They Say

They say high-pitched screams, fevers and swelling at the injection site are all common, harmless, insignificant side-effects of responsible, preventative medical care.

Don’t listen.

They say kids get sick all time. Antibiotics are harmless.  Even if they are needed 5 to 10 times before a child’s second birthday.

Don’t listen.

They say strange, bright yellow, grainy and frequent stools (up to 20 a day) are common in small children.  It’s called toddler diarrhea.

Don’t listen.

They say lots of little kids get constipated.  It happens all the time. They have something to help. You find yourself giving that something to your child every day.  They say not to worry, she’ll grow out of it.

Don’t listen.

They say it’s just genetics.  The luck of the draw.

Don’t listen.

You say you think your child may be in pain.  They say he is not.

Don’t listen.

They say eczema is very common in babies. They outgrow it.

Don’t listen.

They say his head is bigger than it should be for his age, but no need to be concerned.

Don’t listen.

They say–

Boys develop slower than girls.

Speech comes late in the second, third, fourth…

Speech comes later in boys than girls.

Some kids are late bloomers.

Kids develop at different rates.

You probably let the older sibling speak for her.

Don’t listen.

They say SIDS–a word assigned to the unexplained death of an otherwise healthy child–has no explanation, no known cause. They say this even when a child receives preventative healthcare just day,even hours,before their death.

Don’t listen.

They say dietary interventions (SCD, Weston Price, Feingold, GF/CF/HFCS/Soy free) are old wives tales.

They say DAN doctors are shy-locks.

They say chiropractors aren’t real doctors.

They say homeopathic intervention and CEASE therapy is witch-doctoring.

Don’t listen.

They say that every child is a candidate for immunization regardless of what is known about their genetic predisposition to developing asthma, allergies, autism or auto-immune disease.

Don’t listen.

They say mast cells, cytokines, oxidative stress, immune function, viral load, metabolic and methylation dysfunction have nothing to do with the brain disorder they call autism.

Don’t listen.

They say pills will help calm a sick child’s constant hyperactivity (and give you a much needed break).  They say they will have to up the dosage frequently because bouts of violence are quite common when the pills lose their effectiveness. They say you’ll want to keep on top of the prescription(s) especially since the pills suppress the neurological signals that indicate when the child is full, so by the time she reaches puberty your violent child with brain and central nervous system damage will also be struggling with obesity. Not to worry, they say. They have a pill for that, too.

Don’t listen.

They assure you all preventative healthcare measures are safe.  They say, “Nothing to worry about, mom.  We know what we are doing. Side effects are rare. One in a million.”  That’s what they say.

Please. Don’t listen.

Thinking moms and dads understand the great comfort built into the word “rare.” We were the enthusiastic parents that took great comfort in the “one in a million” statistic our pediatricians provided as their nurses swabbed our babies’ arms and legs to stick them 4 times with 9 different diseases that have never been tested for combined efficacy. “Rare” helped us lay our heads on our pillows at night and sleep peacefully.  A baby, yes. Maybe two or three.  But, more than likely, somebody else’s baby.  Unless of course, it is your “rare one.” Hundreds of thousands of thinking moms and dads parent “the rare ones,” in the United States alone. Those of us who are lucky enough to still have our children; our chronically-ill, immune-compromised, viral-overloaded, central nervous system-damaged, brain-damaged, bowel-diseased, heavy metal-poisoned children.

With all the talk of rarity, one would think these few martyrs of the CDC’s vaccine schedule would have their lives publically honored on a yearly basis. Great charities benefitting chronically ill children would be founded in their names. Their families would be held in the highest regard, their sacrifice acknowledged, their stories told.  Matt Lauer, Oprah and Andersen Cooper would be clamoring for a chance to interview these rare families and capture their real story of ultimate sacrifice for the global village. Celebrities of the highest caste would entertain us during elaborate, televised galas on a national holiday commemorating their lives. If what they say is true, this would be the case. Doctors and scientists from all over the world would come together to talk about the strange and unheard of phenomena that occurred in the bodies of the few who gave their lives for the world herd.  Their findings, after analyzing these rare deaths/chronic illnesses would be highly respected, critically acclaimed, published in the most notable journals, discussed thoroughly among the most prestigious members of government, medicine and science.  Indeed that is what would happen. 

