Vaccine Injury is “Rare”!

rev-preacherWe are closing in on week number two of relentless reporting about the potential, possible, probable measles epidemic. Common to all these stories, beyond the usual rhetoric that the parents of unvaccinated children are killing us all with their ignorant alternative-health mumbo jumbo, is the repetition of one very interesting word:  Rare.

Every public health mouthpiece, CDC official, celebrity doctor and pediatrician that has admonished the public for daring to listen to the hardships of vaccine-injured families has found a way to mention that vaccines are indeed drugs and like any other pharmaceutical, they carry risks.  Vaccine injuries — unlike those of other drugs for which the pharmaceutical industry is held accountable in a conventional court of law — are exceedingly “rare.”  Let us now explore that reality from the perspective of the vaccine manufacturers and the families of this country who support mandatory vaccination.

According to the 2013 US National Vital Statistics Reports, there are approximately 361.1 million people in the United States.  Statistically speaking, one child represents .00000028%.  That is a remarkably small number. Statistically insignificant. Essentially irrelevant, in the big scheme of things. Wouldn’t you concur?

So it would probably be okay with all of you if we took the life of just one baby a day, for the sake of the herd, right?

Just one baby.

Every 24 hours.  Three hundred and sixty-one million people;  that’s a lot of mouths to feed, bodies to house and clothe and educate.  You could probably spare one.

So . . . we are all in agreement then? One baby a day. It’s sad, of course,  but necessary.


child sacrificeOne child will die today. So, don’t be shy! Who will be the first to offer theirs? Remember, this is an honor, and it is your duty as an American to bravely fight the war on infectious disease.  In fact, since we have reached this agreement so amicably, instead of killing a baby tomorrow, we’ll just paralyze him and make him a diabetic. But we’ll keep his neurological systems intact. Doesn’t that seem more than fair?

On the third day, a child will be given hypogamma-globulinemia, spasms, chronic abdominal pain and intussusception. This one might turn out all right actually. It will depend entirely on how educated Mom and Dad are because once we administer their sacrificial dose, we are not responsible. Actually, we are not responsible before, during, or after administration. Know the law, parents.

The fourth day we will administer idiopathic thrombocytopenic pupura, encephalopathy and paralysis. This is a pretty heavy burden for all the systems, so this one may have to die too, given the already overwhelming viral burden and autoimmune compromise. It will be good for you to remember what an honor it was for your child to be chosen when you are holding him through the night as he screams inconsolably.  For 15 years. Before one of the thousands of seizures he suffers as the result of methylation failure finally takes his life.

Let me see . . . the fifth day.  Hmmm, the fifth day we will do vasculitis, bulging fontanelle, hypotonia, persistent cough and petechiae, This one will have febrile seizures, hypotonic hyporesponsive episodes with just a touch of subcutaneous tissue disorder . . . we’ll saaaay alopecia.

The sixth day, we will give this child anaphylactic shock in response to benign substances.  Like peanuts.  This one will have jaundice for a while, but that is a lot more common these days, so no biggie. She will also get the measles virus (albeit less severely than had she contracted it wildly) and it will shed to the baby we will take on day number seven. The real challenge for this child will be the progressive neurological disorder/deterioration which will be hard to detect early on.  Of course, all of these ailments are a bit like finding a needle in a haystack — but remember our agreement!  We are being very generous letting this one live!  You are welcome!  We want you to be happy and to feel pleased about your patriotism. While there will be no hospitals or schools built in your child’s honor, no multi-million dollar wings devoted to the study of his particular vulnerability, no parades or galas to commemorate his memory,  Just know you did what was right; and, of course, keep it to yourself.


thrombocytopenic purpura

On the seventh day, this special little girl who has already succumbed to a lab-born version of the measles (because she was too young to be vaccinated; that is what we will report to the media and convey in our marketing materials) will be given lymphadenopathy, uteropelvic junction obstruction, bronchiolitis and cyanosis in conjunction with uncontrolled epilepsy.  She might be too young for MMR, but she is certainly old enough to get DTaP.

Of course, this list of vaccine side effects goes on and on, but, we just wanted to show you that we are not all bad. Notice, not all of them died. Contrary to what you have been told by anti-vaxxers most kids will actually get to live! You know this.  You see them every day. The world is still spinning even though we have 69 doses of 16 vaccines on the schedule. Most children will live with illnesses that are quite manageable with precise doses of many medications over their lifetime.  These kids are a very important part of our business plan and we have to keep them humming along. These are the children with asthma, allergies, ADHD, ODD, OCD, diabetes, blindness and arthritis. The manageably sick who will require regular maintenance and medications.

