences with the medical industry. People deserve to be warned. It is our Christian duty. Why don’t we have the freedom to choose what goes into our bodies & to choose our own medical traditions? I need an herbalist or naturopathic dr. but I cannot have one. Why? Most will not believe you until they begin to experience these truths for themselves. God bless this blog writer & May our Father God bless you all. Nothing’s more important than the truth. Why do people hate it so much?

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Hey, Mattie, I don’t believe in unrehabilitatability. I suspect you don’t either. If you have a suspicion as to which things could help you, I would suggest you find groups on Facebook that are doing those things. The kind of people who run those things really like to help and they may have connections that enable them to do giveaways that can be very helpful for those who could not otherwise afford treatment. Personally, I find that my family responds strongly to homeopathic medicine, so I’ve made it my business to learn a lot about it so that I can treat us for most things. Homeopathy can be very cheap to use. The expense lies in finding practitioners and many REALLY good ones will work over Skype for lower rates than local ones.

    • Annie says:

      I pray our Lord will continue to bless you Mattie!!
      I’ve read your comment & encourage you to strive forward. It is a tough world we live in but God is with you when you hand it all over to Him. Let Him have favour over your matter & the every day demands you have to perform. May you see Christs work at hand for you!
      I feel for you as I’ve seen my extended family go through a few difficulties with medical experiences so I can understand where you’re coming from.
      It’s true that people will only realise the difference in medical practice only when they experience a situation, otherwise it is easy to judge others beforehand.
      Especially in our current culture to live in fear & hand it to mankind instead of Christ. (Science over God).
      I’ve lost friends & my job because of my opinions, I didn’t follow the multitude I put my trust in God even tho’ it was stressful at the time.

  2. Cindy Varieur says:

    You are a brave woman!! May we all begin to ask the hard questions! If what God made was good, very good, then why do we think man can improve on God? Doing the research will reveal so much truth. But also just putting mans wisdom against the plumb line of God’s original design for our bodies, our foods, our health–will help us return our eyes to our loving wise creator. Why would we think it is God’s best to use a needle to by-pass HIS first two lines of defense (skin and mucosa/microbiome) and inject a tiny baby with toxins that God would never have allowed by God?

  3. Shellique says:

    Vaccines are not the cause of autism. Witchcraft causes autism (witchcraft from ancestors). But I am not against going to doctors or taking medicine. That is legalism. For those who really want healing from autism and ill health, know this: I myself was healed by Jesus Christ of autism, ADHD, mental illness and chronic health disorders BEFORE I stopped taking medicine. Anyone who has mental illness will know that you cannot function properly without medication until you are healed/cured. In fact, if you don’t take your meds, you could kill yourself or other people, even unintentinally. I do not support hatred of medical professionals. Sometimes God uses them to help us. For more info, please go to my website: (I am still improving it and adding to it).

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      I’m sorry, but the witchcraft angle is ridiculous. If “witchcraft from ancestors” were the cause of autism, why is it causing it NOW in so many children when it didn’t cause it in the children of witches? If you were healed by Jesus Christ, wonderful, but that doesn’t by a long shot mean that vaccines aren’t causing it in many children and saying so isn’t “hatred of medical professionals.” It’s simply telling the truth and hoping that medical professionals wise up. Many have (those who actually help us), but many have not.

      • Becky says:

        I agree. Toxic vaccines, toxins in food, antibiotics that destroy microbes in mother’s and baby’s gut, etc all contribute to brain damage. The basis of western medicine has no understanding of health. We are poisoning our children. We need to wake up and seek God’s wisdom as B.K. ‘s post encourages us to do. Those of us already awake must continue to graciously share the truth and warn young parent of the pharmaceutical deception. Ive collected info here

      • Healthier4You2 says:

        Let’s study Revelation 21:8. The word sorcerers there comes from the same root as Pharmacopeia. It literally means toxic potion. I believe that toxic potions that man has made are causing Autism, mental illness and host of other diseases. Our food and water has been poisoned too. Vaccines are dangerous. We must rely on GOD and the 39 stripes that JESUS took on HIS back at the whipping post for our healing.

        Thank you for writing this article. It is loaded with TRUTH.

    • Shea Rodriguez says:

      Nobody Christian hates anything except that it opposes God the Father. Modern medicine is responsible for 750,000 deaths a year. Jesus Christ, the only one able to redeem us before God tells us that we should go to God for healing, not man. Modern parents keep on sacrificing their children to Moloch in a “modern” method called vaccine and cancer treatments. Satan loves the suffering that parents create when they vaccinate and take their children to Moloch’s industry rather than allow God, in his immutable presence, who has the ability to heal or not heal, to fulfill His plan. When mankind realizes that God alone, in the entire creation, is capable of healing or not, and to realize that HE is the creator and we are the creation, it becomes clear that modern medicine is in opposition to God and we should treat it as such.

      • Jeremy says:

        Where did you get your information on it being Moloch’s industry? Not making fun of you, really want to know. If you can or any one else email is [email protected] you see I believe you a person showed me recently a working fully functional temple of Moloch, I was not amused. Meaning exactly what that implies, so would like to see where to look for these rats. 🙏 thanks

    • Viyahta says:

      Revelation 18:23: ..for by your sorcery (witchcraft/pharmakia) all the nations were deceived”. I think vaccines would be under pharmakia!

    • Derek says:

      Give me a break. This article is so spot on I could not have done it better. I have a medical & psychology background because I am a Christian and I wanted to help people , but God showed me the ( evil ) in both those fields and as a Christian I had to leave them. Vaccines are nothing but poison & population control causing illness. It has been proven it causes Autism in the courts.

  4. Dee says:

    I read your article and it was like reading my thoughts. It speaks truth. The Greek word for Pharmacy is Pharmakeia meaning
    sorcery, poisoning, magical arts, magic, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered by it
    metaph. the deceptions and seductions of idolatry
    The medical profession including the pharmaceuticals is a profitable business. The “magic” pills that lower your blood pressure instantly can put you in a dizzy “spell.” No one sees these magical substances for what they really are. The medical sign with the double snakes is the wand of Hermes, the Greek God of Commerce, the trickster, the protector of thieves, and the guide of the dead who led souuls down into the underworld. MMR vaccines contain aborted fetal tissue. We are injecting our children with aborted fetal tissue.

    • Christina Genesis2018 says:

      This article is on point!!! I am going through a medical decision right now and went through the processes you mentioned in the post regarding Pray First, Seek Wisdom, Research Alternatives, Pray again and then do what God tells you to do. I found alternative natural treatments but the surgeon does not want to authorize it…not surprised because there is no money in it for him. I believe God is the Great Physician and our body is God’s Temple so I am standing on His word and natural healing elements from the earth. I know I came across this article because I fasted and prayed for wisdom and confirmation on my situation!!! God is amazing and is always on time. The medical community is all about profits and making money. Very good article…Very good!!!!

    • Christina Genesis2018 says:

      So True!!!!!

  5. Thomas says:

    Wonderful article. In NY State a child must be up to date on vaccines to attend school unless you have a Religious Exemption under 2164 (9) . When I claimed this exemption the school board presented me with Title 10 – why I am asking for the exemption for my son. But that is a secondary law and subject to the statutory law. So I did not need to answer the questions in Title 10.
    The problem is that if you say your Catholic then the government says, well the Catholic Church says vaccines are ok and the board then tell you, get vaccinated and your request is refused.
    So with God’s Wisdom I approached it from the 1st amendment…the government shall create no law and under the 1964 the Civil Rights law under section 101 102 and 103 where by declaring my religion the School Board would be prejudiced against me.
    I then went on to say that my religion has a Code – a set of laws I can not break for if I did it would be a sin. “Every judgement of conscience, be it right or wrong, be it about things evil in themselves or morally indifferent, is obligatory, in such wise that he who acts against his conscience always sins.” – Thomas Aquinas
    The CDC has also developed the Ethos and Dogma of their own. Such as they are the savior. The CDC web page header says “CDC 24/7 saving lives/protecting people” um I think that is a False god to put your Hope and Trust in them and them only to save your life. They also developed prostalitaization (spelling is bad) through fear. It goes like this. The children from the school are Immune through vaccination, but my child is not immune so my son is the Devil and can bring death to the kids at school by taking away the children’s immunity.(heard imminuty they call it) So Immunity is not 100% and thus it can be removed and thus it is a False sense of Hope and therefore not to be trusted.
    So I said, I will not Offer my son on the Alter of Vaccination to the False God of Immunity for your Collective Salvation.

    • Becky says:

      Well thought out. Parents need help to formulate wise responses like yours. Is live to share this information with parents facing similar circumstances. Also, did you receive the religious exemption approval??

      I’m so thankful that the 46 other states which allow for religious exemptions do not make parents jump through so many hoops.

      Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Rebekah says:

      I would like more information on this as my children are “due” for vaccines before they can attend school next year. I was afraid that I would have to homeschool in order to prevent the vaccinations, but I am the head of my household and don’t have the time to dedicate to homeschooling.

  6. Jo says:

    An excellent post. I am a Christian and I used to be an oncology//haematology specialist nurse giving chemotherapy to many. If anybody asked me today I would strongly counsel them not to visit a traditional doctor for any illness.. including if not especially cancer. Modern medicine is harmful and it is a fact that those who submit to the drugs/surgeries etc do so as an act of faith. Faith not in God but in man. I left nursing because nothing I was doing truly helped anybody. In fact it harmed them. Also, there is no place for God in modern medicine. Apart from urgent care for emergencies, patients are basically choosing between God and man at every point in their illness. My children are not vaccinated. If we get sick the very last place I would go is a traditional doctor or a hospital. Sadly most people (Christians included) are blind to the reality of modern medicine. Look up the YouTube documentary ‘death by medicine’ for an introduction to the truth. All modern medicine can offer is mutilation (surgery) and drugs. Strange how cannabis is illegal but millions are legally addicted or/and dependent on much more toxic prescription drugs. Have faith in God. Doctors are told in med school that 50% of the patients they treat are sick because of the medics themselves.

  7. Darius says:

    I am an Orthodox Christian and I am studying to be a Marine Biologist, which can bring new types of medicines and medical technology. I stand with doctors and medical technology as they are a gift from God. qu are of the devil, why did God gave us the ability of doctors and medicine. Why did he give them intelligence to do so. St. Luke the apostle, was a doctor and a surgeon. In fact my church is named “St Luke the Blessed SURGEON Russian Orthodox Church”. God and I stand with medical science. Life expectancy has increased dramatically. Thinking it’s God’s will for you not to go to a doctor when in a dire emergency is like trying God to fix a car when you can take it to a mechanic. So I’m quite upset of how you said that when you are considerably sick or hurt that it is not always Gods will to go to the doctors. Are bodies are temples and God commands us to take care of it. That means going to doctors and medicine, which God uses them many times to heal and save us. Even as a Catholic, they taught me that God commands us to take care of our bodies by using doctors and medicine. I used to be a Catholic. I will continue to go to doctors and take medicine when I am sick and God will use them to heal Mr.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Darius, the point of the piece wasn’t to cut doctors and/or hospitals out of life, but to realize that they are not the ultimate authority. Often we have an inner voice (what the Bible calls “the still small voice”) inside us telling us what to do for our own health (or that of a loved one), but we ignore it in favor of what a doctor tells us to do as they are “the expert.” Medical mistakes are now considered to be the third leading cause of death in the United States, clearly there is a LOT of room for error there.

      • Darius says:

        I do acknowledge that doctors are not the ultimate final trust but God is. King Asa died not because he sought help from doctors, but because he put the ultimate final trust in them and left God totally out of the trust picture. BTW, the bible says in Sirach 38 that doctors and medicine (including modern medicine) are a gift from God.
        Yes medical mistakes are very dangerous and has cost a lot of lives, but people are certainly more likely to die with the so-called “faith-healing” crap with these Armstrongnites, Christian Scientists, and the fundamentalist Charismatics. It is fact that modern medicine has increased life expectancy and deserves to have praise and trust (but as I said, the ultimate final trust is in God). In the true Christian Church (The [Eastern] Orthodox Church), many of the early church fathers (great grand-kids of the 12 apostles) and saints were doctors and surgeons with advanced skills of their time and they still trusted God. You can trust both doctors/modern science AND God.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        You may “trust” your doctors, but there are many, many of us who have had experiences that made it very clear that our doctors were not worthy of “trust.” Sure you CAN trust your doctors, but is it wise?

