Just A Drop: Natural Healing With Essential Oils

Dragon SlayerEssential oils work on the body, mind and soul. More than just a fragrance, essential oils have immense health benefits. They are easy to use, hassle-free and no side effects. I have been using lavender oil and tea tree oil (also known as melaleuca) for years. I add lavender in the girls’ epsom salt baths and massage oil for its calming benefits, and tea tree oil for topical use as an antimicrobial and antifungal. Until recently, that was the whole extent of my experience with essential oils.


“Girl, you need some Thieves.”

My friend rushed over to my house the moment I told her my husband was sick. I was worried my daughters and I were going to catch the bug. She brought along with her a small vial and a diffuser. She plugged the diffuser in, filled it with water, added a few drops from the vial and switched it on. A beautiful, warming scent permeated the air. Kind of like gingerbread cookies and Christmas. To me, the scent was intoxicating and utterly beautiful.

Courtesy of rewindforlife.blogspot.com

“What IS that?” I asked. “It’s Thieves oil,” she replied. “It’s antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic. Diffuse it every day to help with your husband’s virus and to prevent it from spreading to you or the kids. Diffusing it eliminates air-borne bacteria. It’s also great for colds and flus, too.” She lent me her precious diffuser, gave me the little vial of Thieves oil, refused to let me pay her for it and got me started on my new passion for essential oils.

“Thieves essential oil blend is effective against the flu virus and infectious diseases. When the virus enters the body, it is attached to our cells and then engulfed into the cells. The virus then integrates into our genomes and activate our cells to reproduce. Thieves oil doesn’t affect the attachment of virus to cells. It does not affect the proliferation in our cells. But, it blocks the protein synthesis of the virus, thus it can’t be spread. Other essential oils also have this type of properties.” ~ Dr. H.K. Lin

Thieves essential oil is a blend of clove, cinnamon, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus. The Thieves blend was created based on the historical account of four thieves in France who protected themselves from the Black Plague with cloves, rosemary and other aromatics while robbing victims of the killer disease. When captured, they were offered a lighter sentence in exchange for their secret recipe. Thieves is a definite must-have in my home.

How Do I Use Essential Oils?

smelling lavender 1

You can use essential oils, also commonly referred to as EOs, aromatically, topically, internally or around the home. I usually put 1 drop of essential oil on my hand, rub my hands together, cup them close to my face and inhale eight times. Breathing deeply and slowly, I imagine the healing essence seeping through every cell of my physical, emotional and spiritual being. Sometimes we forget the importance of breathing properly.


I love diffusing essential oils, though certain oils like vetiver which is quite thick and syrupy may not be suitable for diffusing. I also prefer not to diffuse certain oils like eucalyptus or peppermint as I find that it stings my eyes. I adore my home diffuser so much that I now have bought three… but the girls accidentally broke one, oops! So now we have one for the girls’ room, and the other one oscillates between the living room and my bedroom.

“When therapeutic-grade essential oils are inhaled either by cold air diffusing or by cupping the hands over the nose and inhaling deeply several times, the tiny molecules absorb easily into the delicate membranes of the nostrils and travel up to the brain, stimulating the amygdala which is the emotional center of the brain.” ~ Frances Fuller

I also add a few drops of essential oil into the girls’ bath, especially when they’re sick. By the way, never heat essential oils. It alters the molecular structure of the oil and will affect its therapeutic properties. Adding it to a warm bath is fine, but heating it up is a big no-no. 

applying eo

I suggest you do a patch test when using an essential oil for the first time in case of skin sensitivity or irritation. When using essential oils topically, depending on the oil and what I use it for, I massage it on the feet, big toes, wrists, back of the neck, brain stem, ears, crown of the head, spine, chest, tummy, over the liver or any area of the body where I feel it would most benefit. I usually apply the oils using a layering technique.

“When we layer essential oils, we apply one oil at a time, waiting 1-2 minutes between application of each oil. Some oils will absorb within 15-30 seconds, and any oil will absorb within 2 minutes. The order of the oils and the ratio of drops of each is totally inconsequential. That is why I say that even children can safely apply the oils themselves with supervision.” ~ Frances Fuller

If we’re in a rush and I don’t have time to massage the EOs, I just put a drop on my daughters’ hands, and off we go while rubbing our hands and cupping it to our face. Sometimes, I’d rub EOs on the back of the girls’ neck while walking down the street.


I use single oils such as lavender, frankincense and eucalyptus blue, as well as EO blends such as Thieves, Valor and R.C to name a few. Some oils like Thieves is a `hot’ oil because of the cloves. I apply Thieves oil at the bottom of the feet, never apply it on your face.  I usually mix 1 drop of Thieves in 1-2 teaspoons of coconut oil or any carrier oil you prefer. Most EOs are fine to use neat, such as lavender and frankincense.