Now, the real heroes we talk about above?  Those who do not die will exist chronically compromised, with pain they are often incapable of conveying, so it will often go untreated. Their central nervous systems, neurological function and susceptibility to autoimmune illness will shorten their lives and potential greatly. For those kids we have some therapies, and some weekend programs. But, overall, they will stay home with their parents until they can go into a home for special kids like them, where they generally expire rather quickly.  This is, of course, a wonderful blessing.

Vaccines work.

epipensWe hear often from anti-vaxxers that they are simply “pro-informed consent.”  We hope with the illustration provided above that you can understand why we cannot accommodate that request.  It is incredibly laborious to truly delve into the medical history of each and every newborn.  We cannot do that for every  0.00000028%.  This is individualized medicine, catering to each and every single person that is born in this country.  It is a luxury. Taking into account the genetic history and epigenetic susceptibility of each child is not the birthright of American children. Yes, we know that certain increasingly large subsets of the population — like African-American boys — are extremely vulnerable to vaccine injury — particularly, autism.

But to evaluate each child means selectively vaccinating.  Kids with sensitivities to yeast, family history of seizure disorder, autoimmune issues, allergies of any kind, asthma, diabetes and several other auto-inflammatory illnesses would have to be tested before vaccination. That would lead us to require genetic screenings for predisposition to mitochondrial disease, metabolic disorders, POLG gene, MTHFR mutations, etc. for every single solitary 0.00000028%.

You recall at the beginning how truly insignificant this one child . . . I mean, statistic . . . is, Right?  The list of pre-existing conditions that may or may not be present in the undeveloped immune system of a child is exhaustive and testing them would be astronomically expensive.  Right now, we are on target to make 40 billion dollars this year, and that is with ZERO liability for any of the vaccines we produce.  Why would we even contemplate implementing such testing?  That’s the government’s job, not ours.  To be frank, we are often vexed that the public is so critical of us. At the end of the one-baby-goes-down-a day, we are a business.  Not a charity.  Not a nonprofit. Not a watchdog organization; a thriving, profitable business that invests equally in both Democratic and Republican parties, with the most powerful lobby in the country.

I’m glad we had this little talk.

So, who will be the first to sacrifice their 0.00000028% today? When you look at it that way, it’s not even your child; it’s your contribution.


If only the pharmaceutical industry spoke to us with such clarity. Of course, many children are harmed by vaccines every day, rather than just one.  But, I chose the “one a day” scenario to illustrate the fact that we seem to be looking at children as statistics rather than children.   I chose this scenario in the hopes that I might help people understand that every time they repeat what they hear on the news, this is the philosophy they are adhering to.  If you are pro-life, religious, an atheist or a humanitarian — is it okay with you if your child or someone else’s child dies to spare another child an uncomfortable rash, elevated temperature and irritability for a few days?  Let us not forget, there have been no deaths from the measles in this country in the last 10 years. Not one.

Do you understand?  I truly hope you do. Because right now there is no medical or scientific transparency and a parent has no idea if their child is vulnerable unless they do the research for themselves. You do not know what combination of this mixed bag of side effects may define your life from the moment that needle pierces your child’s skin.  You could end up briefly parenting the baby on day one, or parenting the baby on day 6 until your 70th birthday. You might just get chronic bowel disease. You might just get allergies. You might get both, as our neurotypical son did. My son with autism is a combination of several of the scenarios listed above, which are listed on several vaccine package inserts and in Physician’s Desk References.

Interestingly, the stats that are charted and easily locatable in these resources and on the Material Safety Data sheets a parent receives at the time of vaccination emphasize the following side effects:

  • Localized pain
  • Swelling at the injection site
  • Fever
  • Drowsiness
  • Irritability
  • Loss of appetite

These are the side effects physicians are trained to recognize.  I am told by my pediatrician friends that they are given one day of training on vaccines in medical school.  On that day, they learn how to give injections, not what is in them. They are also told that to question the effectiveness of vaccines among their colleagues is the equivalent of heresy. Right now a mom who takes her child into the ER the evening of her well-baby visit with the symptoms above, is dismissed.  “Oh mom, it’s the shots!”  I was told.  “There will be so many more bumps and bruises!  You need to relax. Go home and alternate Tylenol and Motrin.”  But, when that same mom goes back to the ER a few days later with a child who is now seizing as the result of metabolic failure and glutathione depletion? This time when she mentions the well-baby visit she it told it is irrelevant. The conversation never takes place. It does not get documented. Proper treatment never happens. Months later mom has a behavioral diagnosis and a list of psychiatric medications to try for her child who is now described as “special” instead of what she really is:  VACCINE INJURED.

