Silent Sunday: When Women Are Warriors


When Women are Warriors…

they still make dinner
and try to explain the world to their mothers
and their daughters.

When women are warriors
they go on being grandmothers
whispering warrior words and singing
ancient songs about love
and justice.

When women are warriors
they plant gardens and walk
the stone beaches, gathering driftwood
and watching sails on the horizon.
They brew tea for friends
and gather in small groups for silence.

When women are warriors
they still think of themselves
as girls, before they knew
they needed to be warriors.

-J. Jefferson

TMR Warrior Women at Autism One

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2 Responses to Silent Sunday: When Women Are Warriors

  1. John Perry says:

    I am inquiring about the copyright to this poem . I would like to use part of this poem in my artwork an anti war collage piece. How would i go about getting this permission ? If you could contact me with a response to this question and a contact phone number, I would very much appreciate it.
    thank you for your response. and have a wonderful day
    John Perry

  2. Nikki (Jakob's Mom) says:

    love it…carry on ladies : ) The world needs us Warrior Moms’

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