      • Anonymous Viewer says:

        It is not necessarily modern medicine that increases life expectancy. That is taken for granted by far too many. Nowadays the improved understanding of nutritional needs and decreased physical strains are usually more important. I may not be an all-knowing omnipotent medical authority but these factors should definitely be considered. Your opinion is appreciated as always, Darius.

      • Darius says:

        Just because a God honoring person seeks a doctor or takes medical treatment, does not mean he worships doctors. I know this because as an Orthodox Christian, Protestants have accused me of worshiping icons and saints. I do worship only the almighty God. When I pray to a saint or an icon, I still worship God just as how when I go to doctors and take medical treatment, I am still worshiping God.

        BTW, look at how many lives “faith-healing only” has cost:

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        No one has said that anyone who seeks a doctor or takes a medical treatment worships doctors. You are missing the point entirely. The point is that if you cede the power of your decisions to someone else, ANYONE else, it doesn’t have to be doctors, and overriding what your “still small voice” is telling you, then you are putting something else before God.

    • Lon says:

      Darius, do you agree that God is omnipotent? He doesn’t make mistakes. Do you agree that Jesus is good and He loves his followers? Why then, if He wants you to be alive and well would he stoop to letting a mere human that errs 10% of the time treat one of His own? God doesn’t need Physicians to mediate His healing. I am sorry you have been misled. I left medicine after nearly 40 years as a Physician’s Assistant after realizing most patients were seeking healing from their sins. Physicians are interfering with God’s use of healing and punishment as blessings and curses. But don’t believe me – read your bible. It is all there. God bless.

  8. Eden says:

    my name is Eden Richard, I was diagnose of hep B for more than 2 years, all the medical doctors said to me there is no cure but it can only be control. Ever since then i have been running heather scepter looking for a solution to my problem, i ran into this online testimony of Mrs Stacey who have been cured of Hep B by this medical center she mention, i immediately contacted them, to God be thy glory i also got my cure am so happy today, please my advice is, if you have been living with Hep B contact them now don’t waste time and get cured, their email [email protected]

    • DrD says:

      I have treated Hep A,B,C, successfully, ie, patient completely free of viral load, with no side effects, etc. and relatively rapid recoveries.

  9. Marie says:

    I read your blog, I do think it’s good to pray for wisdom, that being said,have you ever taken an antibiotic? Or your family members? Do you know how many people died from a simple infection or the flu in past days?

    Do you remember polio epidemics or cholera, what about managing diabetes with no insulin, do you know how many people would be dead? Including many children.

    What about your appendix rupturing and no surgery to get it out? How about death because your gallbladder isn’t working right?

    If you don’t want to vaccinate your kids, then don’t , but don’t castigate doctors and healthcare,, for the most part they are people trying to lessen pain and help others live a little longer. There’s a big difference between a measles vaccine and antibiotics, surgeries, high blood pressure meds, etc. Don’t try to put Christians on a guilt trip for using what God has made available to us. Life as you know is hard enough.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Unfortunately, the author of the piece had a recurrence of cancer and passed away in 2014 so she cannot answer your questions or respond to your comment.

      I think it is clear that you are missing the point of her post, however. She doesn’t say don’t associate with the healthcare industry or don’t avail yourself of any possible benefits associated with it. She is advocating using your connection to God to discern when and how to use modern healthcare. In other words, modern medical treatments can be used to help heal, but they can also be devastating depending upon the individual who administers them and the individual who receives them. Hospital errors are now regarded as the third leading cause of death. Clearly, we cannot rely upon the medical industry to get it right for us and our families. An antibiotic may be life-saving, but it may also cause long-term suffering by permanently disrupting the balance of bacteria in the gut as well as causing the rise in antibiotic-resistant strains.

      B.K. is not castigating doctors and healthcare (though, obviously, with a record of 440,000 deaths due to hospital errors, there is a great deal of improvement to be had in both); she is exhorting Christians to consult God when deciding when and how to use modern healthcare. You may very well decide that blood pressure medications are great for you as a result of such consultation, but that is not the same thing as taking them simply because your doctor insists it is “necessary.”

      • carlg says:

        Consult God, or ask for second, third, fourth and fifth opinions when your Doctor suggest doing something really drastic!

        But would agree that some people in the medical profession may not have the best of motives (the more often they treat you, the more they get paid), while others make mistakes that end up making things worse (misdiagnosis, using overly complicated and invasive treatment when a simpler, less intrusive option would have sufficed).

        Sometimes you just need to trust your own intuition when it comes to fixing your body…

  10. Kim says:

    I am happy that I found this site.
    I am a Christian and I am also self employed and a practicing homeopath, I never prayed on homeopathy anymore than I would pray on whether to subscribe to conventional pharmacopeia…the old school of medicine.
    I know that homeopathy is healing medicine second ONLY to Jesus.
    I can’t say whether someone should do homeopathy, thats a personal choice.
    But I am 100% sure that pharmageddon is full of hellfire.
    You can never lose writing this, as anyone that would expect you to change what is reasonable for you to fear in this, you may find friends that will support you, which are the only friend too really have///

  11. There is only so much one can do from praying for the sick but I have to say there are times when you do need modern medicine to intervene. If it was just praying for the sick when my stricture of the esophagus happened I wouldn’t be here right now because I would tell someone there are some things that doctors can help prolong your life and have a new lease on it.      Rule of thumb is you need a doctor nearby or an ER God gave us doctors so we an live a little longer than planned when we’re still in our 20s and thirties. Think about that one a second as I had a doctor that made house calls when I wrote The Pattern Of Diagnosis so how can you ask questions about finding one when it’s a matter of life and death. Look I know when it’s time to go I would be with God but I am not ready to go yet.

  12. Theodore M Balabuch says:

    your forgetting one major aspect there’s about 20,000 years of human suffering to get where we are today. History is rife with disease with out the ground work man laid out there’s at least hundreds of illnesses that would affect us today our immune system is actually incredibly vulnerable. It has to be so it doesn’t attack itself. polio, Cholera, diphtheria, osteomalica, bacterial/viral infections, malaria the list is long. with out mans influence millions would be suffering and dieing everyday even more then already. Granted system is not perfect but the pursuit of perfection will yield failure perfection is not achievable excellence is the best you can hope for.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      You realize that vaccines stimulate the immune system in such a way that it DOES attack itself, right? We have the incidence of acute illness down to a minimum, but we’ve induced long-term suffering in the form of autoimmune diseases, all of which are on a steep rise. I agree that the pursuit of perfection is unattainable and excellence is awesome. The excellent immune system that well-nourished individuals tend to have without outside pharmaceutical influence is much better than the autoimmune-riddled one I have.

      • Kim says:

        As a Christian and a homeopath I have found that I feel sorry for Christians I know duped by the false god of pharmacopeia.

  13. P Diddy says:

    Exodus 4:10-11New International Version (NIV)

    10 Moses said to the Lord, “Pardon your servant, Lord. I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am slow of speech and tongue.”

    11 The Lord said to him, “Who gave human beings their mouths? Who makes them deaf or mute? Who gives them sight or makes them blind? Is it not I, the Lord?

    Blame your God for illness, not doctors.

  14. Natasha-Jayne Wigley says:

    @ProfessorTMR (apologies, I can’t reply directly to you from my phone) – I didn’t say that there was anything wrong with accepting other people’s free choice to believe in whatever they choose. I said that the elite are encouraging us to accept all other religions, whilst at the same time, they rubbish Christianity in the media, which is evidence to me that Christianity is the correct faith. Not once did I say or imply that I have a problem with people’s personal beliefs – I just happen to know much more about the governmental elite than you obviously do, and I know their game. Please do not take my words out of context and use your incorrect perceptions to paint me as a narrow-minded, unloving person. Thank you.

    If you’re a moderator, I won’t be surprised if this comment doesn’t make the cut.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      I did not take your words out of context at all. You say there is nothing wrong with “other people’s free choice,” but then imply that there is something wrong with “encouraging acceptance” of “other people’s free choices.” That is inconsistent of anyone, “governmental elite” or not.

  15. Natasha-Jayne Wigley says:

    Hats off to you! I am lucky enough to have known of the evil involved in the medical industry long before my rebirth, and I believe I managed to gain that knowledge so early in my life (around the age of 16) because God saw the potential in my ability to be open-minded and listen. The bible says we are to respect authority – but so much of authority has been taken over by evil in our time that’s it’s often difficult to know WHEN to respect them. Believe me, the government are puppets to a higher earthly authority, and that authority knowingly worships Satan. Why do you think they rubbish the name of Jesus Christ, but promote cultural acceptance of other religions in Western civilisation? Because they know Christ really exists, and Satan is manipulating them into trying to screw us over by promoting unbelief! The pharmeceutical industry is corrupted by a vast amount of greed – the doctors and nurses have their hearts in the right place, but they are wrongly guided by money-grabbers who don’t CARE who gets better and who doesn’t. Kudos to you for spreading this message to our Christian brothers and sisters.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Has it ever occurred to you that the U.S. “government” “promotes cultural acceptance of other religions” because this country was founded upon the principal of religious freedom? That means freedom to practice ANY religion, not “freedom” to practice fundamentalist Christianity and only fundamentalist Christianit. And has it ever occurred to you that Jesus Christ, who said to “Love thy neighbor as thyself” and told a parable about a “Good Samaritan” (that made it clear that “thy neighbor” included everybody, not just those who think as you do), would approve of “cultural acceptance of other religions”? Do you honestly think that the God Jesus speaks of (remember, “God is love”?) would reject the majority of the world because they were born into other cultures and traditions?

      • JoannaEnglish/Bible Scholar says:

        Looking back to history, the founding fathers dedicated this country to God knowing that He was the reason why they could currently worship Him freely. You are correct in that this country was sought after and founded so that men could have religious freedom. The founders did not want to force others to worship a certain way. However, they did want the morals and values that they established to be upheld. These standards are based on biblical truths–and that basis was intentional by those men.

        In regards to your next comment, God will not force anyone to worship and choose Him; however, if you look into the scriptures in the Bible, verses explain a very clear response to your remark. “No one can come to the Father except through Jesus Christ” and “for God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in His Son shall not die eternally but have eternal life with God.” God is righteous and holy; and He created us without sin. However, if you look at the beginning of the book of Genesis of the Bible, man chose to sin (Adam and Eve story). This sinful nature has separated us from our Holy God. In order to come back to Him, someone had to pay the penalty for our sinfulness. Jesus Christ (God’s Son) did this for us–sinful men and women–so that we may live with God if we choose Jesus as our Savior. God is love. His love is perfect. That is why He desired to save us–sinful & selfish humans. However, He will not force us to choose Him. Why? Because He is love and He gives us a choice to accept freedom in His Son or bondage to sin for eternity.

      • Becky says:

        I want to say I LOVE your work. I read all of your blogs and have absolute admiration for your presentations of the truth behind vaccines and health. I refer and recommend your work often.

        Your comment in response to the comment on Melanies blog touched my heart on so many levels. I believe Jesus is the narrow gate, but God’s grace is absolute and beyond our imagination or understanding. He is able to deliver His grace and reach people in every culture and tradition. The main question we must answer is, what will we do with the message and person of Jesus? I believe Melanie had absolute faith and understanding of God’s message of grace delivered through Jesus. That is what she was trying to explain. I wholeheartedly agree with her presentation in the original blog, of how many so called ‘Christians’ in our country worship the false god of Western Medicine.

        One disturbing development in the US is the growing evidence of satanic worship, SRA, and the diabolical harm it brings. This is a ‘religious system’ which at its core is designed to harm and inflict evil on innocent victims. That seems to be taking our “religious freedom” to an extreme never anticipated by those framing the constitution. In the same way, I believe all those knowingly involved in perpetuating harm through vaccines and drugs are propelled by diabolically evil forces, whether they know it or not.

        I am a truth seeker in all realms. I tried to honor Melanie in my writing and seek to explain the love of God, as best as I can, but never adequately. I seek to share the truth about the lies of western medicine and especially the danger of vaccines. I believe God desires every person on earth to understand His love through Jesus, and has the capacity to transmit this knowledge to them despite their culture or tradition. His grace, creativity, means and methods are beyond our understanding.