I was asked the most brilliant question by a reporter today. “How do we elevate the conversation so it is not so nasty?”

I was so very grateful and responded, “We start looking at the science.  All of it.  We allow the public to see the studies and decide for themselves. All we hear now is “the question has been asked and answered.”   If that were true, public confidence in vaccines would not have deteriorated so dramatically.  We need to start acknowledging and reporting on the theoretically rare. We need to look critically at the over 100 studies that show the correlation between vaccines, autism, learning disabilities and autoimmune disease that have been suppressed.  We need to closely examine all the scientific facts, not just those that people find comforting. We need to stop ignoring the scientific truths we find disturbing. Science and fear have nothing to do with one another.  We need to actively listen to parents who have been affected, rather than dismissing and marginalizing them.  We need to search together for the truth for all the children of this country with an open mind that embraces all treatment modalities.”

We’ll find out soon if it makes it to print.

Yours in Knowledge and Scientific Truth,

~ The Rev

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55 Responses to Vaccine Injury is “Rare”!

  1. Layla says:

    Thank you for your tireless efforts to get this sickening truth out there. From reactions I’ve seen on the internet and even among my (highly educated and liberal progressive) friends – there is a mass psychosis taking place regarding the truth about this vaccine holocaust. I was hopeful with all of the hoopla around the excellent film VAXXed but now i’m back to feeling quite discouraged that this will ever change – only one informed parent at a time protecting their children from the most useless and damaging crap in the history of the world. It will be the end of our species – i’m sure of it.

  2. Linda Jones says:

    I took an MMR vaccine in 1993. I almost died a couple of times but made it through. All my systems were down. Spent most of the past 23 years searching for help and there wasn’t any. The CDC said that I had been injected with a live vaccine and I would have it in my system forever! They don’t care what happens to you after the vaccine. The MD’S don’t want to rock the boat. In 2014 a friend of mine introduced me to Protandim and most of my 14 symptoms are gone. I’m working on my web site so I can reach others who are suffering, perhaps silently, with no recourse. I am thankful my daughter supports me in my cause and would never have her children vaccinated. They are happy and healthy thanks to her. We tell people DO THE RESEARCH!

    • Joseph G. Emond says:

      Hi Linda,

      I’m writing to see if you could tell me what your 14 symptoms were (now that they’re almost all gone). The medicine (Protandim) you were told about and took that took away many of the symptoms you battled for years (directly related to the MMR shot you had in 1993). Are there others you know who suffer as you you did from the same severe adverse reaction? This and many other articles must continue to make it into the light of day to give parents guidance about making informed decisions about vaccination… in general. I’ve written before about my children’ experiences (2 boys with ASD, who are now adults with ASD) with adverse reactions that I saw with my own eyes days after being innoculated. I am president of the Alberta, Canada chapter of FEAT. I can be reached at 1-587-700-2390 in Calgary, Alberta.

  3. Actually having a child that is NOT Vaccine Injured is rare whether it is a reaction to allergies from milk, peanuts, fake food dyes, Cancer, IBS, ADHD, ASD, Lupus, asthma, diabetes, seizures, and so on.

  4. It is now Feb 2016. Autism has jumped from 1 in 88 or 1 in 68 to 1 in 45. Among boys it ranges from 1 in 29 , 25 – to less than 20. Those who continue to believe in the erroneous “better diagnosis theory” to continue to stay put in those beliefs. I have been hearing the doctors say,”It can’t be the vaccines,” in the early 90’s, late90’s, 2000’s continuing on to 2016. That crosses decades and millenniums. Doctors think that they can treat moms like children. 1 in 5 are Developmentally Disabled. Getting our word out on the internet is simply not enough. The facts need to make it to mainstream TV. We need a think tank of those who can get us there. This was a well written piece.

  5. Kayla W. says:

    Thanks very much for this powerful article! I’m the parent of a child with one of those “rare” vaccine injuries. My husband and I have spent about $200,000 out of pocket over the years, trying to get her back to good health. She’s better off than so many vaccine-injured kids, but must live with so many limitations and restrictions, so much pain…She’s 13 now and often says “I want to die!” because her future looks so dark to her. So many people just don’t understand the damage vaccines can do. Thank you for the work you are doing to get the truth out there.