I diffuse Thieves all over the house especially in the bedroom when any one of us are sick. Some people may find the smell quite intense, but my entire family absolutely love the scent. I use an essential oil atomiser diffuser which does not heat up the EOs.

“A cold-air diffuser is designed to atomize a microfine mist of essential oils into the air, where they can remain suspended for several hours. Unlike aroma lamps or candles, a diffuser disperses essential oils without heating or burning, which can render the oil therapeutically less beneficial and even create toxic compounds. Burned oils may become carcinogenic.” ~ www.younglivingsuccess.com

How to use essential oils courtesy of caigconsulting.com

Courtesy of caigconsulting.com

You can also take essential oils internally. One day, I woke up with a sore throat. I added one drop of Thieves in a bit of water and swallowed it in one shot. Let’s just say that it smells better than it tastes. Since then, whenever I need to take essential oils internally, I will add a few drops of essential oil into an empty vegetable capsule and swallow it with water, just like any other capsule. Problem solved! Only use therapeutic-grade essential oils. Never take synthetic aroma oils or lower grade essential oils internally.

Certain essential oils make excellent cleaning products for around the house or as part of your personal care routine. Thieves and Lavender are so multi-purpose that entire product ranges have been produced out of them, including household cleaners, soaps, toothpaste and shampoos. Thieves essential oil blend is also effective against black mold. My friend rubs frankincense essential oil on her face every morning, her glowing, youthful complexion is a testament to the powers of frankincense. So, think of essential oils for your household use before reaching for toxic, chemical-laden products.

What does it mean when I don’t like the smell of an essential oil?

keep calm essential oilsThe first time I smelled Frankincense, I did not like it at all. Bleurgh! But, I have been using it for a couple of weeks now, and I am really loving the scent. I was told that if I did not like the smell, it means that my body needs that essential oil. But if I LOVE the smell, it means that my mind and spirit needs it.

“Did you know . . . When you don’t like the smell of an essential oil it means that our body may require that essential oil. Sorry folks! The response our body displays by disliking the smell is a defense mechanism from the toxins in our body. Young Living Essential Oils vibrate at a much higher frequency than the toxins we harbor within. As soon as we smell the oils their constituents are already acting upon the toxins. In response, the toxins send the message to the brain “Stop smelling that , we don’t want to be displaced” and then we say “yuck, that smells bad” and we stop using it keeping the toxins right where they are lodged. Rutavala and Palo Santo may ‘ smell bad’ but with enough applications the scent will shift from a distasteful one to one that you like, meaning your body has utilized the oils and you may be in the healing state.” ~ Lynn Kwitt, thejoyofessentialoils.com

“I can’t use essential oils, they will antidote my homeopathic remedies!” 

smelling eoSome homeopathy users reading this are probably thinking exactly that, right? Your homeopath may have told you to avoid coffee, strong scents, even minty toothpaste when starting a new remedy or homeopathy protocol for fear of antidoting or interfering with the full benefit of the homeopathic remedies.

“All homeopaths appear to agree that eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils should not be used with homeopathy as these are thought to antidote at least some of the homeopathic remedies. Some homeopaths also say that tea tree antidotes remedies.” ~ Lowana Veal 

I am currently doing Aperture Prescribing Homeopathy. My Australian homeopath Tina is totally cool with us using essential oils. It also depends on the individual I feel; some people are very sensitive and even avoid walking past a Starbucks for fear of interrupting their homeopathy healing! In my personal opinion, if the homeopathic remedy you are using is absolutely spot on, such as your constitutional remedy, then it will keep working no matter what. As for me, homeopathic remedies keep on working for me even months later. Drinking copious amounts of coffee, using peppermint toothpaste, swigging minty mouthwash or using tea tree oil doesn’t seem to affect me. I can still feel the remedy working even months after taking a dose. When in doubt, ask your homeopath.

“I often receive questions from people who are using homeopathy asking whether one must make a choice. The answer is simple: Essential oils can be used right along with homeopathy except for PEPPERMINT, which must be used 30 minutes apart. I find that it is also helpful to compare and contrast homeopathy and therapeutic-grade essential oils. (Does this sound like the former math teacher speaking???) 

  • Both are plant-based. 
  • Both are natural in the purest sense of the word. 
  • Homeopathics begin with the plant and are diluted repeatedly until only the energy of the plant remains.
  • Therapeutic-grade essential oils the actual “life force” or “blood” of the plant. They are the most concentrated form of the plant. Therefore, they are extremely potent and often require only one drop to be effective. “ 

~ Frances Fuller

Ever since my first experience with the healing power of Thieves oil, I have been more and more intrigued by essential oils. Seems they’re more than just nice smelling massage oils after all. Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils has been around for ages, it is not a new healing modality, but it is new to me. This is a whole new system of natural healing I’ve never truly experienced before. Since then, my entire family have been using various oils and benefitting from their healing properties. In case you were wondering, none of us caught the bug, Hubby experienced very little discomfort, and recovered very quickly.

