Not IF but HOW MANY?

beakerI reluctantly entered this world of childhood chronic illness, pretty much kicking and screaming, with my child who was also kicking and screaming — and hitting and biting, and refluxing, oozing diarrhea, arching her back in pain, and banging her head on anything hard that she could get her hands on. I knew for nearly a year and a half that something was going very, very wrong, but found no one who could tell me what was happening to my sweet girl. Being a curious person, I, mostly in desperation to find some relief for my screaming child, set out to figure out what was going on! And what I found out shocked me. Why? Because I never knew of any of this until I had to, and, well, by then it was too late (or so I thought!).

What am I talking about? Something called “vaccine injury.” Heard of it? Yeah, me neither, until I started reading about possible causes for my daughter’s “rare and “mysterious” (to the doctors) symptoms. There is a lot of debate about this: “Do vaccines cause autism?” or “Do vaccines cause injury?” And today I would like to suggest the debate is really not if they do or if they don’t. But rather, how many have autism due to vaccination? Or how many have been injured (in some other way) by vaccines? Now, I know what you are going to say: “That research from that doctor in Britain has been disproven, debunked, overturned, retracted, etc. So, thus, there is no autism/vaccine link, and therefore vaccines are safe for everyone.” Right?


Not so fast.

In the United States, there exists something called the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). It was set up in 1986 as part of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. Did you get that? A program set up by the US Government to compensate those in childhood that are injured by vaccines. Okay, so based on the name of the legislation alone, some children must be injured by vaccines, or why else would this legislation exist?? The legislation was actually initiated because so many vaccine injury claims were being filed against the vaccine manufacturers (and many plantiffs won substantial payouts), that the vaccine manufacturers threatened to stop producing vaccines. In response to these threats, this legislation gave the vaccine manufacturer complete liability protection. (If you want to know what that means, read this amazing TMR blog post by LuvBug.)

Ok, so vaccine injury exists, but that is not the same thing as autism, right? Well, not technically . . . but not so fast.

As this article from the New England Journal of Medicine explains,

“To win a VICP award, the claimant does not need to prove everything that is required to hold a vaccine maker liable in a product liability lawsuit. But a causal connection must be shown. If medical records show that a child had one of several listed adverse effects within a short period after vaccination, the VICP presumes that it was caused by the vaccine (although the government can seek to prove otherwise). An advisory committee helps to amend the list of adverse effects as the consensus view changes with the availability of news tudies. If families claim that a vaccine caused an adverse effect that is not on the list, the burden of proof rests with them. Autism is not on the list for any vaccine, and the VICP has rejected about 300 such claims outright.”

Are you thinking what I am thinking? “One of several listed adverse effects . . . ” What’s listed and where?

Well I am glad you asked! That “list” is actually called the “Vaccine Injury Table” and can be viewed here.

Quoting the website:

“. . . the following is a table of vaccines, the injuries, disabilities, illnesses, conditions, and deaths resulting from the administration of such vaccines, and the time period in which the first symptom or manifestation of onset or of the significant aggravation of such injuries, disabilities, illnesses, conditions, and deaths is to occur after vaccine administration for purposes of receiving compensation under the Program . . .”

Again, so many of the debates I read online, or have with peers, seem to revolve around whether this vaccine or that vaccine can cause XYZ. Well here is a definitive list of injuries which, with no further burden of proof (besides medical record documentation), would be compensated under the VICP.

So, again, the debate really is not if children are injured by vaccines, but how many children are injured?

As you scan down“the list” you will not see the word autism listed in the illness, disability or injury column. “Ahhh,” you say, “I told you so! Vaccines do not cause autism!”

Not so fast.

For some of the vaccines listed you will see “Encephalopathy (or encephalitis)” listed. Do you even know what that is? I didn’t. Until I had to. And then it was too late.

The Institute of Medicine, in their 1994 publication entitled, “Adverse Events Associated with Childhood Vaccines: Evidence Bearing on Casuality” defines Encephalopathy and Encephalitis this way:

“Encephalopathy refers to any acute or chronic acquired abnormality of, injury to, or impairment of the function of the brain. Symptoms can include alterations in state of consciousness or behavior, convulsions, headache, and focal neurologic deficits. Encephalitis refers to an encephalopathy caused by an inflammatory response in the brain.”

