Religious Medicine

The absence of symptoms in the presence of pharmaceuticals does not equal health. ~ Dr. Sheri Tennpenny

Two sweet boys buckled in, check.  

Snacks and toys in the event of meltdown(s), check. 

Veggie Tales and The Lorax locked and loaded, check. 

Monster cup of coffee for mom, check. 

Everything was in place for our road trip to meet with Dr. P, our pediatrician. For the most part, he knows the score with our family, so these visits tend to run smoothly.  The nurses have stopped asking me if our shots are up to date, because they don’t want a lecture on mitochondrial dysfunction and methylation.  I’m not sure if they think I’m crazy or they don’t understand what I’m saying.  Since one actually lip curled, “What’s methylation?”  I tend to think it’s the latter.   Dr. P has a child with autism whom he has treated successfully with homeopathy.   This is clandestine data that he selectively discusses with certain colleagues. It is our shared reality.  Upon arrival at the office he shares with 14 other physicians, my brood and I are immediately ushered into a back room so as not to risk me cavorting around with the mommies of new babies.  I got busted educating the mom of a spacey, eczema-laden baby with “severe” milk allergies about Hepatitis B.  Ever since then we spend nary a moment in the waiting room.  Dr. P enters the exam room and greets me in a virtual whisper, even behind a closed door.  We often discuss recent studies or research which is gratifying for me, like sleeping with a prostitute for him.  On this particular day I needed a lot from him and I was very excited to discuss the ASIA study .

I also needed him to approve 25 tests that would need to be performed locally and sent to Noah’s gastroenterologist in New York.  He also needed some steroid salve (Easy, homeos!  Even my homotoxicologist recommended it!).  An allergy assessment was necessary for Liam.

Everything was moving along as anticipated.  No wait.  Back room. Hushed greetings.  Today, something was different though.  I could sense it.  No eye contact with me.  No friendly convo with the boys.  Most disturbing, the almost rapt curiosity with which he has always regarded Noah and his astounding progress since beginning homotoxicology and ABA, was completely absent.    

Liam, while completely neurotypical, has many physical ailments that accompany the autoimmune illness that is autism.  For instance, he has bizarre food allergies, to cashews—but not peanuts, eczema all over his body that comes and goes, and a perpetually runny nose that provokes him to head bang in the night. He has been tested multiple times, sees several allergists and has been prescribed every imaginable allergy drug.  They do not correct or even mildly alleviate these problems.  He has also developed bowel problems similar to Noah’s ever since he received the DTaP vaccine. 

Today, the normally inquisitive Dr. P performed a 30 second exam on him and whispered, “You know, mainstream medicine says if the runny nose has been going on for more than 10 days, I need to give him an antibiotic.”  

“I don’t really give a sh%* what mainstream medicine says, Dr. P.  I want to know what YOU, THE SCIENTIST, DOCTOR, RESEARCHER, PARENT AND HUMAN SAY!!!”  Oh, quit cheering.  I didn’t actually say it.  I thought it, loudly, to myself.  I was getting panicky.  Why so distant? I need him.  He doesn’t report intelligent parents who understand the science behind what happened to their kids to CPS. He is allowing a small part of his brain to acknowledge the truth.  He knows what is happening, and I am working on him.  As a representative of the Canary Party   I had planned on asking him in the near future if he would join our quickly growing list of doctors who are completely fed up with the system and heartbroken over what is happening to our children.  I thought him a viable candidate for this because well, he unwittingly gave autism to his own child.  And he knows it. 

But, he didn’t even look in Liam’s nose after I told him I suspected polyps.  I explained his current allergist confirmed one polyp in his right nostril. Plus, Liam is actually telling me he has “ouchies” in his nose.  He didn’t. even. look. 

He nodded and wrote a prescription for Omnicef, an antibiotic. 

He signed off on every single one of Noah’s tests, gave me a prescription for his cream and said good-bye.  

Baffled, I searched my mind for anything I could have done that may have contributed to his standoffishness.   Then, in the middle of the night, my curiosity turned to rage. 

He is one doctor in a practice of 15 who knows what happened to his kid.  He has been ridiculed for the course of treatment he pursued (that worked) for his son.  He told me on a previous visit, overhead and “a staff to pay” are the reasons he is able to “live with himself” while still vaccinating his patient population according to the CDC schedule.  Threatening letters are framed in every exam room outlining the false consequences of delaying or foregoing shots.  That’s why his nurses are still vaccinating children with a family history of allergies, asthma, autoimmune disease and mitochondrial issues who are highly, HIGHLY at risk for developing autism, asthma,  life-threatening allergies, and death upon vaccination.  Why isn’t he screaming the TRUTH for every parent to hear?  Isn’t that his job?! DO. NO. HARM. 

