No, I Won’t Stop “Sharing” Vaccine Information

Dear Family Member Who Wants Us to Stop Sharing Vaccine Info:

Just stop.

Stop saying that we should spend our time on raising awareness for starving children or some other cause that you deem more worthy of our efforts.

Stop suggesting that we removed wheat and dairy from our son’s diet “based on fear.”

Stop making ridiculous assumptions without bothering to ask us our experience. The fact is that our family, and by extension your family, was profoundly affected by vaccines. The thing most precious to us in the entire world, our child, was vaccine injured. This is not a “difference of opinion” we have with you. The physical harm done to our son is not an opinion. It’s a fact. We have spent thousands of dollars with a well-respected medical doctor and have documented proof of the damage that vaccines did to our child. We removed wheat and dairy, among other things, from his diet based on these lab reports, on actual science, not based on fear. No, we will not stop posting vaccine information. While we are not unsympathetic to starving children, the thing that has directly affected us — and thousands of others — is vaccine injury. So stop suggesting that we focus elsewhere.

If our child had cancer from pesticides sprayed on our food, and we had proof of that in the form of lab reports from a respected medical doctor, would you ask us to stop posting about pesticides? Would you suggest that we focus on world hunger rather than cancer?
Why is vaccine injury so difficult for those who have not yet experienced it, to accept? I’ll tell you why . . . because vaccines are a religion. They are a belief system. If you actually read the trials done to get a vaccine to market, then you discover that they are not based on solid science. There are no true placebos used in clinical trials, those that profit from vaccine sales conduct the “safety studies,” and the infamous Danish study would fail a junior high biology class.

Vaccines are a religion. They are “believed in.” “Vaccines save lives” is a hypothetical statement. You cannot count “lives saved.” What about all the disease outbreaks in vaccinated populations? You can count those. You can actually count how many people with measles were vaccinated for measles. That number is not hypothetical.

How Did Vaccinated Harvard Students Get the Mumps?

You can actually count vaccine-injured children. Vaccine injury is said to be “one in a million.” Well, there are approximately 319 million Americans, so we should have about 319 vaccine-injured people. The VaxXed bus, that is traveling the U.S. interviewing families has over 5,000 signatures of the vaccine-injured on it. FIVE THOUSAND!!!! And they aren’t even scratching the surface. Again, that number is not hypothetical.

And don’t waste your breathe on the tired “correlation does not equal causation” argument. Parents know their children. We know. We also happen to have documented proof of injury from a medical doctor. Besides that, if “correlation does not equal causation” concerning vaccine injury, then “correlation does not equal causation” concerning decline in disease after vaccines were introduced. Many researchers believe that public sanitation and basic hand washing are what stopped disease outbreaks. In fact, a motto of plumbers is “The plumber protects the health of the nation.”

In addition, death rates from many diseases were already sharply declining long before a vaccine was ever introduced to the market.

I’ll say here what most of us in the vaccine-injured community want to say to you: Stop making assumptions, and ask us! Ask about our experience, ask to see our medical records, ask why we vaccinated and now no longer do so. Ask to see what research we have done. But don’t ask us to stop sharing vaccine info if you have never bothered to inquire of our personal experience with vaccine injury. Just don’t. Your assumptions, based on your beliefs, are hurtful to us, your “family.”

~ Cougar

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20 Responses to No, I Won’t Stop “Sharing” Vaccine Information

  1. Anonymous says:
    From that link:
    Measles is a serious respiratory disease (in the lungs and breathing tubes) that causes a rash and fever. It is very contagious. In rare cases, it can be deadly

    The vaccine doesn’t prevent death of measles, it prevents measles. And yes that graph was right, even before the vaccine, measles death decreased(which doesn’t mean less people had measles)

    The death of Polio was decreased when the iron lung was introduced. That doesn’t mean everything was okay and no one suffered from polio. Have you ever seen someone in an iron lung, have you ever had a child who had to use an iron lung?

