Parenting Fails, #butIvaccinate

March 23, 2017

Ahead of CDC’s Immunization Awareness campaign in August and the ever-pointless “Light it up Blue” of April, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has launched their own social media campaign aimed at promoting vaccination by comparing the “bad” of parenting confessions to the “good” of choosing to vaccinate your children using the hashtag #butIvaccinate, implying that vaccination is such a powerful “good” that doing it (presumably every dose outlined in Ontario’s suggested schedule) outweighs whatever parenting fail you can come up with. But the humorous tweets about “cheese before breakfast” or “wearing pajamas all day” can’t conceal the real issues at stake.

As one dad shared, “I may fail to trim his fast growing nails every other day so sometimes he scratches his face, #butIvaccinate so his life is not in danger.”

Another Dad shared his recent illness, hopefully on social media only and not in his community, “I thought I was dying from smallpox, #ButIVcacinate so it must have been #ManFlu.” (Ironically, he looks too young to have actually been vaccinated for smallpox as Canada ceased giving smallpox vaccines in 1972. I wonder if he knows that.)


The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s “big things” media campaign is nothing more than emotional manipulation through parent-shaming. They claim the campaign is an “attempt to celebrate the not-always-perfect parenting moments because when you vaccinate you’re taking care of what truly matters,” but the not-so-subtle implications are that the only horrible parents are those who choose not to vaccinate and that vaccinating (for anything, apparently) is somehow a protection against child molesters, malnutrition, and drunk drivers. This position is such a ridiculous oversimplification of the risks and benefits of giving healthy children dozens of medical treatments that have the potential to cause permanent devastation that it’s downright irresponsible.

One bright spot in the campaign is a Canadian writer who pointed out (correctly) that vaccine makers have unprecedented legal protections and that expecting others to vaccinate is selfish when there is risk of significant harm for dong so. And she chose to pair her tweet with a gif of Alicia Silverstone winking, raising the irony level by a factor of two: Alicia Silverstone sits on the board of directors for World Mercury Project.



This campaign only serves to further divide, instead of contributing to the vaccine discussion. Truly responsible decision making is based on facts not fear, questions not ignorance, unbiased perspective not incentives. #butIvaccinate is so wrong-headed that it deserves to be completely co-opted with information about real risks of vaccination, like these that I came up with:

Join me!

Share your #butIvaccinate thoughts on Facebook and Twitter — and add a #TMR to get people investigating! Then comment below what you’ve posted or tweeted  to inspire others.

~ RogueZebra

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42 Responses to Parenting Fails, #butIvaccinate

  1. Kayla Wildman says:

    What a horrible “public health” campaign!

    Personally, I have a variety of weaknesses as a parent, but one of my STRENGTHS is that I refused to believe the two doctors who said that my baby’s illness after a vaccination at five months was “a normal reaction” — I kept researching, found out that my baby was at high risk for severe brain injury or death if vaccinated again, and said NO MORE VACCINES, EVER for my child. Four different doctors have backed me up on this decision — doctors who have done their own research on vaccination and are genuinely knowledgeable about adverse effects of vaccines!

  2. Dana Milyo says:

    Looking all over Tara’s twitter page, but can’t find her tweet anywhere! I wonder what happened?

  3. Sabrina says:

    lol and the ever-classy anti-vaxxers in the comments make fun of a baby’s face. Anti-vaxxers will call literally anything a “vaccine injury.”

    Well, I wish you and your children the best.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      lol? None of the “ever-classy anti-vaxxers” are making fun of that baby. The reason why people ARE “anti-vaxxers” as you call them is because they are CONCERNED about children, ALL children, including those of people who are devoted to an ever-increasing vaccine schedule with zero science to indicate its safety. But you go ahead and laugh because, evidently, YOU’RE “classy.”