Of course, he does not speak because he has a family and homeopathy bills to pay.  He will be kicked out of his practice and will likely have to face litigation.  Because that is the plight of doctors these days.  Don’t like the system?  Doesn’t matter.  The system wins every time.  Doctors are no longer respected thinkers.  Because of the VICP, they are the equivalent of highly educated assembly line workers.   

So parents will go into his office with their sick kids, who will be made sicker, because they only hear/see/know and breathe pharmaceutical spin on those exam room walls.  Real medicine (as in genuine scientific inquiry into an INDIVIDUAL patient’s medical condition) is dead in this country.  It has been replaced with religulous medicine.  The whole bloody thing is nothing more than “…a green screen in Burbank, California.” Smoke and mirrors.  Specialists and prescriptions.  More specialists and more prescriptions.  Faithful and loyal lifetime consumers, er… patients… er parishioners?   Eh, call em whatever you want as long as they are writing checks.  

I finally fell into a fitful sleep, these tortured but true thoughts swirling around in my head.  

My Noah woke me the next morning with a head-butt.  I felt the goose egg forming over my left eye as I poured a pot of coffee into my cup and flicked on my computer screen.  The following messages awaited my attention (names changed): 

“My neighbor’s son Martin just got an autism DX.  He is five! She’s devastated, has not stopped crying for a week. School had to tell her. Yeesh! Can you talk to her?”  (From the mother of another child with autism) 

“After seven years, they dismissed our case in vaccine court.  Because Tommy’s decline was gradual they are saying they cannot link it to the vaccines.  Even the seizure piece they are denying!  The package insert clearly states, “SEIZURES!” Today is a really bad day.” 

“Unfortunately, they can’t bring Danny home as they’d hoped.  His trach is clogging and he’s gasping a lot.  He is starting to atrophy and swell.  They casted his legs. Keep praying.”  This is from the representative of a family whose little boy fell into a coma several hours after receiving Tamiflu.

As of this writing this child has been in a coma for 27 weeks.  He can blink his eyes, cries when he sees his friends and squeezes his mom’s hand. 

“They finally confirmed it.  You know how Dr. V was just stringing them along keeping the fantasy alive. No kindergarten for her! They are crushed but get this — they are pissed at me?! Like knowing what causes autism, and warning them, means I brought it on?!?!?”

“… had a feeling something was off.  Ran from the laundry room in the basement to Hill’s room on the third floor.  He had taken off the screen… had one leg out the window! He laughed hysterically when I pulled him back in.  I was shaking and screaming at him trying to explain how dangerous what he did was.  He just stimmed and shouted and laughed.  I hate my life right now.  I can’t do laundry, make a meal, or go to the bathroom without him doing something life threatening.” 

“Check out this picture of Sam.  See the five adorable kiddos to the left linking arms with her? Then Sam smiling and holding out her arm to hug that boy who is frowning at the camera? He wouldn’t touch her.  He’s different. Happy first day of school.”

“So, my friend Sarah from college?  Remember the one I was telling you about?  We finally met her daughter at the birthday party for Cole.  No question that child is autistic.  She’s stripping down, pulling hair, biting the other kids, stimming and toe walking and no one says A THING?!?!  Sarah gives her a giant piece of cake and a juice box. She poops right there and they have to leave.  Wouldn’t talk to me about diet then, and pretty sure she’s not going to listen now, because she’s in such deep denial the girl HAS AUTISM.  She kept calling it “a speech delay.”  Her doctors should be sued for malpractice.  Tell me again, why I care, when I warned her about what happened to Aidan when she was PREGNANT?! Let them all just get shot up with autism and figure it out for themselves.” 

And then it hit me.  It’s happening.  The moms, the dads, the parents, the advocates… the grass roots organizations–we are making a huge difference! People know.  And it is starting to affect business.  The dead and sick children?  Not so bad. They can be explained away.  When you control medicine you can make up all kinds of syndromes and diseases for which there is no real medical qualifying criteria but rather “features” or symptoms of an unknown illness.  Here’s a few that are super popular right now: 



Unknown Auto-inflammatory illness attacking the brain

Spontaneous Psychotic Epsiode 

But, even in light of this unchecked power, profits are still down and board members are pissed. It’s the dreaded ANTI-VAXXERS!  “Anti-vaxxer” is PR spin for educated parents who read legislation, understand the science behind what happened to their child, and fight for health freedom.  Not anti-vaccine.  Anti all the made-up diseases I list above (which you can find under their clinical names in the package inserts of many vaccines). 

