Injured by Gardasil: Ignored, Denied, or Despised

This was written back in November, but only came to our attention today. It was so well said that we thought it deserved a wider audience.

gardisil shot

So at my daughter Autumn’s doctor’s office, the nurse had more to say about Gardasil than the doctor. After a few minutes of entering symptoms into the computer, with her back to us and never once making eye contact, the nurse said, “Wait why does she have chest pain and all of this other . . . stuff?”

Autumn quickly turned to me for help; so I answered for her, “She received Gardasil  six years ago at age 11 and has been chronically ill ever since. It is getting progressively worse, especially this past year.”

The nurse then says, “Oh, really. Well, I have never heard of that before. At all. Ever.”

Autumn and I shot each other a look of dread, and I simply said, “There are actually many, many girls and boys seriously injured all around the world, and unfortunately some children have died from it. Autumn was perfectly healthy and an athlete prior to Gardasil. Most injured were very athletic.”

Thinking she could not be any less empathetic or more unprofessional, her next comment is one that leaves me speechless almost every time, “Well, my 16-year-old daughter just got it, and she is fine. She didn’t have any problems with it, and she is very athletic.”

My response was, “Yeah, not everyone responds the same since we are all, you know, different and . . . stuff.”

Annabelle Morin, who died after receiving Gardasil

Annabelle Morin, Canadian teenager who died after her second dose of Gardasil

That was it. No more conversation. No more questions, just awkward silence. But I had so many questions I wanted to ask her, like:

Did you hear everything I just told you about my daughter suffering a list of symptoms a mile long that leaves her chart easily mistaken for that of a 90-year-old?

Did you see the look on my daughter’s face as you compared her to YOUR daughter who walked away completely unscathed (so you think and I pray)?

Do you realize how cold you sound questioning the legitimacy of her illnesses and their cause, based on your theory that since you have never heard of this and your child didn’t get sick — so far — then that means it couldn’t possibly be from Gardasil?

Do you believe in vaccine injury?

Do you know the definition of “rare“?

Why are you so offended and defensive about me saying Gardasil caused my child to be sick?

Is my child invisible to you, because I can see her plain as day sitting on that table, so why are you speaking as if she is immune to your ignorance and insensitivity?

Lastly, do you have a heart?

The reason I post this small part of our appointment is to give a little insight into what it is like being a vaccine-injured child and what the parents have to go through before they can even begin to find answers and begin the healing process. There is never compassion, empathy, words of encouragement, or any sort of softness in the voices of the medical community. It is just a surreal experience from start to finish, and as parents it leaves us angry, frustrated, desperate, and scared. The people we are taught to go to for help when we are sick are dismissive, and cold. No concerned looks, no sense of urgency. Our society has encouraged and enabled an environment for these victims and their families that is confrontational, combative, and the victims are bullied and called crazy. This is not only allowed but mimicked by the media as they chuckle and wave their hand stating, “Vaccines are safe!! Vaccine injury is rare.” It may be “rare” but it is real — with a victim whose only mistake was trusting the information they were presented with from the very person who laughs in their face when they try to report adverse reactions!


Can you imagine having a child so sick and the places you are supposed to take them to “heal” don’t want to help you? Would a child who had a rare heart disease be treated this way? Would a nurse ever say to a patient with a rare cancer, “Well, I have never heard of that cancer and my child doesn’t have it, so it doesn’t happen”? How on earth can people treat a child this way, a desperate family this way? Because vaccine injury is “rare,” it is mocked, ignored, and downplayed by what seems like 90% of society, including almost 100% of the medical community. There is nothing like it in this world that I can compare it to. It is bizarre and traumatizing.