My daughters have taken a real shine to essential oils, they have embraced this new thing mummy introduced very quickly and enthusiastically. Initially curious and attracted to the cute little vials, they quickly learnt to treat the oils with the respect they deserve. I encourage them to smell and try the oils, they are very curious about them and ask me what they are for. They are really really drawn to essential oils, even Hubby remarked how much they are into EOs. I left some brochures on essential oils lying on the dining table one day, later I found both Mei and Min Min sitting there quietly, reading it!

We have extended our bedtime ritual to include essential oils into our routine. The girls love the essential oil massages. It’s very calming, and I especially treasure the mother-daughter bonding moment when I’m massaging them. The girls take turns every night to choose which oil to diffuse. They take their time smelling the vials and thoughtfully choose an essential oil. Their favourite oils for diffusing at night are Peace and Calming, and Lavender, both very calming and helps with a peaceful night’s sleep. Lavender is also a great antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral, it is my go-to oil. When in doubt, I reach for lavender. Peace and Calming is particularly effective at keeping Min Min’s nightmares at bay. Though tonight Min Min surprised me when she chose Release. An intriguing choice. I asked her why. She replied “To release the nightmares!”

Smart cookie, that girl of mine.

EO for anxiety

Apart from their healing properties for our physical ailments and illnesses, I find essential oils particularly effective for issues of the mind and heart. Essential oils balance the body and uplift the spirit. Some can help with anxiety, release negativity or remove emotional blockages. Some oils literally brings feelings of joy and lightness in you; it’s pretty powerful stuff. Did you know, rose essential oil has the same vibrational frequency as love? It’s one of the reasons why rose oil is one of the most sought after and a highly valued essential oil.

valor eo

I find Valor pretty amazing. It is one of my favourite essential oil blends. My girls are more confident, more self-assured, it is very uplifting. I use Valor for myself too, I find it very balancing and grounding. If you have ever felt like you were not grounded, you’ll know what I mean when I say that it can be a disconcerting feeling. As if you needed to gather yourself together for fear of having your sense of self scattered every which way blown by the wind. I feel better, motivated and more energetic. Stressful situations and hard tasks don’t seem as daunting.

Frankincense has some pretty remarkable healing physical and spiritual properties. I recently attended a talk by Dr H. K. Lin and Frances Fuller on the healing powers of frankincense. Let’s just say that since then, I never forget to apply frankincense on the back of all our necks, especially the brain stem, every day. Dr H. K. Lin, together with Dr. Suhail in Oman, is doing research on frankincense and its treatment of cancer. To watch the video interview by Dr Mahmoud Suhail, please click here.

frankincense eo

R.C. is an essential oil blend that is particularly effective in respiratory illness. When the girls had a cold and cough recently, I diffused it in the room to relieve nasal congestion. I also applied it on their chest, diluted with a bit of coconut oil of course. I also rub it on their feet, concentrating on the balls of the foot, as it is connected to the lungs. It’s pretty marvellous I must say, they got over their deep, painful coughs quickly.

Di-Gize is the oil I reach for whenever the girls have digestive troubles or any tummy upsets. It is a blend of tarragon, ginger, peppermint, juniper, fennel, lemongrass, anise and patchouli. Di-Gize supports a healthy digestive system, combats candida and parasites amongst others. I usually add 1 drop of D-Gize to a teaspoon of coconut oil, and massage it on the girls’ tummy every night or anytime it’s needed.

oils for autism

Courtesy of gianelloni.wordpress.com

Vetiver is one of the top essential oils for autism, ADHD and ADD. Vetiver smells like the forest after the rain, that damp earthy scent rising from the earth mingled with freshly trampled grass. Rather intriguing and earthy. Vetiver is quite syrupy and thick, it doesn’t drip out of the bottle as easily as the other oils. The smell is rather strong, the scent tends to linger on even hours after applying, so one drop goes a long way. I usually mix it with coconut oil and massage the girls’s feet before bed, concentrating on the big toes. It quiets an overactive, exhausted or stressed mind. It can also help to control anger, irritability or neurotic behaviour. It worked nicely for Min Min, but it made Mei a bit goofy and silly. I guess she was already zen and calm enough!

There are so many other essential oils that we have used and love. Each essential oil really needs an entire blog to do it justice, I have barely touched the surface of it. This is just a brief look into how my family and I have quickly and easily incorporated another natural healing modality into our lives. Essential oils are very quick and easy to use; there are no rigid or fixed protocols. They are very effective and do not interact or interfere with your other interventions. You can easily incorporate essential oils into your current lifestyle. Essential oils can promote deep healing with very little to no side effects: a drug-free intervention that’s safe for the entire family. We Thinking Moms love our little scentsy bottles of oils. Do share with us your experience with essential oils here or on our Facebook Page, we LOVE hearing from our fellow Thinkers.