Dr. P. was cold because he has probably figured out who I am in this community.  And by “who I am” I mean, a loudmouth. I bet his colleagues know me, too.  This article has made the rounds on all the paid pharma blogger sites.   

I guess having my children in his practice is putting him in a precarious situation.  I can only hope and pray he doesn’t kick us out.  I can only hope and pray he will find the courage to take a stand and decide what team to play for.  For keeps.  As for me and my people, we will always, without question, without fail, serve the CHILDREN.   Thankfully we have no board members to please, just children to raise. 

But soon everyone will have to decide whose team they are on, and I’m pretty confident it’s going to get ugly.  Religulous “medicine” or authentic science?   Real health or manufactured? Sincere doctors or drug pushers?  We as the parent and consumer community MUST partner with our responsible health care providers and create a new business model that considers the health of the INDIVIDUAL child. Seem overwhelming?  Would you like someone else to decide for you?  That, my friend, is how we got here in the first place.  

Respectfully, The Rev

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11 Responses to Religious Medicine

  1. Gabriela G says:

    It is your stories that have taught me I need to stand up and shake off my fear of the medical giant. I have a nine month old son that I have not and will not vaccinate. I made the mistake of listening to a pediatrician about the vitamin K four days after the birth of my son; the famous wellness check up. I had done my research and at birth I said no. But their sales pitch like a car salesman sold me. My son developed eczema. After that episode I have spent hours doing research on vaccine injuries. The tax fees pediatricians get everytime they give a child a vaccine; greed and bills. I have a binder ( like a good woman ) that has all the federal laws, medical research and actual vaccine injuries and stories from affected children. I feel I’m ready to stand up to the medical giant but as a rookie mom I need to read these blogs to validate me that I am not the only one with this thoughts. Thank you for sharing your story. May your son heal and enjoy one day giving somebody the same love you are giving him.

  2. Erin says:

    I do not even know where to start but so feel your pain. I do not even go to Pediatricians any more. We all need to unite and keep fighting.
    In this economy, do you think that people can build a better life with things that work better the worse things get? Do you know anybody that would agree with you on that? If you do please e-mail me.

  3. Garbo says:

    Oh, thank you! This appeared on the same day last week that I took my son to the pediatrician (lousy cold, needed ears/throat checked) and got a petulant comment about how we hadn’t been in for a well visit in YEARS. Hooray for us, I thought! I have come to the conclusion that health is inversely proportional to “well visits” and pediatricians are the Jiffy Lube of healthcare.

    There’s so much I could have said. Maybe should have said, but for the sick kid who just wanted to go home. This is the pediatrician who never gave us a single package insert and told us to give Tylenol before and after vaccine visits. Who told us “some babies are just spitty” instead of recognizing GI problems. The one who saw nothing wrong with ear infections after each vaccine. The one who told us for chronic constipation to “give him prune juice, but watered down so not too much sugar!” (my kid should have turned into a prune for as much as we gave him; it didn’t help). The one who missed all the signs of autism. The one who took a “wait and see” approach to my other child’s motor issues, delaying long enough that she aged out of possibility of regional center help, which we needed and which would have saved us thousands of dollars in subsequent treatment costs. The one who, after diagnosis, knew nothing but yet seemed resentful when we sought out other help. The one who studiously avoided ever reading or commenting on the many labs we had copied to him/her, showing he had ZERO good bacteria in his gut, food allergies, metal toxicity and 5x reference range rubella titers. The one who, two years later after an Everest of intensive recovery efforts on our part (which s/he had nothing to do with), proclaimed that our mostly recovered son had clearly been misdiagnosed in the first place because he was perfectly fine. The one who never ONCE checked to see how we were doing, but was johnny on the spot sending an email blast urging MMR vaccines after another patient presented with measles (that their office missed despite 3 visits and which was later diagnosed in the ER).

