Paul Offit on “Confronting Vaccine Resistance”: “Get the F*ck out of Here!”

November 23, 2016

shamrockOn a freezing Monday morning in New York City, around 100 or so vaccine-safety and vaccine-rights advocates gathered with signs outside NYU Langone Medical Center, to exercise their First Amendment right to free assembly and protest against a lecture that was taking place inside: Dr. Paul Offit, Dr. Richard Pan and Dorit Reiss had come to NYC to lecture young doctors and medical students on “Confronting Vaccine Resistance.” Vaccine “resistance” – the annoying buzz in the ear of the pharma-government-medical establishment. What’s to be done with us? The well-oiled narrative that all vaccines are safe and effective doesn’t appear to be working, so instructing med students on tactics to ridicule campaigns like VaxXed and dismiss vaccine-hesitant parents, seems like their only option.

The coming together of these three iconic vaccine apologists – representing the trifecta of pharma, government, and “skeptic” trolldom – was too good an opportunity for the VaxXed team to pass up. So they travelled all the way from Austin Texas to support the planned rally. With permits in place, the bus was parked right across the street from the main event. You couldn’t have asked for a better view . . . of Dr. Offit.

From their vantage point, they noticed Dr. Offit sitting by a window (strange seat selection) having lunch, facing the street in plain view of the VaxXed team and their bus with the names of thousands of vaccine-injured children handwritten on it below. Joshua Coleman, “the camera guy,” decided to go and ask Dr. Offit if he would like to chat in the bus and discuss their differing opinions, which seems pretty  reasonable and sounds it in the video. Dr. Offit responded to Josh’s polite request with “Get the F*ck out of here!” It took Dr. Offit all of 20 seconds to reach that rage level. The 45-second video has gone viral with hundreds of thousands of views and thousands of shares in 24 hours.

The get-the-f*ck-out-of-here video has caused Dr. Offit somewhat of a post-conference-day hangover which may have put him in some hot water with his employer, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). He posted a statement today in which he said:


Um, “. . .  the ‘VAXXED team’ denigrates children with autism”? Is he seriously saying that a team of filmmakers with vaccine-injured children with autism are denigrating all children with autism? There is a strange alternate reality existence in play here. Dr. Offit felt ambushed? By Josh “the camera guy’s” polite question? (By the way, as you can see from the video, he does not ask if he is being recorded.) How does he imagine Josh felt – and those moms with the strollers outside felt – when their previously healthy children regressed into autism following a round or more of vaccines? And just what did he think those moms with the strollers were going to do to him? The police officers assigned to the rally were the most amazing example of New York’s Finest you will ever meet. I’m sure they would have raised the alarm if the stroller-moms were a threat in any way. After watching that get-the-f*ck-out-of-here video, who appeared to be the more antagonistic party?

The content of the lecture appears to have followed a similar pattern of predictable rhetoric, according to Dr. Suzanne Humphries who was “permitted” to attend with a nod of approval from Dorit Reiss. By Dr. Humphries’ account, it was “a love fest” of pro-vaccine zealotry and idolization of the speakers, especially the “hero,” Dr. Pan of SB277 fame. Dr. Pan is also known for stating as “fact” that the most dangerous thing in a vaccine vial is water. He also brought us the new-and-improved herd-immunity catchphrase – “community immunity.” See what he did there?

The other overriding theme of the lecture was the ridicule of their “opponent,” ironically the very people Dr. Offit lost his marbles to a couple of hours before. There was lots of mocking and joking about the Vaxxed movie and the predictable vilification of Dr. Wakefield. Offit insensitively derided parents of vaccine-injured children by announcing with hilarity and aplomb that “the MMR cannot prevent autism!” We see what you did there, Dr. Offit. Hilarious.

I hope all those doctors got to see the get-the-f*ck-out-of-here video after the lecture. It shows a different side to Dr. Offit’s feelings on “vaccine resistance.” Only a man with a lot of built-up baseless defenses could crumble so easily when politely “confronted” by said “resistance.” The irony of what happened is not lost on anyone.


“Frightening” Joshua Coleman and his vaccine-injured son

The most frightening take-home for me, and one all parents should make note of, is that the idea was put to the young doctors and students quite forcefully, using Dr. Sears’ legal predicament as a cautionary tale, that any deviation from the CDC-recommended vaccine schedule was not to be tolerated. They were told that the current CDC schedule is the only schedule of vaccines that has “proven” to be safe and effective. Where? How? By whom? Citation?