    I’m okay with your opinions and I don’t want to censor you or anyone with the same opinions, but I hope you don’t censor me for my opinions on vaccines. I know this article is pretty old, but I just want to give a rebuttal to this article, so if anyone sees this they might not use the fact that deaths from measles,polio, etc decreased before vaccines were introduced as a point against vaccines

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      You are correct that “in rare cases” measles can be deadly and that the “vaccine doesn’t prevent death of measles, it prevents measles” (except, of course, for when it doesn’t). But the single biggest argument for getting the vaccine is that measles is “deadly.” The point of the graph is that, while incidence of measles didn’t significantly decrease (essentially the entire population got it in childhood), the number of people who died from it dropped dramatically before the current vaccine was developed. This means that the perception that “we owe so much” to the measles vaccine is incorrect. It also means that the main “benefit” from the vaccine for most people is the avoidance of a week of fever and rash. On the surface that seems like a good thing. But what if there are benefits to the immune system from experiencing measles? And what if there are negative aspects to stimulating the immune system in this way as a toddler? And what if those benefits and risks differ for different people? Now we know that all three of those things are true, making a mandatory one-size-fits-all mandate, or even recommendation, inappropriate.

      Did you know that polio was even more common than measles? Around 1900 most children encountered polio as toddlers without any ill effects at all. Few even experienced symptoms of illness. Polio became much more virulent in the mid-twentieth century, causing paralysis and even death in rare cases. Why? What happened that enhanced the virus’s ability to invade the central nervous system? The possible answers are intriguing and suggest that the idea that “we owe so much” to the polio vaccine may be as flawed as it is for measles. Did you know that ventilators have replaced iron lungs and that they are most definitely still in use? I had a child who spent some time on a ventilator before he passed away, and I know quite a few others who have children who required them for extended periods of time, some of them as a result of vaccine injury as in the case of my friend Karen Kain’s daughter, Lorrin (, and Colton Berret, who was injured by a Gardasil vaccine ( Even children with asthma can require significant time on ventilators, struggling for breath, during acute attacks, and asthma is far more common in children now than it was before we started vaccinating for measles. Did you know that several large-scale studies have indicated a link between vaccination and the development of asthma?

      Unfortunately, these issues and questions are not nearly as simple and straightforward as vaccine industry talking points would suggest.

  2. Hans Litten says:

    Keep an eye on France and mandatory vaccines at taxpayers expense:

    The new Macron health minister, Dr. Agnès Buzin, stated on Friday June 16th to the Le Parisien that she will decide if they should mandate 11 vaccines – 8 new ones – on top of the current DPT. Part of the ‘logic’ is that since the DPT alone vaccine is no longer available since 2008 (currently only as a hexavalent vaccine and “it would take 10 years to develop a trivalent DPT vaccine” according to industry) they might as well mandate more vaccines! She will annonce her decision by August 8th. I’m guessing she will mandate 11 vaccines, like Italy, and the media will support her.

    Activists are scrambling with petitions and planning an opposition campaign, but time is short. They thought they won a victory when their Supreme Court (Le Conseil d’État) decided on Feb 8 2017 that the government had to make the DPT alone vaccine available, as the only ones mandated. But the government’s logic is to increase the number of mandated vaccines which is what they have been working toward since 2015, since it is ‘impossible’ to make a trivalent vaccine available and if not available they would have to suspend the “mandatory DPT” as it the state does not give parents that option!

    Posted by: Harvard MD | June 21, 2017 at 12:23 PM

  3. Hans Litten says:


    Aging is the major risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease though the advent of Alzheimer’s disease within a normal human lifespan is suggested to be brought about through human exposure to aluminum. Essentially without aluminum in brain tissue there would be no Alzheimer’s disease. There are a number of predispositions to the development of Alzheimer’s disease, involving both environmental and genetic factors, and each of these acts to increase the aluminum content of brain tissue at specific periods in an individual’s life. This interplay between environmental and genetic factors explains both early and late onset disease, in each case the catalyst for the disease is always the brain aluminum content and how robustly an individual’s brain responds or copes with this aluminum burden.

    Authors: Exley, Christopher |

  4. Hans Litten says:

    Kent Heckenlivey Needs OUR signatures for Suramin:

  5. Hans Litten says:

    Dr Stephanie Seneff on Autism

    A: “It’s very disconcerting this number of 1 in 28 from South Carolina, and I suspect that it’s a more accurate representation of what’s happening across the country than the one in 68 that we got as a report from the U.S. government, …which was stabilized.
    It had been growing exponentially for two decades, and all of a sudden, boom, it’s completely flat, which makes no sense.
    “You don’t expect it to change that way because none of the factors that have been causing it have been fixed, in fact, I think that everything is continuing to get worse. So it simply does not make sense.
    “I think that the CDC must have been doing something fishy with those numbers to keep that data flat for these past two years.”
    (*It should be noted that there was a reversal of the stunning Utah numbers the next time rates were updated. Utah went from one in every 47 children to one in every 58, a nearly 20 percent drop. Dr. Judith Zimmerman filed a lawsuit alleging that the numbers had been falsified.)