Hmmmm . . . Now what exactly would that look like in a newborn, 6-month-old or 18-month-old?

Could a child who was sleeping peacefully through the night before his xx-month shots and now, after them, is awake and screaming, back arching all night long have encephalopathy? Most doctors will tell you that it is “just a coincidence” and “probably colic.” Could a child who was babbling mama and dada before their xx-month shots, who then goes mute or loses language, motor or social skills have encephalopathy? “I called the pediatrician but they said it was probably just a virus and nothing to worry about, they would catch back up.” Could a child who, after receiving their xx-month vaccines, begins to bang their head on any hard surface they can get ahold of have encephalopathy? The doctor says that is pretty normal toddler behavior . . . but if it continues we may need to get said child evaluated for autism.

Wait, what?? I thought vaccines don’t cause autism. Right. But they do cause “encephalopathy” and “encephalitis” (as is fully disclosed by the letter of the law, stated above) that can then cause a child to exhibit “autistic-like behaviors,” which when viewed through the eyes of a psychologist evaluating a child for autism pretty much looks the same as . . . well, you guessed it: autism.

So next time you debate with someone if vaccines cause autism or if vaccines cause injury, just skip over the if and jump to the heart of the discussion: Just how many children are injured? And could it possibly be an entire generation?

~ Beaker

Beaker started her professional career in the lab as a bewildered chemist who often felt she was a round peg in a square hole! After the birth of her children and the unexpected medical journey that her youngest would take their family on, she found out the EXACT reason she had that chemistry degree and put it to good use as she set out to restore her children’s health. Along the way she found her true calling: sharing their family’s experience with other mothers and helping them improve the quality of life of their children, by staying true to their guiding light . . . their God-given mother’s instinct.

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16 Responses to Not IF but HOW MANY?

  1. Sigh says:

    I do know I am “Preaching to the Converted”, but just wanted you to see this headline, in Alberta, Canada. Appears not only is the measles vaccine dangerous, it is useless in preventing measles.

    3 immunized Calgarians diagnosed with measles

    Strain ‘unusual,’ warns Alberta Health Services

    CBC News Posted: Feb 07, 2014 2:48 PM MT| Last Updated: Feb 07, 2014 3:20 PM MT

    Four Calgarians have been diagnosed with the measles this year — of those four, three were fully immunized against the virus

    Alberta Health Services is warning that the strain of measles appears to be unusual. Health officials are investigating the strain, said AHS’s Dr. Judy MacDonald on Friday afternoon.

    guess this guy, in the last paragraph of the article, will need to rethink his stance.

    The vaccination has at least a 95 per cent effectiveness rate, said University of Calgary microbiologist Glenn Armstrong, who is an expert in infectious diseases.

  2. Megan says:

    Hi Beaker. I tried to send you a message here but the link didn’t work on my phone. So I sent you a message through your Facebook page. I look forward to talking to you.

  3. Sarah says:

    Thank you for such an informative piece! I often feel brow-beaten from the numerous criticisms of the pro-vax community–“You don’t vaccinate?? You’re causing disease to spread!! Etc.” Your words, however, are a welcoming reminder as to why I have made the choice I have for my son. 🙂

  4. lynda dorofee says:

    Thank you for all this info. I am very passionate about “NOT VACCINATING”. I am constantly trying to defend my beliefs. This info proves there is a link and I am not crazy!

  5. Megan says:

    I like you have a science background. I have been doing research for 12 yrs with 10 of those years doing vaccine research, and the last 2 in a related field. I fully believe in science, and prior to having my daughter didn’t really question vaccines. I did however agree that kids were receiving too many and I never got the flu vaccine. However, after having my daughter, I have become a very aware individual and like you, use my science background to do my own research. Wow is all I can say. It’s a scary slope and it angers me that the “propaganda” around vaccines is just sad. This is very much a capitalistic society and vaccines are about the bottom dollar of profit, followed up by the people that don’t understand the science and are so scared and fooled that they push vaccines. All of my realizations came after fully vaccinating my daughter, although on a staggered schedule (no flu vaccine though.) So far she seems perfectly healthy but I am praying no autoimmune issues or other hidden danger has been done.
    I feel a calling to also get out there to spread the word and maybe even do research on the very real dangers of vaccines. I have started to look to see how I can contribute and hope I find my answer.
    In fact an idea would be to do a study comparing the health of vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated. But of course no pharmaceutical or government agency will do so. Not because it’s “unethical” as they claim but because the truth will come out.
    People wanting to do their own research should check out the cdc website, vaers, nvic and even the fda. The truth is out there, people just need to look fir themselves instead of just following the herd.
    Please keep up the good work!