Is this a lie by omission? Or does Dr. Offit just make it up as he goes along? In fact when you read page 33 of this CDC “safety” report, it doesn’t seem like he’s telling the truth at all. The CDC acknowledges that the schedule has never been tested for safety, but they recommend it anyway. And we all know that Dr. Offit is an obedient CDC servant (who happens to have made millions for his servitude over the years).

I struggle with trying to understand Dr. Offit’s mindset on a regular basis – actually, each time he opens his mouth to speak on this topic. If every country in the world with a vaccine program has its own unique schedule, and they all say the same thing – that their schedule has been studied “over and over” and is “safe and effective,” who is the trusted authority on this? Norway only gives babies 18 doses of six vaccines in their first year of life and their infant mortality rate is significantly lower than ours (2.8 vs. 6.1 per thousand live births). What does Norway know that the U.S. doesn’t? It does not recommend the MMR before 15 months and does not give a booster until the child is 12 or 13. It does not have outbreaks of measles of any notoriety. Which schedule is more “safe and effective”?

In fact, how can the U.S. schedule ever be tested for safety when the CDC adds a new vaccine each time the ACIP sits down for coffee? Who is doing this supposed safety testing? Has it been done on babies? Has someone tested the health outcome of babies injected with 32 doses of 14 vaccines in their first 12 months of life versus those who have had zero? Where is the evidence? Someone please post it in the comments if it exists, and I’d be happy to publish a mea culpa to Dr. Offit right away.


All of us standing outside Langone Medical Center yesterday, battling frostbite, did so for a reason. We are facing legislation removing the religious exemption next year – again – following a successful campaign against such a bill in 2016. Having Offit and Pan come to town to promote the implementation of such legislation as something doctors should get behind was a threat to our parental rights and an affront to the now-idealistic notion of a trusted doctor-patient relationship. It was an insult to our intelligence. It was offensive to our core values, religious and otherwise. If the government tries to force this issue on New Yorkers (remember the soda tax debacle?), it will have the predictable result of the classic backfire.

So as Dr. Offit vehemently tells Josh, the camera guy, to “Get the f*ck out of here” when he politely asked for civil discourse on this radioactive topic, you can bet that that was the underlying tone to his lecture. Dr. Sears? “Get the f*ck out of here!” Parental rights? “Get the f*ck out of here!” Informed consent? “Get the f*ck out of here!” Safety of children? “Get the f*ck out of here!” Medical choice? “Get the f*ck out of here!” Vaccine injury? Double down on “Get the f*ck out of here.”

Okay, Dr. Offit, we heard you loud and clear. New Yorkers are an amazingly welcoming and tolerant people, but you need to know: This is New York. Not our rights. Not our babies. Not on our watch. Now you, Dr. Offit, respectfully, “Get the f*ck out of here.”

~ Shamrock

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40 Responses to Paul Offit on “Confronting Vaccine Resistance”: “Get the F*ck out of Here!”

  1. Susi Lee says:

    Dr Hyman also spoke against vaccination on his website when he told a story of how he reversed autism in one of his patients. He has cured many autistic kids already using the same protocol:
    1) Antifungal to kill yeast
    2) Probiotic for the gut
    3) Take away gluten
    4) Supplement with Omega 3 fat and other vitamins and minerals

    The problems with vaccination and food allergies also cause symptoms for adults, but they don’t call it autism, because the symptoms manifest differently when your brains are developed. With adults, they can get Narcolepsy, depression, brain fog, ADD, MLS… a list of autoimmune diseases.

  2. Eirescott says:

    We know Paul Offit is a liar. I think it’s necessary to know that Richard Pan is a liar as well. Watch this video where Pan fumbles and alleges it will be easy for a patient to get a Doctor to sign-off on mandatory vaccines where necessary; all while ironically in the presence of Dr Sears:
    I really hope a grand jury – under the new Government in January – investigates these clowns.

    • ShamROCK says:

      Criminal charges are a long shot so no grand jury but we can continue to show the public who these people are. This is not the first public outburst Dr. Offit has had, it’s just the first on film…. with Vaxxed. 🙂
      He has to lie to the end of his days at this point. There’s no other option for him so long as he has the support of the CDC and Merck.

