How The Zimmerman Report Affects Us All

Good Morning Thinkers.

Four days have passed since the congressional hearings.

What was called a national emergency, an epidemic, in the hallowed halls of Congress on November 29th, 2012, has received nary a sound byte from the mainstream media.

In that time, hundreds more children have been injected with live and dead viruses.  Hundreds more babies have had their tiny, undeveloped immune systems assaulted with heavy metals and toxic adjuvants.  For them, the inflammatory cascade has just begun.   And like us, it will take their parents years to figure it out.  Many of these children will die.  Their deaths will be called SIDS.  Some of them will get a high fever, diarrhea, a rash, and they will lose their ability to crawl or walk.  For them, it will be called autism.  For the others, the mainstream variation of their illness will put them on the path of chronic inflammatory illness.  Their joints, lungs, bowels and brains labeled defective, their parents encouraged by their doctor, “With medication they will still live happy productive lives.  We see a lot of this these days.”

Customers for life.

Please settle in.   I am about to share with you the evidence that demonstrates the medical and scientific genesis of autism by vaccination. Then, I am going to show you how this information has been suppressed by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the Department of Justice (DOJ).   In this research, compiled by attorney Rolf Hazlehurst, you are about to see the irrefutable proof of what our community has surmised and asserted for decades.  These documents are not theory or conjecture.  They are FACT.  These are your talking points for your local press outlets.  These are the documents you need to take with you the next time you visit your pediatrician.  These are the attachments you will email your congressmen to DEMAND A SECOND CONGRESSIONAL HEARING ON THE ZIMMERMAN REPORT.

The Back Story

So many suits had been filed in Vaccine Court claiming autism the court could not effectively address each one.  So, instead of reviewing the individual medical records of each child they herded them all into the Omnibus Autism Proceedings.  Various theories were developed asserting the cause of autism. Most of those theories centered specifically around thimerosol and MMR.

Sidenote:  In real courts, precedent is a determining factor in theoretical causation.  Precedent is not permitted in vaccine court.  Meaning, any case that is won is sealed and attorneys are not allowed to review the medical documentation that influenced the award in that case. Vaccine court is not a court, but rather an administrative proceeding that takes place at the DOJ, which is an extension of DHHS.  The same agency tasked with promoting and marketing vaccines to the public.

Of the thousands of petitioners awaiting litigation (more appropriately, processing), a handful of families were chosen to represent all.

Yeah, I know.  What does this have to do with Dr. Zimmerman?

Dr. Zimmerman is one of the most respected pediatric neurologists in the country.  In the first test case, Cedillo vs. HHS, which was processed in June 2007, he was not called to testify, as he had been so many times before.  Instead, his written expert opinion was submitted into evidence.   As Rolf points out in the memo attached, “This would not be permissible in a court of law.”  At the time, Dr. Zimmerman’s written opinion did not support the causal relationship between vaccines and autism.  The Cedillos were denied awards for their daughter’s vaccine injury.

Two months after the Cedillo case was effectively processed out of court, Poling vs. HHS was identified as another test case.  But, it was quietly conceded. Without expert testimony! You can hear the Polings’ take on this turn of events here:

Another two months passed and Hazelhurst vs. HHS was processed. Like the Cedillos, the family of Yates Hazelhurst was denied awards based on the written expert testimony of Dr. Zimmerman.

However, between Cedillo and Hazlehurst, Dr, Zimmerman submitted his REVISED testimony upon investigation of Hannah Poling’s condition.  See Exhibit 3. 

The developing brain is especially vulnerable to mitochondrial dysfunction because of its high metabolic energy demands, and may be critically injured by marginal energy supplied by mitochondria under conditions of stress, such as infections and immune stimulation. Such cellular metabolic injuries in the brain during early childhood typically evolve over time as the child develops and may express themselves as the child grows.  An analogy to this situation is birth injury followed by cerebral palsy (CP).  Patients with CP may develop epilepsy months or years after the brain insult, but the original insult is still the cause of the epilepsy.  This child may improve and make progress developmentally, but then later develop epilepsy or other neurological impairments (e.g. learning disorders).  Thus, the time delay between vaccination, encephalopathy, and seizure onset does not preclude a causal relationship.