If what they say is true.  

They would not deny these sick and dead children ever existed, would they?  They would not pretend it never happened.  They would not ignore the studies that prove their parents’ claims. They would not vilify, demonize and systematically pick off the doctors that are actually helping and healing these kids (the ones that live). They wouldn’t continue to produce the food that is exacerbating the damage done.  They wouldn’t insist on maintaining the schedule. Would they?

Please, LISTEN.

America ranks 38th in the world for childhood mortality rates.  More babies in Poland and Czechoslovakia live to celebrate their 5th year of life, than in America.  We are the most vaccinated and chronically ill population in the world (rivaled only by the UK).  Thinking Parents know what is happening to our country and to our world.  We read the studies, we read the legislation.  We read MSD sheets, food labels and package inserts. We investigate what we are told.  We investigate the science, the politics, the law. We talk to researchers all over the world.  We network with each other.  We find solutions. Autism is an auto-immune disorder that often has iatrogenic roots.

According to the media, there is no science that supports the autism-vaccine link.  In 1954, there was no science to support the notion that smoking caused cancer, because those in power actively suppressed the efforts of those trying to uncover the truth. The media then, like the media now, had bills to pay and advertisers to please. Silver-haired doctors graced the covers of magazines smoking their favorite brand of cigarette.  But adults, even under the haze of addiction, have the faculties to choose to or choose not to smoke.  A baby only hours old cannot decide whether or not he would like a vaccine that is meant for prostitutes and IV drug users.  A vaccine that wears off before he or she even becomes sexually active.  A newborn cannot decide that. Please read Ian’s story here.

When the people in power stop listening to the people they serve, the most unfortunate and despicable events in human history repeat themselves.

Saddest of all?  Autism is just the beginning.

We are begging you.  LISTEN.

~ The Rev

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39 Responses to They Say

  1. kara says:

    Can’t see the video… Hmm.. Wonder why. I love this and needed to read it. Thank you so much. My son had all his shots until he had a “normal” reaction at his 2 month check up… I said no more. But I got bullied into getting him a few more and I cant explain how stupid that was of me. He is now 18 months and isn’t talking hardly at all. He never has normal bowels and fights me at everything. No one supports me abt it being the vaccines and they all badger me abt not getting anymore. I feel so alone. I wanna change drs bc mine gives me such a hard time when we go in… But I don’t even know if there are any drs around here who are open to being unvaccinated. What can I do to reverse this in my son. I live in the sticks… Middle of no where. Please help.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Unfortunately, the YouTube account for the video has been removed “due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement.” Sorry about that.

      Some book suggestions to get you up to speed fast: Gut and Psychology Syndrome, by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, Healing the New Childhood Epidemics, by Dr. Kenneth Bock, Enzymes for Autism and Other Neurological Conditions, by Karen DeFelice. If you want to go more in-depth you might be interested in Almost Autism, by Maria Rickert Hong, Outsmarting Autism, by Patricia Lemer, and Cutting Edge Therapies for Autism, edited by Ken Siri and Tony Lyons.

  2. Nan says:

    Just want to let you know that your message is being heard. I have a healthy, unvaccinated 2.5yr old because I heard your message and did the labor some research. I have another son in the way who will never be vaccinated either. Thank you!

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  4. Courtney says:

    Spread it far and wide. After all it’s only the truth….the every day reality some of us live. What our children live…what they have lost….what the real cost is….what happens when you trust blindly. If only I had known the TRUTH…..but now others can. It doesn’t have to happen to them. They still have a chance…if only the will listen.

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  6. Sugah says:

    Preach it, girl.


  7. Jean says:

    What to Actually Expect When You are Expecting!
    Spot on essay and great graphic.

  8. Kim Kovalchik-Ii says:


    LOVELY post! I love this blog – please keep it coming! Our kids depend on moms and dads out there who are passionate about this issue and want to help other parents learn what had to learn the hard way.