      • Sabrina says:

        There is a ton of science showing vaccines’ safety. Just because some people find a way to discredit it in favor of pseudoscience and conspiracy theories doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

        Obviously you haven’t READ the “ton of science” or you would never make this statement, as there is in fact a tremendous amount (not a “ton” as that is a unit of weight, and “science” cannot actually be weighed) of REAL science showing that vaccines do indeed have negative effects on the health of at least a good chunk of the population. But keep repeating those talking points and maybe someone (who also doesn’t read science) will believe you. 😉

        For those who are actually interested in learning something, you might want to start with the vaccine injury table These are injuries that are KNOWN and ACKNOWLEDGED to be connected to vaccination (so much for “safety,” eh?) There have been over 1300 severe brain injuries (“encephalopathy”) that have been compensated. When researchers contacted 200 of the families, 40% of them reported, without prompting, that their children had autism. But, hey, that’s just a “coincidence,” right? Then you might want to listen to the parents whose children were injured by vaccines (many of whom do indeed have autism) and COMPARE their stories to medical descriptions of encephalopathy.

      • No baloney says:

        Awesome thank you.

  4. Vanessa Gale says:

    The sad part of this is that the fist dad that posted a pic of himself and his son and said, “I may fail to trim his fast growing nails every other day so sometimes he scratches his face, #butIvaccinate so his life is not in danger.”… his son is showing evidence of vaccine damage. You can see it in his facial and pupil symmetry. The nerves that lead to his pupils and the corner of his mouth are not functioning properly… most likely due to the inflammation and lack of blood flow in the areas that feed those nerves. It’s actually quite a common sign that affects many people… even before they get other symptoms. Dr Moulden (RIP) has some video presentations on this topic online. The fact that his kid’s life is already in danger and he’s bragging about the fact that he’s poisoning his own child… while that child is actively stroking out makes me want to cry.

    • Vanessa Gale says:

      *** Typo… first dad… no fist dad 🙂

      • Monkey momma says:

        That was my first thought as well, glad I’m not the only one that notices these things about people that brag about injecting toxins into their children , while condemning those of us who don’t !

  5. AkBMoe says:

    So appreciate this site and the info shared. Always telling other parents about it who are questioning vaccinations.

  6. Ariel says:

    Typo in first paragraph on word “hashtag” :-).

  7. nhokkanen says:

    “My child’s head swelled from vaccine-induced #encephalopathy, #butIvaccinate.”

    “My child’s screamed for 2 days after shots #encephalopathy, #butIvaccinate.”

    “My child tested high for mercury & aluminum #mutagens, #butIvaccinate.”

    “I worry that my child reacts adversely to shots #autism, #butIvaccinate.”

    “I worry that government misstates vaccines’ safety #CDCwhistleblower, #butIvaccinate.”

  8. Warrior Mama says:

    This is one of the dumbest campaigns I’ve ever seen. It’s so dumb it’s embarrassing.

  9. Barbara Loeppke says:

    I love this campaign. I’ve been hash tagging all week! “I’m a bad parent all around, and want you to know it. In fact, I’ve done zero research on vaccines #butivaccinate!”

  10. Karma says:

    “This campaign only serves to further divide, instead of contributing to the vaccine discussion.” All mainstream coverage of this issue is designed to do just that. When parents turn on each other they will not unite and become powerful against this travesty. This is why they chose to make it about “parenting fails” in order to create judgement instead of critical thinking associated with medical decisions. Great post 💚💚

  11. Tania says:

    You are amazing. I love this article. You hit the nail on the head. This is as ridiculous and as manipulative as getting Seasme Street characters to promote vaccinations to children and to portray autism as a new social norm

  12. Researcher says:

    There is research indicating that vaccines trigger micro strokes in some susceptible infants. Not surprisingly, these infants often present with one side of the face slightly drooping.

    With this in mind, look again at the photo above of Saman Maleki, PhD, and his son.

    • AR says:

      Wow…looks like vaccine stroke to me. How can parents not notice this?!

    • Anna says:

      I saw that too 🙁

    • Michelle says:

      My exact first thought when I saw the pic.

    • Vanessa Gale says:

      Yup I saw the same thing!

    • Christina Sirr says:

      This is the third pro vax post with a pic of a baby that evidently has vaccine damage. Too bad these people don’t look into Andrew Molden’s work and stop vaccinating…for goodness sake.

    • Jennifer Marie says:

      …and some babies/children/adults just have crooked smiles. You have no basis or qualifications for diagnosing any disorders in some meone else’s child based on seeing one pucture. Jeez!