Again for emphasis:

Thus, the time delay between vaccination, encephalopathy, and seizure onset does not preclude a causal relationship.”

Please read this two-page document in its entirety.  It’s all there.

“Correlation does not equal causation,” the mantra of the mainstream and celebrity doctor communities for the past 10 years, becomes nothing more than an advertisement for cigarette safety with this one document alone.

I get it, but what does this have to do with me? 

Do you have a small child with autism?  Had this evidence been permitted to see the light of day, instead of sealed and the contents hidden from the American public, odds are good your child would not have been injected with autism.  If doctors and pediatricians around the country had been made privy to these incredibly important findings, the “autism epidemic” Congress repeatedly referred to last Thursday would have been stopped in its tracks.

But instead, it was covered up.

As DOJ attorney Lynn Ricciardella so very tellingly articulated during oral arguments in the Hazelhurst case, “We’re not even at the stage where it’s medically or scientifically possible.”  She, personally, months before this, sealed the Zimmerman letter that attests to the fact that it is not just possible, it’s probable that vaccines cause autism. “I hold these opinions to a reasonable degree of medical certainty.” Dr. Zimmerman concludes.

Dr. Zimmerman, a respected physician whose expert opinion the vaccine court has routinely relied upon. Until now.

In summation, the DHHS knowingly concealed Dr. Zimmerman’s revised report from the American public, using his old testimony to deny awards to the family of Yates Hazlehurst.  This one act of concealment, resulted in the dismissal of 5,000 plus Omnibus cases and the suppression of medical science that could save the lives of countless children.  They are knowingly harming children on a consistent and continual basis. 

Why?  Because they can, friends.  They can.

What am I supposed to do with this information? (Read the documents in their entirety using the links below.)

Share it with everyone you know.  Formally.  Soon, a petition will be circulated asking for your support.  Sign it please.  If you are comfortable talking to the press, call your local newspaper.  If you are not, contact the Thinking Moms and we will help you gain the confidence and talking points you need to make it happen.  Get a room in your local library, invite your neighbors and friends and present this information. If that all seems like too much, WRITE YOUR CONGRESSMAN.  Repeatedly.  Make the commitment to yourself, your child, and our community that this data will not disappear.  Because we won’t let it.  Enough people know.  It is up to us to keep the momentum going.

Yours in ACTION, The Rev

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36 Responses to How The Zimmerman Report Affects Us All

  1. Andy Cutler says:

    The Zimmerman report is actually the lesser of the frauds committed on the court. One that the Kangaroo court happily jumped up and down and accepted was to permit defendants to redefine the burden of proof.

    In a civil case such as this the proper burden of proof is a preponderance of the evidence. Just over 50% of the evidence, or just over 50% likelihood the evidence favors one party is enough to prevail. Or is supposed to be enough.

    The NVIC kangaroo court, however, permitted experts (who presumably did know better and thus perjured themselves) to testify that hundreds of studies ‘proved’ autism was not caused by vaccines (or mercury) when in fact almost all these studies showed a greater than 50% probability that autism WAS caused by vaccines (or mercury). The statement that a study showed vaccines did not cause autism when the study used a different burden of proof than the case being tried is improper and if done with knowledge is fraudulent.

    It is difficult to see how an ‘expert’ would not understand this.

    Dr. Geier did raise this issue in his testimony.

    This shifting of the burden of proof from 51% to 95% certainty is a far bigger issue than whether some evidence was suppressed.

    This is like saying OJ Simpson did not kill his estranged wife Nicole because a criminal court failed to convict. In that particular case, of course, justice was not perverted and a civil jury found him responsible for damages because it was far more likely than not he did it even if it could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Given recent experience with DNA exoneration of convicts 95% certainty is roughly the same burden of proof as ‘beyond a reasonable doubt.’