  9. Jaci VW says:

    “Matt Lauer, Oprah and Andersen Cooper would be clamoring for a chance to interview these rare families and capture their real story of ultimate sacrifice for the global village.”

    The one phrase that stood out most to me was the “ultimate sacrifice for the global village”, because truly, that is what our children have paid. They are like lambs to the slaughter; an acceptable loss for the overall good. It simply isn not acceptable that our children are the guinea pigs for these vaccination experiments. Sadly, the proof is in, but the evidence of what the vaccines are doing to so many children are being largely ignored.

  10. nhokkanen says:

    “He’ll grow out of it.” That’s what the pediatricians kept telling me.

    Years later and after great effort the speech delay is gone. Still plenty of autism symptoms left, though….

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  12. This blew me away…so many angles to autism and so much misinformation–especially among the medical community. We are fighting an uphill battle but the tide will turn.

    Keep writing articles like this–should be required reading for every new parent!

  13. June Park says:

    Wonderful, Thank you for posting this!

  14. Jennifer Power says:

    Perfect. Thank you.

  15. Becky says:

    God HELP US!!!! Its sooo true!

  16. LJ Goes says:

    Hey ACL,

    I could not find the Generation Rescue data, and I have to get dinner on the table. Fascinating though…I was able to find the data on Wikipedia, authored by the United Nations. Same data. They just call it correctly, “the Czech Republic.” Which leads me to believe it is my error. No one is more mainstream than the UN, great partners with the World Health Organization, partners in the proliferation of vaccines. The data does not lie. though…

    • ACL says:

      Thanks for clearing that up. I certainly believe the data. Honestly, it’s a perfectly reasonable error given all the changes in that region over the past few decades.

      I was only concerned because I just see so many people who choose to use the data that fits their agenda rather than investigating where that data came from. Some people will cite statistics from Freedonia if it fits into their narrative.

      Let me just say that I am thankful that you took my question seriously and answered it so quickly. This is all very confusing stuff and navigating it is hard enough. I am truly undecided in this debate. I tend to believe that there is something going on that’s not right and the best guess I can come up with is that it’s environmental. What I don’t know is if it’s our drinking water, our processed foods, our medicines and vaccines, or something else entirely. But I want to try and do the best for my kids.

      This is a thorny issue for me. People on both sides of the global warming debate can cite research for their position but I know that less car exhaust would be a good thing and the anti-global warming folks don’t seem to care. So that’s an easy position for me to take. This is harder since I have known people who have suffered from the diseases that vaccines have reportedly eradicated. I know that municipal water and packaged foods have chemicals but we are not a family of great means and those things are cheaper than the alternative. So while I understand and appreciate the passion displayed on this blog and these comment boards, it’s not as easy for everyone.

      Again, thank you for your response. As well, I want to thank you for your respect. I know that passions run high on this subject and understandably so but I’m just trying to figure out what’s best for my family in as honest a way as possible.

      • Karen G says:

        The educated decision not to vaccinate was really a decision to become educated on how to build health in my children and my family. Once the myth that they would be protected by being vaccinated was removed, I had to actively take an intentional role in determining their health. I learned about whole foods and which fruits and vegetables were the most contaminated when conventionally grown. I learned what I really did need to buy organic and what I could let slide. I started to garden and grow some of our own food. It can seem difficult but buying in bulk, finding health food co-ops and such can help a lot.

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  18. Lj says:

    ACL thank you for your thoughtful post. I am currently on my mobile but I gleaned that stat from a generation rescue study that was done in 2008. When I get home I will find the link and I will post it on the Thinking mom’s Facebook page. I sincerely appreciate the correction because I have been citing that specific statistic forover two years in my writing and on radio shows. This study is one of hundreds however. I will also post some recent solid research from my colleagues at Smartvax as well. I have several papers from universities that I can email you personally if you would like to connect on our fb page. Sincerely, Lj goes

  19. Carolyn S. says:

    After being smack dab in the middle of medical disaster, of which autism is the icing on the cake for the past 6 years sometimes leaves me feeling jaded. Then I read this, and I have to say I always come away with new things to consider. The paragraph about rarity is so spot on and seems so obvious but it just never dawned on me until I read that. You are absolutely right. I only wish I had the benefit of reading all your posts years ago.It pains me that every time I share important information or pleas from parents who are living through this, most of my FB friends have likely hidden me in their feed because they are tired of hearing about it because it couldn’t happen to them.