    A new study in South Carolina has found a prevalence of 3.62 percent for autism, or roughly 1 in 28 children. Researchers presented the unpublished findings today at the 2017 International Meeting for Autism Research in San Francisco, California.
    The study screened children born in 2004, the same birth year analyzed in the most recent prevalence estimate by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

    “I predicted, looking at the exponential growth, it’s very easy to plot that on a linear scale, on a log linear scale, and you get a straight line, if it is exponential growth, and it’s exactly what you get with those data.
    “You can extend that line into the future, and given that the numbers are for 12 year olds, then children born in 2032 would be the ones that would show up on the scale at 12 years later, 2044, and that’s where you get the point in which half the children,
    eighty percent of the boys born in 2032 will end up on the spectrum—diagnosed on the spectrum.
    “And this, to me, is incredibly frightening. To think of one in five boys being born actually not having autism, is going to be—no one‘s going to want to risk having a child at that point, it seems to me. It’s going to be too terrifying.”

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Of course it’s also possible that, briefly, the drop in Thimerosal before the prenatal flu vaccine really caught on gave us a temporary reprieve in the steady climb.

  6. Hans Scholl says:

    Lawsuit Could End Water Fluoridation Once And For All By Demonstrating Its Neurotoxicity

  7. Hans Scholl says:

    Look at that . The lamestream is trying to supress this . 10s of thousands
    And similar widespread marches going on in Italy !!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    There are several studies out there showing the link between food allergies, leaky gut syndrome, the association to wheat and dairy, and how that affects mental health. Furthermore, the relationship to vaccines, is that in addition to the toxins, research has shown the acute inflammatory reaction kids have from the vaccines. Due to it potentially compromising an already weakened immune system, the affects can absolutely cause long term damage. My daughter, I discovered, is a celiacs, and wheat was in fact inducing her autistic like tantrums, and social awkwardness, and reluctance to sleep. My daughter was not vaccinated, and probably never will be due to the fact that my nephew was injured.
    I have become a food nazi as a result of this knowledge, even going as far as to quit my job working with kids on the ‘autistic spectrum’, and deciding to be a full time mom/advocate for my child. The facility I worked for did not acknowledge food allergies and naturally vaccines as a source of the problem.

    I had one shot, for pneumonia, and ironically I ended up with pneumonia and pleurisy less than a week later. The lining of my lung was so inflamed I had to lay on the couch for almost a week, doubled over in pain every time I coughed.

    I head butt with folks all the time who refuse to acknowledge the food allergy epidemic, and inform everyone I can with brute force. I haven’t gone as far as starting a blog? But I’ve come close.

    Yes, I have family too, who quite frankly just don’t get it. There is a mood associated with celiacs that come celiacs call the celiacs rage. My family seems to think it’s just our natural temperament.

    We have gone beyond ‘normalizing’ dysfunction in our culture, replacing all that is natural, nourishing and healthy for ourselves with acute toxic substances. We know that FOOD is the foundation to our health, yet it is NEVER the priority of our children, particularly when it comes to proper treatment! Absurd! Their logic makes NO sense! If they want to promote preventative health, connect insurance companies with organic farming. Their salaries can come from the insurance companies that are funding unnecessary drug treatments.

    As far as focusing on something bigger? There is a domino affect to this. I have watched kids in a day treatment program get hospitalized in a crisis unit, for well over three months- separated from mom- because of their unmanageable behavior after having a reaction to the medication their psychiatrist prescribed. The kids are like guinea pigs. They just throw random doses and labels at the kids, never considering the medication is making it worse. Some kids wind up in foster care units when mom’s are no longer fit to raise their children, or have given up (this can happen) and has for some unfortunate kids, and where do you suppose sex traffickers go to claim there victims? Bingo. Mental health IS a huge topic and SHOULD be addressed, but more importantly? The source of it because of all the ramifications it can cause as a result. Keep pushing. We need voices like you!

  9. Hans Scholl says:

    At least fifteen children under the age of five have died in a botched measles vaccination campaign in Sudan, where mainstream claims children as young as 12 years old were administering the shots. NPR’s interviewed a top MD who said he didn’t think there were any 12 year olds giving out shots, so mainstream cannot get their story straight. 1

    In total, about 300 people from the village of Nachodokopele (which is in Namorunyang state, borders Ethiopia, and is part of South Sudan’s Equatoria region) received inoculations against measles during the four-day vaccination campaign.