    So do vaccines have to be proven guiltier than OJ Simpson before they’re used more thoughtfully? Or do they just have to be shown more likely than not to cause harm to be more carefully controlled? This important public policy question has been decided by a special Kangaroo court which has condemned 5-10,ooo children to autism annually, and perhaps half a million each to ADHD and asthma. Just so pediatricians can make $6 a shot and pharmaceutical companies can make a few more cents per share.

    I wonder if lawyers aren’t as bad as doctors since lots of them should be all over this burden of proof issue but every time I bring it up people act like it is news.

  2. ljgoes says:


    Thank you so much for responding. We, at the Thinking Moms, have the utmost respect for you and your family. We were unaware of any discontent between you and Rolf. However, we simply released this data for the purpose of helping others understand the DHHS and DOJ have a great deal of explaining to do. The lack of transparency, the 83 Canaries, the thousands of awards in Federal Claims court displaying awards but asserting NO harm was done? The inconsistencies are endless and as we all know, vulnerable children continue to be harmed everyday. It must stop. It is our sincere hope that with the massive grass roots effort that has taken place over the past week to provoke congress to action, genuine change will be forthcoming.

    Warm Regards, Lisa Joyce Goes (the rev)

    • terry poling says:


      Please tell your reader’s that I am not trying to be vague or ambigious. Without writing a novel, it would be impossible to explain the details involved and it often seems that it leads to more confusion rather than less. There are numerous issues however, here are two:

      1. Hannah was never the 4th test case. It is inappropriate for many reasons to say more on this issue.

      2. Hannah’s case was conceded by the government without ANY expert reports, including Zimmerman. After the concession, Zimmerman wrote a report regarding the relationship between the seizures and the vaccine injury. At no time did Zimmerman express an opinion on the relationship between thimerosal in vaccines and autism in our daughter’s case.

      I am sorry not to say more. I hope this clears rather than clouds ambiguity.

  3. terry poling says:

    Dear Thinking Mom Readers,

    I just wanted to add that Rolf Hazlehurst has a lot of “facts” (as he calls them) about my daughter completely and totally wrong. In addition, as an attorney, he should know that while people may expect that he would “spin” the facts the way he wants people or they way he “sees them”, as an officer of the court, he is not allowed to release records to the public without the permission of parties concerned. After the way he has treated my family in person and in writing, and the false way that he is trying to portray others, he has likely made it impossible for anyone to get help.

    • You are being rather ambiguous, could you please elaborate? I did notice that there were around 13 documents that he referenced in his memorandum that were not released. There was only one document the Poling v. HHS, Zimmerman expert testimony that was released. So please explain your accusations?

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  5. cia parker says:

    When I was younger, I did tablings at our city’s Earth Day street fair for animal rights and, another year, for the Sierra Club. I got folding poster boards with color photos to stand up on the table, and sheafs of flyers on about ten different topics from PETA to hand out to people. We collected signatures to show support for different measures from the people who stopped at the table. Would it not be good to look into producing similar things to teach people the dangers of vaccines? Hundreds of people would stop at the table, as they did at ours, many to argue, but if our representatives were cool, polite, and well-informed, those watching would see what stupid bullies the pro-vax people are, they don’t have a leg to stand on, and the good guys would think about the information on the flyers or brochures themselves. Wouldn’t this be something thinking moms could rally behind?

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  7. Lisa Kelly says:

    I will be sharing with all my families……..although NOT without controversy………BUT i will keep trying……..

    Thanks for all you do Lady!;)

  8. Oz vax says:

    Check out for vaccine info in Australia.

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  10. penxta says:

    Is there a Thinking Moms Revolution group in Australia? I think we need one. My Granddaughter has just had her 2 month shots and I believe it has taken her a month to recover, her next vaccine assault is due right before Christmas. Very concerned 🙁

    • There are several vaccination awareness groups in Australia, penxta, including Vaccination Information Service, which I provide. If you contact me (which you can through the site), I hopefully can give you the information you need to explain the truth to the parents of your granddaughter, in time before they give her any more shots.