        I pray regularly for families enduring the devastation and challenges of vaccine injury. My desire is that would find absolute healing and I heartily support all the work of TMR in providing education and real improvements in the fight against vaccine induced autism. One of the biggest challenges for everyone in this fight is be free of the bitterness and hatred that could easily consume us. When we learn of the depth of the lies and the reality of the harm they have caused, it is hard to carry the burden of betrayal and trust broken. I believe through faith in Jesus we can find the release we desperately need.

        My imperfect attempt to describe it more fully here:

        Thanks for all you do! Since the day I heard of your group, I immediately bought your book, and I wholeheartedly support what you are doing and the difference it is making.

  16. Hanna says:

    I really love this post. Thankyou so much for writing and posting this :’).

  17. Shelley West says:

    I am of the firm belief that a vaccination will be the mark of the beast. “…no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.” (ie like H1N1) Rev 13:17

    • Shea Rodriguez says:

      They pharmaceutical industry is fast tracking a vaccine for the Zika virus that will change DNA. God gives each one of us an “invisible” fingerprint when we are born and that is our DNA. Never since the time of Christ has it been more obvious that we are under the spell and influence of the spirit realm. Satan and these powers bring evil in the form of light. When I read that the entire world will follow the antichrist, I have to include vaccines as part of the equation. For the past 100+ years they have increasingly foisted these toxic cocktails on the unsuspecting masses as being a necessary part of life. People the world over have been conditioned to accept modern medicine and its “sorceries.” Now they are seeking to genetically alter life with vaccines. Solomon told us that everything that is has been. The sons of God in the time of Jared genetically altered all life on earth and they are successfully doing it again. I don’t believe that vaccines are the “mark” as such, but it certainly could be that the DNA change and a visible mark that one has had the vaccine could well be the mark. Will there soon be a time when one must have a visible mark indicating they are in compliance with a gene-altering vaccine in order to enter a grocery store, go to work, participate in any public event, etc.? Most Christians reject vaccines because they contain aborted fetal cells, but vaccines should be rejected by Christians for way more reasons than that, their toxicity being primary. They are only one arm of the huge octopus that is Big Pharma, or “Big Sorceries” in my estimation. The Greek word pharmakeia, from which our modern word pharmacy comes, appears only in 3 places in the bible: Gal 5:20, Rev 9:21, and Rev 18:23. This word, in these 3 places is translated “sorceries.” If pharmacy = sorcery, it should be obvious to any Christian that drugs of any sort are not acceptable. Beyond vaccines, some drugs DO alter DNA, and we see that most clearly when we look at examples such as the thalidomide babies that were damaged in the womb when their mothers took the drug thalidomide. Prenatal mercury can also change DNA and affect the unborn. Fluoroquinolones are basically chemotherapy drugs that were repurposed for antibiotic purposes as they kill bacteria. Research strongly suggests that fluoroquinolones such as Cipro and Levaquin alter DNA. I believe that modern pharmaceuticals, from the beginning, are a way to ultimately change the DNA in every human. Maybe this is part of the zombie apocalypse that the CDC “jokingly” mentioned on their site before removing it after millions of hits causing a crash of their website. Big Medicine, Big Pharmaceuticals. Big Entertainment (movies, sports, fashion, music), Big Food, and Big Religion are all intertwined. They are all part of the “worldly” system that Christians are told to come out of and avoid. Even something as simple as watching the Super Bowl is warned against and that has never been more obvious than the Satanic/pagan-worshiping half-time shows. The symbolism of this drug, sex, violence, death cult is everywhere and it’s time for Christians to start looking around them and removing themselves to the narrow path. Ephesians 6:12-13
      For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

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  19. truthseeker says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I have come to so many of the same conclusions, and seek to explain this to friends and family as well. In that light, I hope to share this article that others might see that I am not alone in my thoughts on these subjects. I would add that the political arena, as your pastor was teaching, is another in which we have made idols of men and institutions, looking to them for ‘salvation’, peace and the utopia that God alone will produce.

  20. Paulette says:

    It used to ge that without the man of Gods blessing (baptisim into the church) a child was not considered a part of the church family. And without shriving, last rites, you were not dead properly.

    These days without a drs say so, you are not born (birth certificate) and without a drs say so, a signature on a death certificate you are not dead legally either.

    I submit that today the man of medicene replaces the priests of yesterday.

    it was sacrilege to question the priests orders… and it is similar to question your dr today. The parallels, when looked at are very interesting.

  21. liz boyland says:

    I never immunized my home schooled children and they are now healthy successful adults.

  22. Becky says:

    I loved your post. God has been leading me to all the same conclusions. I pray your painful journey will provide and light and protection to many. Thank you for using your pain to bring others to truth. I truly believe that Jesus Christ is the source of all truth and in Him are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Thanks for being bold and brave.

    Every time I read about the pharisees and religious leaders who opposed Jesus, couldn’t accept His miracles – because they didn’t fit in with their dominant position – I think of the Medical Model. Justice will come, but we all need to open our eyes and not allow the needless suffering of children.

  23. You can definitely see your skills in the article you write.
    The arena hopes for even more passionate writers
    like you who are not afraid to say how they believe.
    Always follow your heart.

  24. Chantel Duvall-Cooper says:


  25. Dr. G says:

    Well said. Have you ever considered that the medical industry has been corrupted by the same forces that governments, politicians, and other centers of power and wealth have been corrupted? Where ever there is a concentration of power, or wealth it seems that satan enters in and corrupts the organization, the business, the government, or whatever entity.

    In Revelations, speaking of our day, basically, John wrote that Satan deceives the whole world (see revelations 12:9).

    In your post, you apologize to good nurses and doctors in the profession. But did you ever consider how intelligent, bright, good people could be deceived by pharmaceutical companies, and money, to prescribe treatments and follow medical protocols that actually make us sick.

    Turns out that all you have to do in our modern medical industry is corrupt the gate keepers. A pharmaceutical company donates millions to Harvard medical school and suddenly that company’s heretofore questionable drug becomes standard treatment. Coke donates millions of dollars to a medical school, and suddenly the most renowened endocrinology department in the world, which previous said that any consumption of aspartame was harmful, is now saying that a coke a day won’t hurt you.

    That’s the medical world we live in today. Corrupt the men and women who write the curriculum for the medical schools and create the protocols for treatment, then tell every medical school graduate that they could lose their license of the don’t follow protocols, and you’ve got millions of educated doctors and nurses who would never dare to question the treatments for fear of losing their jobs.

    Satan deceives the whole world.

  26. Ken N. says:

    Hello B.K.,

    Your article is very well written. I have it linked on my health page, about a third of the way down:

    I also have a page dedicated to vaccinations and autism:

    Dr. Robert O. Young has many good articles on vaccinations, autism and the use of an alkaline diet to help correct one’s health:

    And, there are some supplements that people have had incredible success with, too:

    Keep up the good work!

    Ken N.

  27. Shannon says:

    Thank you!!! It is great to see that I am not alone <3 I try to share this with people and they look at me like I'm crazy…

  28. allison says:

    The Lord has written all of the truth in His Word, but we have been ignorantly conformed to the world. Many, or most of us through public school.

    Think about that when you send your children to public school. This article parallels this, also. Do we want to toss a coin and see how our children turn out? Or do we want to obey God and train up our children as we have been instructed? I have never read anywhere in scripture, send your children to their tutors… Or trust others with the teaching of your children… I just think the world told people they should do it and it was more convenient and so they send them off. Remember, we reap what we sow.

    I have evidence of many, many home-schooled children I know personally and the difference between them and the children I know personally from public school is night and day! Lean not on your own understanding, but in everything acknowledge God and He will make your path straight. Question is, “Do you believe Him?”

  29. Kat Barron says:

    Thank you for writing this article.
    It took me a long time to reach the point where I trusted that we were made the way we were supposed to be. I agree that is not always true, as there is illness, injury, and disease in this world. But, as far as vaccinations go, I think most standard vaccinations are messing with a system that was beautifully made (there are of course exceptions, such as when a parent has hepatitis B, to give their baby the vaccination to avoid them getting and suffering from that disease).
    I appreciate you writing this!

  30. amen…This is why I do what I do in teaching for CARE ( equipping the saints with the skills to walk out Mark 6 and James 5, just as the priests anointed and the messiah taught the disciples. Every mature believer should know how to anoint with oils and pray for the sick.

  31. Gammybev says:

    WOW! What an amazing blog, stating the realities in such a way that I totally understand what my daughter has been telling me for the past two years. As a Gammy to a two year old and one on the way, you spoke such truth into my heart, allowing God to use you to write those words. This journey first began when they chose to have a midwife deliver my granddaughter at a birthing center. Of course, I had many concerns and questions but as the birth moved closer, I began to feel a peace that only comes from God. It was an amazing experience as I watched the miracle of a water birth as my granddaughter took her first breaths! I must admit that it has been a journey for me and sometimes even a struggle, to watch my daughter and son-in-law take a stand against vaccines and even medicine. I have tried to be supportive and understanding as she has sent me articles and research on the concerns of vaccines, medicines, and food. My husband and I have respected their choices and tried not judge them. I am so very grateful that they have prayed in all areas. seeking wisdom from the Father, and are raising my granddaughter in the love of the Lord. What a blessing this is for me and I can hardly wait for grandchild #2 to be born into such an amazing family. I still believe in great doctors, nurses and hospitals, but the choices of care and treatment should be prayed about and weighed from all sides. My daughter is my hero, my friend, and an amazing mother who is a woman after God’s own heart. Thank you again for your obedience to write this blog post.

    • B.K. (The Booty Kicker) says:

      Gammybev, your comment touched my heart and made my night. Thank you so much for that. God bless you and your daughter’s family! <3

  32. Eli says:

    AMEN! What a great article. And the video sparked interest in learning more about that subject. Thanks for being brave enough to write and post it.
    Margaret did have a great point that our bodies have also been negatively affected by the fall; and possibly by environmental changes since the flood. After all, we don’t live 969 years anymore. Yes, we sometimes do need help beyond our God-given immune system. Sometimes even medications and doctors.
    I am not a doctor. But I work closely with them as a physical therapist. Having been exposed to the treatment philosophies of many MDs, I would advise anyone to avoid taking medications for any disorder that can be positively affected by positive actions, such as dietary changes or increased activity. Personally, I would have to be quite ill before I would place myself under a doctor’s care.

  33. Kay says:

    Like many that have commented since this was written, I want to say thank you for connecting these two subjects. I’ve only been a Christian for one year, but was a non-vaxxer for two+ years before that. Since becoming a Christian, I have had several friendships with other Christians end because they do not agree with my “alternative” views about vaccinations. I feel the same as you, that God made us perfectly, and that He will care for every detail of our lives if we ask Him to, and that anyone who says otherwise is not trusting in God. You are right; they are trusting in man’s works. I applaud you all for putting your thoughts out there and then accepting criticism with such grace and courage!

  34. Janel says:

    Thank you for putting into context what I have been experiencing and struggling through for the past 4 years. Four years ago, I would have judged you. I cannot blame those who do judge me. I pray they or their children continue to be unaffected and do not have to experience the harsh truths about modern medicine.

  35. Crystal says:

    This is a great article. Thank you!

  36. KWEG says:

    I am new to this blog and thought this article was thoughtful and well- written. Thank you for writing and posting it.

  37. Margaret says:

    Well, I guess I will take a deep breath and be the lone dissenter here. :/

    I believe in God. I trust him.

    I do not “believe in” doctors and do not trust them with my life and salvation like I trust God.

    However, I observe, like you, that we live in a fallen world. For this reason, I understand that God did not “hold back” when he created our immune systems, but that they are negatively affected by the Fall and sin, just like everything else. I observe that our immune systems do *not* function perfectly all the time, nor did they in a historical context–even amongst people who were well nourished and had only home grown organic food to eat, fresh air to breath, and lots of hard work as exercise. I do not believe that medicine saves us, but I do observe that there are times when medicine saves lives. I do not believe we need to “improve” on what God gave us. But I do observe that he gave us minds, and a long list of elements and chemicals and other resources, and the ability to put those two together for the benefit of mankind.

    I have experienced both the bias and fallenness possible in medicine, and the lifesaving function of properly used medicine. It is not an issue of “belief” or “trust” for me. I study, observe, and draw conclusions about reality and facts dealing with living in this physical and fallen world. I *always* pray first and continually, and *always* have my ultimate trust in the Lord, not in medicine, no matter which course I choose for dealing with illness and disease.