~ Dragon Slayer

* For more on essential oils, please read Reconnect: Essential Oils Protocol For Autism. For more by Dragon Slayer, click here.

About the author – Dragon Slayer is a mother of 2 children who are now recovered from autism. She is the Vice-President of The Thinking Moms’ Revolution, co-author of Autism Beyond The Spectrum and founder of KL Biomed, a support network for parents with children affected by autism, ADHD and related disorders in Malaysia and neighbouring countries in Asia. She lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For more by Dragon Slayer, please CLICK HERE

TMR does not endorse or promote any particular therapy or brand of product. Any information from this website is not to be construed as medical advice. Please consult with your health practitioner in managing your child’s treatment.

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    Hi! Can I get the contact info for your homeopath – Tina?

  3. Randi says:

    I just read that epileptics should not use Rosemary….Theives contains Rosemary. Is that an issue for epileptics. I live theives but now I’m concerned about using it around my neice who is epileptic

  4. Good information, I feel a professional approach.
    My experience with essential oils

  5. Brittany says:

    Telling people to casually ingest oils is unethical and dangerous. You should really include safety info, and the fact you are only supposed to ingest certain oils under the guidance
    Of a professional aromatherapist or dr.

    • Katie says:

      Seriously, just stop. It’s proven to be safe if ingested properly and only using therapeutic dosages. I ingest Young Living Essential oils daily.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        With respect, Katie, just because someone does something daily, doesn’t mean it’s safe–for them or anyone else. I have yet to see “proof” that ingesting “only therapeutic doses” (which is what exactly? There is no official definition of that) of every essential oil is safe. And the fact is that what is “safe” for one person is not necessarily safe for another. In an unregulated industry such as essential oils, a bit of prudence is called for.

    • in the quantities she suggested it is not harmful to even a child to take that internally …go take your fear mongering to the big pharma affecionados.

  6. Cody García says:

    Great article! Essential oils are way more powerful than people give them credit for.

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    Such a great article about effects and all and I want to thanks the comments and discussion , I find it really helpfull now. Want to read more and open some new recepies of oil!

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    I love cheep ideas for holiday crafts to do with my children. Interested in oils for asthma, anxiety, fatigue, energy, daughter to b able to use instead of start ADD meds. Antidepressants,

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    Clean Healthy Living is Wonderful, Yes Indeed. And it’s getting more and more rare and difficult every day. When or “if” codex is enforced, say bye bye to helpful info honest methods inexpensive natural ways to stay or get healthy….. Get PRINTED BOOKS ((online is already censored so much)), as they may become much more rare and expensive soon ((more than already))… i.e. PREPARE….
    Yes, recovering is possible from most troubles, but it is getting much much harder to do / find help/ in the last ten and twenty years…..
    Fighting the windmills is getting harder and harder because they keep multiplying in number and strength, with ‘official’ government and ‘professional’ deception behind it.
    ((re don quizote)) ….. ((Been healing people 30 years….. one of the biggest surprises now-a-days is how many people DON’T WANT to be healed , period. (by anything) )). ((So many want continuing attention or assistance))…. and many more just aren’t willing to ADMIT healing is usually so easy, and that most of society lies all the time….

    • Nancy T. says:

      Dear Jeff:
      I’m very interested in what you mean by “codex”. What exactly is it?
      I’m am very interested in clean living and natural treatments and do not trust main stream medicine or Big Pharma.
      My family eats as much organically as we can and do not use RX meds, and steer clear of man made chemicals in everything.
      What books would you suggest owning? I to have come to the realization that more and more online info is censored and blocked.
      What really opened my eyes was when my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer her many doctors told her to stay away from the internet and ignore any info she would find there.
      Any help would be much appreciated.
      Peace be with you.

      • jeff craig says:

        To see what codex is g*gle search the following line as is.
        Nancy T. says health herbs codex
        that’s it ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        With or without Nancy T. says … ((I just tried it for fun, and the results are incredibly secret from the public)).

        As for books, the ones I thought everyone would read and love have disappeared. Literally – no where to be found even not referenced at all on the internet – totally vamoosed.

        So I don’t publish or list the names of books anymore openly.

        ((except quackwatch by the fda — that’s one of the BEST LISTS of honest true physicians / healers available))((ha! let’s see them delete that one))((yes, sigh, i know they read and copy and retain this information also – EVERY POST … can’t do a thing about that except AVOID most internet , telephone, etc))

      • Jeff Craig says:

        Shalom Nancy,

        On the internet now, there’s TEN TIMES as much FALSE information presented as if true as there was a couple months ago. A HUNDRED TIMES as much FALSE as there was a year ago. So, “TEST” everything before believing anything.

