The Real Reason for Vaccine Mandates

September 11, 2019

The argument made for denying a public education to children who are unvaccinated or selectively vaccinated is the risk they pose to the immune-compromised who can’t be vaccinated. It’s a heart-warming story motivated out of compassion for those children who are medically fragile.

Or is it?

If we take these pro-mandate advocates at their word, then it would follow that we also cannot allow any child or adult to attend our public schools and day cares who isn’t fully immunized. This means not just being vaccinated, but rather genuinely immunized against infectious diseases.

So, this begs the question(s):

1.  Are immune-compromised children who can’t be vaccinated allowed to attend school and day care?
2.  Is the 10% of the population who are non-responders to artificial immune stimulation allowed to attend schools and day cares?
3.  Is the significant percent of the population whose antibody levels have waned allowed to attend schools, day cares and other public spaces?
4.  Is titre testing being conducted to determine who has adequate antibody levels and therefore safe to attend school and day care?
5.  And, if disease transmission is really what the proponents of vaccine mandates are worried about, then shouldn’t children recently vaccinated with live-virus vaccines also be excluded from schools and public spaces until the viral shedding has ceased?

If vaccine mandate proponents aren’t demanding all of these individuals be excluded from schools, day cares and other public spaces, then one has to wonder whether the transmission of disease and the safety of the school environment really is their primary concern.


It’s Not About Medical Risk

I think we all know the answers to these questions.

None of the unvaccinated immune-compromised children are denied access to a public education. None of the non-responders to the artificial stimulation of the immune system via vaccines are denied a public education. None of the significant number of children and adults whose immunity has waned because of the temporary nature of the immunity provided by vaccines are denied a public education.

We know there is no required titre testing to determine who is actually immune to infection and who is not. And there is no acknowledgement given, much less consideration given, to the viral shedding from a recently vaccinated child. The fact is a child can be vaccinated with a live-virus vaccine in the gymnasium and be back in their classroom within minutes.

This means that the restrictions being imposed upon unvaccinated or selectively vaccinated children are not about medical risk. It is not about the transmission of disease. It is not about the safety of the public space.

If it was about medical risk and the transmission of disease, these other unvaccinated and non (artificially) immune children and adults, as well as those recently vaccinated with live-virus vaccines would also be denied a public education and access to public spaces. But that will never happen.

What is obvious, if we dare to think, is that vaccine mandates are not about making the public space safer. Vaccine mandates and school expulsion are punishment for challenging vaccine ideology. Vaccine mandates are a crude and heartless means to coerce families to vaccinate their children by creating hardship and threatening the future of their children.

When you examine the justification given for eroding parental rights, the medical right to informed consent and constitutional rights, it isn’t what they claim it is. It isn’t about medical risk. It isn’t about compassion for the medically fragile. This is the sham of the medical industry. This is the deception of the vaccine lobbyists. This is the lie perpetuated by the mainstream media.

Vaccine mandate lobbyists like NB Education Minister Dominque Cardy purport to be about health and compassion, but it isn’t health he is concerned about. It isn’t compassion for the immune-compromised. It’s all about selling vaccines and preventing parents from saying no to unwanted and potentially unsafe liability-free medical products.

The medical industry is a for-profit corporation that is captured by greed, arrogance, a lack of accountability, and willful ignorance. This is a profession that purports to have compassion for the vulnerable but has no compassion for the vaccine injured or those made medically fragile as a result of vaccination. This is all about selling vaccine products, with or without your consent.

So, when a politician, medical professional or vaccine industry lobbyist tells you that school mandates are necessary to protect the vulnerable, let them know that you see through their fraud and deception. Tell them you see their lack of integrity.

Tell them that if they really had compassion for the vulnerable, they would have compassion for the vaccine injured.

Tell them that ‘the emperor has no clothes’ and you see their naked greed and callous disregard.

Tell them you do not consent to giving away your right to informed consent and medical decision making for your children and never will.

Tell them that your body belongs to you.

Tell them to take their vaccine mandates and go away, because we live in a free country and intend to keep it that way.

~ Ted Kuntz

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11 Responses to The Real Reason for Vaccine Mandates

  1. Jan bryan says:

    Thank you for your insight

  2. michael says:

    In Oregon it was the doctors, the public health people who testified against vaccine inserts being made available to parents as part of the informed consent process. They do not want informed consent; they want blind obedience to their dogma. Not all doctors are this dangerous, but many are.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      I think a lot of doctors are just as duped as cult members. That doesn’t mean that they can’t do a LOT of damage, especially those that consider themselves advocates for “public health.” If it were really about “health,” they would realize that our current public health policies aren’t exactly resulting in a healthy populace and begin looking for REAL answers.

  3. Sue Morgan says:

    The other real reason is to eliminate the healthy control group that negates the lie that vaccines are safe and necessary.

  4. Pasquariello SUSAN says:

    Thank you for having the continued Courage to speak the TRUTH – deeply appreciated …

  5. Tracy Talbott says:


  6. Erica says:

    Exactly! Well said!

    Additionally, in CA – one mom of a vaccine injured child called 882 doctors and 882 said they would not treat or accept into their practice an unvaccinated child. So… who exactly are the “immune-compromised unvaccinated” that need to be protected there?! And who is treating them?!

    The majority of the immune-compromised are the vaccine injured for whom they have zero compassion.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      That post was chilling. The situation was like that in New York, but we always had the religious exemption as a (difficult) backup until this year.

  7. Elaine says:

    I love that you apply good old-fashioned COMMON SENSE to your articles. Thank you!

  8. Kathy Anders says:

    Bravo, Ted. Keep speaking this clear, calm, undeniable truth. So well done!

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