    • Janet says:

      Very sorry to hear about your child. Did your child receive the measles vaccine?

      • Kayla W. says:

        No, my daughter didn’t receive the measles vaccine, thank God; I’m sure she would have been one of the “overnight autism” kids if she’d been given MMR. She had only four vaccinations: She was given an unauthorized HepB vaccine in newborn intensive care at 1.5 hours old, before she was even considered “stable.” At 3 months she had DTaP and at 4 months Hib — both with no apparent reaction. At 5 months she had DTaP and had symptoms of encephalitis, plus weeks of illness due to opportunistic infections that took advantage of the immune suppression vaccination causes. Our regular doctor was no help. We sought help from truly knowledgeable medical professionals and were told that she is at high risk of severe brain injury or death if vaccinated again with pertussis vaccine. At that point we stop vaccinating.

        At seven months we saw the first symptom of what was later diagnosed as a “collagen formation disorder.” She still suffers from this problem in spite of several different doctors attempting to treat it. Consequences for her have included hiatal hernia and prolapse of both of her kidneys, plus constant joint pain. Recently I read that HepB vaccine can trigger autoimmune connective tissue disease and at my request, my daughter’s doctors are about to test her for this.

        I’m constantly outraged at people who claim vaccine injury is rare. I had to file a VAERS report myself after my daughter’s DTaP catastrophe, because my doctor didn’t plan to file. Vaccine injury isn’t rare; it’s common and covered up.

  6. Carol says:

    My son, Shane was born a beautiful child with a 10 APGAR at birth. After the first DPT immunization, he had a fever of 105. I took him to St. John’s Hospital emergency room where they put him in an ice bath. After the second DPT immunization at around 10 months, he basically died in my arms. He had 3 tonic clonic seizures. He turned purple, stopped breathing and went limp in my arms. I gave him mouth to mouth resuscitation until the paramedics came. His neurologist did give him an EEG and determined him to have abnormal brain activity. His diagnosis came with a Phenobarbital prescription. Like acid on a burn!!! He lost him agility and was extremely lethargic. I begged God to help return him to his beautiful happy health. Through the years, Shane has suffered many brain difficulties. The tears never stop for those of us who are fighting every day to support our precious loved ones. To bear the burden of sorrow knowing that IF we had known these heinous drugs would inflict such harm is crushing. I can’t help replaying the day when I took my beautiful baby and handed him over to a nurse to administer that vaccine. My family is full of doctors and nurses. I have heard how drug companies bribe doctors with money to prescribe their drugs. Regardless, anyone who is still undecided about vaccines should take some time and read these life altering experiences. Living in horror every day of my life!!

    • Janet says:

      Very sorry to hear your story. I am curious as to why you responded about the dpt vaccine when this article is about the measles epidemic. I am a measles survivor. I was part of the 1988 epidemic. I was 35 years old at the time. I developed complications, one of which was encephalitis. From then on everything changed. I would like to talk to more survivors. I wish I’d had the vaccine.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        The article is about vaccine injury. It is just discussing it in the context of a measles outbreak.

        I am a measles “survivor” too, as are most people who are older than I am. I’m sorry you had encephalitis, but don’t assume that having the vaccine would have protected you from encephalitis. In fact, many of the vaccine injuries most discussed here included encephalitis, when “everything changed” for those people as well. The interesting thing is that the prevalence of all the conditions associated with that is now MUCH higher than it was when we had 3,000,000 – 4,000,000 cases of measles a year.

  7. Sebastian says:


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    Excellent report

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    Vacs – Aluminum linked to military gulf syndrome and sicknesses

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Wow, Sebastien! Thanks for collecting all that! I personally experienced the mumps shedding when I gave someone else a NASTY case of mumps right after I had been vaccinated.

  8. Paul Elsass says:

    There have been zero deaths from measles in the US in the last 10 years. However, even the CDC admits there have been 108 deaths from the MMR vaccine in the US in the last 10 years. Hmmm…which she we be more worried about based on that? Further, why do you choose to even believe the CDC or drug companies? The CDC currently has a scientist working for them who is come out and said that they have been lying and manipulating data on vaccine safety. The Obama adminstration is granting him immunity to speak and show the evidence. More to come on that. Then, you have Merck, who in 2012 have 2 scientists come out and say that the drug company has defruaded the government out of millions on vaccines and manipulated data. In late 2014, a judge ruled in favor of the two scientists who are whistleblowers at Merck.

