MitoSynergy: The Connection to Copper Toxicity in our Drinking Water and in Dietary Supplements

MitoSynergy: Improving Cell Respiration With Molecular Electron Nutrition

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The connection to copper toxicity in our drinking water and in dietary supplements.

We know the life force in our body boils down to a currency called ATP (adenosinetriphosphate). In order for our cells to produce ATP, our body requires oxygen, nutrition and electrons. We breathe air for oxygen, and eat food for nutrition, but we depend on our cells for electrons. When the cells become compromised, what can we do? Join us for our webinar to listen as Charles Barker tells us one way to improve cell respiration with molecular electron nutrition.


Mitochondria are the organelles that generate energy for our cells. They are found in every cell in the human body except red blood cells. Mitochondria convert the energy of food molecules into the ATP that powers most cell functions.

Mitochondrial Disorders

MitoAction has a comprehensive list of frequently seen symptoms of Mitochondrial Disorders, among them:

  • Poor growth
  • Low muscle tone
  • Seizures
  • Visual and hearing problems
  • GI disorders
  • Autonomic dysfunction

Mitochondrial illness spans a continuum from mild impairment to full-blown mitochondrial disease.


Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Autism

Current research suggests that the link between mitochondrial disorders and autism may be greater than previously suspected. Mitochondrial experts have stated that some mitochondrial diseases may be both genetic and environmental in origin. And some believe there is a genetic predisposition with an environmental trigger in some cases.

Currently, clinical treatments for children with ASD and Mito focus on improving metabolic support and mitochondrial function through use of vitamins and supplements, energy management conservation and other supportive care.

mitosynergyMitoSynergy  is a one-of-a-kind dietary supplement that helps the body help itself by bringing a revolutionary copper chelate that has the ability to feed and charge the mitochondria. Cunermuspir is a complex that supports the delivery of vital nutrients and minerals to help individuals live a better quality of life. At the core of Cunermuspir is copper. The order of absorption process in which Cunermuspir interacts with the body is based on the bio-available copper and its vitamin B3 chelation. This enables Cunermuspir to help the body absorb nutrients and support a healthy neurological system.

All MitoSynergy products are created using the absolute best ingredients. They listen closely to the end user and health care professionals so that their products are formulated for each individual’s unique chemistry. MitoSynergy focuses on combining just the right amount of ingredients so that people do not need to consume handfuls of capsules.

Charles Barker

Charles Barker is the CEO of MitoSynergy, a company he founded after researching unconventional ways with which to help improve the condition of his nephew, who had been paralyzed in an accident. The creation of MitoSynergy led him to his passion of developing cutting-edge nutrition and bringing products that helped his family to the general public. As the inventor of several promising compounds, Charles believes these new compounds will change the way we view the bio-availability and use of minerals.

He received his college education in Tucson, Arizona, and is certified in Microscopic Live Blood Audit of Enzyme Potential, Live Blood Consultant using Living Foods as Nutritional Medicine, Professional Hydro Colon Therapist, Biological Flow Systems Auditing Concepts & Methodologies for Practical Application, ZYTO Biofeedback  EVOXcertified, Advanced Practitioner in, Applied MicroscopicTechnology for Health Education & Audit Processes

His passion is trying to copy mother nature in mineral nutrition. He enjoys spending time in his laboratory mimicking mother nature’s compounds and then watching the compounds as they are introduced to living cells.  Here is Charles Barker’s recent presentation at AutismOne in Chicago, May 2015.


“I had terrible fatigue thanks to Lyme. After just 10 days on MitoSynergy and MitoActivator my body started to feel differently. I felt healthier from the inside out with more energy. I went from being dysfunctional by 4:30 p.m. to lasting until 8 p.m., then 9 p.m., then 11 p.m.! Whenever I’ve had a Lyme flare, extra MitoSynergy has helped to get me through it. I’ve been on it over two years now. I thought I could go off of it when I tried another treatment. Big mistake. I depend on it for energy and functioning. MitoLipo has also helped me with some neurological problems. I can’t say enough good about it.”

– Monika, 47 New Hampshire


We hope you’ll listen LIVE on 6/25/15 12 noon-1 p.m. EST as Charles Barker discusses improving cell respiration with MitoSynergy products.

~ The Thinking Moms’ Revolution

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12 Responses to MitoSynergy: The Connection to Copper Toxicity in our Drinking Water and in Dietary Supplements

  1. LorraineQuattrone says:

    Does mitoSYNERGY copper extra strenght have any silica dioxide in it as I know it’s not good for you? I’d appreciate any info, ty Lorraine Quattrone

  2. LorraineQuattrone says:

    I am on mitoSYNERGY copper pills for Lyme & co infections & has anyone gotten extreme heartburn where even my 20 years 30 mg. Prveicid isn’t helping anymore? I wake around 5 or 6 a.m. & the heartburn is so bad & the vomit in my throat! I’m surprised cause lots are being helped by the mitoSynergy, any information I’d appreciate , I have co infections also & my babesia was 150 & is now 627:((((((( ty Lorraine Quattrone, 207-468-3603

    • Harold says:

      Hello Lorraine. I have found that baking soda helps to alkalize the acid in stomach and tissues, fluids like saliva and blood need a balanced Ph. Lyme causes acid overload. so drinking some sodium bicarbonate in water can help, as part of a complex treatment plan for Lyme, which we all have to do with Lyme. it usually requires a combination of many things to treat the Lyme infections.

  3. Kinikinipopo says:

    I see the different listings for the Cunermuspir on the different products offered by MitoSynergy. Can you explain how they differ? Copper as Copper Niacin in Cunemuspir, Copper as Copper Niacatinate in Cunemuspir & Copper as Cunemuspir Maximus.

    I’d also like to know how the Cunemuspir products work compared to Standard Process’s
    Copper Liver Chelate [2 gms per tablet] which is made from Bovine Liver, Beet Root, Sweet Potato & Carrot. Thank you.

    And how

  4. Sarah says:

    Hello Dr. Barker,

    You created Copper 1 because the body cannot assimilate dirt. However, you
    have silica dioxide as an additive in Copper 1. Silica dioxide equally cannot be
    assimilated by the body.

    I was just about to order when I saw the ingredients. So disappointed.

    All the best,
    Sarah Jackson

  5. laura says:

    Yes took today for the first time…..great improvement…chronic fatigue 22 years…hope it continues to work!

    • Gunnar Roy Hansen says:

      Wow! My journey has lasted 24+ years. This sounds so exciting. What product in specific did you take? Sounds like offer different ones…

  6. snone says:

    This article makes no sense. Title: copper toxicity, yet body of article praises a product that has as one of its primary ingredients: copper. Pass.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      The core of the issue is the TYPE of copper we receive. According to Barker, the vast majority of the copper that makes it into the body is a type that is unusable by the cells and mitochondria, which creates a state of copper toxicity. In order for the copper to be taken into the cells and used by the mitochondria it has to be in a particular form that we rarely receive anymore due to soil depletion, which leads to copper deficiency. So most of us are both copper toxic and copper deficient at the same time. If we improve cellular respiration and mitochondrial dysfunction with what Barker calls “proper copper,” we improve virtually every function in the body, including the ability to get rid of the excess copper in the wrong form.

      • Leslie says:

        Thank you, for your wonderful explanation!

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        You’re welcome! He gave a very interesting lecture on it at AutismOne if you want to learn more. Fascinating stuff! I’ve been taking it (not daily) since June, and I have had some VERY good health improvements since then. Asthma and Raynaud’s syndrome both seem to be in remission.

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