        Here’s a bit more maybe helpful for you and/or others reading… Codex is the worldwide druglords control by law of what is permitted in every country. (or rather, what IS NOT permitted). In most countries, this means no chiropractic treatments, no naturopathy, no herbalist’s healing methods(6000 years old methods), no nutritional/dietary healing methods(proven to work in the usa before 1950, easily and inexpensively), and no aromatherapy / iridology/ healing oils, etc etc etc….
        Basically, NOTHING permitted Except Allopathy(practice of poisoning the body to make it dependent on drugs without killing the person too fast)(AMA and FDA and bigfarma methods)….
        For example here, we are not allowed to prognose nor diagnose any “disease” or “ailment” or “disorder” that is under the jurisdiction of the dunglords(sic).
        A book like “Nutrition the Cancer Answer” I and II can only be read “anecdotally” if at all. (i.e. perhaps to “feel better” but not for medical diagnoses or prognosis or prescriptive for healing)…
        “Fit For Life” I and II also are great for general “feeling better” …. and
        of course the encyclopedia of “health”(real and true) BEFORE codex took over : “All of Your Health Questions Answered, Naturally” I and II….

        Also, for ANY health problem, with patience to learn and continue, “The Pulse Test” by Dr. Coca is amazingly effective to “feel better” 🙂 ….
        (it does take a few weeks to get results, usually)

        Email backwards if desired for general ‘feel better’ type hints > ten.xoc @ giarcffej (pretend I’m Hebrew! 🙂 hahaha….. LEFT TO RIGHT email address 🙂 (because of the auto-bots/ harvesters to try and reduce spam, and things much much worse too ! )

    • Rhonda says:

      Jeff would you be willing to email me the book names. I am very connected in regards to out of date/noncollectable books and would like to do some research to see if I can locate these. Can you at least give an authors name?


      • Jeff Craig says:

        Yes, Yhwh Willing.

        Email me at ten.xoc @ giarcffej (backwards to avoid spam).

        A couple books are mentioned elsewhere on this site that at least last year were still available , like on am*zon and *bay….

        Realize that some once very good methods have been altered or changed so much in just the last 5 to 20 years that it is very difficult anymore to know if they still are actually ‘good’.
        If the ‘original’ is known, that’s usually fine and no problem,
        but some even very basic information has been changed so much that once “great” methods no longer ‘appear’ to produce good results. (re any ailment or deficiency)

        For a glaring example: there’s a tea that’s wonderful for pregnant women all through pregnancy and labor, resulting in (reportedly, as a centuries old and verified help) easier or smoother labor and delivery with no risk to mom or baby. We bought the tea during the 2nd month as one of several helps to use. After only a couple weeks, we discovered the ‘herbal’ tea HAD NO HERB in it – it was all “flavored”(we finally read the small print on the labeling) ….
        Likewise the cottage cheese and flax dietary help for healthy cells… turns out most if not all cottage cheese available in the usa does NOT have the necessary constitution to be helpful even with GOOD or PERFECT flax (it takes a combination of BOTH GOOD products to achieve the desired benefit). Turns out that a HUGE company in europe USURPED the information , twisted it, misused it, and has been selling / marketing it for decades potentially duping many unaware .(very common, in fact most common, practice(‘duping’ the public) ). TEST TEST TEST, TEST everything – verify and keep verifying as much as feasible.
        p.s. my knowledge and experience with essential oils has been very very limited, in spite of wanting to spend more time learning about them and using them . I have read a fair amount not very detailed about their use for so many different aspects of ‘enjoying’ life more fully ! (Very Effective!) I hope to learn much more this next few seasons, and on-going….
        Shalom to everyone who loves TRUTH and JOY and HONESTY!

  11. Essential Oils, It is my love…I sniff my lavender oil every night before climbing into bed. 😉

  12. Susan says:

    Could anyone tell me if essential oils are ok to be used on a 7 year old my son who has Severe Hemophilia B. I have twin boys and he feels left out as we test and use our Young Living Olis everyday. Thx in advance Susan

  13. nora says:

    This is one of the most informative, well researched and detailed posts I have read about the healing potential of essential oils. Thanks for a great writeup!

    Does anyone know about a mix of essential oils that is effective for the treatment of Lymes? I would be really thankful!

    • Aubrey says:

      My mom has Lymes and she has found that Thieves and Harmony are very helpful and she has also had amazing results taking Monolaurin which is a supplement derived from coconut oil. It contains Lauric Acid which is found in breast milk. It’s by far been the most effective of the the natural remedies she has tried.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Monolaurin is a fascinating compound. It has both antibacterial (as in Lyme) and antiviral effects. We recently ran a blog from a mom whose child had a good response to it in reducing viral load (which for this child is extremely important). It’s in coconut oil, making it clear once again that contrary to what was once believed, coconut oil can be a remarkably healthy food.

  14. Rhonda says:

    Does anyone have any recommendations for oils to use for a vocal tic. Also have other facial tics but the vocal tic is noticeable.