  9. Paul Elsass says:

    I often run across people who love to bring up Dr. Wakefield and claim that he wrote a paper saying there was a link between Autism and the MMR vaccine. If you believe this, then you meet the true definition of a brainless sheeple. The facts are, he never wrote a paper saying any such thing. He found a consistent issue of “gut problems” in a group of autistic kids who had received the MMR vaccine. He stated that more research should be done on it. Further, he suggested that the combination of three viruses in one single shot was not a good idea. Guess what, in March of 2013, another group of doctors at Wake Forest University found the same results of gut problems after the MMR. His reputation was ruined by lies and people keep repeating the lies without any understanding of what they are even saying.

  10. Paul Elsass says:

    “There were 644 cases of measles reported in America in 2014, even though 95 percent of children entering kindergarten have gotten two doses of MMR vaccine, which is also true for 92 percent of school children ages 13 to 17 years.
    Plus, less than one percent of children under age three are completely unvaccinated and 92 percent of them have gotten one or more MMR shots. In some states, the MMR vaccination rate is approaching 100 percent.
    According to Dr. Cherry, measles vaccine acquired herd immunity is in effect with a measles vaccination rate of more than 90 percent. Well, that has been true in America since 1981 with one dose of MMR vaccine and since 2000 for two doses of MMR vaccine, which is one reason why the CDC declared measles eradicated from the U.S. in 2000.
    But, clearly, measles virus has not been eradicated from the U.S., just like measles has not been eradicated from any other country and emerging scientific evidence suggests it never will be—no matter how many doses of MMR vaccine are mandated for every man, woman and child in the world.”
    Why is a big deal being made out of 51 cases of measles reported in the U.S.?

  11. Whitney Stevens says:

    I am so thankful for your article, and so sorry for your injured daughter. I will share your article widely. I am a Natural Childbirth instructor, my mom practices Natural Healthcare and vaccine damage reversal using nosodes, etc. with very good results. If you ever would like information on vaccine damage repair, please feel free to contact me. You and your daughter are in my prayers.

  12. J.Leigh says:

    Amen! That’s right, we do!

  13. Shena says:

    The part where you mention that the hospital says it “can’t be the shots” really hit home. That is such a huge problem that these issues are not documented out of pure fear. When my son got his MMR at age 7 (we waited because his sister has a mitochondrial disorder and is on the spectrum after a regression), well, he is a stutterer and after the MMR, within a couple of days he could barely speak his stuttering was so bad and this lasted for a good 3 weeks. It was so sad to hear him attempt sentences. He is fine now, miraculously. In fact we realized that if he doesn’t have dairy his stuttering disappears completely. So anyway, my point is that his pediatrician said that the sudden, bizarrely-excessive stuttering had nothing to do with the shot. She wouldn’t even write it down. It was so obvious to me that is was the shot that I couldn’t believe she could make that statement. Now have a new pediatrician who has put together all of the symptoms through my son’s life and has diagnosed him as having an auto-immune sensitivity to vaccines. We are now off the anti-vaccer list and on the diagnosed vaccine-sensitivity list. But I will always know how it feels to have people scorn what you know to be true about your child. It is shockingly devastating.

    I believe that every kid SHOULD be tested at birth for the disorders you mention that are so “rare” because you know what, I think we both know that they are no so rare in reality. Doctors have that wrong and I guarantee that in 10 years from now we will be reading about when we immunized all those children who were sensitive to the shots. Just like how 10 years ago we were told the GFCF diet was BS, but now GP’s are telling autism mom’s to try it with their children.

    I’m sorry you had to go through this with your child.
    Thanks for your amazing post.

  14. Heather Dicks says:

    Great article, I do have a question. Why do our children need the same shots at different stages of development? Does this mean the vaccine might not of took? Thank you.

  15. Michael says:

    Your child has a 1 in 1000 chance of being injured or killed in AL car wreck today. Will you still strap them in and offer them up upon the alter of your convenience, daily?
    If only they had a choice in the matter.

  16. Jade P says:

    Yeah… I’m still gonna vaccinate..

  17. J.Leigh says:

    Excellent portrayal of the industry Rev! Your response to the reporter was SPOT ON too!

    I have so many people around me that are pro-vaccine (of course) that want to use FB as a platform for their bigotry and arguments, stating “facts” and relaying information to me that they want me to “answer to” for why I stopped vaccinating my vaccine damaged autistic son and refuse to vaccinate my youngest. You know, the “why are you subjecting your choices on our children even though they are vaccinated” argument. The list of the 100 studies is GOLD but I was wondering if you or anyone else has a list of the percentages or statistics of vaccine damaged children, current (actual) rate of autistic children in the US and maybe other countries, etc. Perhaps someone has a list of how many cases get submitted to Vaccine Injury court per year vs. actual judgments awarded, etc.