    • Beaker says:

      Megan thank you for your comments. I am sooo interested in talking with other moms, particularly those of us who have studied science to brainstorm and see what WE can contribute unbiasedly to the scientific literature to help impact change!!
      If you could leave your email or contact TMR with it… I would love to talk more!
      thank you again for your comment

  6. Lori Scears says:

    As part of the “enlightenment community” I applaud and welcome the movement you and the many others (including myself) are starting. We need to make waves for the sake of our children and those that will be injured in the future. As you said -“How many?” And ever further “How many more?”, until something is done to change this statistic? Unfortunately, many will not be moved until it becomes personal – like with our children – and given the ever changing statistic – we will be there someday soon. A HUGE step for us with the VICP and those parents pushing for the NCVI Act. Tapping the governments pocketbook is a deserved reward for the families of those injured and a giant step forward getting them to actually CONSIDER the notion that indeed vaccinations DO injure. Unfortunately, little has been done to alter the horrendous CDC Vaccine Schedule and the mandatory gov. requirements for vaccinations in situations like adoption. The question for me is “how can we all come together to make a change outside of litigation?” Certainly blogs, posts, and media education are powerful and I pray reach many people to take a different course for their children. You and everyone else educating are heroes and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Yet, how can we change the outcome to those NOT seeking education or a desire to entertain this non-traditional thinking? Statistics will affect them as with us – too late.

    I believe that possibly God is connecting us all by the same thread – our children and our desire to make change for the sake of others. My prayer is for His guidance in allowing us all to come together! Each with our own talents to break a government controlled system of an overwhelming schedule and mandatory vaccinations. It is man that created this – and man, through the gift of the Spirit of God, that will change this!!!! Let us unite to make our voices heard!!! What can we do to create a study of truth – linking vaccinations to the wake of injuries in it’s path? Dr. Andrew Wakefield was s start, but one study will not work. This seems to be the first step in allowing anything to be considered. Jenny McCarthy’s walk for green vaccines was terrific, but I am only seeing awareness instead of change. It will take time, but with persistence and the Grace of God – all thing are possible!!!!!! Let us unite!!!!!

  7. Christina Johnson says:

    Awesome post, Beaker! Thanks for sharing your story and your knowledge:)

  8. Danielle Steffe says:

    My daughter was vaccine injured and my son, although NT, almost died from his one year shots. This community is so strong and so many..

  9. nhokkanen says:

    Agreed — the question is not “if,” but “how many.” Sick children are everywhere. No one was sick like this when I grew up in the 1960s and 1970s.

    As Ginger Taylor’s illustrated Facebook posts state, “Welcome to Herd Autoimmunity.”

  10. Christine Cox says:

    Hear hear, Beaker!! Thank you for sharing this crucial information!

  11. Jan says:

    Excellent piece and so well put. Thank you!

  12. Autism mom says:

    the establishment will blame put the blame on our childrens “bad genes” before they ever blame vaccines. In their mind, if our children had normal genes then they would never had an adverse reaction so its not the vaccines fault it’s the fault of our childrens genetic makeup. Look at all the research on genetics and autism and how deeply scientist are hunting for mutations and deletions that put a child at risk for autism. They insist vaccines are safe. There is no effort to alter the vaccine schedule or redesign the vaccine or investigate if there is a problem with ingedredients or on the manufacturing end. Defective genes are to blame. It all comes down to the quality of our genes. If we want to eliminate disease we must rid the population of the genes. Anyone else see where this is going?

    Read this story about a baby who suffered severe adverse reaction to a new TB vax and died. The doctors blame an immune defect in the child not the vaccine. They say this would not happen in a “normal” child. Such is the attitude of many in the medical establishment.

    (warning graphic photos- horrible story)

  13. Kate says:

    Thank you for this. It reminds me why I am so grateful my son has never had a shot.

  14. Dave Goes says:

    So sorry this happened to your daughter but welcome to the most kick ass group of parents on the planet! Great piece, Beaker.

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