  15. Alicia says:

    OK. I had to let you all know about a deal I found at BetterEssentials.com. I called them about their sourcing as their lavender comes from high altitudes in France. I wanted to know more and they said the best way for me to know how good it was…would be to try a bottle. They told me to share this with all my friends. Go to http://www.betteressentials.com/products/free-bottle
    They are giving a Free bottle to the first 100 people so we can all try it out. The catch was there is a shipping charge of $6.95, but still it is over $20 for a 15 ml bottle of lavender. Thought I would share…

  16. Catherine says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience and explaining so detail about the medical benefits of EOs. Now I can base on that and choose the suitable one for me, so wonderful! But I wonder about one of your ideas that our body need the EO that we dislike its smell, I don’t know if I can stand the ginger scent (one I’m scared the most) around my house for days….”

  17. Michelle says:

    Anyone have any advice for infants and babies when they get sick with flu and coughing or anything else!

  18. Alicia says:

    I have been using DoTerra for years and I recently changed to a company called http://www.betteressentials.com as my mom has been using them for quite some time. I am really liking their oils and blends. Their Best Friend blend is just like On-Guard except it has lemon oil and not orange. Is there a difference, because the price of Better Essentials is much more affordable???

  19. Katie says:

    LOVED your article! I’ve been using YL for a couple years now. When my little guy was a couple months old he was having Acid Reflux and the Dr wanted to put him on medicine and I was totally against it. A lady from my church introduced me to YL and I got Di-gize and it changed our lives (for the better)! I bought a diffuser a year ago and I’m loving it! Running my Thieves right now! Your article was so informative and I throughly enjoy it! 🙂

  20. Daniel says:

    thieves oil always comes handy to me,thanks for the awesome sharing

  21. Thieves blend is my altime favorite, and yes, Young Living provides the Best and purest EO. I prefer to use bamboo reeds to get the EO diffused, so no automatic diffuser for me. Using the oil in bath water is a nice idea, but am afraid it may cause itching or some rash to my little one’s skin, though I use it often like that. Came to know about some general myths like using EO and homeopathy simultaneously and loving or not loving a particular smell, the post is really helpful throughout.

  22. If you have not done this before with a specific oil, then take a small short inhale to get a sense of how the vapors feels as they enter your nose. Some oils such as peppermint will cause a sensation in the sinuses, which can be surprising for those using the oil for the first time. Take several relaxed breaths over the course of one minute. This is not a race, just relax and enjoy the oils.

  23. depressed daughter says:

    My daughter is severely depressed and I was looking for oils that might help her with this. She also has social anxiety and is 16. Any suggestions?

    • Cristina Ford says:

      My daughter was the same age when she had a severe anxiety/depression and panic attack case. Doctor gave her 3 different medications which set her memory/retention back to kindergarten level when she was a sophomore in high school. She was so drowsy she could not get up to do homework. Shocked by this and the damage medication was doing to her, I did extensive research and found essential oils option. It was such an unbelievable miracle that in such a short period of time she was able to drop two of her medications and she only needs the lowest dose of the third one.
      I swear by essential oils and supplements. Very important to do both, especially mega doses of Vitamin B’s (I love Shaklee brand), Omega 3 oils (start with 3/day then later take 2), Magnesium, Primrose oil, Vit D.
      I was recommended 6 tablets/day Vit B for about 6 weeks, then you can slowly go down to 4. Body needs time to build up on this vitamin.
      Do not skip any supplements. You can really notice a difference if you don’t take them along with the essential oil treatment.
      Here are some of my favorite oils. Some we diffused while at the same time I massaged other oils (one at a time) on her soles, back along the sides of her spine, neck, lower back.
      Essential oils work right away. Supplements take some time to build up in the body.
      Favorite oils: BERGAMOT, BERGAMOT, BERGAMOT….can’t recommend it enough.
      Favorite blends: In-Tune (Recommend as much as Bergamot), Clary Sage, Serenity, Balance, h.e.a.l (some blend I used on my daughter when she quit eating….worked miracles too…)
      For good mood: All citrus (lemon, grapefruit, lavender, rosemary, frankincense). One blend I made for good mood and loved: Vetiver and Rosemary equal amounts used along with the roll-on of In-Tune oil rubbed on her soles and back.
      Or this other blend for good mood (helps her be upbeat and happy): Bergamot (5 drops), Grapefruit (5 drops), Geranium (1 drop), with 1 Tbs carrier oil.
      I would love to hear my suggestion has helped you as much as it did my daughter. I’d love to be able to tell anyone how great essential oil treatment is for Anxiety/depression and of the many benefits they have.
      Please let me know if I was of any help.

  24. Lee Kleppe says:

    what oils to use for lung mac disease

  25. Merry Haack says:

    Is there a shelf life expiration date for essential oils ~ I have bottles and tiny vials that date all of the way back to the 1980s ~ some from Young Living and others from all over…?

  26. Just some Guy says:

    I am new to essential oils and am still in the research phase, so I have nothing to add to the discussion.