    Just trying to compile my “ammo” and draw out the obvious conclusions that the statistics are in FAR greater numbers than the “rare” side effects everyone is screaming about.

    On a side note, my son was a participant in 3 different studies from Stanford, the MIND Institute at UC Davis (they are amazingly receptive FYI) and a study through The Johnson Center in Austin, TX. I don’t know about anyone else but so far I have found that even some of the most resistive medical institutions are mostly trying to find out what the hell IS causing autism and hilariously, some who ARE trying to disprove vaccine involvement are reporting “strange correlations between autism diagnosis and brain encephalopathy caused by viral antibodies present”…the proof is RIGHT THERE! Yet they just….can’t…..say….the….words……..just……so…….difficult…….oh the agony! Ha, the chumps!

  18. Y Lewis says:

    Thank you, Rev. Powerful, as always. <3

  19. Jill says:

    Fantastic post. There is something else that has been haunting me lately as I read comments on social media from parents of immuno-compromised children calling on all other parents to vaccinate their kids to protect the immuno-compromised ones. I have hestitated to respond to those parents because I know they are hurting for their children’s situations and I don’t want to imply blame, but this is what I want to say:

    Shouldn’t we be asking why so many children nowadays are immuno-compromised? What is different now than a generation or two or more ago? Never before, and as far as I know, in no other country, has a generation of children been so very, very, very heavily vaccinated, and never before has such a large percentage of a generation lived without having contracted what used to be considered normal childhood diseases (that would serve to educate and strengthen children’s immune systems for life). How many of those immuno-compromised children whose parents are shouting at others to vaccinate are immunocompromised BECAUSE of the vaccines they were given (possibly in concert with other factors that made them more vulnerable)? Many of those parents are, in essence (and without realizing it), asking other parents to add their kids to the growing ranks of the immuno-compromised!

    It makes me sad because they don’t get it and I’m sure if they did they would never suggest the very thing that would result in even more children with damaged immune systems. I just read the other day that cancer is now the leading cause of death in children under 5. Why is this happening? Until we have successfully solved the “mystery” of why so many children today are chronically ill, it is reprehensible to force upon all what may be the very most important contributor.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Stay tuned for our next blog on that very subject, Jill!

      • Jill says:

        Thank you in advance for addressing that! Many, many blessings to you for all of your valiant work to help educate, open minds, and make this world a better place!

    • Kayla W. says:

      Jill — I agree with you 100%. I’m the parent of an immune-compromised child who is vaccine-injured and has been given a medical exemption from any further vaccination of any type. I do recognize that my child’s immune system problems are at least partly caused by the few vaccines she received. When I say on social media that my vaccine-injured child can’t receive any further vaccines, the pro-vaxers insist that I should want everyone else to vaccinate their kids so that “herd immunity” will protect my kid. I tell them NO WAY would I ever ask another parent to vaccinate their kid, because I know first hand, up close and personal, every single day, some of the horrible things vaccine injury can do to a child. And vaccine injuries ARE NOT RARE. They are extremely common, often deadly, and almost always covered up by doctors, vaccine manufacturers, the FDA, and the CDC.

      Thanks for your clear-headed, obviously caring comments!

  20. Gisselle says:

    Cuddos Rev for that well written article. You laid it all in detailed perspective. It’s truly disheartening to witness the sheer brain washing that is going on. I’m noticing people who where opened to the idea of vaccine injury suddenly shifting and saying “both sides have a valid point”. They are completely relying on what’s reported in the news media as totally reliable and unbiased information!!! It’s just sickening. Until it is proven to all that our so called “reliable media networks” are nothing but a bought medium to disseminate and spread false information while censoring truth and science and whom are certainly not looking out at all for the welfare of the public, then this will just continue to be an uphill battle. Wish we could all just buy back our networks. Tough to not to get discouraged. I get tired of talking to people who don’t seem to really be listening. I don’t know how you find your stamina and courage but I’m grateful for people like you who are pulling for the rest of us. However if there’s a demonstration, would like to be there in support.

