I think it’s time we had some new words defined in the ASD biomed world. Read on and enjoy. So, what are YOUR sniglets?

~ The Count

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4 Responses to Sniglets

  1. Thinkingmominthedesert says:

    “The Glutenator”- [definition] fictitious superhero who holds the power to make/find a gluten free version of any desired food that definitely, probably or possibly contains gluten/wheat.

    [Ex of word usage in context]
    Son: “I can have those cake pops?”
    Mom: “Ohhh, sorry honey not those cake pops-those right there have gluten. But …”
    Son: “Does they make a cake pop without gluten for me?”
    Mom: “Mommy is going2look for gluten free cake pops but if they dont sell any in the stores u know what we will do?!?!”
    Son: “U make them special no gluten for me ok, we get the Glutenator ok, he take out all the gluten for me. OK?”
    Mom: “Heeerrrrrreeeee coooommmeeesss Thhheeeee GLUTENATOR!!! And we make cake pops gluten free JUST.FOR.YOU”

    *Makes note to self—find out if its possible to make cake pops using gluten free cake mix*

  2. Karyn says:

    shituation: fecal matter found anywhere OTHER than a toilet.

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