    However, I am beyond the research phase of Homeopathy. That homeopathy is treated with equal respect here casts a shadow over your opinions on Essential Oils. Homeopathy has absolutely no use whatsoever and should be discouraged at any opportunity.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Sorry, “Just Some Guy,” but we care much more about the quality of our OWN experiences with homeopathy than we do about “Just Some Guy’s” prejudices. Since we have seen remarkable things with homeopathy, including huge improvements in “hopeless” cases of autism, we won’t be doing any discouraging whatsoever. 🙂

  27. Rhonda says:

    I’m wanting to know if this would interfeAr with me taking levothyroxine for thyroid disease. I would like to lose weight it’s really hard but I’ve geRd about this I would like some information on this please thank you

    • Donna says:

      Was wondering the same thing. I had ingested lemon in the morning and grapefruit at night for a month + ( 2 drops of lemon in morning and slowly increased until about 8 drops of grapefruit, and it seemed to throw off my tsh numbers. Noticed hair loss so went back for a blood test and my suspicions were right. My number went from .5 to 1.5. I know it is in range but Dr. Does not want it at that number. So up my dosage of Levo. and my number is back where it should be. What’s up??

  28. Terri says:

    I’ve just found your blog and am so appreciative of this information. All of the questions and comments are So helpful and informative too ! Please keep up the good work and sharing !

  29. One drop of Eucalyptus in a handful of unscented cream rubbed into your back and legs after a hard workout, or if you’re just feeling sore. Muscles love Eucalyptus! They calm right down.

    Best regards! Preston Carpet Cleaners Ltd.


    Do you have a catalog .if do I would like one.

  31. Patty Windsor says:

    Where did you get the quote from Dr. Lin about how the Thieves oil works? I would like to be able to point people to the original source.

  32. Tonya says:

    I wanted to reply to Sam about the febrile seizures. Although I’m new to oils and don’t have an answer,I did want to share something that I learned.
    My daughter had them up until she was 10. These types of seizures can happen when they’re temperature rises too fast OR drops too fast.
    Although I didn’t know it at the time, I had given her Tylenol on an empty stomach to lower her fever. In retrospect, I know that caused a few of those seizures. So make sure to give your child a little something, a cracker or some bread, before giving Tylenol.
    I wish I had known that years ago. It’s always scary watching your child have a seizure.
    Hopefully your child will outgrow them soon or you can find an oil to help.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Actually, Tonya, Tylenol is a REALLY bad idea for fever lowering in the first place. It’s rare for a fever to NEED lowering in the as it is the body’s first line of defense against an infectious agent, but also Tylenol lowers glutathione which makes clearing toxins harder for anyone, but much harder for people who have lowered glutathione already, which is the case for many, many children with health issues these days.

  33. Cathy says:

    anyone able to suggest essential oils for helping treat lyme?

    • Aubrey says:

      Hi Cathy,

      My mom was diagnosed with Lymes in October and I took her to have a Zyto scan which tells you which oils you need and it recommended Harmony, Clarity, Pettigrain and Thieves. ( She uses Young Living oils) Since she started using these, her symptoms lessened more and more. She recently took a trip and forgot to pack her oils and within three days her symptoms were back. I mailed her the oils and within a day she was better again. The ones YL recommends for Lymes are Clarity( on back of ears), Joy( over your heart), RC( on your chest),Thieves( on feet and thymus), and White Angelica ( on forehead) and Sacred Moutain ( on back of neck)

      The ones my mom feels do the most for her are Harmony and Thieves but if you have the oppurtunity to get a zyto scan done it could give you specifics for your body. Best of luck! I know its miserable 🙁 I’m so sorry!

  34. Sam says:

    Hi, I wonder if someone would be kind enough to give me some advice. My son has recurrent febrile seizures and I am petrified of the winter months coming! He currently attends day nursery and was thinking of trying an essential oil to help his immune system. What would be the best one to try? What would be the best way to apply/use it? Thanks

  35. rose says:

    im new to essential oil and everytime i use young living eo, 2 hours after, i always got headache. lots of people say its detox. i already stop using eo for few days, and after i use it again the headache come after 2 hours. if it detox but why it happen all the time. im a heavy smoker and coffee lover. someone say maybe my body doesnt like the eo. what should i do about this?

  36. Jodi says:

    Essential Oils are amazing! i am a nutritional practitioner and have been using oils to help anti-inflame and repopulate the lining of the small intestine in combination with the GAPs diet. It has worked wonders on my son!

    • Allyson says:

      What oils did you use Jodi. Particularly which ones did you use for anti inflammatory uses and aiding in recovery of small intestinal lining?

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  39. Bev says:

    what is the ratio for vetiver and coconut oil?

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  42. tina kane says:

    What regulatory agency determines that an oil is “therapeutic grade”? I have searched but it seems like the industry itself can simply label its product as such.