  21. ThinkingMOM says:

    “Right now a mom who takes her child into the ER the evening of her well-baby visit with the symptoms above, is dismissed. “Oh mom, it’s the shots!” I was told. “There will be so many more bumps and bruises! You need to relax. Go home and alternate Tylenol and Motrin.” But, when that same mom goes back to the ER a few days later with a child who is now seizing as the result of metabolic failure and glutathione depletion? This time when she mentions the well-baby visit she it told it is irrelevant. The conversation never takes place. It does not get documented. Proper treatment never happens. Months later mom has a behavioral diagnosis and a list of psychiatric medications to try for her child who is now described as “special” instead of what she really is: VACCINE INJURED.”

    Yep. That’s pretty much exactly what happened to us. 7 years ago after my son reacted to a flu shot given at his 2yo well visit. Cumulative overload’s toxic straw. My eyes were pried WIDE OPEN. The lying and denying STILL happening today is SICK!!! IT’S JUST SICK!!!!!!

  22. James Little says:

    Five babies in a daycare center in Illinois came down with the measles, but no one around them had an active case. Someone wrote in wondering if a toddler who had just had a measles shot “shed” the virus to these babies. Is this possible? If so, should we consider vaccinated toddlers to be baby killers, and their parents jailed for turning their kids into Measles Mary and Measles Mack?

  23. tami says:

    I have 4 children, 2 with vaccination 2 without. The 2 that are have Autism….. coincidence? ?????

  24. Sherri Svrcek says:

    Well said! Thank you for providing so many facts along with your beautifully written article.

  25. Natural Mom says:

    My kids are unvaccinated. I don’t “just” trust science. Why? Because what is once touted as “completely safe” is often changed later on. Remember the use of thalidomide? That ended well. How about the idea that smoking didn’t harm unborn babies? And the ever popular Cytotec for inducing labor that would rupture the uterus causing deaths of babies/moms or both moms and babies? To stand there and hand me a hazard sheet of dangerous chemicals within a drug and then tell me that the vaxes are “completely safe”, you’ve got to be kidding me. If I would not allow my child to ingest it or inhale it, I would not allow it to be injected. I have a possible MTHFR issue. This genetic gene mutation is also thought to be more sensitive to vaccines. No, I won’t get my children vaccinated.

    • Kayla W. says:

      Natural Mom — Just want to say, I love reading comments from moms like you. You’ve got your eyes wide open, you’re smart and knowledgeable, and you’re protecting your little ones like a mama bear protects her cubs. Your kids are so lucky!

  26. The medical establishment and the governments must see the damage. The teachers in the schools see the injury in our children. The social workers and police see the difference in our children and adults. So do the jails now having to admit young adults with HFA. Add your voice to others parents voices of vaccine injury or read what others have said.
    This is no joke and we will never stop fighting for our kids no matter what. In the UK there has been a media blackout so good to see more Americans speaking up all the time and never stopping. We in the UK have not stopped either.

  27. Laura Hayes says:

    Excellent, as always, Rev!

    Here is a comment I wrote in response to Lyn Redwood’s article last week on SafeMinds. Seems to go hand-in-hand with what you’re saying:

    One thing I am hearing often that I don’t think is at all accurate is the notion that vaccines only cause harm in “susceptible” children. By considering just one aspect of the harmful inherent nature of vaccines, the ingredients in them, and not even the many other problematic features of them, the ingredients alone are going to cause some level of harm in each and every child who receives them. For but one example, no level of mercury, aluminum, polysorbate 80, or formaldehyde is safe to inject into any human, much less an infant, whose blood-brain-barrier is wide open (to at least age 2 most likely, and perhaps far beyond)…some amount of neurological injury will be sustained…and that’s not even taking into account the negative impact those ingredients will have on the child’s thymus, immune system, nervous system, and GI tract.

    A more accurate statement is that due to the very nature of vaccines, including their many health-damaging ingredients, not to mention the viruses and retroviruses from humans and animals that they contain, or the many proteins including food proteins that they contain that the blood is incapable of breaking down which then result in inflammation, vaccines cause some level of damage to each and every recipient. The amount of harm, the type(s) of harm, and the onset(s) of the harm, will play out, over the course of the child’s lifetime (think SV40 in the polio vaccines of the late 50s and early 60s resulting in many kinds of cancers today in middle-aged, SV-tainted-polio-vaccine recipients). The problem is that the harm might not be immediately recognizable. Some of the harm will take time to manifest itself (Type 1 Diabetes and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, for but 2 examples). And let us not forget that the majority of vaccines are given to a population who cannot speak to describe the symptoms they are experiencing. How convenient for vaccine manufacturers…not that they’re liable anyway.