    Keep the inspiration coming Rev


    • Kay Copsey says:

      Carolyn S – I’m right there with you on the whole FB thing. I’m sure I’m “hidden” from many of my friends too! Isn’t that just sad.

  20. Sylvia says:

    Beautifully written. I’m sure mine are not the only tears shed while reading your post. I’m sure my fellow thinking moms and dads, those caring for our defenseless, injured children and trying hard to nurture the minds and souls housed in sick brains and bodies, are also shedding tears. Oh how we we wish we knew then, what we know now. I just pray that we will all, someday, have the strength to speak out and be heard. Thank you TMR for bringing us your energy and your fight.

  21. ACL says:

    I don’t want to nitpick since I know it’s just a small part of the point but I’m concerned about one particular quote from this post:

    “America ranks 38th in the world for childhood mortality rates. More babies in Poland and Czechoslovakia live to celebrate their 5th year of life, than in America. ”

    Czechoslovakia hasn’t been a country for 20 years. It’s now two separate countries. Are you saying that both the Czech Republic and Slovakia have better mortality rates than the US? I would believe that statistic but since there is nothing citing those numbers, I can’t know for sure.

    All too often, I see people embrace whatever evidence reinforces their preconceived notions. Creationists will accept whatever scientific evidence that is presented that supports the great flood. Conservatives will accept whatever numbers that is presented that says that lower taxes are good for the economy. Pro-choice advocates will accept whatever evidence that says that abortion rate will go up if Roe V. Wade is overturned. If there is any evidence against these positions, they are ignored our assumed to be biased.

    I am a parent of two children and I worry constantly about the environmental dangers that they have to deal with just by eating and drinking. I believe that modern society has created an unsustainable system that is killing the earth. Yet I don’t see a feasible way to erase the agricultural revolution that started all of this in the first place. So I am left to try and figure out what is best for my family on a point-by-point basis.

    Attempting to navigate the rhetoric on different sides of this issue is daunting enough. So when a statistic that can’t possibly be true, such as the one about Czechoslovakia above, is presented (and not sourced in any way), I simply cannot be sure of the truth in anything that is said in the post.

    If this post was intended to do nothing but preach to the choir and fire up your base, then I’m not the person who should be reading it. If you are trying to honestly change minds and educate the public, then I’m afraid I’m going to need more to go on than this.

    All I can say is that I honestly want to know more. I just must insist that it be true.

    • Marco says:

      Although the country is now in fact two separate nations, these are the mortality rates in the US, and the two countries that made up Czechoslovakia. With the populations being about 5MM for Slovakia, and 10MM for the Czechs, a loosely weighted average of the two would give the following numbers.
      I have actually been to Bratislava and can say it is no Beverly Hills. But in Beverly Hills a kid will get pumped full of toxins and the parents will have to listen to what “they say”…

      Age USA Slovakia Czech Rep. “Czechoslovakia”
      <1 .00729 .00689 .00303 .00431
      1-4 .0003 .00039 .00018 .00025

      Mortality rates from 2009 cited from the WHO.

    • Jennifer Power says:

      Please do some independent research into the vaccine machine. There are lots of good books (Vaccine Epidemic, Callous Disregard, Vaccine Illusion) , blogs like this (which are, of course, personal stories but there must be a reason there are so many personal stories), films (The Greater Good), youtube videos of ASD children (again, personal stories, but why are there so many?), news articles, website dedicated to educating you on vaccine risks and benefits (NVIC, VacTruth, numerous autism sites). If you have issues with this blog, start your journey elsewhere. You haven’t far to go to find evidence of vaccine-injury: every paediatrician’s office, any school play ground, any park or shopping mall. You just need to open your eyes and think critically. Good luck.