  3. Hans Scholl says:

    Proffit is 65 now . He has largely got away with the crime of all centuries . Our best hope is to tarnish the family name with an unending shame for the global crime he has knowingly committed .

    Msg to Proffit – you cannot be under any illusions as to the scale of the international crime you have committed. Bet you don’t sleep a wink at night with worry .

    • ShamROCK says:

      Thanks Hans!
      I don’t know about it being a crime to speak as a pro-vaccine shill for Merck and the CDC. I think he sleeps fine… on his bed of money. No problem for him.
      I think the future as regards indicting these people is not very bright. It’s all too “Merck-y”.

      • Hans Scholl says:

        Proffit is a key complicit individual in the vaccine holocaust .
        If that isn’t a crime then call me Tony Bliar .

  4. Jeannette Bishop says:

    Something doesn’t sit right with me regarding a hospital having a PR team.

    Unnerved and rattled? I have to give Offit credit. He really had me fooled…I thought he was comfortably and uncharacteristically candid.

    • ShamROCK says:

      That’s a great point Jeannette. But when hospitals are “for-profit” institutions, then it makes sense that they have a PR and marketing department. He’s a public pundit for their industry and so I’m sure he has all kinds of PR input. How else would he get booked on the late night show circuit? That might be on the backburner for a while, now that he’s on a time-out with CHOP.

  5. You may be interested to watch “Haley vs Offit: A Virtual Debate About Vaccines, The Greatest Medical Controversy Of Our Time” at
    There you will also find a list of over 180 peer-reviewed scientific studies showing the great danger of mercury, especially when combined with auminum as in vaccines.

    • ShamROCK says:

      Thank you Richard! I will take a look at that. I think we all know he lies about the science, it’s just he’s never read any of it so it is a lie due to ignorance? Or if I’m mistaken and he has read tall those 180 peer-reviewed studies, then he’s just lying. It’s hard to know with him.

  6. DaWei Leigh says:

    Great assessment of the shillaceous Dr Paul Offit, most of which he confirms with his “Good morning and how are you?” cameo appearance. Known for fashioning reality as if it were aluminum foil to fit his mercurial narrative with it is no surprise that he would also attempt to rechoreograph a straightforward video that is plainly at odds with the official story he uses to extricate himself from the obvious difficulty he finds himself in. The BIG question here is; If he would lie about what is so plain and painfully obvious in a video, as a representative and employee of a Children’s Hospital where the highest standards are upheld and expected, where else would he be less than honest? The CDC learned a VERY painful lesson when they ignored red flags put up by Dr Paul Thorsen. Had they have audited him early on, it would have saved them the embarrassment of the main author of the ONLY primary studies claiming no causal link between autism and vaccines (thanks to Dr William Thompson and the most recent group of 12 senior scientists at the CDC, we now know that ALL CDC research is suspect. Much of this research is cited by Dr Paul Offit on a regular basis. Offit even attempts to trivialize the now released 10,000 documents from the CDC showing vast corruption and coverup.
    An entire US administration was brought down by a few seconds of tape at the whitehouse. I’m hearing the bells tolling in the distance.
    May be a great time to pen a resignation.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      I think the CDC was probably quite well aware of Thorsen’s activities and simply didn’t care because he was producing work that said what they wanted it to say. Which could explain why Thorsen is still free in Denmark with no attempt at extradition to stand trial, and why is he is still allowed to participate in “scientific” research.

    • ShamROCK says:

      I’d love if this did mean the end of him but unlike the 1960s where corruption was kept well hidden from the public, and any such scandals were blown up (as they should), things have changed. Scandals and conflicts of interest today are now so accepted and even tolerated that I’m sure he will get over this bump in the road.
      Having said that Dr. Offit has underestimated parents with his pathetic post where he tried to exonerate himself as being ‘human’. There’s nothing human about his mindset where he dismisses and mocks vaccine injured children every day.
      I hope this little video will do a lot of PR damage and will be dragged up again and again. The GTFOOH train has left the station…

  7. Peter says:

    The VaxXed cult has spent months trolling and demonizing Offit, and then ambushes him, unannounced and uninvited, while he’s eating lunch. The cameraman makes the pathetically dishonest gotcha attempt to trap Offit by saying “we just want to discuss differences,” which was complete bullshit. just as the VaxXed mob has done several times before, it was an attempt to ambush and humiliate, without any intention of reasonable conversation. What a load of crap. Offit’s response was TOTALLY justified, the cameraman is a dishonest scum for ambushing him that way. There was no intention to “chat about differences of opinion.” What bullshit. KUDOS to Offit for not walking away, and for telling the cameraman to fu*k off. it was entirely appropriate.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      “The VaxXed cult has spent months trolling and demonizing Offit”????