      • penxta says:

        It’s all very tricky with my daughter in-law and I have to tread carefully. I begged her not to do it and we were both crying on the day she took her off to have them. I got very sick after that and couldn’t see them for two weeks. As I’m just the Grandmother and the only Grandparent short of kidnapping her there’s not much I can do to stop them. I have really tried and it is now between us. Will contact VIS in Australia tomorrow. Thank you.

    • Jennifer Craig says:

      Penxta, refuse to give her any more vaccines, for her sake. You have the AVN in Australia. Consult Meryl Dorey.

      • penxta says:

        Thanks Jennifer, I have joined the AVN and talked to Meryl. I have become much more informed on the whole debacle of vaccination in just 3 months but 3 months isn’t long enough after the baby is born because of the fear and intimidation from main stream health services that the baby will die if you don’t vaccinate. It has become my obsession now to learn all about it and to help spread the truth. I’ve also learned how annoyed and angry people get if you question it. Ho hum.. 🙂

      • Jennifer Craig says:

        Penxta – It’s hard to combat zealots who will tell you that you are endangering other children, that you are a child abuser etc. etc. But there are plenty of people in the AVN and in the rest of the world to support you. Here in Canada, we have a telling gesture. You simply extend the middle finger of one hand, rotate the hand and jerk the finger upwards!
        Good luck and enjoy watching you children thrive in the knowledge that they were born with wonderful immune systems that you haven’t buggered up.

    • Thinkingmominthedesert says:

      Don’t let her get them!!! If she thinks the DR will put up a fight & use the quintessential condescending conniving fear-inducing lecture to enforce the BS that vaccines are necessary, then tell her to call and cancel the appt saying she forgot she had to be somewhere else that day and will call back to reschedule. If they call back asking u to reschedule ASAP or they ask to reschedule right then and there on the phone call, pick a date that’s at least 2 weeks away. During that time, research the info surrounding this issue (AKA discovering the truth) and look for a new DR that will support the parents lifestyle choices for their family. Hopefully u find one during that time period so when u call back to cancel that appt again, u can tell them to shove it!!! (or kindly explain that u are moving out of the area & won’t be a patient anymore!)

      • Jennifer Power says:

        Find a naturopath or family doctor who won’t force the vaccine issue. A baby who is well doesn’t need to attend “well-baby visits” because they are just a ruse to compel you to vaccinate. Please research before you give informed consent – otherwise it isn’t informed consent! Good luck.

      • penxta says:

        Thank you Mom in the desert, I started trying to tell them too late and now they think I’m a fear monger and homoeopathic nut bag. Really I knew it was a no go zone but because we didn’t have a baby I hadn’t really thought much about it until my Granddaughter was born. I was there in the hospital when the nurses came around to give her the Hep B shot and I chucked a bit of a tantrum in front of every one and at least stopped that one. I think the community nurse has been in their ear and they had the 2 month shots including the Hep B @#@!# AAGH!

    • cia parker says:

      Also, the Immunisation Awareness Society in New Zealand ( has worked a lot to promote awareness of the dangers of vaccines for the past thirty years. The vaccine activists Hilary Butler (Just a Little Prick and From One Prick to Another) and Wendy Lydall (Raising a Vaccine-Free Child) have worked a lot with them, and their books are fantastic!

      • Jennifer Craig says:

        Yes, they are great activists. In Canada we have the Vaccination Risk Awareness Network run by Edda West.
        I should promote my book too: Jabs, Jenner and Juggernauts: a Look at Vaccination.

  11. Thank you for this post Rev! I appreciate you summarizing this and linking to the documents.

    I am working on a V is for Vaccine post (Part 2)

    part 1 is here-

    and look forward to referencing this as well as the many other studies linking aluminum to mitochondrial damage.


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  13. Scott says:

    Sitting at a Continuing Medical Education conference, aka CME event. These are required by licensing boards. The M.O. of these events is to bring in so called experts to run their power point presentations with the latest establishment indoctrination. They don’t encourage live questions, but instead ask physicians to place their questions on a piece of paper, that will be asked via a CME moderator to the presenting physician. This is their means of eliminating discourse between intellectual minds that may call into question the establishments lies. Non of the three questions I posed as a physician where read, and plenty of time existed in the context of the time constraints. This is how your child’s doctor is educated.