    I want to let you know that I worked very hard not to take personal offense with this post. See, my parents are doctors. They are also devout Christians. They also have had a real cult experience and there is no comparison between cult brainwashing and medical training. Nor are they priests of a false religion. They are people who care deeply for others, studied many years, put themselves at a severe financial disadvantage to do so (specialists may profit and live extravagently. your typical family doc, not so much when you consider the heavy burden of student loans *and* liability insurance payments), gave up sleep, recreational time, and personal space in order to help people who suffer. They are fully aware of the importance of nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices to overall health and to specific diseases. And when you come down to it, they too trust God. They know medicine isn’t perfect. They know things are not in their control. They do their best with the skills and knowledge he gifted them with, and are smart enough to know that they are not “gods” themselves. Please consider the real people behind the stereotype you have constructed here. 🙁

    • B.K. (The Booty Kicker) says:

      Hi Margaret, thanks for writing and for telling me about your parents. There are always exceptions to almost every rule. Many, many physicians like your parents get into medicine for noble reasons and they have my utmost respect and appreciation. I completely get that, and let me assure you, it is not physicians like that which I am addressing here.
      I had a conversation with a good friend a few weeks ago where we talked about this “god complex” we have witnessed in *some* doctors. And one of the conclusions we came to that it is usually not their own fault. It is the fault of a society that exalts them to such a high level, a level that man was never, ever meant to be lifted up to. And unless someone is rooted and grounded in faith and knowledge that God is the only one to be exalted, it would be extremely easy to let that get to your head. That complex does exist, I have seen it far too often. Most recently, I saw it in my oncologist, when I told him that I had prayed about a medical decision I was making. I saw a complete change in his demeanor and a tone of anger in his voice that I had not seen in him previously; and, for the record, I wasn’t going against any of his medical advice, I was simply choosing an option that he had given me previously. The look on his face and the tone in his voice suggested to me that he was angry that I had placed prayer and God above him. He had been “dethroned”, and he obviously did not like it.
      I have seen it in my son’s pediatrician, who is responsible for injecting a sick kid repeatedly with thimerosal, aluminum, formaldehyde, viruses, etc,, and therefore making him sicker and sicker and sicker with each subsequent injection, until finally I got a clue and another wonderful, gifted physican was able to help me see just exactly what was happening to my son. In the meantime, his (now former) pediatrician has what I would call the nastiest, cruelest “thou-shalt-vaccinate-thy-child-exactly-as-we-tell-you-to-or-else-you-can-take-your-child-elsewhere-you-moron” vaccine policy statement on his website. If I were to take my son, who is very ill, allergic, autistic, and cannot put a sentence together at age 11, into his office today, he would still shoot him up with thimerosal, formaldehyde, etc, etc, all in the supposed name of “health”. It goes against all common sense. And by the way…this pediatrician goes to my church.
      My post is not about you or any one individual, it is about society as a whole. I will continue to maintain that we have and continue to hold doctors up to a high standard that they should not be held up to – not just for our benefit, but for theirs, also. We live in such an amazing time of information; we have no excuses not to do some homework and educate ourselves before we blindly trust anyone with our health. We *know* people aren’t perfect, and we should stop with this blind trust.
      The thing that shocked me the most when I finally started researching vaccines is the fact that many of our vaccines have been created using aborted fetal tissue; it was too shocking for me to believe. But it’s true, and if you don’t believe me, do the research for yourself. You may believe that God has taught us how to use these chemicals and toxins for some sort of “good”; but do you really believe that anything using aborted fetal tissues is something that God gave to us?
      One more thing I would like for you to think about: the blind trust of “science” and “studies” that we see in the world today (again, I am talking about society, not about you as an individual). Behind every study is man, and there are many ways that studies can be corrupted and flawed. Many studies contradict each other. Yet we still treat studies as gospel; especially the studies that prove what we in particular want them to prove. So, let’s say you have a study that says vaccines do not cause autism. But, on the other hand, you have thousands upon thousands of parents who have witnessed their children regress into autism immediately following a vaccine. Our society discredits those parents by calling their testimony “anecdotal evidence”. But what does the Bible say? It says that by two or three witnesses is every fact established. So what about the thousands of parents giving their eyewitness testimony to what happened to their children? What is the biblical basis for discrediting and throwing out their testimonies?
      Thank you for reading and commenting!

      • Margaret says:

        Thank you for your response. 🙂 I would like to go a million different directions but don’t want to hijack your blog or your comment section. 🙂

        I do appreciate where you are coming from, and that there is a lot of pain and emotion behind your position. I understand that your passion comes from watching the struggles your son has gone through, and I have a great deal of empathy for you.

        I am actually aware of all the arguments against vaccines, as I leaned towards not vaccinating prior to researching. I have looked at the mechanics of immunity and vaccination, and considered the ethics very carefully as I am strongly pro-life. We differ, I think, in intepretation of the data. I would say that the caution not to blindly follow, and the “witness of two or three” applies equally on the other side of the argument. I have seen some completely irrational and totally dangerous things suggested in the name of “natural healing” which people follow blindly because it is “natural” or because someone says “new studies show!”, and as far as witnesses go, by any numbers available, even those in the anti-vaccination effort, the statistical majority of children do *not* have autism, period, much less aquired directly from vaccines. There seems to be a lot more involved in this particular health issue than just vaccines or medicine in general.

        I’m not against natural health and healing. 🙂 Where I find natural options rational, safe, and useful, I happily use them. Similarly with “modern medicine.” But I do disagree that folks who use allopathic medicine are inherently more likely to “blindly follow.” I don’t think that behavior has anything to do with the method of healing (or anything else we choose or reject) but with the person making the decision.

    • Sekaia says:

      Thank you Margaret for your post.
      I’m a Christian and also in my 4th year of medical school, and for a moment there was deeply discouraged by this blog and the affirmative comments.
      I deeply sympathize with the writer but in my country I’ve also seen the negative effects of people not seeking out medical help, and generalizing all medical people to be deluded or such is really saddening.
      I recently read another blog by a Rev. Ken Collins addressing the issue “Christianity & Psychiatry” and it was beautifully written. He mainly used the story of Naaman. Naaman went to the man of God (Elisha) expecting to be supernaturally healed straight away…but instead was met by his servant (Gehazi) who instructed him to go dip himself 7 times in the (not-so-clean/beautiful) Jordan River.
      The point he was trying to drive at is that sometimes we, man, Christians, tend to dictate how God should heal us. We always expect Him to heal us supernaturally. But we fail to realize that maybe God “gave”us medicine for a reason. Just like any other art form, music or branch of science is an extension of God’s multi-faceted persona so is medicine an extension of His wisdom and healing power. Yes, it uses physical elements, but who’s to limit what God can and cannot do. Yes, he uses doctors to bring it about, but who’s to say who He can and cannot use. He can even use rocks to praise Him. He’s that unconventional, radical and spontaneous. When we stick to tradition, we move in “religion” and totally miss out on the moving of the Spirit. And here I will agree with the writer in stating that we should be listening to God before anything else. He may tell us not to go to see a doctor. But then He may do so.
      As an aspiring doctor, I know God has placed me in a pivotal role, to impact others for Christ…superiors, colleagues, patients and their families. I mean Christ is the Great Physician. The reason why I believe I’ll be able to help people is because He is the one who empowers and gives me the ability to.
      I do not write this to anger all the others who have commented here, just wanted to affirm that you are not the only one who thinks this way.
      God bless.

  38. Mavis says:

    Great article! I wanted to share my experience with this. When I registered my 5th child in school two years ago. I had no problem with my religious exemption for vaccinations but when I submitted my religious exemption to the “The Kindergarden Health Assesment” I was met with much resistance even though there had been 6 such exemptions in our county the previous year and over 100 statewide in NC.

    To make a long story short, the administration did not want to allow us to use our religious beliefs to get out of the testing. I did not want to set him up to start believing in any way that doctors and modern medicine are WHAT he should turn to or believe in when it comes to his health. His first thought should be about what God would want him to do to take better care of himself, etc. When we were told by an asst. superintentent that HE would decide whether or not our beliefs were valid, we decided to get a lawyer who specializes in religious exemptions. So, we did. My son had been kicked out of school and our lawyer was able to convince them to allow the exemtption and my son returned to school. Our beliefs are so in tune with what you have written here.
    One of their arguments was that the test was in place so that they could see if our child was ready to come to school to learn. Huh? I could tell them that he was healthy and ready to learn. Geesh! Anyway, he has had perfect attendance for 2 years straight now. The only days he ever missed were the ones when they kicked him out for not having their health assesment .

    God’s way is the way and I firmly believe that if we rely on modern medicine for our health to the extreme that many do these days that we are indeed creating a false idol.

  39. Melissa says:

    I really appreciate the perspective that you shared in this article. But I do feel compelled to comment, as this article has been on my mind for the past few days since I’ve read it. I am probably putting myself way out on a limb by being one of the only commenters who does not entirely agree with this post. My husband and I are very faithful Catholics, and we have also chosen to vaccinate. It hurts my heart very much to think that there are people who would believe that we have no faith in God, or that we are motivated to vaccinate because of a deep lack of trust in Him. We have our reasons for doing so, which I won’t get into here. We have a family friend who also vaccinates because they have a family member whose immune system would be severely compromised if he ever came into contact with their children. I think that even though there seem to be many valid reasons not to vaccinate, there are just as many valid reasons to do so, and we can still be faithful Christians, who entrust our children into God’s care. However, with all of that being said, it is abundantly clear to me that this was written out of a place of love and respect for life and the gift of the body. I just wanted to put my two cents out there, and say that my heart was a little hurt, especially as a mom who wants to do everything to keep her children from harm, and who is desperate for her kids to grow up in the faith. In my limited and humble experience, hearts are won through compassion, and I hope that this discussion can be opened to moms who do choose to vaccinate, but not out of a lack of trust in God.
    Many blessings to you and yours!

    • B.K. (The Booty Kicker) says:

      Hi Melissa! I am a mom who vaccinated my son until he was 5 years old. Please know that there is no judgment about that coming from me – my finger points squarely at myself. My son has autism and suffers from immune system damage – and I do believe that vaccines had a lot to do with the poor health he experiences today. I didn’t come up with the conclusions I reached in this article on my own. I have prayed and sought to understand what is happening to our children for a long time. What I wrote about here is what the Lord showed to me just within the last year. I don’t fault any moms individually – what I see is that as a society, we have been so completely brainwashed, that we don’t even stop to think whether or not there is anything biblical about some of the things we do. We simply do them because we are told to do them and we never stop to think or ask questions. I have even heard statements from some Christians that “God gave us vaccines”; it is statements like that that I want people to stop and consider. If something is really from God, would it really cause dangerous and sometimes fatal side effects? Society as a whole has gotten away from seeking to do what God wants; we as His children need to stop assuming that the people “in charge” are going to do that questioning for us. They don’t. We as individuals need to seek His will and consider what we are really doing. I don’t know if you are like me or not, but I was always the kind of person that did what I was told and didn’t want to rock the boat. It was when my son got sick that I finally realized that society doesn’t have my or my son’s best interests at heart; and they certainly aren’t using God as a moral compass. That’s my job – and I’ve realized that there are far more things that I need to bring before Him than I originally thought. I am certainly not going to condemn anyone who is in the same place that I was until a few years ago! I empathize with you completely! What I would ask is for you to prayerfully consider what I have laid out here and then bring it before the Lord and ask Him. Thanks so much for your comment!

      • Melissa says:

        And thanks for your reply! I believe as moms no one judges us quite as much as we judge ourselves, and I truly feel no judgement from you at all. I have to say that that is what I appreciate so much about this discussion…its so tempting to enter into the “mommy war” mentality, especially when you are trying to share important information with other moms. Thank you for being so compassionate!

  40. Charise Cole says:

    B.K. I could not agree with you more. My husband and I prayed even before our son was conceived whether or not to vaccinate, and we chose not to. Although our son did end up with autism due to my heavy metal contribution, our DAN had told us if we had vaccinated that he would be permanently damaged with no chance of recovery. I was beyond thankful that we heeded God’s guidance. To this day, that is my daily prayer for us, that God would give us wisdom in recovering our son, and He is!! We have watched him go from non-verbal, inappropriate play and no eye-contact to 3-4 word sentences, appropriate play and perfect eye-contact in under 6 months. I am thankful that we have a God that hears our prayers and is willing to impart His wisdom on an ignorant fool such as myself.