      • Vanessa Gale says:

        Yes they do… And those babies, children and adults are exhibiting signs of toxicity from vaccines or other sources of toxic exposure. It’s the lack of blood flow to the end vascular territories that feed the cranial nerves that causes this to happen. It literally is a stroke. Denying that it’s a real thing because you believe something but have never looked into it is getting old to those of us who have studied it. Faces, lips, cheeks, eyes, eyebrows etc are supposed to be symmetrical in everyone unless there is damage caused from toxins, chronic damage, and even acute trauma (like athletic head injury for example). This is just how it is. The fact that so many people are walking around with a lack of symmetry in their facial features (that you now believe it’s just normal) just goes to show you how impacted we have been from the vaccines and other toxins in our lives. It also shows the tragedy and saddness of it all.

      • Jennifer Marie says:

        Mona Lisa had a crooked smile – pretty sure there weren’t vaccines back then. Nobody’s face is perfectly symmetrical!

      • Dr Wendy says:

        The Mona Lisa is a painting, not a photograph. 🙄

      • Jennifer Marie says:

        Yeah, well you won’t find any photos from then, because they didn’t exist. But there is no readon to think that DaVinci did not paint Mona Lisa realistically.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        One can deliberately cause the muscles in one’s lips to smile crookedly. That isn’t what’s happening in an infant, however.

      • Vanessa Gale says:

        People of the past were not immune to toxicity. The term mad hatter came from the use of mercury I believe in making hats back in the day… These people would go “mad” from mercury poisoning.

        As I stated above the damage can come from vaccines or other toxins. There were definitely toxic exposures back in the day too.

      • Diane says:

        Vanessa- while you may be right there can be other contributors. Hard to make a diagnosis by looking at a picture without considering other facts. My daughter is vax free and has a crooked little smile. She is not perfectly symmetrical. It’s a nerve in her face that the doctors noticed upon birth and is prominent when she cries. Like I said, you may be correct but when those that question vaccine safety make blanket statements without at least a disclaimer that it could be something else, your point of view is quickly dismissed. Which is exactly the opposite of our goal.

      • Vanessa Gale says:

        If you read my comment above I said… Vaccines and other sources of toxins. Here is what I wrote.

        “Yes they do… And those babies, children and adults are exhibiting signs of toxicity from vaccines or other sources of toxic exposure.”

        While I appreciate your attempt at correcting my info it gets annoying when people dont read what I wrote. If your child was born with a crroked smile then they may have very well been exposed to some form of toxin in your womb. Apparently babies are wonderful absorbers of mercury from their host momma. Back in the day people used to say the best way for a woman to get rid of her mercury exposure was to have a baby.

      • Kayla Wildman says:

        Jennifer Marie, I have professional training in screening babies and kids for signs of brain injury. If I were asked to screen the baby in the photo above, I would recommend that he be evaluated by a pediatric neurologist for injury to cranial nerves or to cranial nerve nuclei.

        Other people commenting here have mentioned Dr. Andrew Moulden. I recommend you look up Dr. Moulden’s work (you can find articles, interviews, and videos on the web) and study what he says about micro-strokes due to vaccination causing cranial nerve malfunctions that are visible in babies’ and childrens’ faces.

        It’s true that no human being has a perfectly symmetrical face. However, there are striking differences between the abnormal facial asymmetry caused by cranial nerve malfunction and the normal, slight facial asymmetry caused by the molding of a healthy baby skull during a normal birth.

    • CYNTHIA SMYTH says:

      There’s also a study been published about the incidence of Bells palsy caused by vaccination

  13. Rita Hoffman says:

    Thank you so much for writing about this latest attempt by the Ontario government to coerce parents into getting their children vaccinated. The tax dollars being paid out to the bloggers and tweeters who use the #butivaccinate hashtag is likely enormous because many also use the hashtags #ad and #sponsored. Great article!!!

  14. teri says:

    Having come from another province, and not having lived in Ontario since childhood, I am appalled by the vaccine pu$h here.

  15. Beverly Allor says:

    Every time I see something on fb or news on this I try to make an educated comment. We have to get people thinking positively about us. Join me.

  16. Adrianne Sidwell says:

    I sent one last week along the lines of my kids have seizures, food allergies and other issues #butivaccinate so its ok that they are damaged for life

  17. K says:

    Love this rouge zebra! You hit the nail on the head…
    Thank you for your advocacy!

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