We are told to report allergic, and adverse reactions be they serious or not, but when we do we are shut down. We are told no way, no how could it be, because it is “rare.” What sense does that even make? It is rare, so no, that symptom is not caused by Gardasil or any other vaccine. The patient information leaflet clearly states as parents we have a responsibility to ensure we report these adverse reactions to our healthcare providers and we do. Over and over and over. If doctors instantly dismiss the idea, how do we know we are allergic to that vaccine or an ingredient in the vaccine? The patient leaflet says DO NOT get this vaccination if you had prior allergic or adverse reaction. HOW ARE PEOPLE SUPPOSED TO KNOW IF THEY ARE ALLERGIC TO OR HAVE A BAD REACTION TO A VACCINE IF DOCTORS DENY, DENY, DENY?! Every single day doctors are dismissing vaccine injury, and it is placing our children in deadly situations.


Incidence of serious vaccine reactions in Ireland

This type of behavior is not accepted anywhere else in our society. Treating a vaccine-injured child and their family as outcasts, as if they have done something wrong, and trying to sweep them under the rug to suffer in silence and isolation is twisted and cruel.

Remember, the parents of a vaccine-injured child were at one time all for vaccines. They once trusted. They once believed vaccines were safe. I once believed the same as everyone else until I witnessed the devastation of vaccine injury first hand. Since then, I have researched this issue inside and out. Vaccines may keep us from getting one illness, but I promise you they have the potential to create 10 more in its place. Autumn has multiple illnesses that can never be cured. We are told by our pediatricians to only start one food at a time, yet they inject our children with multiple vaccines at once containing illness, neurotoxins, and carcinogens, and we trust, and we allow it. What sense does that make? They have no idea what every ingredient in those vaccines does to a person, they have no idea what adding them all together and injecting them simultaneously does, and they will be the first to say we are all individuals who respond differently to medications. Vaccinations are medications just like Vioxx, Fen-phen, and all the other recalled medications we hear about, so why are they treated as if they are some miracle drug in a syringe that we should all inject into our bodies without question? It is irresponsible to treat our children all the same, one size does not fit all, it is not one in a million, and we as parents have to stop this madness and say no to playing Russian Roulette 49 times by age 6 and 69 times by age 18. Who can play Russian Roulette 69 times and never lose?

~ Alicia

Alicia is a dedicated mom of three beautiful miracles, now advocating for her Gardasil Girl whose story was first published by the organization SaneVax. She is determined to shine a spotlight on the cold, combative treatment families dealing with vaccine injury endure in doctors offices around the country. She is a seeker of truth and fights for complete transparency from vaccine manufacturers.

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15 Responses to Injured by Gardasil: Ignored, Denied, or Despised

  1. Catherine Nichols Pogorzelski says:

    I applaud all that oyu do to get the word out and to advocate for your daughter. I am 57 yr old woman harmed via RUbella, Tetanus and Pneumonia vaccines, as well as having Lyme. In pursuit of my lyme diagnosis I had nine MRIs with gadolinium contrast, I now have Gadolinium Deposition Disease, mainly fibrosis is forming in my organs and skin!
    Please inform others NEVER to get any MRIs with gaolinium contrast, as this is depositing into the bodies of patients with NO KNOWN KIDNEY DISEASE, causing irreparable harm to all the bodies’ systems.
    Please go to for more info Hit me up on FB or Twitter if you have any questions! Twitter @CNicholsPogorz

  2. Alicia says:

    Thank you all. Since then I have been going through so much and my marraige is falling a part. I became afraid of people who were trying to intimidate me but no more. I’m back and speaking again.

  3. Jean says:

    My daughter was injured Jared in 2008 over 89 hospitalizations this vaccine has killed and injured so many worldwide now boys are getting good it and they are being injured we have been ignored and treated pools as well the story above tells all of our stories of being given rejected and Ignored!

  4. Alicia says:

    I just wanted to thank you all for your encouraging words. Sadly we are not alone and we have so much company all around the world. So many children are dying and being permanently disabled for money. With mandates looming it is a scary time for all of us. Thanks so much for your support. It is very much needed. Peace and healing to you all as well. 💖💖

  5. The Rhode Island Alliance for Vaccine Choice (VaccineChoiceRI™), partnered with the
    Alliance to Remove HPV Mandate, is dedicated to protecting our medical
    freedom in Rhode Island. We are currently working with our state
    legislators and government officials to remove the HPV vaccine mandate
    in Rhode Island.