  41. Cindy Swartz says:

    This is a wonderful article full of so much important information on living the most honest and God-centered life. Just one thing missing…the importance of regular chiropractic care to keep your body in proper alignment in order for it to be able to heal and thrive the way God intended.
    Thank you for sharing your most important views. They are shared by me and so many more people like me!

    • B.K. (The Booty Kicker) says:

      Cindy – What a blessing this comment is. Chiropractic care was something I have been prayerfully considering recently. This is a great confirmation to me! Thanks! 🙂

      • Denise says:

        I was always fearful of Chiropractors and didn’t see what good they could do until my husband got hurt. The only way he would go is if I did. So, I set up an appointment for both of us. We went in and the first thing they did was X-rays. I found that my husband had a small issue and mine was more serious. I went for several months and the difference it made in my life was amazing. I had Chiropractic care durning my last pregnancy up until the week I delivered. I am a missionary so we travel frequently so I was able to visit different doctors through out our travels. I have come to like the method of using an activator. I’m not comfortable with manual adjustments. Continue to pray that the Lord leads you and guides you into finding the right Chiropractor for your family. (If the Holy Spirit leads you in that direction) I even found a good one in Africa where we now live. 🙂

  42. Kim Housley says:

    I don’t know how many hours in a day I write this article–you’ve said everything I have wanted to in just the way I’ve wanted to say it. Now I don’t have to…whew! Mark that off the list 😉 I was so thankful for the day that the Lord showed me, just as He did you, that it wasn’t a vaccine issue at all, it was an issue of trust. He gave us our immune system, but, just like everything else in this world we have to try to shortcut and work around His plan. In the meantime, we break down the very protection that He provides. Thankful for a like-minded Thinking Mom!

  43. Great article!! Thanks so much for writing it. I’ve shared it on pinterest, twitter and Facebook. It’s true that “It’s tough to do when we are all alone and going against the grain, even in church!”, but we need to speak up. Personally, I stopped vaccinating my kids when my daughter was 2, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. They are so much healthier now as we use therapeutic-grade essential oils and supplements and personal use products enhanced with these, plus we try to eat the healthiest foods and beverages available to us.

    Thanks again for writing and posting!!!

  44. BB says:

    * I am just now getting to many unread emails from long ago, you all can relate to this I’m certain.

    I swear to God, my exact thoughts when I knew 100% that failing to trust my intuition and appropriately react to my fears that this modern medicine practice we have been taught to trust just didn’t seem good and true, had caused so much tragedy in the past, present, and as we move forward into the future.

    God, please have mercy on us all , heal us, recover us, and protect us from harm.
    Give us the wisdom and guidance we need to stop all the needless suffering and snuggle. May all of your creation live the best life possible as you intended is to. Amen.

    We have dethroned God, and exalted man.
    Why are we settling for man’s best?
    We are given an amazing gift: a beautiful, usually healthy baby. God’s best, made in HIS own image, created according to His plan. Genesis 1:27 affirms that we are “created in His own image.” Wow. Beautiful. We hold our newborn babies. We coo and ahh over them; we count their fingers and toes, and talk about how perfect and beautiful they are. Then… we hand them over. We hand them over to the nurses and we say, vaccinate them. Go on: inject them with aluminum, formaldehyde, whatever. (For the CDC’s list of vaccine ingredients, click here.) We trust you, you are the experts. And thank you.

    Let me ask you a question. If we are truly created in God’s own image, do you not believe that we are given the immune system that God wants us to have? Do you not believe that He perfectly planned the human immune system? Or do you think that God was “holding back” on us?

    When we vaccinate our children, we are attempting to improve upon the immune system that God has given us. Plain and simple. We are trusting that man knows better than God how to keep us healthy. Therefore, we get only MAN’S best instead of God’s best.

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  46. Sarah says:

    This is so good I shared it when it was first posted and this morning it came back to me so I put it back on my Facebook page. Thank you for laying it out there in love but without sugar-coating! The church needs to think about these things!

  47. Susan says:

    Your blog is well written, my friend. So glad that you overcame fear of man to write this. I have studied the issue of vaccines and its relationship to the rise in vaccines. The medical community buries their heads in the sand from fear of retaliation should they decide to admit there is a correlation here. This should never be a reason for us to not ask the important questions. Our children depend upon us to protect them on their behalf. Our children do not belong to the state nor a village. God entrusts them into our care.

  48. This is absolutely amazing! I love and value this post. I coudn’t agree with all of it, more than I do. I have a blog myself and I would love to feature this story on my Blog some how, like a guest post. If you would be willing to allow me to guest post this or even a blurp of it, with a link back to your site, anything. I have spoken against vaccines myself. My daughter had neuroblastoma (a form of cancer) and was healed my laying of hands, and prayers, and herbs. I am a firm believer in God’s healing power. We used to vaccinate, with our first few children, now NO WAY!

  49. Lesley Banks says:

    Well spoken, and I totally agree with your views. My blog is at, and whilst I don’t necessarily believe in the promoted God, and feel that Christianity was also corrupted for the wealth and power of certain people, certainly God is within each and every person, within the Earth and within every life form. The interconnectedness of everything, and the perfection of everything, from the human body to the details of insects, indicates a higher source. I lean more towards Gaia, but do not believe any religion is wrong, just another point of view on the same subject of the perfection of life (before mankind messes things up).

    On the point of vaccines and autism, I fully concur there. Too often, regression is seen shortly after vaccinations, yet the money machine that is BigPharma make too much to be able to seriously consider a thorough investigation into this subject. The fact that many (85%) children improve when using GcMAF (see Dr Bradstreet), indicates a breakdown of the immune system and a viral overload.

    Forget scientists and their ‘proof’ and ‘rationality’. If there was rationality, there would be a study on the levels of autism in non vaccinated children. But because science is nothing more than a corrupt and lying branch of BigPharma, their ‘proofs’ are only ever valid if it is proven to make money. Sad, but true.

  50. Ruth Setlak says:

    Just wanted to thank you for your wise and powerful blog post. You have reminded me of an important truth. Thanks for so boldly talking about this.

  51. This is wonderful – such a breath of fresh air!
    This is one of my great passions; next to Christ himself, and homeschooling.
    This is being shared; printed and put in my “mom inspiration” binder too. May
    more women speak truth – in love of course – bringing the glory to Him!

  52. Diana says:

    Parents aren’t putting the doctors about their children. They just don’t KNOW that the shots are causing autism, because the whole medical community, who is in league with our government has agreed to support each other and the pharmaceutical companies in doing a massive coverup saying that Autism has not been linked to vaccines – which is a flat out LIE. So a big part of the problem is that people are being lied to. I warn everyone I see wtih a baby – DO NOT IMMUNIZE BEFORE 6 MONTHS – at the EARLIEST. Then, stretch the shots out much further than the doctors are recommending, becuase then they get a lot LESS shots – then a lot LESS brain damage and less chance for autism.

  53. Thank you for this post. Your thoughts are my (EXACT) thoughts and its something I have been praying about a lot lately. I too had a son diagnosed with Autism. He was 21 months old at the time. I had doubts about vaccinating him but I too trusted the DR’s over my own heart and mothers intuition and honestly it’s not something I really prayed over. Since my experience with him we’ve had a second son. He is 3 and still not vaccinated. We have amazing Dr’s who will not give him any until he is older because of his brothers history with them. So yes some Dr’s are truly amazing blessings here on Earth. My oldest son Torin had his diagnosis removed early this Spring and yes I give all the glory to God our Father. He is the reason my boy is healthy and strong today!

  54. Suzanne G. says:

    This is EXCELLENT! Well said, and AMEN:)

  55. Sara says:

    this made my heart sing. i am very passionate about this and have these conversations in my head all the time. thank you for putting it so well. i posted it to my facebook. it went pretty well! hard to get people to take an honest look though. as for me and my house, we will remain: unvaccinated!

  56. Trish says:

    What really hit me was when you wrote this: “We have to stop reacting in FEAR and start dropping to our knees in prayer and trusting God fully.” I have had two children by home birth, and as we try for another, I am very comforted by the idea and quick to seek a doctor/hospital birth this time around. In truth, I am afraid of going through the pain all over again! I needed this reminder that reacting in fear is truly a lack of trust. God has given me two incredibly healthy pregnancies and deliveries…and the way he made our bodies has a purpose (pain and all). So thanks for laying out the truth. I am not looking forward to another labor, but it’s comforting to know that I can trust God with it.

    • B.K. says:

      Thanks so much for sharing that, Trish!

    • Oma says:

      Trish, look into Dr. Christopher’s herbal combinations for pregnancy. They can help your body prepare for the birth, thereby easing the pain and cutting the time of labor considerably!

      • Lucy Brenton says:

        Congratulations on another baby! I am looking forward to birthing #10 with midwives. I prefer to avoid OB/GYNs as they treat birth as a disease instead of a sacred journey into this world. That said, I also use herbs throughout my pregnancy, with great success. The only thing I do want to caution about is the PN6 Formula from Dr. Christopher. They may have already taken pennyroyal out of it – if not, avoid his formula and get a similar product with the other herbs, but not pennyroyal. Pennyroyal can be an abortifacient (yes, takes a ton of it, but I prefer to be safe). When I used PN6 with baby #4, she passed her meconium days before delivery. I had an amazing midwife, who was able to lavage (literally suck out of her lungs with a tube) the meconium she had been breathing in the womb which was like pea soup. No problems, perfect birth otherwise, but my midwife cautioned me against any formulations with pennyroyal while pregnant for future babes. Blessings to you and all the other soon to be mamas. 🙂

  57. Robin Cason says:

    You are right on sister! I have been studying this stuff and more for the past 5yrs, do to my own health issues. I have some books you would be VERY interested in. They are authored by Dr. Cass Ingram. I am sure you can find them other places. Where I found them was . Buy them all and read.
    I am in agreement with all you had to say. The government and the medical world have everyone brain washed. So sad. But God is waking us up one at a time for those who are willing to listen and still have a teachable spirit.
    God Bless you and keep you and your family. You want to keep in touch don’t hesitate to e-mail me.

  58. J. G. says:

    Greetings B.K.,

    You have put into words – much better than I ever could have – the very thoughts I have been thinking in the last year or two. After illnesses in my family and going through trials with my autistic son, I agree with you completely. I’m hoping to put up a blog soon regarding this very message.

  59. Allie says:

    Bless you for this. I feel like you’ve verbalized for me what I’ve suspected for a while: the idolatry of modern medicine. My struggle lately certainly isn’t like yours, but I do know what it is to go to multiple physicians for an answer, only to be turned away or to be given bad information.
    My young son suffers terribly from eczema, food sensitivities, possibly food allergies or worse–I’m fighting with Drs to test his thyroid and to re-test him for PKU, and we’re really not sure just what’s wrong. Because I feel as you do, that God “made the body to heal the body”, I’m searching for his triggers on my own. And it’s bloody exhausting.
    I’m getting doors shut in my face by some who can’t really take more patients but don’t dare say so: they instead just deny, in their notes, that there is anything wrong. Others tell me that “he’ll grow out of it”, and still others insist that he ‘needs’ a particular medicine “or he’ll never get better.”
    I don’t follow the traditional, allopathic model with my children. We’re not immunizing. We see a chiropractor twice a month for health care maintenance, and schedule extra visits for illness or injury. We primarily use food, essential oils, and homeopathics to manage symptoms when they arise. My son is very healthy: if there was ‘nothing wrong’ with him, then he shouldn’t have any symptoms!
    It’s horribly sad that physicians and their support staff are stuck in insurance protocols. I think that’s a big part of the problem, more often than not. Everyone is so horribly afraid of getting sued that they can’t afford to use their God-given intellect, or they’re too afraid to go out on a limb, to even TRY to help.
    It’s a sad reality that in a world of sin that we have to face death, even under the guise of “cure”.
    Come, Lord Jesus.

    • B.K. says:

      Amen to that! The system has gotten so out of hand. We need to keep speaking out. Thanks for sharing.