      What universe do you live in? You haven’t been paying any attention at all, have you? The VaxXed team has been crisscrossing the country since the film first opened in an effort to see and speak to as many people who see the film as possible. They’ve been driving all over the country in a broken-down old bus (covered with the names of vaccine-injured children that they lovingly wrote), interviewing parents of vaccine-injured children, speaking to legislators, and answering all comers — INCLUDING their critics who are all accorded deep respect by the very man THEY spend a great deal of time “trolling and demonizing.” If you think ANYONE as sleep-deprived and dedicated as those people are have wasted any of their precious time “trolling” Offit, you are seriously deluded. And Josh Coleman’s request was both polite and sincere. I don’t expect Offit to believe it, though, because we see the world from our own lenses and from all indications he couldn’t possibly understand that sincerity.

      They don’t have to demonize him, by the way, he’s done that very nicely all by himself with his extremist views.

    • ShamROCK says:

      A cult? Hmmm…. sounds like you don’t like us very much. Here’s the thing, if I was approached by Dr. Offit (even during my lunch) to debate my views, I am VERY certain I wouldn’t feel ambushed, a little intimidated perhaps but not ambushed. In fact I would pay good money to watch ANYONE in our community (not cult) debate Dr. Offit in a civil setting. We would do it any day of the week. That’s the difference here.
      How would Dr. Offit be humiliated by discourse on a topic on which he is so very sure of being absolutely right. On a topic he feels justified in telling people that the CDC schedule is perfectly safe? We know it’s not, and the CDC knows it’s not but he BELIEVES it is so why would he feel ambushed when asked to defend his beliefs? In fact a cult is “a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object”, something I would say applies more to Dr. Offit’s devotion to vaccines, wouldn’t you? We research all sides, we do not all agree on one thing in our community. My children are vaccinated for example. I am not a zealot, blind to common sense on this issue. I am pro-safety, not something everyone in my community shares in supporting. We are a community of diverse opinions and experiences, quite the opposite of a cult. I don’t see that in Dr. Offit’s side of the aisle. All of his supporters blindly believe in the CDC schedule, to a fault in the logic of common sense and safety. It’s unfathomable and quite unsustainable as you can tell. People are asking questions and turning away from the CDC schedule and Dr. Offit’s response??? “Get the f*ck out of here!”, then mandate them all and remove all exemptions. Does that sound logical to anyone? It might do to a CULT but not to open minded citizens. Good day to you.

    • Hans Scholl says:

      For Peter
      No one would accuse Yehuda Shoenfeld of being a quack. The Israeli clinician has spent more than three decades studying the human immune system and is at the pinnacle of his profession. You might say he is more foundation than fringe in his specialty; he wrote the textbooks. The Mosaic of Autoimmunity, Autoantibodies, Diagnostic Criteria in Autoimmune Diseases, Infection and Autoimmunity, Cancer and Autoimmunity – the list is 25 titles long and some of them are cornerstones of clinical practice. Hardly surprising that Shoenfeld has been called the “Godfather of Autoimmunology” – the study of the immune system turned on itself in a wide array of diseases from type 1 diabetes to ulcerative colitis and multiple sclerosis.
      But something strange is happening in the world of immunology lately and a small evidence of it is that the Godfather of Autoimmunology is pointing to vaccines – specifically, some of their ingredients including the toxic metal aluminum – as a significant contributor to the growing global epidemic of autoimmune diseases. The bigger evidence is a huge body of research that’s poured in in the past 15 years, and particularly in the past five years. Take for example, a recent article published in the journal Pharmacological Research in which Shoenfeld and colleagues issue unprecedented guidelines naming four categories of people who are most at risk for vaccine-induced autoimmunity.

    • Hans Scholl says:

      Unsafe & defective Peter (where is your pipe sunshine? )

      A more frightening animal study of aluminum is that of Spanish veterinary researcher Lluis Lujan’s study of ovine ASIA. After huge numbers of sheep in Spain died in 2008 in the wake of a compulsory multiple vaccine campaign against bluetongue in Spain in 2008, Lujan set out to find out what killed them – and he began by inoculating them with aluminum.