  10. nhokkanen says:

    You look at your siblings and their children and grandchildren. Your cousins, their children, their grandchildren. You count how many more nowadays have autism, allergies, asthma, anxiety, depression, or are considered “quirky” or “difficult.”

    They’ve been conditioned to accept these disorders as simply an unlucky roll of the dice, treatable with drugs, rather than cumulative damage from dozens of vaccines untested in combination.

    The lack of intellectual curiosity about causality is disillusioning — and frightening.

  11. Anon says:


    anyone read about this
    “15 children die in botched vaccine campaign in South Sudan”

    now I searched and read a bit about this most recent reported event…It has all sorts of reasons why it is the fault of those administering it…and goes on to claim that children were administering it, and did not know how to store it safely…

    Maybe so, Maybe NOT…

    in the many yrs, maybe thirty or so, that I have been having concerns re vaccines, reading articles, and coming across articles/news stories, one thing seems to keep “jumping up”…

    Western Countries/Companies (and western type companies), seem to routinely test their “newest” vaccines in isolated /small/rurul “ish”/ uneducated communities in Africa and India. Have often read of tragic effects of said vaccine trials. And this in areas where there are few if any resources/medical help available to those …

    mmmm why? why not tests these in their own families/childrens’ schools and clubs?

    (oh yeah…maybe they a) don’t like the side effect risks , b)don’t want to get run out of town on a rail)..

    • Hans Scholl says:

      Even though 15 children died and another 32 suffered fever, vomiting, and diarrhea, the World Health Organization decided to continue the campaign, which will target more than two million children across the country.3

      The country’s WHO director even went so far as to call the campaign, “lifesaving.”4 I wonder if the dead children’s families feel that way. UN data from 2016 lists South Sudan as having around 2,294 measles cases and 28 deaths attributed to the vaccine- but as far as we are aware, no deaths from measles.

  12. Kristy says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. You just everything I’ve tried to say to family members. Some of those family have cut me out of their lives because of my “opinion” or “belief” as if I’m some silly mom trying to blame someone for my sons decline into non-verbal autism. Reading this makes me feel less alone.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Oh, Kristy, I’m so sorry. Please know that you are NOT alone. Thousands and thousands of people have seen the same thing happen.

  13. Anon says:

    I agree with you…Do Not Stop.

    Folks, many Folks, maybe even Most Folks,
    do not comprehend, take seriously, or think about, or believe, the ferocity, tragedy,harm of vaccines, or even “simple” allergies, unless or until they are personally affected.

    Back when my child was a baby, youngster, teen, there were many normal food items, everyday items which seemingly made him ill, or triggered some type of allergic reaction. I recall one well “educated” “friend”, who steadfastly belittled me/us, as “such and such is not possible” (and pretty much implying we were nutters, and bad parents, maybe even worse)….One day after some time apart, we had coffee at her house…and lone and behold….I was “informed” that her dog was allergic to this/sensitive to that, etc… I was polite and finished my coffee and left..But, to this day I marvel at her mindset that her dog could be allergic/sensitive to “something”, but she still claimed my child could not..etc…..

    Seen this type of thing quite often…

    So..hail to you. You are brave (braver than me…I “settle” with just trying to avoid vaccines and many allergens, and yes, trying to avoid confrontation. I am “tired”/ “exhausted”, and so I appreciate and marvel at those who can still muster up the breath to go on…)

  14. Hans Litten says:

    “correlation does not equal causation” Total Rollocks

    However :

    “vaccination does equal extermination”

    • Very perfectly said. I am so sorry for you. I was fortunate enough to have researched vaccines whom I was pregnant, and chose not to vaccinate. My daughter will be 23 and I have been sharing information with as many people as I can for 23 years! I still fight to this day , even though my family was not directly affected, I voice my knowledge loud and clear on all my social media and I am also a part of the movement Texans for Vaccine choice that is lobbying in the capital to block mandating vaccines for everyone. I makes me physically sick to my stomach. I am so sorry for what you have to endure but I believe that you and your child will be winners knowing how many people you will help by not silencing your voice. God Bless!!

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Texans for Vaccine Choice is an excellent organization. You guys are kicking butt! Keep it up.

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