      • Allie says:

        I forgot to ask . . . can you share the name of the documentary from which you got that video clip? I would love to see the rest of it, if there’s more to watch. I have to keep my supply of ammo for the jabs and guilt trips I get from family for NOT vaccinating my kids.

  60. TANYA says:

    EXCELLENT!!! This article shows you are definitely a “thinking mama”!!! Thank you for your transparent heart. God bless you & your family!

  61. Anne T. says:

    Excellent! Thank you for writing what needed to be written. 🙂

  62. Charlotte says:

    This needs to be translated. Everything you are saying, I thought it deeply, and that’s why when I first realized it all my daughter was a newborn and I was crying constantly for what I did to my son. He has autism too. But this is not a guilt trip. It is a wake up call. You know that it is so strange, not too long before I got Myron the MMR a friend of mine was telling me she had seen Jenny McCarthy on Oprah and her view on vaccines. I remember thinking that my husband and family would never agree with me choosing not to vax my son, and that this would never happen to us. Plus I thought wouldn’t they rather have an autistic child than one who dies at the hands of a disease? I did ask his dr right before I got the shot, but deep down I knew I was asking the wrong person. Of course he was going to laugh off the idea that MMR causes autism, but then he made me feel crumby for even questioning because I was risking my son catching such a “serious” disease. So I got the vax. My son had some slightly off signs since birth but for the most part appeared pretty normal or within the range of slight SPD or ADD until the MMR. He had been progressing and was on the verge of walking, then came the MMR and it seemed like it halted him. He did not walk until 18 months and that was after seriously stressing and worrying and therefore prodding him constantly. Finally at two his language went away and became pure echolalia. My daughter is 18 months developing normally, imitating and all, no vaccines at all, healthy diet, but I am sure that if I had vaxed her she would be developing issues by now.

    • B.K. says:

      Your story is all-too-common, Charlotte. 🙁 But if we continue to talk about our experiences, we can do a great deal of good. We just have to keep sharing, even if people think were nuts. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  63. Amanda says:

    Thank you for posting this. I know it took courage! I have felt this way for some time but not really been able to verbalize it. It has concerned me to see so many fellow believers following the pied piper to the tunes of chemo and radiation, blindly following the establishment without question. I followed your lead and posted it to my FB page. God Bless you!

    • B.K. says:

      I followed the pied piper to chemo and rads too…but the Lord has slowly been leading me to the truth, a little at a time…can’t do it without Him! He’s taught me so much! Thanks so much Amanda!

  64. Thanks for this post, B.K. I have been on a similar journey, having an autoimmune thyroid condition and also having my firstborn via emergency c-section due to a dangerous over-reaction to the induction drug we were given. We’ve been down the road of choosing homebirth, researching vaccines, finding alternatives to the endless cycle of drugs for everything, etc. I think you are very right about how most people–even Christians–view doctors and modern medicines.

    I think we have to be cautious not to jump into error on the other side of the fence, though. I’ve spent enough time in the “natural health” circles to know plenty of people who see raw food, homeopathy, chiropractic, etc, as “saviors” in much the same way that other folks look at MD’s and prescription drugs. I know Christians who talk more about their homebirth, or gluten-free diet, or the ill effects of vaccines than they do about Jesus. I also know mothers who are doing the natural parenting thing nearly-perfectly–whose children are fully breastfed, not vaccinated, eating totally organic diets, etc–but they don’t know Jesus. It’s one of those things I have to keep in perspective. ♥

    I realize that this isn’t a Christian blog, so I am even more appreciative that you are willing to speak to Christians here in this way on such an important topic. Many Blessings!

    • B.K. says:

      Oh Tiana…that is SO TRUE! I spend so much time trying to help my son, with diets and interventions and such, and sometimes I have to stop and repent because I know I have been taking the reins too much in THAT direction as well. It is something I have to keep on top of, and I have to keep constantly surrendering his healing and wellness to God. I can follow where He leads, but I have to make very sure that He is, indeed, leading me down that direction. I am guilty as charged though, about failing to do that on occasion. I am a work in progress! Thanks for that reminder.
      And no, this is not a Christian blog, but it is a blog written by a lot of us who each have our own unique, individual perspectives. I am grateful that my fellow bloggers here allow me the space to share mine. <3

  65. Rachel says:

    Amen! Thank you for posting this! It’s spot on!

  66. Debbie says:

    Thank you! You shared your heart and the wisdom the Lord has given you. I am very thankful you shared this, definately a confirmation on what He has been telling me!
    God bless you!

  67. Well written! You are so right.

  68. Jaelyn says:

    Awesome post! It is so true!

  69. Denise Coots says:

    I agree with everything this correctly thinking person has written. Why aren’t there
    more moms and dads who think like this?

  70. Lisa C says:

    Hi. I agree with so much of what you’ve written here. James 1:5 is a hugely important scripture that is too often overlooked. And you are right that we need to be open to God’s answer and not just seek affirmation of our own beliefs or desires. I can relate directly to this regarding vaccines. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have any idea which was the right route to go with my son. I read and read (that’s another thing, we need to study it out as well as praying), but I could never figure it out. I prayed often during my son’s first year of life…just kept getting the answer to wait and to study more. When he was two, I received an answer that it would be okay to get him one dtap shot. A year later I got the answer he should have a second dtap. That’s all he’s had. I don’t believe vaccines are wrong, but they shouldn’t be taken lightly. Only God can know if they will help or hurt our children. Some children’s bodies can’t handle them. I do of course believe we are created in God’s image, but I find it important to remember that we all have free choice, and over thousands of years people have not always made the best choices in regards to their health (many times they haven’t had a choice, such as the poor not having access to a quality diet). When a parent eats a poor diet, it affects their children’s health, and then their grandchildren’s health and so on. So a child can very well be born with a weak immune system because of their parents’ or grandparents’ choices or situation in life. Eating the wrong foods will also weaken the immune system. I believe we “need” vaccines today because not eating an ideal diet has allowed diseases to emerge. For all I know, God inspired the scientists who created the first vaccines to help us overcome the disease we allowed to emerge. But God cannot stop men from becoming corrupt. Something that may have started out good has become corrupt. Same with other forms of modern medicine. They do have a place, and I think God may very well have inspired the creation of antibiotics and other life-saving drugs. But you are right that we should not treat doctors like Gods. God gave us so many natural medicines that are usually safer. He gives us healing foods to nourish us. These are way too often overlooked because they don’t generate revenue. Sad. Oh, and YES Satan is here and he is very real. In my faith we believe there were other spirits who fell with him and they are all here trying to tempt us. I absolutely believe Satan is at the core of all the corruption in the world and he is VERY tricky!

  71. SY says:

    I love your article. This is exactly what i feel! Of course, it goes beyond just alopathic medicines and vaccines but also food. Due to greed and profiteering behaviour; Food has been modified; poisoned with insectides; preserved with additives; undergone treatment/process tht changed the nature of the food; animals are fed with food that is not meant for them (example grains to the cows) or injected with ‘meat enhancer’, antibiotic and etc, GMO food. The more we depart from the origin; we are doing ourselves more injustice.

    • B.K. says:

      Thanks SY, and you are so right. I could have touched on the food, but then my post was going to run a bit too long….maybe my next post… 😉

  72. Jennifer says:

    This was beautiful. YOu did an amazing job of articulating the main reason I don’t vaccinate. I am sorry you ended up with an injured child. I feel so fortunate that I didn’t have that type of experience to open my eyes. But I truly relied on God and he truly was the one that confirmed to my husband and I why poisoning the precious gifts HE gave us through vaccination was something we just COULD NOT DO! Of course, I was scared at first because of the western brainwashing and scare tactics, so I kept praying and He just kept giving me answers. When I was pregnant with my first son, I was all ready to just blindly follow. Then my chiropractor asked me if he could talk to me about the dangers of vaccines. The information he provided me with was scary. But I still felt stuck in the middle of 2 different worlds and I had no idea what the best choice for this baby would be. I was terrified of the so called diseases and I was terrified of the poisons and risks in the vaccines. I was a cop at the time and got assigned light duty to the child victim unit during my pregnancy. We investigated all child deaths. I started to notice a pattern with the “SIDS” cases. They always seemed to be within hours to a week from the 2 and 4 month shots. I started digging deeper, I started learning about the corruption of the AAP and their coverups investigated by Bobby Kennedy Jr. I started following the money trail. I learned that pediatricians get fat bonuses from vaccine companies and that vaccines are their money train as they are at the bottom of the totem pole in regards to physician salaries. I found a pediatrician that respected parents choice in shots. He started telling me that his unvaccinated patients were his healthiest patients and went so far as to admit that it was because their immune systems were intact. He actually told me that vaccines assault the immune system, permanently damaging it and leaving it unable to fight disease the way it was designed. He would start these sentences with “The AAP says we aren’t supposed to tell parents this but…” Why did God choose to give me such obvious answers and not other parents? I don’t know. Maybe he does and they just don’t “listen” to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Maybe it’s because I am outspoken and he knew that I would teach people about the horrors of vaccines. And I have. Some listen, some tell me I am crazy. I have lost FB friends over my stance. And that’s okay. At lease my conscience is clear. Definitely more have turned a blind eye than have actually listened with an open mind. But in the end, I can rest easy knowing my Lord gave me these children and trusted me with them. He is not the author of confusion and you put into words what I have tried to convey for so long. Thanks for this post. Well done, good and faithful servant!!

    • B.K. says:

      Jennifer, what an eye-opening comment…so thankful that you yielded to what the Lord was trying to tell you. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Keep sharing…no telling how many lives you have touched, and kids you have kept from harm’s way! Thank you!

  73. Nirvana says:

    I am a conservative Christian and people have been telling me I am some kind of hippy to go to the earth first for Yahweh’s design health. If we trust Him, then shouldn’t we trust in HIS creation … ourselves and the earth… like Herbs and the sort. I am glad you wrote this!! I am sharing it for sure.

    Blessings sister in your path,

  74. Corrine Tamres says:

    PS> Just as a side note..if anyone wants help learning about any of this go to and find a Maximized Living Doctor near you. Their entire reason for being is to help people escape the Medical Model and regain true health. Everything they do is scripture based. The Power that made your body heals your body.

  75. Corrine Tamres says:

    Dear B.K.,
    I applaud you for writing this article. The power that is on the earth that steals, kills and destroys does not walk around in black hooded robe with scythe. It is more insidious than that. The medical model does exactly as you say; it replace the the perfection of God and claims it can improve what God’s own word has pronounced as perfect. I have a brother with autism that was brought on by vaccinations. I had cancer before I was 30 (now I’m 32 and not only cancer free but am healthier than I ever was before). I watch my friends submit to medications and become zombies with more disturbing personality ticks than they had before the meds. This is fight for our very lives. The enemy is cloaked in these large corporations and businesses (and a hospital is a business) who are making money for their shareholders not looking out for our best interest which is health. It’s awful. The enormity of the harm caused is staggering. Thank you for posting this. The guts it takes to speak the truth whether people agree or not is a virtue that society has lost. Loved ones and strangers alike are dying because no one speaks up. I whole heartedly agree. Bravo.

    Corrine Tamres

  76. Skeptical Mom says:

    This post has moved me beyond words.

    This could be my story. I too, am a cancer survivor, the victim of medical malpractice, and the mother of a vaccine injured child.

    A few years back, my life was very gray. I was in a new town, without a support system, and was diagnosed with cancer. One day as I lay on the couch, too weak from chemo and radiation to do anything, I prayed to God. Not to spare my life, but to guide me in helping my child with autism be the best that he could be, before I left this world. And guide me, He did. My child is near recovery and I discovered so many truths about my own health. And I’m still here!

    I have recently joined a new church and began bible study, and have come to the very same conclusions that you have: God does not provide us with the solutions to our problems….he gives us the wisdom and strength to search and figure it out for ourselves. And along the way, we learn some very valuable lessons.

    Thank you for the wonderful post.

  77. Ginger says:

    The very first place the word “medicine” is used in the Bible is in Proverbs 17:22 and it says, “A merry heart doeth good, like a medicine.” If medicine and drugs are the same thing, this would, at first glance, seem to reveal a contradiction in the Bible. This question is answered in the very next text listed in the concordance under medicine: EZ. 47:12 “The fruit thereof shall be for meat and the leaf thereof for medicine.” The Bible is telling us that medicine is good and it tells us where to obtain it — from the leaves—or what we commonly call “herbs”.