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  23. Kiwismommy says:

    Every day I do battle with pharma paid shills who are paid to post on vaccine articles across the country. I do it not because I believe I can change their minds, but because I cannot allow them to poison the minds of others. And there has to be people reading these articles and the comments below them who are trying to make a decision. It is articles like this one that counter the propoganda so well. If you look at what they are asking the public to believe, it is simply unbelievable, irrational, illogical. It is our obligation, each and every one of us, to take logic like this one and spread it far and wide. Thank you for an awesome argument. May we save thousands from harm, that is my prayer!
    Who is really crazy here? Those of us who believe in the whole vaccine/autism thing, not trusting our doctors and so-called science or you who blindly spout the rhetoric, no matter the costs. We know that pharmaceuticals are allowed to do their own testing and have been found guilty of fudging the numbers to get approvals and being fined millions and millions of dollars. We know that science publications are printing stories ghost-written by the pharmaceutical companies. We know that University research is being twisted to make the financiers happy, not because it is good science. But without any of that, here is what they would have us believe……
    That we inject every single baby in America, no matter their birth weight, gestational age, birth trauma or complications, or unknown underlying conditions with the same cocktails of drugs, adjuvants, viruses, and chemicals, without regard or even knowledge of their overall health status throughout their first years of life without expecting a huge amount of diverse reactions! Now who is crazy? Really? Do you actually believe that this one-size-fits-all policy is not responsible for a crescendo of problems? And science, the real science, tell us that if reactions are inevitable that they will fall on a continuum from mild to severe and everything in-between. Yet we are told there is no relationship, no connection even if they happened seemingly in a cause and effect manner. Will we ever know what the real percentage of reactions are or potential reactions if every single possible reaction is denied unless someone drops dead 5 minutes after vaccination, and some will even call that a “coincidence” (insert Paul Offit here). Babies known to have died from vaccine reactions are listed in VAERS as “SIDS”. In other countries and even in veterinary medicine they acknowledge conditions that are a direct result of vaccination that take months or years to develop post vaccination, but in our own babies and children they have to collapse in the doctors office seconds after vaccines to even be considered a reaction. The CDC now knows that mitochondrial disorders may be as high as 1 in 50, making them ultra susceptible to a vaccine induced regression of health and potential diagnosis of Autism. Yet we continue to vaccinate babies at 12 hours old with Hepatitis B, despite not knowing their underlying health condition, despite them not being at risk for the disease, despite their birth weight or gestational age, and we are the crazy ones? So many are so entrenched in their denials that they cannot see the obvious. That we are fast-tracking our children to a declined state of health and mental abilities. I think if you do not realize that there is a huge spectrum of affects from mild to moderate to severe to death, you are the crazy ones! Let’s start with common sense and then let real science start from there.

  24. Nicole says:

    The best TMR blog post yet! (And there are lots of great ones.) Turn it into a Youtube!

  25. Stephanie Lallo says:

    Beautifully written. Perfectly said. Thank you.

  26. jeff belloni says:

    Your baby is more likely to see their 1st birthday in 38 other countries…all with lower vaccination rates.

  27. Kara says:

    I listened. A lady at my church has a son with PANDAS who spoke with me when I had questions, providing me with information that I would need. My son was delivered six weeks premature, and they still tried to tell me I had to vaccinate him according to his age, even if he was technically only two weeks old. Thanks to your efforts I am armed and against my dead body will they poke my son, or any children to come! Thank you!!

  28. Rebecca says:

    “They” should be very afraid. Because of their actions, “they” will soon be outnumbered. Our ranks are growing every day- which is pathetic and wrong, but at least we have voices– and your voice, LJ is always most eloquent! thank you!

  29. Brilliant, Lj. Just Brilliant.
    The thing I love most about you as a Thinking Mom is that not only are YOU thinking, you are using your talents and passion to cause others to think.
    Keep ’em coming!

  30. Dave Goes says:

    The They in they say is they saying what they want you to say. awesome babe!

  31. Kay Copsey says:

    Great blog! I just wish my family and friends would at least read this with an open mind. Keep up the great work!!

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