      His 2013 study found that only 0.5% of sheep inoculated with aluminum vaccines showed immediate reactions of lethargy, transient blindness, stupor, prostration and seizures – “characterized by a severe meningoencephalitis, similar to postvaccine reactions seen in humans.” Most of them recovered, temporarily, but postmortem exams of the ones who didn’t revealed acute brain inflammation.

      The delayed onset “chronic” phase of the disease affected far more of the sheep — 50-70% of flocks and sometimes virtually 100% of animals within a given flock, usually including all of those who had previously recovered. The reaction was frequently triggered by exposure to cold and began with restlessness and compulsive wool-biting, then progressed to acute redness of the skin, generalized weakness, extreme weight loss and muscle tremors, and finally, entered the terminal phase where the animals went down on their front quarters, became comatose and died. Post-mortem examinations revealed “severe neuron necrosis” and aluminum in the nerve tissue.

      The immune system’s reaction to aluminum “represents a major health challenge,” Gerhardi declares in his recent review, and he adds that “attempts to seriously examine safety concerns raised by the bio-persistent character and brain accumulation of alum particles have not been made… A lot must be done to understand how, in certain individuals, alum-containing vaccines may become insidiously unsafe.”

  8. Nelda McEwen says:

    If the vaccine industry had the ‘science’ wouldn’t this have been the opportunity to educate their vaccine providers? If they had the science and the proof of beneficial outcome, they wouldn’t need the ‘stick’.It is becoming very clear: The Emperor has no clothes.

    • ShamROCK says:

      I think Josh said it perfectly, “I think if you have the truth on your side you’d be up for having a conversation…”. But they don’t. They are involved in a massive cover up of unimaginable scale, it’s impossible to unwind… unless the people start to see the fraud. It’s coming 🙂

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Don’t forget #PanRan as well. There are few people more willing to “confront” his detractors, by the way, than Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Interesting, isn’t it?

      • Peter says:

        MR. Wakefield, rightfully stripped of his medical credentials, is willing to face the public because his vanity overcomes his shamelessness. All of these efforts are to regain a sense of adulation from followers, and since The Bona Fide medical community has rejected him for his fraudulent actions, he can only find acceptance to stroke his ego among gullible misinformed paranoid anti-vaccination followers. Try finding reputable medical authorities among his followers.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I am afraid you are completely blinded by your prejudices, Peter. Your comments make no sense. DR. Wakefield had no need to “regain a sense of adulation from his followers.” His untiring efforts in getting at the truth behind autism has ensured plenty of “adulation from his followers.” The film VaxXed (as well as Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis? before it) were made in order to reach the folks on the fence who don’t know any of the specifics of the argument.

        By the way, if you were to meet him or even listen to him with even half an open ear, you would realize that there are few people on earth who come across LESS “vain” than Andrew Wakefield. I agree that he is “shameless,” in the sense that he is NOT ashamed for having stood up to the medical bullies in order to tell the truth.

        And I love your use of “Bona Fide” (in caps, no less) to describe the medical community that has been spouting completely erroneous information on fat, sugar, and heart disease for over 50 years because of an initial study performed by three “scientists” from Harvard who sold out the health of the country for a mere $50,000 in today’s dollars. And in those 50 years, the same “Bona Fide medical community” ridiculed and rejected any medical person who REJECTED those findings and found ways to actually HELP their patients. And that’s only one small example of the ways that “Bona Fide” medical community has sold out its patients. So, yeah, don’t bother trying to shame us with the “gullible misinformed paranoid anti-vaccination” bullshit. There’s no chance that it will work because we’re not interested in toeing the “Bona Fide” line. We’re interested in truth and health. The very things that the “Bona Fide” medical community” has turned its back on.

    • Peter says:

      You misunderstood the purpose of the seminar. The vaccine industry has mountains of evidence supporting the efficacy of vaccinations. The purpose of the seminar was how to respond unfounded anti-vaccination hysteria and fear-mongering.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        S-u-u-u-u-u-r-e it was. 😀 That’s why he avoids all opportunity to “respond” to those “unfounded” claims on the SAFETY of vaccines — what you call “hysteria” and “fear-mongering” (funny, I’m betting that you consider measles a “very dangerous disease,” though). The reason he avoids every opportunity to respond to the REAL arguments (rather than the straw man arguments he makes up) is because he KNOWS we know what we’re talking about, and we can run rings around him with the truth.