    The original Hebrew word used for medicine in Proverbs 17:22 is listed as word 1456  times in Strong’s concordance. We find that the Hebrew spelling is g-e-h-a-h and it means: a cure. The original word used in EZ. 47:12 is t-e-r-v-w-p-h-ah, and it means: a remedy.

    Today the words “medicine” and “drugs” are used interchangeably. Language is dynamic and it changes to reflect common usage. We have found that the original word for “sorcery” means a drug, a druggist, or a poisoner. We have found that the original word for “medicine” means a cure or a remedy. We therefore can clearly see that drugs and medicine are not the same thing when spoken of in the Bible. The Bible condemns the use of poisons for medicine and labels it as sorcery, and very plainly tells us that true medicine is leaves.

    The common name used for medical leaves is herbs. Ps.104:14 says that he has given us “herbs for the service of Man”.

    All this info is in this article:

    My added 2 cents……..under the law (Old Covenant) herbs were medicine. This is clear in scripture. Under the New Covenant, Jesus himself is our medicine:))

  78. Ginger says:

    In Webster’s 2nd Collegiate Dictionary published in 1980 under the word “pharmaceutical”

    the practice of witchcraft or the use of poison.

    • Erica says:

      to take this another step further….Pharmakeia is the Greek word used for sorcery/witchcraft in the bible where Paul lists the lusts of the flesh (Galatians 5:13-26). Modern Medicine is not God’s best for us. He provided His best through plants and oils. We have switched to using Young Living Essential oils for our medical needs and so far (2 years and counting) for our family of 8 we haven’t met anything that we needed to go see a doctor for!

  79. Tara says:

    THank you for this. it is very true. i feel so much evil is before us these days masked as being good, it is hard sometimes to distiguish the two. i like how you said “John D. Rockefeller was putting all of his money into allopathic care, while seeking only homeopathic care for himself.” i feel this is true for Monsanto, Pharma, ect. you know that the people who are in high power positions most likely eat all organic food, never took a vaccine, etc., but everyone else, well to heck with them. I am thankful for people like you that keep on fighting and well for just being YOU.

  80. Tina says:

    I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. God made our bodies to heal on their own. I believe God gave man the knowledge used in modern medicine. We must use God’s wisdom for discerning when we should intervene versus leaving the healing to our bodies alone. It’s hard, and people look at me like I’m nuts when I can’t remember the last time my children saw the pediatrician. We also strive to eat locally grown foods or organic, if possible, for health reasons. Although all 3 of my children have received their required vaccines, I refuse to allow any of the recommended ones. My attitude toward medicine has changed greatly over the last 10 years. We see a chiropractor and use natural supplements whenever necessary. Child has a fever? Let it run its course as long as it isn’t over 101-102. It’s your body’s way of fighting off the illness. Running nose? As long as you can endure the nose blowing, do it. All the meds do is stop the symptoms, not the cause and I believe it actually takes longer to get well. As friends have shown me links between autism and vaccines I have really struggled with how I use modern medicines. I agree that prayer for wisdom in how to handle an illness is best and each illness may be different. Too many times, I fear in the past that I simply asked for affirmation.

    • JESSICA says:

      can you share some links about what to do when the fever hits 101-102? is this when you absolutely need to bring the fever down?
      email me pls. [email protected]

      • Alli says:

        My 2 boys (2 & 3) who are almost never sick, got a gastrointestinal virus (most likely from a pool) that landed them in the ER after days of vomiting leading to slight dehydration. I had not given them any meds even when their temps got up to 103°. I gave them a couple herbal teas and a tincture. While we were there my son’s temp spiked to 107.8. The doctor then gave him Motrin. He said a fever has to reach 102° in order to begin to fight infection. Then when it gets to 104°, try bringing it down with a cool bath. If it continues to rise, then give a fever reducer. He told me whatever I had been doing was working because most kids and even adults that get a virus like that spend days in the hospital fighting severe dehydration, sezures, and other problems. He sent us home and within 24 hours, my boys were better except for being exhausted. A temp of even 107, though it can cause febrile seizures, will not hurt a child in most cases. But it does signal there is a severe infection that needs to be taken care of immediately.

    • B.K. says:

      Love this, Tina! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  81. JESSICA says:

    I am so glad you wrote this. So many of us feel this way! God bless you for standing your ground even though you may be bashed in the future!

  82. J.F. says:


  83. Ginger says:

    “By studying the original Greek text we find that the use of drugs is mentioned four times in the New Testament. The Word ”sorcerers” in Rev. 21:8 and 22:15 and “sorceries” found in Rev.9:21 and 18:23 are all de rived from the original Greek word “pharmakon”. ‘

    “We read in Rev. 22:15: “For without are dogs and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.

    “Whatever “sorcery” is, it certainly keeps pretty bad company, doesn’t it? Now we read in Rev. 18:23: “Thy merchants were the great men of the earth, for by thy sorceries were all nations delivered”.

    Strong’s exhaustive concordance of the Bible, which lists every word in the Bible, also gives the meaning of the original word. It lists the word “sorcery” as a word 5332 times, and tells us that it is translated from the original Greek word “pharmakon” and it gives the definition as: #1 —a drug i.e. a spell-giving potion #2—a druggist or pharmacist #3 — a poisoner.

  84. Alli says:

    Wow! I had a conversation a few days ago about this very thing! When we blindly put our trust in medicine, especially vaccines, we are, in essence, saying, “God, I don’t trust You.” I agree that God uses modern medicine and there are times when it is good. Our twin daughters’ lives were saved when they were born too early to survive on their own. But in many cases, it is unnecessary at best and harmful at worst. It is good to question what we are told and look it up for ourselves. Same goes for in the church! If we blindly follow men without seeking God’s direction, we risk not only our health, but our souls, as well! We must learn to seek wisdom for ourselves.

  85. Christi says:

    Thank you so much for writing this! I am in 100% agreement with you. Before my daughter was born, I had been researching vaccines and alternative medicine. So many things I just grew up believing didn’t make sense to me. As time went on and I continued to research, I began to feel strongly convicted about vaccines. God did create us in His image, and he didn’t mess up. I know most of us have done things in the past because we did trust our doctors, but they are human and they certainly don’t know everything. My daughter had her four month check up today, and she has had no vaccines. We had to sign a form about how “we know we’re potentially endangering others, etc., etc.,” which of course I don’t necessarily agree with, but I know they have to cover themselves. Thankfully our pediatrician is okay with our decision. God bless you for speaking out. I hope and pray that many others will come to these same realizations :).

  86. Misty Jane Kitchell says:

    Thank you. I have two children – and I have trusted modern medicine. And I now have a son that has recovered from a seizure disorder, allergies & asthma and has Aspergers, and a daughter that recovered from respiratory distress and heart failure at 5 months old. I cannot confirm that these are definitely vaccine injuries, but I will tell you that the timing is suspicious. I want to know better now.

  87. Anwaar Arnold says:

    You are a true believer in God. If we examine the state of the world today. Countries are bankrupt because of man’s greed. How many innocent children die every hour.? I am a Muslim. Our first cry is to the Almighty God. It is written that we will not be given a task more than we can bear.

  88. Valerie says:

    This post is amazing. It’s like you reached into my heart and said exactly the things I’ve always wanted to say. I don’t have children yet, and my fiance and I have talked at length about how much we are dreading the experience of turning down all these crazy vaccines. There is a list somewhere out there of the vaccines that were given when I was growing up (I think the date on the list is 1986) and what they give kids now. The difference was staggering. What are we doing to our children?

    • B.K. says:

      Thank you Valerie…it’s awesome that you are thinking and planning ahead of time. You children will be truly blessed! 🙂

  89. Jessica says:

    Thank you for sharing! The Lord has been opening my eyes to these very things also.

  90. Betteanne says:

    Thank you and BLESS you and may THE LORD honor THE TRUTH you have spoken here! May it open eyes to see and ears to hear! May THE LORD be Glorified. HE is The Healer, The Restorer and HE is the ONLY ONE WHO can fix everything!!!!!
    We need our hearts to be tender to HIS CALLING and HIS VOICE and LOVE like JESUS. SHOW HIS LOVE to humanity….for when JESUS be lifted UP , HE will draw all men to HIMSELF. HIS WORD IS TRUTH and HIS TRUTH sets us FREE!

  91. Joanie G says:

    Well said! I have believed in the same TRUTHS as you for years but you put it into words in the most excellent way. As Christians we are to seek TRUTH no matter how hard it is to face. Press On.

    W.W.W.–Wise Woman Warrior

  92. Tasha says:

    THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! I think my experiences, mirror yours, very closely when it comes to my spiritual beliefs and modern medicine. Thank you, for putting all the many thoughts I have had over the past few years into one awesome post!

  93. While I’m not religious at all, I completely agree with you!!! Call it “nature” or call it “God” for me this statement is very true – “When we vaccinate our children, we are attempting to improve upon the immune system that God has given us. Plain and simple. We are trusting that man knows better than God how to keep us healthy. Therefore, we get only MAN’S best instead of God’s best.” Man is NEVER wiser than what nature or the Universe or God has created. Thanks for your bravery in sharing your thoughts.

  94. shelley says:

    Good girl!!! I totally reposted on my facebook! Proud of u speaking the truth!

  95. cia parker says:


    In California you can still take a religious exemption from vaccines, which is what I did in Missouri. Unfortunately in California you now have to go to a pediatrician to get his signature on your exemption, saying that he has counselled you on the risks of the diseases and the benefits of the vaccines. Hang tough, because the diseases are less damaging overall than the vaccines at this time. If your child is in school he is in very little danger of having a serious case of pertussis. My daughter, who had gotten the DTaP at 2, 4, and 6 months, still caught the disease at 8 months old. It was alarming, but not dangerous. Parents of newborns, the only group in much danger, need to accept the responsiblity of keeping the babies in quarantine at home until they are four months old. The more people who just go ahead and go through the disease, the less of it there will be, because they will have long-lasting immunity. Herd immunity is obviously not working, the vaccine is ineffective in a huge number of cases, as we see in the major outbreaks of pertussis all over the country this year, while being very dangerous. If you can just smile, be polite, but resolutely refuse all vaccines for your child, the doctor will probably let you through. My daughter has autism from the hep-B vaccine at birth (encephalitis for four days) and was further damaged by a DTaP booster at 18 months. I just interviewed for a teaching job this morning, and the interviewer said that her son had just been diagnosed with autism. This is not theoretical, it is a tsunami of brain damage, and every thinking mom will go the distance to keep her child out of it.

    We are Christian, and I am also just appalled at the idolatry shown by most Christians in placing the medical establishment up on a pedestal and worshipping it. I have a very Catholic, very nice, kind elderly neighbor who, even after having listened to me impatiently about my daughter’s and my vaccine damage, still says that if she were to have it to do again, she’d still get all five of her children every single recommended vaccine on the schedule, because it’s heretical to believe that doctors are either uninformed, ignorant, or covering up the damage to promote their own interests. I have a Muslim friend who’s the same. My brother has an autistic son who has severe constipation, and even though I’ve told him how the GFCF diet completely cured my daughter’s constipation, he won’t believe it, won’t try it, because he took his son to the Mayo Clinic, and they didn’t suggest any dietary cause, therefore, none exists. And he’s supposedly Christian too. So, he leaves his son to suffer the agonies of Hell so as not to lose faith in his goddess St. Vaccinia.

    My Muslim friend said that if her child suffered vaccine damage, she’d accept it as fate, and the will of God. How do we wake people up to the fact that ít’s the will of the doctors, the Devil’s priests (to use Dr. Mendelsohn’s term), and has nothing at all to do with the will of God?

    • B.K. says:

      Thank you so much for helping Pam, Cia. And thank you so much for your input. A lot of us are seeing similar things in this day, and it is truly puzzling…and disturbing.

  96. Planetpj says:

    I am not religious nor do I plan to be, but you bring up some valid info. However we were created, we came with an immune system. For thousands of years we have relied on nature for our cures. I too believe there is a time and place for modern medicine, but much of what they are treating goes back to destruction of our planet and the introduction of toxins disguised as medicine. 100 years ago, our ancestors lived very different lives. We ate differently, we treated illness differently, many families grew their own food. It’s a short window of time in our evolution, but quite destructive. Sure we have plenty of conveniences that I am guilty of partaking in, but I’m not sure it’s worth it.