    • Sharon Smith says:

      You are correct. There is NO regulatory agency that gives out ratings to EO’s. This is an advertising gimmick practiced especially by YL and Doterra. In the US, an EO can be only 3% pure oil in a carrier. Also, an independent chemist tested some of the dT oils and found that they were adulterated.

      I’ve used EOs for many years, and read old aromatherapy books, and you must be careful to not use too much oil. You can develop hypersensitivity to an oil by overexposure. I know 2 people personally, and a friend of a friend, that this happened to. Liver damage is no fun. Many companies don’t inform you of this.

      This post will likely be killed, but, I can try to warn people before they or one of their family is injured! http://www.learningateos.com is a great site to teach safety. It agrees with the older books which were NOT written to promote a specific company, like this post. Most of the info is OK, but, please, please proceed with caution.

  43. sylvia says:

    to use thieves for toenail fungus do we use one drop for each toe nail or do we need to mix it with a carrier oil. thanks sylvia

  44. Thanks for the article.. I studied a lot about healing properties of essential oil and thought of giving it a try. Initially I was nervous but I had fun trying essential oils and look forward to using them more.

  45. Tracey Black says:

    I’m a huge fan of Thieves oil. We use it to prevent the spread of colds and flu by diffusing it and making our own hand sanitizer. I love the scent too.

    • Barb Flynn says:

      Since I have been diffusing Thieves, the pain caused by the stye in my eye has gone. I am so impressed with this oil. Also it has helped me to clear up a cold I

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  47. Gail says:

    Please tell me what brand and model of diffuser is the best one? I’m new to this and want my home to be a clean scent and also healing.

  48. I use to use a lot of essential oils when I had chronic fatigue. Thank you for reminding me of the amazing benefits. I’ve sent a link to a lady that cured her daughter’s ear infection with 3 essential oils. She wants to learn more.

  49. Fiona Craig says:

    I’ve just shared your great blog with a lady that cure her daughter’s ear infection in 24 hours using 3 essential oils and wants to learn more. Thank you.

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  52. Paula says:

    LOVE essential oils.
    Here is a great testimonial using essential oils

    • Paula says:

      Love your blog I’ve been on it most of the day and passed it on to others who need your information. We have 4 kids now ranging in age from 22 – 32 and 3 of them had febrile seizures several times ending up in hospital and which we now know were caused by vaccines. Thankfully they are okay but if I had to do it again they would not be vaccinated. We have 3 beautiful grand daughters and we are educated on this so they can be protected from harm. I checked their records and our youngest had more than twice as many shots as our oldest.
      Keep on keeping on with this great site.

    • dslayerTMR says:

      I look forward to reading it, thank you.

  53. Jena Sanders says:

    Excellent article!! This is a wonderfully comprehensive and introductory article on therapeutic grade essential oils, that I plan to share via social media with family, friends, & followers. You covered many bases..very well written and easy to understand, enjoyed the infographics, too. A “common scents & essential” way to live and enjoy holistic harmony of mind, body, spirit, & emotions, socially. <3!

  54. Kim Housley says:

    Essential oils have leveled my 5-year-old James; he is progressing well! We are using our oils and pouring the best nutrition possible into James—especially cultured a2-casein dairy. We haven’t been to an MD in over two years—essential oils have been a major addition for the empowerment and health of my family. For any that would like more information regarding essential oils my Facebook page is His Oils – Your Health.

  55. Cathy says:

    Are all diffusers the same or do you recommend one over another?

  56. Charise Cole says:

    Awesome article. It truly sounds like we are taking similar approaches to healing and its nice to read of someone else’s success. The only supplement my son gets now is fermented cod liver oil. I make my own probiotics, make all his food from scratch, give him camel milk, his essential oils, and do homeopathy with the college and my son is making marvelous gains so much greater than when we were with the DAN doctor. We see recovery in his near future. So food has truly been his medicine.

  57. Gilded Thinker says:

    Thank you, Dragon Slayer!!! Perfect timing as I have been researching these very recently. My only experience up until now was accidental.
    I had lavender oil on hand for tension headaches. I was potty training my youngest and he wasn’t handling it well. He had extreme anxiety and would hold his urine until he was doubled over and screaming in pain. During one of these moments, I grabbed the lavender oil out of desperation and.held it under his nose. He literally stopped mid-scream, said “That smells good! Can I smell it again?”. After a second whiff, he used the toilet for the first time. At first, he asked to “smell that good stuff” on every trip to the restroom, but it tapered off over a couple of weeks.
    I cannot wait to try more.

  58. compostgirl says:

    Thank you for this in-depth post on essential oils. I had a diffuser in the 90’s and had one of the Young Living Essential Oils assortments they sell. I LOVED it. It was actually recommended by a doctor who saw my ASD/Anxiety daughter. Peace and Calming was being diffused in her office and it was amazing. My diffuser broke and I let my supply of EO’s dwindle. You’ve sparked my interest again – the Thieves line of goods would be good to get in for the winter. Thank you. Thank you.

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