      • Hans Scholl says:

        “There is a great deal of evidence to prove that immunization of children does more harm than good.” – Dr. J. Anthony Morris, Former Chief Vaccine Control Officer, US FDA
        “The only safe vaccine is one that is never used.” – Dr. James A. Shannon, MD, Former Director, National Institutes of Health (1955-1968)
        “The incidence of asthma has been found to be five times more common in vaccinated children.” – The Lancet, 1994. [6]

      • DaWei says:

        Mountains of evidence? Is the 4 day study they did to prove that the HEP-B vaccine is safe and effective a mountain? Are the many, many corporate funded shaped outcome studies where they eliminated data and participants mid-study and post study and adjusted timeframes mountains? Are you mistaking marketing for science Peter? I think you are. The vaccine manufacturers cannot even print a single vaccine insert that shows vaccines are safe and effective. Read section 13.1 of ANY insert. Read the flu vaccine inserts that state they have not been shown to prevent…wait for it…influenza. That’s a fancy word for the flu Peter.
        Re: your statement about Dr Wakefield. If you had ever met the man you would have realized immediately how ignorant your assessment of his character is. Keep on putting your rehearsed and parroted drivel here. Multinational Purveyors of death and bad science manufactured in open sewer countries love their clueless cheerleaders.

      • Hans Scholl says:

        Safe & effective:

        Regarding those who have had a previous adverse reaction to vaccines, the paper cites five relevant studies including the case of a death of a teenage girl six months following her third Gardasil injection against HPV virus. She had experienced a range of symptoms shortly after her first dose, including dizziness, numbness and tingling in her hands, and memory lapses. After her second injection, she developed “intermittent arm weakness, frequent tiredness requiring daytime naps,” worse tingling, night sweats, chest pain and palpitations. A full autopsy was unrevealing but blood and spleen tissue analysis revealed HPV-16 L1 gene DNA fragments – matching the DNA found in vials of the Gardasil vaccine against cervical cancer – “thus implicating the vaccine as a causal factor.” The DNA fragments had also been found to be “complexed with the aluminum adjuvant” which, according to the report, have been shown to persist for up to 8 to 10 years causing chronic immune system stimulation.

        “Although data is limited,” Shoenfeld and his colleagues concluded, “it seems preferable that individuals with prior autoimmune or autoimmune-like reactions to vaccinations, should not be immunized, at least not with the same type of vaccine.”

    • The_Truth says:

      Exactly, Nelda. & also Offitt showing his true colours of intolerance and ill-mannered personality.

  9. Tim Lundeen says:

    Dr Offit is an example of cognitive dissonance. He knows that vaccines cause lots of injuries — but he still finds some way to live with himself and enjoy the millions he’s made from pushing them.

    • ShamROCK says:

      He personifies and embodies that for sure Tim. He can never back down from his pulpit. The only way will be if he is forced out due to some PR scandal… oh like dropping the F bomb on the father of a boy in a wheelchair after a vaccine injury. But that’s a daydream, he will get away with it.

  10. Jennifer Power says:

    Hollywood couldn’t write a better script.

    Thank you, Josh.

  11. Michael Potvin says:

    Paul Offit is a bully and this is how he will be remembered in history. On his deathbed, he can say, “I love you” or “I’m sorry.” He won’t apologize for all the harm he’s done to children. Doctors are supposed to be professional people and not bullies.

    I remember he complained to Matt Lauer about his children being threatened. How did that happen?

    When you’re harming children, don’t be surprised when parents of vaccine injured children want retribution. We’re not supposed to use violence. Let’s instead grow our irate minority into a majority. If 1/2 the children become autistic, who’s going to take care of them? Sports on TV is not important and the political issues in the last election cycle won’t matter much if the vaccine madness isn’t ended.

    The CDC vaccine division should fear being in prison.

    • ShamROCK says:

      Oh my, no we can never encourage violence of any sort. I know that’s not what you are saying. I have never heard of a physical threat to Offit or his children, not doubting some nut job would make them.
      Our way forward is in telling our stories and continuing to seek the truth. We must protect our rights first and foremost. Without those we don’t have much. Taking care of these kids is a big enough task for most. Thanks.

  12. Kristi FNP says:

    Great article!

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