Interview With Dr Darin Ingels: Sublingual Immunotherapy

PrimaDr. Darin J. Ingels sits down with Prima to discuss sublingual immunotherapy (also known as SLIT), it’s role in the treatment of autism, allergies and sensitivities. In his experience, Dr Ingels has had a  70% – 90% success rate in the improvement of allergies using SLIT.

One of the practitioners we work with suggested we give Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) a try. Food has always had a huge impact on my son’s behaviour and although we have tried many diets (Gluten free/Casein Free/ Soy free diet, Specific Carbohydrate Diet, Feingold diet etc), I knew my son’s sensitivity to phenols needed to be addressed with a different approach so we decided to try SLIT. A little over a year later we are getting very good results. We have been able to successfully  reintroduce foods he used to react to.

~ Prima

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5 Responses to Interview With Dr Darin Ingels: Sublingual Immunotherapy

  1. tstarmom says:

    Many questions – would love help! My son is not ASD, but has residual apraxia & has beat eczema, asthma, etc. He was on a plan with a holistic MD for the apraxia and one year later, is almost recovered. He has multiple food allergies and we are now in Phase 2 – healing his gut. I am doing some GAPS diet and doctor prescribed IgG 2000 (colostrum) and Inulin (prebiotic), along with the glutamine and probiotic that he’s been on for a year now.

    His system is very sensitive and he’s gotten a weird rash under his arm, the eczema on his feet has come back a bit, & he’s been stuffy after starting these supplements. He doesn’t have typical gut symptoms – great poop, no belly pain, great cognitively, low yeast, eczema healed, acid/alkaline levels perfect. So I question whether this is the route we should take, especially since he appears to be having side effects.

    SLIT sounds like something that I would like to try, especially since his immune system is so wacky (severely allergic to fish, moderately allergic to peanut & tree nut, mildly allergic to shellfish, pork, pineapple, dairy, and intolerant to gluten). I am hesitant to try NAET b/c his allergies are so severe and I read that a child could go into anaphylactic shock with this method. We are doing traditional acupuncture right now also to heal his digestive system.

    My questions – 1.) Any Facebook recommendations for people doing alternative treatment for food allergies? I feel alone for sure! 2.) I guess red, itchy feet are common in allergy season for ASD kids? My son has this problem, although I am managing it pretty well right now & I’ve never heard of anyone else having it. He has a severe grass allergy. 3.) Can you have a healthy gut, but have an immune system that is off? 4.) Laura, you mentioned your son being very sensitive & I wonder if my son, too would fall into this category with SLIT. What have you done to work on his immune system? Would love any advice & to hear more about the oral IgG.

    I would greatly appreciate any help anyone could offer!

  2. Prima says:

    Sure, I will def ask him next time around and let you know what he says.

  3. Laurel says:

    Would this be effective for IgG “allergies”? If so, do you know how he determines what to treat?

  4. Amanda says:

    Dosing for each individual antigen should be matched to the patient’s level of sensitivity. That will help with avoiding unnecessary reactions and provide a safe dosing range for each patient. Our practice is also unfamiliar with sublingual immunotherapy treatment only needing to be administered for months as the physician suggests. Desensitization can occur in a matter of months, however, for the long-term gains from sublingual immunotherapy and for the body to develop a lasting tolerance toward the allergens, a period of three to five years is needed for most individuals. Our practice has specialized in this treatment for more than 40 years and has treated more than 130,000 patients to date including children with ASD.

  5. Laura says:

    We tried SLIT in its infancy, but unfortunately, my son was too sensitive and each administration would trigger an asthma attack. If you have a chance to ask the doctor, what could be done to prevent this reaction? Was he exposed to too strong an antigen at the time? We have been working on his immune system over the years, and he is doing much better, but is still dependant on oral IgG to maintain health. Thanks!

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