  6. Steff says:

    I understand. I have a very rare cancer. Less than 1000 cases a year worldwide. 25 specialists total worldwide. I hate searching for a doctor, because the second I say appendix cancer 85% of them respond with I’ve never heard of that or even worse, well can’t they just remove your appendix? I will be praying for you and your daughter.

  7. pHarma says:

    The medical definition of “rare” is ” > 1/10,000″, “very rare” “<1/10,000".
    Conventional MD's inability to attribute poor outcomes to the drugs they prescribe or the procedures they perform is not limited to vaccines. There is a category of antibiotics called "Fluoroquinolones" that cause brutal disability and have been since they were introduced 40 years ago. On November 5 activists were able to get a hearing with the FDA, and are working for a diagnosis called "FQAD"- Fluoroquinolone Associated Disability". Many patients are not believed to be ill but hypochondriacs by the prescribing physicians. Injury denial is a problem across the entire health care industry. Here is a short video that describes that injury reporting is a failure for conventional drugs. So the logical question is: If VAERS is effective, why doesn't the FDA just copy and past it into the failing AERS system? In reality they are both the same, except VAERS has the added burden of an even greater level of denial because vaccines are given as a prophylactic to healthy patients, instead of therapeutically to an ill patient, where some level of risk is acceptable.

  8. Louise says:

    Very sorry & sad to read your story but also hopeful that continued sharing of such shall eventually help to tip the scale in favour of truly informed choice.
    Many years ago my son had a narrow escape after being injured by MMR vaccine. The medical profession behaved exactly as you described. When pressuring me to consent to further vaccines, I simply asked them to prove it was to his benifit. They could not prove it. I never vaccinated my children again. I took my son to a homeopath who treated the effects of the vaccine & he regained health. I later went on to become a homeopath & saw many such cases.
    Mass medication is a dangerous, unethical & criminal practice, about which there is massive denial.
    Thanks and best wishes for finding healing.

  9. susan says:

    Dear Mum and Daughter team, you have had to learn a hard lesson from the medical profession. Now it is time to get it right without them. Seek out a holistic MD who can help. They will be far and few between since most of them are now dead. I am sure there is someone to help get things right. I think a clean diet and intravenous vitamim C

  10. carolyn says:

    have you tried functional doctors? naturopathic doctors? i believe that someone out there will be compassionate and might even be able to help her

    good luck

  11. Sandy says:

    This is another source of possible help for your daughter–a detox protocol from vaccine damage:
    Prayers, healing and strength to you and your daughter.

  12. JP Sarr says:

    Your daughter deserves a doctor who really cares about her as a person and about all her medical conditions — and who is well-educated beyond the typical medical education system. If you cannot find a doctor, you might look for a nutritionist with a masters degree. Some may be able to help you over the phone (although that may not be your first preference). I have heard Kelly Dorfman (Maryland) speak and our doctor likes her. If you find a good person, he/she may be able to point you toward other good professionals. Your daughter deserves the best. I send God a prayer for courage and blessings for your family.

  13. Rene says:

    You are an amazing mother. Don’t let the ignorance of the medical community weaken your commitment to seeking answers and demanding research. I think that Doctors and lobbyists have portrayed vacccines as magic beans with absolutely no adverse reactions EVER. The deniel is pathological. Know you have support and that it is growing. I had several adverse reactions while in residency and they were ignored, dismissed, and unaknowledged from my own Doctor. I am healthy because of my own research and initiative. I admire your strength and commitment to your daughter. Because of stories like yours you are preventing many more victims of this vaccine, including my own children. Prayers to you and yours.

  14. Layla says:

    “Treating a vaccine-injured child and their family as outcasts, as if they have done something wrong, and trying to sweep them under the rug to suffer in silence and isolation is twisted and cruel.” “It is bizarre and traumatizing.” Indeed!

  15. Lucy says:

    Go, Alicia! Courage and blessings to you and your daughter.
    More and more people are waking up and are becoming willing to consider facts, thanks to the perseverance of people like you. We are getting closer to a tipping point. May your daughter find real healing.

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