  97. Marcella says:

    Beautiful. And Truthful.
    Thank-you, B.K.

  98. Lj says:

    Simply brilliant. Every word. Love you bk

  99. Susan says:

    That was a great article and I commend you for putting this out there for many to read. We need to speak out the truth on many issues facing us today, in a world of political correctness that belittles those of us who are believers in Jesus Christ; it’s all the more important that we do. You were kind and considerate to the people who might read this with your introduction. We all have the right to be heard and please don’t let negativity stop you from sharing. Thanks so much for being a voice of faith and wisdom, God’s kind and not man’s kind. In conclusion, I must say that modern medicine is necessary for many things and I am thankful that we have the knowledge to set broken bones, etc.

    • B.K. says:

      Thank you so much Susan. And I totally agree…we have some great knowledge and abilities as well. Discernment is key.

  100. Cat Jameson says:

    Amen. That is all. ♥

  101. yl says:

    I agree, BK. Thank you for having the courage to write this. The Church is asleep or broken on many fronts because we think and act as though we are self-sufficient, and this is one area that most people don’t think of and/or refuse to accept. Like you, I don’t lump all medicine into the “evil” category, but we have put our faith in the wrong place and our children are paying for it.

  102. Mountain Mama says:

    BK – I am so incredibly proud of you for putting yourself out there and speaking your truth. I know how much time you spend “thinking” about how the world has gotten to the place it has and how to make sense of it as a Christian. While we don’t always agree in terms of theology and our perspective on God, I think that most of us can agree that our views about the medical establishment and politics and the spiritual are not separated neatly in little files. As thinking, feeling, human beings -we bring our own beliefs and perspective based on the path we have walked to find a way to make sense of it all. The thing that I love about our little group is that we have so many people with different beliefs and backgrounds. We all come with a different perspective but always with a common goal – to heal our children. Your beautiful heart and kind spirit shine through your words in this post. I am very proud to walk beside you on this journey.

  103. Cara says:

    I have no idea how someone could have written what is exactly in my brain all day long, the way you wrote what you did. I’m so glad to be reading this today and am so thankful someone took on this topic because it is a topic of great value to me and my family! I so believe in every single word you write and feel the exact same way! Every-single-word!

    Bless you B.K. – keep writing!
    Cara Heppler

  104. Jaci VW says:

    Thank you for really sticking your neck out there with this post. It can be lonely to stand against the medical system and be outspoken, but it is even lonelier to stand there in a position of unwavering faith in God. I can completely identify with what you wrote about your unquestioning trust in the medical system and all that it entails. I did the same thing with our oldest child, who is diagnosed with SPD and ASD. So many days I desperately want the chance to go back and alter the decisions I made about his health and well-being during infancy. Reality is, I cannot go back and change it, so I move forward in God’s grace and with a new wisdom in how to handle the health of our family.

  105. Arielle says:

    Just amazing…I couldn’t have said it better myself. I work in healthcare and it only makes me want to keep my family out of the doctors office more, if that helps anyone. I agree, modern medicine is there for some great things!….but not to fix what isn’t broken.

  106. Paracelsus says:

    Nice piece B.K. The masses have been mesmerized by the White Coat Archetype. The white coats have been brain washed.
    The 5 elements of brain washing :

    1- Removed from your normal environment of influence or confined to the compound and not allowed to leave no contact with outside?
    2-Deprived of sleep getting less than 6 hours per night?
    3-Are you given emotional, physical or psychological pain or punishment if you disagree?
    4-Get pleasure or rewards if you agree to get with the program?
    5-Bio-chemistry forcibly changed through diet or drugs?
    Guess what 1-5 are ? Medical Residency !!!
    Brain washing doesn’t lend itself to discernment. Why trust an ego in a white coat to be discerning when it comes to a brain washing topic such as vaccines ? The US Disease Management system (aka healthcare) is a great place for trauma care, a great place for neurosurgery, as well as a great place for dis-ease. When the financial interests realized their was more money in a lifetime of disease management they turn to look for a way to put physiological systems into permanent dis-ease. The revolution to change this will only be accomplished by moms, THINKING MOMS.

    • B.K. says:

      Great points to think about. Thanks so much!!

    • Garbo says:

      Funny, when I was reading that list #s 1-4, I was thinking that you were going to say “That’s what it’s like for women with newborns when they walk into the pediatrician’s office”! Maybe #5 too, if they are put on meds for post-partum depression! Sooooo much easier to go with the flow when you are operating on little sleep and your known world has been upended…

  107. Joyfulmomof6 says:

    Thank you for having the courage to post this. I came to the same conclusion after my 3rd child started having rages and developed autism after his 5 year vaccines.

    I had to turn over all my anger and fears to the Lord, as I realized that He allowed this (as I didn’t have the information to make any other choice at the time). But He has grown me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Just being freed from worshipping the false God of modern medicine is a huge plus. Now I know better.

  108. Pam Plumley says:

    I didn’t see pertussis/whooping cough in the ingredient list, will try to google it. Any ideas on how to avoid a “required” booster for 7th grade in California?

    • Jaci VW says:

      Check out and give this to the school if they are upset about you choosing not to do a “required” booster.

    • Professor says:

      California doesn’t actually “require” any vaccinations. It is my understanding that waivers can be obtained for any or all of them. Many states are different in that you have to get all the “mandated” shots, or be exempted from all of them.

  109. Guilded Thinker says:

    BK, you know by now that I am not a religious person. However, you have eloquently stated things that have rolled around in my head for some time now. Awesome post!

  110. “What we are doing is WRONG. We have lifted the title of “doctor” up to a god-like status. Most times we seek to follow our doctor’s recommendations without even knowing if they are a Christian or if they even believe in God. We trust in the MD, the CDC, the FDA, the AAP, without even considering that anyone could be wrong or could make a mistake.”

    Thank you for having the courage to say what needs saying.

    I am appalled at how I once sacrificed my daughter at the alter of the medical gods. I didn’t think about it at the time, but that is exactly what I did. No more.

  111. Sugah says:

    Very well said, BK.

  112. Amber says:

    This was very well written! I am a nurse and
    agree with you totally and absolutely no offense
    taken! If any one takes offense to this post perhaps they need to look at their own motives!!

  113. jan houston says:

    SPOT ON.

    BK, you are sooo right. This is not offense. My toes hurt, as usual, after a good stomping, I mean sermon.
    I have trusted in the false god of medicine far too long.
    Thank you for putting this into words.

  114. Mom says:

    I also used to be a firm believer in doctors. After years of not diagnosing the problem I stepped back. I kept praying for God to tell me what was wrong. The doctors said that she acted the way she did because of autism – yes but what is autism? It’s just an f’ing word – what is the real problem here? I prayed and prayed for a sign and last summer as my daughter was banging her head on the concrete floor screaming in pain (as she frequently did – even in doctor’s offices – in front of specialist after specialist) clear liquid came out of her left ear and she stopped screaming. I knew right then they were IDIOTS. If someone is screaming it is for a reason not because of some idiotic catch-all phrase called autism. I always knew in my gut that it was something simple that was wrong. I found an ENT (after already being at 3 telling me everything was ok) that did a CT scan on her. Every time I turned around I felt like I was being tested. We couldn’t just do a simple CT scan – she had to be hospitalized and sedated. The ENT’s nurse had me so discouraged at one point I almost gave up. (She reminded me of the Grimm commercial where most people see the girl as a normal person and you catch a glimpse of her as an evil ogre). Anyway, her adenoids were pressing on her eustacian tubes in her ears. She was moderately deaf and in pain most of the time. After a 15 minute surgery her pain/non-stop screaming/head banging stopped. She could hear, follow directions and her speech is slowly coming back. We wasted years. I shutter to think what would have happened if I would have listened to the first 10+ doctors. I think she would have gone insane. Constantly in pain and no one listening to her. I have seen videos of older autistic kids in the helmets banging their heads all day long like she used to do and think – what if they had a simple fix too and no one found it for them? So I tell everyone our story. Pray for your sign and the direction you need to go in.

    • B.K. says:

      “Mom”…thank you so much for sharing that here. I think that will help someone today. 🙂

      • Pam Plumley says:

        Evil nurses? I hear that! I’m an adult and about 7 yrs ago couldn’t get an ER head nurse and her gossiping team to “get it” because I was dehydrated, confused…gone, at the time and she wanted her bed for “people who truly needed it.” When I came back the next night and the ER doc asked who had dismissed me I heard her rolling out the excuses including, “Well she said she was OK.” Blame the confused patient-Dr. didn’t buy it either! I can well imagine what a child goes through who can’t speak it out and make it clear. Too many of these med pros think way too highly of themselves…

  115. Thank You for writing something that I have had on my mind for a long time as well…just can’t sit down and write it. Its too much. I have a child with Autism, I am a Christian, and I have seen this too….far too many Christians have to “obey those that are older” and are “educated” so they fall in lock step with modern medicine, expecting everything to go smoothly….now I know that God doesn’t want us to rely on modern medicine, and that’s bc my son has Autism from vaccine injuries.

  116. Marco says:

    If you go down this bible thumping path you will not only disenfranchise those who like me are Buddhist/Atheist(Yes, Buddhists are fact Atheists), but you will greatly diminish the value of TMR as a source of valuable and credible information. The religious exemption is a great way to go, but you have crossed the line into pontificating. You trade what is written by mortal men in many books for what is written by them in one book.
    If the goal is to inspire those who strive for recovery via a better understanding of the science, then don’t quote the definition of unscientific dogma. To criticise the medical establishment’s fanatical belief in vaccines by quoting a belief that thumbs its nose at evolution is hypocrisy. We all know viruses evolve from having learned the science of a flawed vaccine schedule.
    If this blog is about “thinking”, then don’t bring up the definition of NOT thinking, which is faith.
    Religion and politics. Keep them to yourself.

    • B.K. says:

      Hi Marco. TMR is composed of 20+ people who write posts based on our own individual beliefs, experiences, and perspectives. This is one reason why I believe that so many people can relate to this blog…there is someone that EVERYONE can identify with. I am sorry that you didn’t like today’s blog, or agree with it, but I am entitled to my own perspective, and this is it. You are more than welcome to skip reading anytime you see my icon at the top of the page. I just ask that you please be considerate and respectful of people whose beliefs are different from your own. Thank you!

  117. Heather says:

    Thank you so much for so eloquently saying what I would have bumbled through! My thought process echoes yours exactly! We started out vaccinating my daughter, but stopped after 4 months after some pretty serious prompting from the Holy Spirit. It took a lot of prayer and emotional wrestling, but I am so secure in our decision! Doing anything else just feels wrong.

  118. Janice says:

    This is something that many Christians struggle with but I believe it is a very hard truth that gets down to the CORE of where we place God in our lives. Are we surface Christians or do we really examine EVERY aspect of our lives, seek God’s counsel and wisdom, and really do what bibilically makes sense? God granted me a great gift of maternal instinct that I needed to stop vaccinating…I tried to ignore it. Again and again I tried to push it off. You can look at my youngest child’s vaccine records and see the struggle…refused the Hep B at birth…but started getting some at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months…no flu shots or Hep A or rotavirus (after all, I was having doubts) but not enough doubts or confidence to stand on my own and make an all or nothing decision…until her 9 month appointment. It was becoming VERY obvious that her older brother with epilepsy was going to be dxed with autism in the near future. I was torn. I prayed through tears for WEEKS before my daughters well baby check. I didn’t feel the clear answer. I took her in, I handed her to the nurses yet again saying “this is against my better judgement”. She received her vaccines that day and I bawled in the parking lot…”Why, Lord, WHY can’t you please just tell me what I need to do here?” I got home to find that the vaccine I had just given her was recalled. It was on the 4 o clock news…I had vaxed her at 2 o clock. Never again. Somehow I missed God’ memo at my son’s 6 month appointment when he suffered an anaphylactic reaction to his flu shot…but now I know…and now I know how to proceed with ALL of our healthcare decisions…with God’s will and perfect plan first and the doctor’s recommendations second. Thank you for tackling this tough topic, you did it well!

    • B.K. says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Janice. That’s a good example to the struggles that we deal with even to this day, and why I feel it is important that the church “wakes up” to this issue to provide the support that we need to make these decisions. It’s tough to do when we are all alone and going against the grain, even in church!

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