    • Thinkingmominthedesert says:

      Wow!! Thanks for sharing that, although sadly it doesn’t shock me. What bothers me is the high & mighty salaries DR’s make compared to many other professions who are often perceived as lower ranking in terms of importance. I am a teacher. Teachers make sh$t!! But a good teacher will tell u, their own quest for knowledge and learning never ends, no matter how experienced, lucrative or successful they become. Why? BC the field of education is constantly evolving, changing, improving. We must keep up with the latest n greatest in the world of teaching and consistently find new & innovative ways to help our students reach their fullest potential. Well, can’t the same be said for DRs? The field of medicine (btw the use of THAT word says it all) is also constantly evolving, changing, improving. Shouldn’t a DR making 7 figures a yr, be interested in acquiring the knowledge needed to understand both sides of current controversial debates, investigate unconventional but effective treatments, be aware of what’s currently being researched in all departments & the implications those outcomes may have on different patients?……
      (rhetorical question, no need to answer, just something to think about)
      To me, it seems like the size of a DR’s ego is directly proportional to how successful they consider themselves to be, and that level of success is measured by the size of their wallet. This, ofcourse, is my opinion of DRs based on the past 5yrs, with the exception of only 1 (ONE!) excellent & awesome pediatrician who, is the complete opposite of what I described.

  14. Shawn Siegel says:

    Rev, would ya point to the verification of Ricciardella’s personal seal of the indicting document?

    There are folks here in Texas who file criminal complaints against public officials when they abuse their office. Were a successful indictment to ensue, based on state law the AG would be forced to prosecute. I wonder how federal laws read.

  15. ljgoes says:


  16. betsey says:

    I’ll be passing this info along to my attorney. I had to settle my vaccine case because of the length of time before symptoms developed. Thank you for this article.

  17. luvbugtmr says:

    Yes, thank you for explaining. Even though I’ve read and re-read and STILL have questions…I will keep asking and explaining to anyone who will listen. It is complex and it is counted on that the complexity will discourage folks from digging in and finding the nugget of truth.

    Keep digging and hold it up for all to see!
    Love you Rev!!!

  18. ljgoes says:


    That would be great. Please do. We have been repeatedly contacting the press. All the major news outlets, television and print media, if you would lend us your resources, and start contacting them on Rolf’s behalf as well, we would so appreciate it. Best, lj

  19. Bill says:

    I was a guest on rtn 10 and taped two shows in regards to our fight..27 min each! I have a standing offer to appear for more shows….I WILL follow the marching order recieved today. Best post ever…CUZ it calls folk to the real battlefield with REAL goals. VEry Nice REV!! Contact me via email please. Also have another idea that I know can get thousands of signitures. Please contact me! May God Himself steady our hand as our intellect and passion TAKE AIM! In Christ…..Bill

  20. Marco says:

    It is hard to beLIEve that this is going on. But the proverbial cat is out of the bag. But we have to find a way to stop preaching to the choir. We need to pepper the mainstream media. All contact info is on the AoA Bailey Banks (MMR = ADEM, ADEM = PDDNOS vaccine court decision) post.
    This is our time to make it happen.

  21. ljgoes says:

    Yes for sure Taximom5! Please send, paste…do whatever. Please get this research in the hands of every breathing human. best, ljg

  22. Taximom5 says:

    May we have official permission to copy/paste all of your post, in its entirety, on FaceBook and parenting forums?

    Would that permission extend to the rescuepost links, or would we need separate permission to copy/paste those?
    Thank you so much for all you are doing for children and families everywhere, and for our society.

  23. Shawna says:

    Thank you for explaining… I kept reading the memo from Zimmerman where he claims there is no evidence supporting vaccine harm and discouragement led me not to fully continue… So glad you fully explained the full coverup so I can understand why you are calling for the Zimmerman report to be investigated.

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