On Blowing Away the Experts’ Predictions

frankieIt feels like a different lifetime when my son was diagnosed with ASD. When he first received his diagnosis nine years ago, we were sent to several specialists for testing to find out what was causing his developmental, behavioral, and physical issues.

After a year of being bounced from one doctor to the next, and not any closer to the cause, there were three pieces of information we walked away with: One, he would never speak or progress developmentally. Two, it was pointless, and even dangerous, to try any of the alternative treatments. And three, our resources would be best spent saving and planning for when he became an adult as he would most likely need to be institutionalized or live in a group home.

This past weekend, this happened:

Frankie's son


Some days, I feel I owe those doctors a “thank you” note for lighting the fire in me to prove them all wrong and to let them know my son busted through all of the limitations they set on him many years ago.

Most days though, I feel a “SUCK IT!” will suffice.

Always have hope and never ever give up.

~ Frankie

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11 Responses to On Blowing Away the Experts’ Predictions

  1. Frankie says:

    Janet – it truly is never too late to start! We are finding more and more that in the autism community, there isn’t a window of time in which only then your child can make progress.I knew a woman in her 20’s, she was more on the Aspergers end of the spectrum and she began diet changes and vitamin supplementation, and couldn’t believe the difference in how she felt and that lessened her symptoms. I love that you are so committed to helping your son. Honestly,that right there, that fire you feel, will help him along. It’s not always the easiest road, some things will work, some won’t, just keep pushing through. There are a lot of groups on Facebook for biomedical treatments which are great resources for information and support.

  2. Christine Sheets says:

    Awesome! I feel the same way. I would love to try an alternative treatment. Unfortunately, I can’t afford it, insurance won’t cover the costs, and doctors aren’t much help with alternative treatments. I’m happy to have thinking mom’s revolution, I want to learn more about alternative treatments.My daughter is 12 and I haven’t heard her speak since she was 2 yrs. Congratulations to you!!!

    • ShamROCK says:

      That breaks my heart Christine. Have your tried dietary interventions and slow detox methods like epsom salt baths? These are relatively inexpensive. If you can give essential vitamins and fish oil also that would help greatly. Detox through food and environment and also spiritually was really helpful for us. I wish you the best.

      • Christine Sheets says:

        Thank you. Can you suggest any websites or any readings to learn more about this? I am absolutely willing to try.

    • Christine, It is such a challenge to try to “do it all” on limited funds. I recently wrote a book on supporting neurodevelopment in simple, easy to understand terms. My goal was something that could be read in an evening with an “a ha” on every page. Maybe your library can order it. Or you might ask at Barnes and Noble. It is also available on Amazon. Check it out. I’m sure you will find help.

      • Christine Sheets says:

        Thank you. I’m ordering it and will see if the library has a copy until I get my own. It’s been a losing battle with changing her diet but I will continue to try. Thank you so much.

    • Karla says:

      Hi Christine,

      I was in your shoes as well. I thought it was so hard to start because of the money issue and I’m sad to admit but I didn’t have the best support system at home. BUT someone lighted my fire and helped me just make small changes at firsthe and the rest is history. Hope this website helps as it did for me.


      Search :budget

      And you will get great insurance info, gluten free on a budget and basic supplements to start

      Wish you the best

  3. Do you have any info on success when starting late?? I wonder if any readers have experiences they can share? My son is 11 and we have just begun the road of Biomed treatment. We are so excited for his future, but very frustrated we didn’t start sooner. I am going to give 110% to make this work for him.

  4. Frankie says:

    Kimmy – it’s never too late! I have a few friends who have children in their teens who have been slow to respond to biomedical treatments, but are now seeing progress with the implementation of detox via the IonCleanse footbath by A Major Difference. It’s helping their other treatments work more efficiently as well.

  5. Kimmy says:

    That’s awesome! I always thought that too it would be great to tell everyone who doubted me to suck it. But unfortunately. My son is 16 and non of the biomedical stuff is working for big wows for us. I always feel like I’m missing something. His brain always seems to be on fire making noises and playing with two or three different things stimming off of them ugh. I’m so happy for you. I just wish I. Could say the same. I pray someday.

    Thank you!

  6. Good for your son! Good for you too!

    I wonder if he is just working through a neurological state of freeze. The children I work with ho have been diagnosed on the AS have all gained speech. I’ve come to see this so differently.

    ~ Letha Marchetti OTR/L
    The Baffling Behavior Expert

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