    So last week, when I got the snarky comment about well visits, I thought, why in God’s name would I bring a WELL child to this office?!? But instead I said “Huh…four years! Time flies! Well, he’s just been really healthy!” (Thanks to the healthcare providers we trust, who we DO see on a more regular basis…)

  4. Carmen says:

    Whew, what a story!!! It rings so true for so many of us. It still put a pit in my stomach, even after years of trying to ‘get the truth out’ or at least have people hear the story without the judgement that I am a crazy Mom and “that did not happen”. You guys ROCK! Please remember to take care of yourselves too. If the anchor breaks, it all breaks…

  5. Heather says:

    I have just recently become aware of your writing since a friend told me about you on facebook. I agree wholeheartedly with what you are saying, and I have no kids. When I do, I will not vaccinate them or give them drugs either. I also want you to know about my doctor, yes he is here in Ohio, but I know he has other out of state patients and is a homeopathic/ holistic doctor. I love him. I will never go to a regular one again- they only want to prescribe things that they have not even tested me for- they guess, not verify and it is with drugs, not safe substances. Please email me if you want more info about the doctor I see. I know he would at least do a phone consultation and go from there.

  6. MotherCub says:

    I applaud you for this post… as these very thoughts are in me and many other parents like us! It’s such a frustrating place to find ourselves in… that of being “smart” and “educated” parents who went along with what our doctors said at one time.. only to find ourselves spending so many years of repairing the damage done to our children.

  7. Katrina says:

    I kind of understand if he is being pressured.  Just because he wrote it doesn’t mean you have to fill it.   Son had been at 5yr old dev by 18 mos.   some reading, 4-5 word sentences and not small words, could count past 30 simple addition 2+3 type, potty trained no accidents even nightly, walking by 9 mos.   He had his MMR 2002.  After that he had stomach problems both ends lasted for 2 mos 2-3 times a day.   Doc kept saying stomach flu!   During  this time a fever kept coming and going.   While he was sick we started Noticing changes in him but hey he was sick so okay.   Afterward we really noticed barely walking, head banging, finger flicking, no reading, counting, barely 2-3 words in a day like mama, dada.  Accidents day and night.   Doc said regression is completely normal!   He never put any of this in his reports!  No proof.   I mentioned maybe autism he laughed and said.  No worries you are no refrigerator mom.   He got most of these abilities back but at about 4yrs.    7yrs old new ped and he wanted son to go to testing school wanted meds for add:ADHD.   The tests showed autism.

    No idea about vaccines and downsides until my daughter had  the pneumonia vaccine.   She was a primarily healthy kid.   2  weeks later she wasn’t feeling well.  Within a week after that cold/fever…getting worse bring her in and she has pneumonia O2 levels 88% admitted over night.   They ended up sending her 4 hrs away.   5 nights in that hospital.  Total of 6 nights in hospitals.   3 days on O2.   4 th day that night 02 was needed.   After we were sent homes tons of neb treatments 2 different inhalers.   They said it would have been worse w/o vaccine.   I have since stopped all of the vaccines.   Wish I had known then what I do now

  8. SFM says:

    It reminds me so freakishly much of The Hunger Games . . . nobody wants to invite the wrath of the capital so they send a few kids off every year to get slaughtered in the name of the greater good.

    The problem is that it’s more than just a few kids getting hurt. It’s most of the kids to some degree or another.

  9. Excellent post that I will share at our clinic and beyond. As a professional I can say you are right on about the challenges of taking a stand against mainstream medicine. I decided a long time ago that I couldn’t sleep at night if I wasn’t doing the right thing for each individual in my practice, so I continue to speak out to parents and professionals alike. It is not easy, but it is the right thing to do. I applaud you for continuing to speak out and move this movement forward!

  10. We all feel alone at times, even when we discover that so many more people are finally cluing in to this problem (I say problem lightly- we know better) I find kindred souls on the internet. But that’s the only place. In the town where I live I am the only one I can find. In my own congregation where I should find comfort, I find confusion, fear and disdain. Dr. P is held to a higher standard, but he is still just a man, who has a wife and a kid(s?) to support who look to him, or maybe push at him.
    In a practice of 15 docs, you know they review each other’s cases. Maybe that morning they all ganged up on him. How many patients like YOU does he have? He needs more. He needs to have more to fight for. If I lived where you do I would be one of them. His patients are the proof he needs. Help him help you. He needs support too.
    I am not defending bad behavior, especially by doctors, because I DO hold them to a higher standard too. But I am tired of being alone. Maybe he is too.

    • Sharon says:

      This is a GREAT post and a great response Victoria….god help us all through this incredible mess!!! I didn’t know about the VICP and it makes more sense why more docs like tennpenny are just not willing to take a GREATER stand. Ultimately though, there needs to be a SERIOUS medical revolution and as a community of victim warriors we FEED each other as we FIGHT. I sure wish I knew how to organize something THIS FRIGGIN HUGE and get us to reach INTO our fears to FORCE A CHANGE!!!!
      OK, I didn’t expect that rant to come out, but there it is…

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