    The proof is in the pudding. 1 in 6 with a neurodevelopmental disorder (i.e. BRAIN damage); 1 in about 10 with asthma and/or allergies, both of which can be life-threatening; 1 in 68, or is it 1 in 50, or is it really more like 1 in 30, with Autism, a SEVERELY disabling disorder leaving the majority dependent on others for life; 1 in 300 or 400 with Type 1 Diabetes; don’t know the exact stats for seizure disorders, tics, childhood cancers, and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, but whatever they are, they are deeply troubling as well; an inexcusably high infant mortality rate; escalating numbers of students requiring IEPs; etc. It does not take a math degree to assess that these numbers reflect GRAVE problems with the health and development of our children, and that it’s getting more and more difficult to find a child who doesn’t have health and/or development issues, especially among the vaccinated.

    • Kayla W. says:

      Laura Hays, thanks for these great comments! I’m the mom of a vaccine-injured child and I always appreciate people who GET IT and put the truth right out there clearly and concisely, as you have.

  28. Lynn says:

    I was wondering if there was a way to some how connect with more like minded people in my area on this whole vaccine issue. Maybe we could somehow organize and get a game plan to affect our areas with this whole vaccine debate that is going on. I am very concerned about the whole ordeal. Especially when the media lets a doctor tell a bold faced lie on national tv stating that people have died from this current measles “epidemic”. It’s really gotten out of hand (in all actuality it’s probably been out of hand for a long time but I am just now seeing it) and I am ready to take some action I just need some guidence and help on what I could do.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Lynn, send us a private message on our Facebook page with your location, and we’ll post a question asking for like-minded people who might be interested in connecting up.

      • Lynn says:

        I am not on facebook, but if I need to set up an account for this purpose then I will. My location is in Linden, Michigan.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Unfortunately, your best bet for networking is definitely going to be Facebook. At the moment, it’s the best place for meeting and networking with like-minded individuals. For instance, if you find the names of a number of folks in your area, how do you keep in touch? Does someone do a lot of phone calling? If you’re all on Facebook, that sort of thing is greatly simplified. I’ll post your question to our page.

      • Lynn says:

        Thanks so much!! Looks like I’ll be joining Facebook!!!

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        A reader says: Livingston County Natural Parenting Support. If you friend request Jennifer Moose when you’ve got your Facebook account set up, she will set you up. Good luck!

    • Lisa says:

      Lynn, I am in Birch Run. Not too far from Linden. Would like to connect.

  29. nhokkanen says:

    Have any studies counted children’s trips to ER’s and return trips to clinics post-vaccination for conditions related to adverse events?

    • Kayla W. says:

      nhokkanen — Here’s a study you might find interesting re: ER visits after vaccination at 12 months and 18 months:

      Wilson et al. (2011) “Adverse events following 12 and 18 month vaccinations: a population-based, self-controlled case series analysis.” PLoS One 6:327897

      You can find this online at

  30. Nikki says:

    WOW! I want to cry. Sheep to slaughter. My son sure sacrificed his life and for what? With all this measles hysteria now I cant imagine how many more parents will realize they made a grave mistake.Too late. : (

  31. MamaBear says:

    The recent measles panic attack, while it has caused a great deal of emotional turmoil in my family’s life, may be a blessing in disguise. I am reminded of Dorothy and companions before the great and wonderful Wizard of Oz, how the little dog Toto dragged the curtain aside to expose the charlatan, how the con artist repeatedly screamed “ignore that man behind the curtain!”

    There are many Dorothys out there, the mothers (and dads) of children irreparably harmed by vaccines. These brave parents have undergone so much heartache because, unlike those who profit from vaccine injury, the parents have been willing to crawl through glass for their children. More importantly, these parents have been willing to suffer ridicule, contempt, marginalization for someone else’s child.

    The truth will come out, maybe not in my lifetime, maybe not in the lifetime of my 12-yr-old vaccine-injured grandchild. But it will come out, and those who have sown the wind will reap the whirlwind to their great detriment.

    • Kathy P says:

      Well said! I have a 15 year old Autistic grandson, who has gone through hell his entire life. His Mom, my daughter, due to the stress has Stage 4 breast cancer. She found out that cancer in not uncommon in parents of Autistic kids. The stress is overwhelming and constant.

  32. todd tomerin says:

    great article as always and thank you and all of the others for being so informed and keeping others informed as well!!

    i get slammed all the time about vaccine safety and that is fine. too late for my son but want others to know the dangers!

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